Season 1 Episode 6

Rock Vote

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on ABC
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Rock Vote
Andy has people coming at him from two different directions: Nick and Joel want him to vote their way in the next election, while Thorne wants him to buy a gun after a burglary in her apartment.

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  • Did they seriously replace George Lopez for this?

    Why in gods name did this show come to planet earth? I swear, I'd rather watch the movie of Mr.Meaty or watch Jersey Shore than this pile o' $h*t. One reason I hate this show is because it's the reason why George Lopez was can canceled! That was my favorite show! Second, the humor is just plain bland. It's not funny and the first episode's racial satire went a little to far. Sure, shows like George Lopez, South Park and Family guy make fun of race relations but not this far. Also, all the jokes are not funny and old. In general, the plot and setting is dumb. Stay away from this show.moreless
  • Not there finest show

    While I enjoy this show for its quirkiness, I have to say, in all honesty this was not one of the stronger episodes. As I have stated in pass reviews, I think this show is very innovative in the way it takes a look at prejudice and intolerance from a totally new and unexpected viewpoint. This last installment was not as funny or amusing as say the cave woman or mascot episodes. Lets just hope the rest of what I'm sure will be a short-lived show, will be better. Too bad things that are different seldom get a chance to thrive.moreless

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    • Joel: Well, I'm a lot more things than a caveman.
      Nick: Yeah, yeah, that's true. You're also a total wenus.

    • Nick: He's anti-caveman.
      Joel: How?
      Nick: Because he's running against a caveman.
      Joel: So if he was running against a woman, then he'd be…?
      Nick: Anti-woman.
      Joel: And if we were running against a bald guy, then he'd be…?
      Nick: Anti-bald and pro-hair. Okay, what part of "running against" and "anti" do you not understand?
      Joel: The part where you use them as synonyms.

    • Maurice: He looks at us and, and all he sees are lowlifes.
      Joel: You are a lowlife.
      Maurice: A lowlife with a walk-in humidor, sucka.

    • Maurice: I used to play so much Tetris I saw falling bricks when I closed my eyes.
      Joel: That's weird, man.
      Maurice: Eh, I used it at intimate times to prolong the act.

    • Andy: They shouldn't call this place San Diego. They should call it Scumball Town, home of the San Diego Scumballs.
      Nick: If it was called Scumbag Town, then why would their team be called San Diego anything?
      Andy: Because they're scumbags, Nick.

    • Joel: So how do you know Representative Whitman?
      Leslie: Oh, umm, we used to date.
      Joel: Oh, before you were married?
      Leslie: What are you getting at?
      Joel: Nothing.

    • Andy: You carry a .45?
      Thorne: Oh, I wish, but that is way too heavy for a purse gun. I carry a .22.

    • Andy: Do you have a gun I can borrow?
      Thorne: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm down to my last two.

    • Whitman: Crime is my number one issue, and the first thing you can do is this: you can refuse to be a victim.
      Nick: Of course! I knew I should have said no when they called and asked me if I wanted to be a victim.

    • Goldreyer: The first step is purging our bodies of gluten. Only then is peace between nations possible.
      Andy: Of course!
      Goldreyer: What did you eat for breakfast?
      Andy: Oh my god. We ate pancakes.
      Goldreyer: You need to be irrigated, and quickly!

    • Andy: You're tearing me apart. Okay. you, you tell me one thing, he tells me another, and then everybody changes again.
      Nick: That's from Rebel Without a Cause.
      Andy: Yeah, but I really think it applies right now.

    • Andy: And another thing, all right? From now on, I'm gonna make up my own mind! I'm not some boccie ball in some little game of lawn… boccie ball. (leaves)
      Joel: Shouldn't have come back in.
      Nick: It's like Caddyshack II, just shouldn't have done it.

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