Season 1 Episode 3

The Cavewoman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on ABC
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The Cavewoman
Joel, Nick, and Andy visit a Fruitberry Frozen yogurt-shop, and Nick falls for the hot cavewoman, Heather, who works there.

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  • HEY! When on your third episode, a one episode character is more important than any of your three leads, that's a sign that your show has no future.

    I know you've heard this story before. I was bored. There was nothing to do. I was at home and all I had was my computer and my broadband connection. I logged onto to see if there was something good to watch. There wasn't. But then I spotted it: Cavemen. I'd heard the idea and said, "That is so damn stupid, I can't possibly think it'll be any good." Surely it couldn't be as bad as I expected it to be. I loaded up "Cavewoman".

    It was worse.

    The show was more than just "not funny", it was the anti-funny, a show that kills any smile that might cross your lips. For someone who hadn't watched the show it was incomprehensible, and though this can be acceptable if a show has been on for seasons, this was the third episode of a highly episodic show. The episode ended and I had no idea who any of the characters were, just that they were cavemen, that cavemen were just a group of guys hanging around, and that cavewomen had hairy arms and legs. She was in the show more than the three of them. That's insane. She's a one episode character, and her screen time completely overwhelmed the time of all three of the leads combined. The entire story revolved around her. The episode wasn't about the three leads making choices and the consequences they led to, it was about them reacting to how she acted. That's not just bad television, that's bad story telling. I've got sort of a global complaint on the show too. I know that some of you think that it's great because it's dealing with racism or some crap like that, but let's be honest for a second: the entire concept of the show is racist. "Hey, black people! We understand racism now, because we've made a show about unevolved humans!" Yeah, that's on the more racist side of television show concepts.

    A one joke concept created a bad show, the bad show had a horrible episode. This is bad television, plain and simple.moreless
  • Much deeper than it looks...

    I think we shouldn't just watch that TV show like a plain sitcom. OK, there are Cavemen, burlesque situations.

    But it is a way to see how people respond to someone different. That looks or seems to be different. The question of the embarrasment, of the shame of being seen with someone, going out with someone who's not "of their kind"... stuff like that *do* exist. And if people really see it's stupid, now put a Black man, or an Asian, or a Native, or an Arab, any minority in any country in this world and you'll realize that not only this is stupid, but actually *really* sad.

    I hope the show goes on.moreless
  • In this episode, the 3 cavemen get sucked into the newest frozen yogurt craze which mirrors "pinkberry" which is very popular in Los Angeles-- however the question is, do they go for the amazing yogurt, or the hot cavechick behind the counter?moreless

    The show was good before this episode, but this made it great! They really need to balance these guys out by keeping giving the girls more to do. Having the 3 guys plus the 3 girls (or in this case 4, if you add maurice and heather!)makes it more like FRIENDS, etc. (only with cavemen)-- but if they want it to stand-out, they have to tap into the "caveman" culture and not ignore it. This episode really did that. It wasn't just about the cavemen standing for some unknown minority. It played up their history and world in a way that made it stand out. Also, it was the guys and the girls this time. Since ABC has been promoting this show as a mandate-- they should have cute and funny chicks in addition to the snarky guy characters. For whatever reason, this episode stood out from the first two because it really seemed to come together-- like a REAL SHOW, rather than a fledging one. Nice job to the writers and the entire cast on this one! I hope they bring the character of Heather back for more... and when will we see a CAVEKID for that matter?moreless
  • And God created Cavewoman!

    Cavewoman enters Cavemen's life this week. although I miss last week's episode. (I review a episode of "Bones" so no one miss me) this week's episode is cavewomen and she can be mean. so mean that she pushes one caveman around. I didn't like the episode as much as the premiere epsiode, it has enough jokes to keep this episode afloat. so yo can say it was a hit and miss. So far, I enjoy the series. the flintstones jokes are fun to listern too, especially jokes that are aim at Pebbles. Let's hope the show runs it's coarse, because at 8:30 p.m., I turn off the set. No "Carpoolers" tonight.moreless
  • Better than watching real smoothies any day

    Lame sitcoms featuring regular modern humans have been getting progressively worse since Cheers and Seinfeld. There are no more Doogie Howsers. I don't even waste my time watching the crap of today. But I gave this shoe a chance out of curiosity and am hoping it doesn't get cancelled. Each episode is better than the last. Rock on Cavemen!!! This review needs to be 100 words long so ROCK ON CAVEMEN!!! Lame sitcoms featuring regular modern humans have been getting progressively worse since Cheers and Seinfeld. There are no more Doogie Howsers. I don't even waste my time watching the crap of today. But I gave this shoe a chance out of curiosity and am hoping it doesn't get cancelled. Each episode is better than the last. Rock on Cavemen!!! This review needs to be 100 words long so ROCK ON CAVEMEN!!!moreless

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    • Nick: You guys are such a sucker for these fads. Juice bars, cupcakes, fancy coffees.
      Andy: Honey-glazed hams!
      Joel and Nick: What?
      Andy: Come on, the Great Ham Craze of '96. You guys remember. I was obsessed. I had like, five, six sandwiches a day. Big, like, thick ones.
      Joel: Okay. Andy, in order to be a fad more people had to like it then you.

    • Nick: You guys love this stuff because everybody else, it's basic herd-mentality B.S.
      Joel: Then why are you here?
      Nick: So I know what to hate.

    • Nick: I appreciate your flirtations, but I'm just here to hate this crap so what are your worst toppings?
      Heather: Oh, you're that guy.
      Nick: What guy?
      Heather: The guy that hates everything everybody else likes because it makes him feel superior. Tell me, what's it like to hate the Beetles?
      Nick: Superior.

    • Joel: She is jonesin' to ride the Joel train.
      Nick: Please, you're not a train. you're like a sad little parking lot tram at Disneyland. My friend, she wants to take a ride on the Nick Hedge Bullet Express.
      Andy: Those are really fast. Was that what you're trying to say?
      Nick: No, certainly not. I'm more like a slow train… wait.
      Joel: Right.
      Nick: No. All right, hold it, forget the train analogy for a minute and let's all agree that I am a superb lover.
      Andy: Hmmm.
      Joel: No, I'm not gonna agree to that.

    • Andy: This yogurt gets betters with every bite.
      Nick: It tastes like revolting slop.
      Andy: Well, why are you eating it, then.
      Nick: 'Cause I paid for it.
      Joel: I paid for it.
      Nick: My point is it was paid for.

    • Joel: Hey, look all I wanted a was a medium vanilla yogurt with kiwi and Fruity Pebbles.
      Kate: Pebbles? That's very interesting that you would pick a sexy cavewoman, Joel.
      Joel: What? No, Pebbles was a baby.
      Kate: Not on The Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show!

    • Joel: Pebbles from The Flintstones. Okay, hot or a baby.
      Andy: Hot.
      Joel: No. Baby. Not… not hot. She was, like, three years old.
      Andy: Not on The Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show!

    • Heather: Look, don't get your panties in a clump. Most guys are wusses. I mean, last night, I was with this guy, he could not perform. I mean like, at all.
      Leslie: You poor baby. I got one of those at home.
      Kate: Mom, for god's sake!
      Leslie: What? You're my little miracle.

    • Heather: What's wrong is that you're taken by my friend. If you don't call her, I'm gonna rip your voice box out and call her myself, but in your voice. What's it going to be?
      Andy: I'm gay.
      Heather: What?
      Andy: Yeah, I'm a gay man. I enjoy the gay lifestyle.
      Heather: Then why'd you ask me if I had a friend.
      Andy: Last… ditch effort.
      Heather: All right.
      Andy: Yeah. Unsuccessful.
      Heather: Then make out with that guy?
      Andy: What? What if he's not gay?
      Gay Guy: I am.

    • Heather: (at the theater) The baby cries, the mother dies.

    • Nick: She took the breakup better then I thought. We just got that one dead possum in the mail.
      Andy: You know, it actually brought some nice closure to the whole ordeal.

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