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  • MMA in primetime.

    With other networks afraid to take a risk and put Mixed Martial Arts on in primetime CBS took the chance and found great success (the first episode anyway). While EliteXC doesn't have the best roster they do have some quality fighters like Robbie Lawler, Jake Shield and KJ Noons, who are all Champions in their respective divisions.

    EliteXC needs to decide whether or not they want to be a top MMA promotion or one that draws fans, because you can't be both and try to compete with UFC. Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock will be a huge success in the ratings I'm sure, but neither of those athletes are considered near the top of their division.

    EliteXC Fights is entertaining, but it certainly is not the best MMA product out there.
  • The first CBS show had it's problems, but delivered overall.

    The first show had five sloppy slugfests, four awful stoppages, only one top 10 fighter, the fight of the night resulted in a no contest, and way too much cheese, but it was still a success. No Lay & Prey decisions, nothing too brutal for CBS's audience, and some good commentating left us with a good, albeit overly safe, MMA event. MMA needed to get on network TV, and now it has. Thanks for getting this done, EXC and Gary Shaw, and here's to continued improvement. You'll need it, because I'm sure the UFC will be on a network soon.