Season 1 Episode 5

The Shaver

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on ABC

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  • Joel gets involved with a corporate cult against Nick's advice. Andy has road rage but does it get him the girl?

    Let's be real, the reason this show is so good is the way it explores traditional relationships, attitudes, and stereotypes. It does it in a funny intelligent way and gets at humor that most shows can't. In this episode Nick suspects a new tenant in the apartment building is a caveman passing himself off has a homo-sapien (a 'shaver'). Joel falls into the corporate cult that the shaver is the leader of. Andy's road rage turns on a friend of Joel's girl, but is he really a maniac? On the flipside Joel's usually cool nature erupts at the end of the episode.
  • Nick is convinced a new tenant is a shaver (a caveman who shaves off all of his body hair to blend in with the sapiens), Joel loses out on a promotion and turns to the 'shaver' for insight, Kate's friend Thorne is turned on by Andy's road rage.

    With the really weak crop of new sitcoms over the past few years, Cavemen really stands out. It's too bad there is so much bad press and overall ill will towards this show. Unfortunately, it looks like it doesn't stand a chance. One can hope that ABC sticks by Cavemen and at the very least explores other timeslots to try and find an audience.

    This episode is another prime example of why I watch. It's funny without relying too much on the caveman gimic, it's not lowbrow although it isn't above that either and it's just a charming comedy that the lot are really missiong out on.

    I really think Andy is stealing the show from the rest of the crew. The way he went from describing the nights diner to blinding road rage and back to the details of his glazed ham was priceless. As was the delivery of the line 'you're gonna die!' (paraphrased) that was directed at the guy who cut him off.

    Nick was typical Nick in this episode. The line 'et tu Joel' was totally something you would think Nick or a Nick-like person (and we all know one of those) would say.

    Joel probably has the toughest role of them all - the straight guy. I don't mean as in sexual preference but as in humor. I applaud the actor for pulling it off although I think the writers could help him come across as a more empathetic charecter.

    Overall, another great addition to ABCs best sitcom in years. Alls I can say is if According to Jim can have 6 years, give Cavemen at least 2.

    8/10 (my rating might be inflated by the fact that I seem to be the only one left watching)