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Season 2018 : Episode 0822

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    • 9/11: How the president's ISIS plan will be carried out; We're engaged in a major counterterrorism operation
      The U.S. military has begun a new campaign targeting all ISIS forces across northern and western Iraq, gearing up for more aggressive attacks on ISIS as the military carries out the plan laid out by President Obama in his speech Wednesday; and, Secretary of State John Kerry stresses that while the U.S. is not at "war" with ISIS, it is engaged in a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.moreless
    • 6/30: CBS Evening News
      6/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0630
      Gunman opens fire in New York City hospital; Neighbor subs in to help soldier's son with yardwork
    • April 12, 2007
      April 12, 2007
      Season 44 - Episode 221
    • 04/16: Pope transforms lives of 12 Syrian refugees; CBS News reporter shares family miracle story
      Pope Francis has opened more than his heart to refugees trapped in Greece; CBS News' Marlie Hall shares a story about her father Edward, who while in retirement in Haiti, fell into a coma before miraculously surviving it.
    • 10/2: Dallas quarantines contacts of Ebola patient; Nation prepares to open memorial for wounded vets
      The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the man being treated for Ebola, is quarantined in their Dallas apartment as officials try to prevent an outbreak. State health officials say that none of the estimated 100 people who were in direct or indirect contact with Duncan have shown any symptoms. But residents remain skeptical; and, Dennis Joyner lost three limbs to a booby-trap in Vietnam. Now, as the nation prepares to open a national memorial honoring America’s wounded in war, he and other vets hope that people don't forget the consequences of war.moreless
    • 8/22: Wildfire rages near Yosemite National Park; 14-million-year-old whale fossil discovered on shore of Potomac
      A fire outside Yosemite National Park has tripled in less than a day and has forced the closure of one of the main roads into the park during one of the busiest time for visitors; and a man discovered a skull of a whale that lived 14 million years ago.
    • May 4, 2008
      May 4, 2008
      Season 45 - Episode 243
      Rated: TV-G Major topics:
    • It took the cardinals of the Catholic church 24 hours to make history by selecting the first non-European to lead the church; Also, worldwide reactions to the new pope; And, military sex abuse case and military law under review after overturned court marshal.
    • 7/04: America celebrates Independence Day in blanket of security: Be My Eyes app brings new meaning to iPhone
      The signs are plain to see that this Fourth of July is marked by a heightened concern about a terror attack; Thanks to one visually impaired man, a tap of the finger is all it takes to get the blind some help they need.
    • Alabama counties were supposed to be able to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses Monday, but a message from the state's chief justice has confused matters. Chip Reid spoke with judge Roy Moore who insists gay-marriage is a violation of Alabama law; Sam Smith walked away with an armful of Grammy awards on Sunday night. While Smith stole the show, Bob Dylan also turned heads for what he said about his critics. Anthony Mason brings us the top moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards.moreless
    • 11/28: Ray Rice wins appeal to overturn suspension; A small Pennsylvania town demands their Christmas tree be taken down
      Ray Rice, the NFL running back who was caught on video hitting his fiancé, won his appeal; in Reading, Penn., residents say Charlie Brown had a better Christmas tree than they do.
    • 2/21: Shooting rampage in Michigan leaves six dead; Rescuers recount life-saving actions after chopper crash
      An Uber driver is in custody after he allegedly opened fire at three separate locations near Kalamazoo, Michigan, Saturday night; a sight-seeing helicopter crash caught on camera in Hawaii could have had a tragic outcome, if not for the actions of a group of tourists
    • 11/23: After heavy snow, Buffalo braces for flooding; Cinder the bear cub gets a second chance
      After a week of heavy snow fall in Buffalo, officials warn residents to prepare for impending floods caused by soaring temperatures; and, among the bears heading to hibernation this winter is a little cub named “Cinder.” She was wounded in a wildfire but has made a remarkable recovery and has reached a huge milestone.moreless
    • 8/8: Donald Trump defends comments about Megyn Kelly; program helps young African-American pilots earn their wings
      Donald Trump was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the influential conservative RedState Gathering. However, after his comment about Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly, he was disinvited from the event. Julianna Goldman reports; The Tuskegee Next summer program teaches teenage African-Americans to fly. The program is named for the Tuskegee Airmen, the legendary World War II group of African-American fighter pilots. Adriana Diaz is with the latest class earning its wings.moreless
    • President Obama said a decision on air strikes in Syria is days if not weeks away. He questioned whether they would be effective against ISIS without the help of neighboring Middle Eastern countries; and, 63-year-old Tom Durkin has been calling races since 1974. He shares some of his most memorable moments at the track.moreless
    • 10.28.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.28.10
      Thursday: Federal investigators say BP and Halliburton ignored warning signs that could have prevented the explosion of Deepwater Horizon; Then, voters are so fed up with Congress, most now say they're willing to take a chance on a political novice; Also, a close-up look at bogus foreclosure documents that costing people their homes.moreless
    • 7/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0723
      Extreme worldwide heat wave blamed for deaths; Now you can own your own "Iron Man" suit
    • 7/12: CBS Evening News
      7/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0712
      FBI agent Peter Strzok has fiery exchange during testimony; What would a new Air Force One look like under Trump?
    • 7/7: CBS Evening News
      7/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0707
      Rescue teams eagerly wait to save boys trapped in Thai cave; New Jersey state trooper reunites with cop who delivered him 27 years later.
    • 7/5: CBS Evening News
      7/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0705
      Scott Pruitt resigns from EPA after numerous investigations; Meet the British divers helping craft a plan in the Thailand cave rescue.
    • 5/24: CBS Evening News
      5/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0524
      President Trump calls off summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un; Heroic Medal of Honor recipient recalls 2002 battle
    • 7/14: CBS Evening News
      7/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0714
      Trump under pressure to confront Putin on Russian election meddling; Pompeii excavation project reveals secrets on life before volcanic eruption.
    • 5/23: CBS Evening News
      5/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0523
      NFL to players: Stand for the anthem or stay off the field; Vegas Golden Knights close to winning Stanley Cup
    • 7/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0725
      Dangerous flooding hits Pennsylvania after days of rain. Officer helps homeless man shave before job interview at McDonald's.
    • 12/02: Trump, breaking with U.S. policy, speaks with Taiwan's leader; California cop's unusual encounter leads to invaluable gift
      Donald Trump broke with longstanding U.S. policy by speaking to the president of Taiwan on Friday; after Jourdan Duncan's car broke down, he chose to make the seven-mile walk home from work every day.
    • 8/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0811
      Officials say man who stole plane was suicidal; Electronic driver-assist systems may not work, insurance group warns.
    • 8/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0809
      Judge threatens to hold Sessions in contempt, halts deportations of some asylum seekers; 10-year-old cancer patient determined to stay on her feet
    • 8/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0801
      Passengers capture dramatic footage of Aeroméxico plane crash; Victim of priest's sex abuse says she was taught to trust her abuser, who "was next to God"
    • 5/28: CBS Evening News
      5/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0528
      Search continues for man missing from Ellicott City flooding; Marine immortalized in powerful photo retires after 34 years
    • 4/7: CBS Evening News
      4/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0407
      Heavy rain, snow and record-low temperatures across the U.S. ; British government cracks down on ivory sales
    • 5/26: CBS Evening News
      5/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0526
      Florida, Mississippi prepare for Subtropical Storm Alberto; Sweden admits Swedish meatballs are actually from Turkey
    • 7/11: CBS Evening News
      7/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0711
      Trump blasts Germany over gas pipeline deal with Russia; Last fire chief who responded on 9/11 retires
    • 7/10: CBS Evening News
      7/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0710
      Boys rescued from Thai cave start their recovery; Boys rescued from Thai cave gain worldwide attention
    • 11/5: CBS Evening News
      11/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1105
      Shots fired inside Baptist church in Texas leaving dozens dead; Mountain lion moves in to Hollywood Hills
    • 6/19: CBS Evening News
      6/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0619
      CBS poll: Majority of Americans call separating children from parents "unacceptable"; Mother separated from children at the border says she "never imagined" it would happen
    • 6/18: CBS Evening News
      6/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0618
      CBS poll: Majority of Americans call separating children from parents "unacceptable"; Mother separated from children at the border says she "never imagined" it would happen.
    • 6/16: CBS Evening News
      6/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0616
      President Trumps blames Democrats for separation of migrant families ; Visitors at Yosemite can walk among the Sequia trees again
    • Heavy rains cause July 4th flooding in Houston
      Heavy rains cause July 4th flooding in Houston
      Season 2018 - Episode 20180704
      Parts of Houston were under water on the Fourth of July after up to seven inches of rain fell in parts of the city. The conditions forced the cancellation of the city's Freedom Over Texas celebration.
    • 4/6: CBS Evening News
      4/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0406
      0.0 seized by feds over sex trafficking ads; How a search for a missing wallet ended up changing lives.
    • 1/26: CBS Evening News
      1/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0126
      37 children dead from worst flu season in nearly a decade; Admired whistler finds harmony in Washington, D.C.
    • 11/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1117
      Trump takes aim at Al Franken but stays quiet about Roy Moore; NYC school kids are really digging history
    • 5/27: CBS Evening News
      5/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0528
      Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine; Seattle's Space Needle gets upgraded
    • 7/1: CBS Evening News
      7/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0701
      Dangerous heat wave could continue through July Fourth; Trump to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin
    • 6/28: CBS Evening News
      6/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0628
      Witness describes shooting at Annapolis newspaper; Good Samaritan helps stranded woman in a wheelchair.
    • 2/19: CBS Evening News
      2/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0219
      Missed warning signs about accused Florida shooter revealed; Watching "Black Panther" with movie fans in Harlem
    • 12/18: CBS Evening News
      12/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1218
      Multiple people dead after train derailment in Washington State; Secret Pentagon program dedicated to investigating UFOs
    • 2/1: CBS Evening News
      2/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0201
      Flu vaccine less than 20 percent effective against deadly strain;Town flies high ahead of the Olympics.
    • 3/21: CBS Evening News
      3/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0321
      Fourth nor'easter this month slams the East Coast, buries any sign of spring; cardiologist dressed as Chewbacca delivers heartwarming news to teen
    • 6/13: CBS Evening News
      6/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0613
      North Korea summit: What exactly did Trump agree to?; Old phone booths in England getting a new lease on life
    • 4/5: CBS Evening News
      4/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0405
      Trump denies knowing about $130,000 Stormy Daniels payment; Young cobalt miner gets a new chance at life.
    • 8/25: CBS Evening News
      8/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0825
      Hurricane Harvey upgraded to Category 4 hurricane; Steve Hartman goes "On the Road" with his sons for the eclipse
    • 4/19: CBS Evening News
      4/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0419
      Rudy Giuliani joins Trump's personal legal team; Mom leaps into action when daughter freezes up on stage.
    • 4/22: CBS Evening News
      4/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0422
      Manhunt underway for Waffle House shooting suspect; Fashion entrepreneur gives gifts of mentorship, confidence with fashion
    • 7/9: CBS Evening News
      7/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0709
      Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court nominee; California couple finds wedding ring in the ashes of their burned home
    • 10/1: CBS Evening News
      10/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1001
      O.J. Simpson out on parole; Elementary school in Puerto Rico becomes new home for 2 families
    • 7/31: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0731
      Aeromexico plane crashes in Durango, Mexico; royal wedding's gospel choir gets record deal
    • 3/27: CBS Evening News
      3/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0327
      Kim Jong Un visits Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing; Chance of getting hit by falling Chinese space station "pretty slim," expert says.
    • 3/30: CBS Evening News
      3/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0330
      Family of Stephon Clark unveils results of independent autopsy; Man answers email from questionable source and never imagined what would follow.
    • 6/8: CBS Evening News
      6/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0608
      U.S. soldier killed in terror attack in Somalia; How a bullied teen changed the lives of two Denver officers.
    • 8/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0802
      Intelligence chiefs warn of Russian election interference; Outside investigators to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct by CBS CEO Les Moonves.
    • 6/5: CBS Evening News
      6/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0605
      Secret Service arrests White House contractor; Swimmer Ben Lecomte attempting swim across the Pacific Ocean
    • 2/2: CBS Evening News
      2/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0202
      Dow plummets, suffering worst week in 2 years; Washing machine collector takes a whirl back in time
    • 6/3: CBS Evening News
      6/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0603
      Wildfire season kicks off with more than 12 fires across 5 states; 300-year-old royal tradition going strong in Tower of London
    • 7/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0722
      Store manager killed in California shootout; Global push to break down barriers
    • 4/27: CBS Evening News
      4/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0427
      E. coli outbreak spreads to three more states; Young boy dreams of becoming an umpire.
    • 3/19: CBS Evening News
      3/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0319
      Austin bomber "taunting" law enforcement, expert says; 75 percent of kids who live in homes with guns know where they're stored.
    • 3/18: CBS Evening News
      3/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0318
      Trump fires FBI's Andrew McCabe, bashes him on Twitter; Driverless buses debut in California
    • 5/6: CBS Evening News
      5/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0506
      Hawaii's volcano emergency is far from over; Portraits aimed at empowering young African-Americans.
    • 3/24: CBS Evening News
      3/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0324
      Thousands demand gun control at "March for Our Lives" rallies; YouTube to ban videos to show how to assemble firearms
    • 5/19: CBS Evening News
      5/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0519
      Students at Santa Fe High School return to pick up belongings; Harry and Meghan’s titles are Duke and Duchess of Sussex
    • 11.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1124
      Thanksgiving 2011: An Egyptian court has orders the release of the three American students arrested during the deadly protests that swept across Egypt; Also, the fight for every shopping dollar is getting fiercer and, for some retailers, that means a new holiday tradition - Black Friday beginning Thanksgiving night; And, a new national program called "Food Corps" places service members in schools in poor neighborhoods to teach children about healthy food.moreless
    • 5/22: CBS Evening News
      5/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0522
      Trump casts doubt on North Korea summit; Heroic military dogs receive K-9 Medal of Courage
    • 5/14: CBS Evening News
      5/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0514
      First lady Melania Trump hospitalized for kidney condition; Different faiths come together at Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    • 5/25: CBS Evening News
      5/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0525
      Teacher hailed as hero for stopping Indiana middle school shooting; The unlikely story of how best friends became prom dates.
    • 1/30: CBS Evening News
      1/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0130
      President Trump aiming for unity in State of the Union address; New health care company could shake up the industry.
    • 1/7: CBS Evening News
      1/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0107
      Temperatures hit historic lows; crackdown on poachers who kill endangered rhinos.
    • 7/20: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0720
      Video of duck boat's final moments show it struggling to stay afloat; Homeless teen tries to give back to the man who changed his life.
    • 12/8: CBS Evening News
      12/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1208
      Early December snowstorm in an unlikely place; Preschool "twins" take a stand against discrimination
    • 8/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0810
      New protests in first week of NFL preseason; Meet Washington's first registered lobbyist with Down syndrome
    • 6/23: CBS Evening News
      6/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0623
      DHH scrambles to reunite families seprarated by "zero tolerance" policy; Scientists want to know why Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser keeps erupting.
    • 6/24: CBS Evening News
      6/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0624
      More protests as feds scramble to reunite families separated at the border; Isle of Skye a hotbed of dinosaur discoveries.
    • 6/27: CBS Evening News
      6/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0627
      Justice Anthony Kennedy, who held a key swing vote, retiring; Father/son duo spreading happiness one pair of crazy socks at a time.
    • 9/19: CBS Evening News
      9/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0919
      Powerful earthquake strikes central Mexico; Educators from 12 states take three-day firearms course
    • 9/17: CBS Evening News
      9/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0917
      Families return to hardest hit areas week after Hurricane Irma devastated Florida; Invasion of birds in NYC all in the name of art
    • 8/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0806
      California wildfire becomes 2nd largest in state history; Special send-off for retiring Massachusetts police officer
    • 7/2: CBS Evening News
      7/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0702
      Challenges remain to get trapped soccer team out of Thai cave; Charity makes sure homeless kids get the birthday party they deserve
    • 10/27: CBS Evening News
      10/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1027
      The Trump administration denied Friday that political connections had anything to do with a contract awarded to a tiny company to restore Puerto Rico's electrical grid; It was 50 years ago this month that Charles Kuralt first went "On The Road."
    • 7/17: CBS Evening News
      7/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0717
      Trump claims he misspoke during press conference with Putin; Inside the last Blockbuster store.
    • 1/14: CBS Evening News
      1/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0114
      Calls for accountability day after accidental missile alert triggers panic in Hawaii; high school music teacher makes a difference in one of the nation's most troubled cities
    • 8/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0812
      Counter-protesters outnumber white nationalists at Washington, D.C., rally; University of Maryland places head football coach on leave
    • 6/17: CBS Evening News
      6/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0617
      Tent city along border at the center of immigration debate ; Baseball hug goes a long way
    • 10/22: CBS Evening News
      10/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1022
      Trump looks to tax reform after week of condolence call controversy; Milwaukee Police Dept. trains recruits to de-escalate situations
    • 8/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0803
      Flash flood watches and warnings stretch from Georgia to Maine; Who is Ronald Wayne, one of Apple's co-founders?
    • 5/9: CBS Evening News
      5/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0509
      3 Americans held in North Korea freed; "President Austin" getting a lot of love for his crusade to help the homeless
    • 04.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.03.11
      Sunday: Investigators say preexisting cracks could have caused the damage to the Southwest airliner; Also, a possible stalemate in Libya; Plus, 1950s rock legend Wanda Jackson's new wave of popularity.
    • 04.26.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120426
      Law enforcement officials are on high alert as messages from known terrorists urge attacks on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death; Also, the CIA officer in charge of the interrogation of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed describes what it was like waterboarding the terrorist; And, a recording of Louis Armstrong's last trumpet performance has been rediscovered after 40 years .moreless
    • 04.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.14.11
      The chief of air traffic controllers, Hank Krakowski, abruptly resigned after recent incidents of controllers sleeping on the job; Then, Political leaders of the anti-Qaddafi rebels are lobbying for exemption from the U.N. arms embargo, Also, Dodger stadium has called upon an army of police in order to keep the peace at the the first home game of the season.moreless
    • 05.07.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120507
      U.S. intelligence has broken up a plot by al Qaeda terrorists based in Yemen to blow up a jetliner bound for the United States; Then, Republicans, Democrats, and President Obama all support the bills but Congress has yet to pass them; Also, David Martin reports on the growing danger of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan allies.moreless
    • 03.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.30.11
      Wednesday: Outgunned and regularly outflanked in the field, rebels in Libya are running for their lives from Qaddafi's forces; Also, President Obama sets a goal to cut U.S. oil dependence; Plus, the FDA reconsiders the impact of food dyes.
    • 03.30.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120330
      Friday: The world-record jackpot of at least $640 million in the Mega Millions lottery has created a countrywide stampede for tickets; Also, ehe chief mortician at Dover Air Force Base tells David Martin how he almost lost his job for blowing the whistle on the military's improper handling of soldiers' remains; And, Steve Hartman reports on 17-year-old physics genius Taylor Wilson, whose big ideas are already changing the world.moreless
    • 10.24.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.24.10
      Sunday: The Haitian government says the spread of cholera may be stabilizing; Also, Iran is sending millions of dollars to promote anti-U.S. sentiment in Afghanistan; Plus, how one far-seeing eye doctor is taking on the challenge of helping the poor in developing countries.
    • 04.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.04.11
      Monday: Investigators say the damage to Southwest Flight 812 could have been due to metal fatigue; Also, Attorney General Eric Holder announces that the suspected 9/11 terrorists will be tried in a military tribunal; Plus, students claim Yale University turned a blind eye to sexual abuse cases.
    • 12.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1201
      Thursday: After nine years, what began with shock and awe ended with humble words during a ceremony at one of the last U.S. bases to be handed over to the Iraqi government; Also, on her historic trip to Burma, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent her day with top government officials who made big promises on building democracy; And, Mark Strassmann speaks with the former FAMU band director, who says he could not break the band's secret, abusive culture.moreless
    • 03.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.04.11
      Friday: The unemployment rate has been at 9 percent or higher for 21 months but has fallen to 8.9 percent; Then, Wes Leonard, a 16-year-old high-school junior, died of an enlarged heart shortly after scoring a game-winning basket; Also, Bull-riding events for children are taking place across the nation and carry with them a high risk for injury.moreless
    • After more than two days of talks, Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced an agreement on Syrian chemical weapons; and Tim Farrell was one of the first firefighters to respond to the massive fire that struck the newly rebuilt Seaside Heights boardwalk. The fire destroyed his new home, which he moved into after Superstorm Sandy destroyed his previous one.moreless
    • 04.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.21.11
      Thursday: A new poll reveals that 70 percent of Americans feel the nation is on the wrong track: Then, Of the $20 billion fund established by BP to compensate victims of the oil spill, only $3.8 billon has been paid; Also, Apple has been secretly keeping a record of every move iPhone users make.moreless
    • Make-or-Break for Afghan War
      Season 2010 - Episode 0803
      As American-led forces gear up for the drive to push the Taliban out of Kandahar, Afghanistan's largest city, Mandy Clark reports insurgents attempted to attack the NATO field just outside of town.
    • 05.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.15.11
      Sunday: IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is arrested for alleged sexual assault; Also, More, residents of Louisiana's Cajun country prepare for the worst after more Mississippi floodgates are opened; Plus, an Atlanta artists creates brings new life to old books.
    • 03.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.12.11
      Saturday: The world is getting a closer look at the extent of the damage from the earthquake that hit Japan, as concerns mount over the possibility of a nuclear meltdown; Also, Qaddafi's forces are regaining control in key areas of Libya; And, the NFL's owners locked out its players, putting the next football season in jeopardy.moreless
    • Bernanke: Recovery Slowing
      Season 2010 - Episode 0827
      In a speech closely watched by Wall Street, Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged that economic recovery is slowing and pledged the Federal Reserve is ready to act if the economy stalls. Anthony Mason reports.
    • Female Athletes Still Suffer Inequality
      Season 2010 - Episode 1222
      Despite breaking records across the board, female athletes still feel they are not getting the recognition they deserve. Seth Doane reports on basketball's unsung heroes.
    • 04.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.13.11
      Wednesday: The FAA plans for a staffing increase at 27 control towers after seven instances of sleeping controllers; Also, President Obama announces his plan to reduce the U.S. defict; Plus, changing the world into "Chip's nation."
    • 11.19.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.19.10
      Friday: Backlash increases towards the TSA over their new controversial airport screening methods as radiation risks surface; Then, the family of young man killed when his SUV rolled over, along with a jury who found in their favor, are blaming an allegedly faulty seat belt; Also, three decades later, remembering the mystery that kept everybody guessing who shot J.R.?moreless
    • 09.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0928
      Wednesday: Federal agents say they've stopped a U.S. citizen from Massachusetts who was planning drone attacks against key targets in Washington; Also, despite repeatedly saying that he is not running for president, Republicans continue to clamor for N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to enter the field; And, the FBI captures George Wright, a convicted killer and airline hijacker, who had been on the run for 41 years.moreless
    • 04.17.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120417
      The Secret Service and Pentagon prostitution investigation is growing. CBS News has learned that at least 20 women were involved, as well as Army Special Forces troops; Also, researchers and engineers in California use state of the art technology to test how everything from elevators to operating rooms hold up during a major earthquake; And, weekly Friday night dinners for wounded veterans and their families have become an institution for servicemen during the healing process.moreless
    • 07.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0703
      Sunday: After six weeks of testimony, the closing arguments are underway in the high-profile murder trial of Casey Anthony; Also, cash-strapped California is shutting down 70 of its 278 state parks by next year due to budget cuts; And, At the age of 76, Dr. John Burson, an ear, nose and throat specialist, is serving his fourth tour since 2005 at a U.S. military clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan.moreless
    • 05.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.13.11
      Friday: Suicide bombers in Pakistan killed dozens of police cadets in retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden; Also, engineers are preparing to open a spillway to prevent the Miss. River from flooding New Orleans; And, rising food and fuel prices are causing a burst of inflation.
    • 01.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.25.11
      Tuesday: In depth analysis of President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address; Also, Michael Jackson's doctor pleads not guilty to involuntary manslaughter; And, hockey moms take to the ice.
    • 06.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0610
      Tent cities on the Turkish border are swelling with Syrian refugees escaping their dictator's violent crackdown on anti-government protests; Then, The House floor stands empty despite members of Congress' promise to work day and night until the negotiations over the looming debt ceiling are reached; Also, At the end of his last overseas trip as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates told his fellow NATO defense ministers what he really thinks of America's oldest military alliancemoreless
    • 09.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.29.10
      Wednesday: Officials uncovered a massive multi-pronged terror plot across European cities; Also, recent near-disastrous emergency airplane landings have been linked to Bombardier; Plus, lessons learned from Japan.
    • 12.30.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.30.10
      Thursday: A string of powerful winter storms has left the western U.S. in shambles; Also, unemployment hits a record low while food stamps use hits a record high; And, we take a look back at the famous and powerful who died in 2010.
    • 09.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.07.11
      Wednesday: A coordinated strike by federal law enforcement results in the largest Medicare fraud bust in U.S. history; Also, firefighters in Texas continue to battle a seemingly unending series of deadly wildfires; Plus, the President's jobs and growth package now could top $400 billion; And, Pennsylvania residents embrace the tragedy and the families of those lost on United Flight 93.moreless
    • 10.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1024
      Monday: President Obama is announcing a series of steps to help struggling Americans using executive actions without the approval of Congress; Then, Libya's new government is promising many improvements but some ex-rebel fighters feel they don't want to go back to civilian life just yet; Also, About 800 doctors and medical workers donate their time inside LA's Memorial Arena for a once-a-year free health clinic.moreless
    • 12.27.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.27.10
      Monday: A record-setting blizzard bashes the Northeast dumping over a foot of snow and hindering holiday travel; Also, cutting red tape at the Pentagon may be the key to balancing the budget; And, the ghost of Christmas giving resurfaces in Ohio.
    • The year 2015 is shaping up to be an active one for the flu, which is now widespread in 36 states. Flu-related hospitalizations are double what they were this time last year. Mark Strassmann and Dr. Jon LaPook report; When the clock struck midnight and ushered in 2015, many new laws took effect across the country. John Blackstone reports on a few that range from the serious to the unusual.moreless
    • 01.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.01.11
      Saturday: Survivors of the deadly Midwest tornadoes are tallying their losses and counting their blessings; Also, the "Oprah Winfrey Network" is now on the air; And, some of America's richest people have signed "The Giving Pledge," promising to give away billions.
    • 01.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.02.11
      Sunday: Another round of bad weather delays travelers on the last weekend of the holiday travel season; Also, Republicans prepare the agenda for the new GOP-controlled House; Plus, a report on Cakes for Cause, a non-profit that gives foster kids a second chance.
    • Lance Armstrong confessed to illegal doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey; Then, two explosions devastated the university in Aleppo, Syria killing more than 80 people; Also, the "Mindstream Academy" is an immersive program - at $28,000 a semester - that is bringing kids back from obesity
    • 'The Flintstones' Hit A Milestone
      Season 2010 - Episode 0930
      Richard Schlesinger chronicles "The Flintstones," the iconic animated television series about a stone-aged family which is celebrating its 50-year anniversary.
    • Med Students Who Are Learning by Living
      Season 2010 - Episode 1126
      A New Program called "Learning by Living" is giving medical students considering a specialty in geriatrics a chance to live on the other side. Jim Axelrod reports on the one-of-a kind classroom.
    • 08.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0829
      Monday: Hurricane Irene dumped more than ten inches of rain on a small town in New York's Catskill Mountains taking many residents by surprise; Then, Hurricane Irene forced airlines to ground 13,000 flights, leaving thousands of passengers stranded; Also, citizen journalists feel the need to share the personal impact felt by Hurricane Irene shared by images and video of their own.moreless
    • 12.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1215
      Thursday: House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, a Republican, and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, introduce a bipartisan solution for the future of Medicare; Also, for the final time, the colors are presented at the U.S. military headquarters during a ceremony that marks the official end of the mission in Iraq; And, police believe they've found the body of 23-year-old missing New Jersey woman Shannan Gilbert, ending an 18-month search.moreless
    • 04.05.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120405
      An audio tape has surfaced that appears to be evidence of the New Orleans Saints pay-to-injure bounty system; Also, The man with the largest collection of baseball films in the country, shows off his mementos; And, audio tapes have been released which detail the emergency landing by 80-year-old Helen Collins, who was left to fly the plane after the pilot - her husband - died at the controls.moreless
    • 04.09.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120409
      A district attorney will explore whether a racial slur used in a Facebook posting warrants charging two suspects in a Tulsa, Oklahoma shooting spree with a hate crime; Then, The conflict in Syria spilled across the border into Turkey when gunfire from government forces wounded at least six people in a refugee camp; Also, "60 Minutes" correspondents remember Mike Wallace.moreless
    • 07.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0715
      Friday: In a stunning about-face, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is humbling himself publicly over the hacking scandal that brought down his "News of the World" paper; Also, President Obama says he is still hopeful that Congress can come to an agreement on a deal to raise the debt ceiling; And, Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery gives children of fallen soldiers the chance to connect with each other so they know they're not alone.moreless
    • 12.18.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.18.10
      Saturday: The Senate has voted to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing gays to serve openly in the military; Also, with one week left until Christmas, retail sales expectations are on the rise; And, small loans are providing a big boost to rural China.
    • 10.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1009
      Sunday: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement spreads beyond lower Manhattan to at least 25 cities across the U.S.; Also, California medical marijuana outlets brace for a federal crackdown; Also, Samuel L. Jackson as Martin Luther King, Jr. on Broadway.
    • 0.0
      The judge set bail for George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin at $150,000. At the hearing, Zimmerman addressed Martin's parents...
    • 06.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0604
      Saturday: Small businesses and teenagers are feeling the sting of the down economy; Also, the Arab Spring that has caused chaos for governments across the Middle East continues to rage; Plus, the controversial method of treating alcoholism with alchohol; And, Chinese couples spend several days and thousands of dollars on picture-perfect weddings.moreless
    • 06.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0603
      Friday: The unemployment rate rose above nine percent in the month of May after companies only hired a net gain of 54,000 employees; Then, John Edwards was indicted on charges he used close to a million dollars in campaign donations to support his mistress; Also, Actor James Arness, famous for playing the lawman Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke," died at the age of 88.moreless
    • 12.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.04.10
      Saturday: Senate Republicans blocked another attempt by Democrats to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for high earners; Also, governments across the world are coming after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks; And, a pet store owner decides to end sales of pure-breds and set-up an adoption facility.
    • 11.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.29.10
      Monday: The U.S. government is launching a criminal investigation against the website WikiLeaks; Also, the attempted Portland, Ore., bomber arrives in federal court; Plus, cyber Monday sales kick off Internet shopping for the holiday season.
    • 1/16/13
      President Obama has unveiled the most sweeping gun control package in generations. But, as Major Garrett reports, Mr. Obama warned that it will not be easy to implement without the help of voters; And, at least three Americans are among the hostages being held by Islamic terrorists in eastern Algeria, following an attack on a natural gas field. David Martin reports on who the attackers are and what they want.moreless
    • 1/21: CBS Evening News
      1/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0121
      Dysfunctional weekend in Washington; "The Hugging Dog" joins us on National Hugging Day
    • 04.11.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120411
      George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin; Also, Indonesia was rocked by an 8.6 magnitude earthquake, but there was little serious damage; And, construction is nearly complete in what will soon become the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere - One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Ironworkers have erected 93 of the buildings' 104 stories. Nancy Cordes goes all the way to the top for a look.moreless
    • 08.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0808
      Wall Street experienced a huge sell off in the first trading session since Standard and Poor's downgraded America's credit rating; Then, Parts of London have been burning for three days as riots in the city have begun to spread; Also, Scott Pelley reports from inside the Dadaab refugee camp where 400,000 Somalis have taken refuge as the famine reaches historic proportions.moreless
    • 12.15.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.15.10
      Wednesday: An ex-con opens fire at a routine meeting of a Florida school district; Also, Congress has adds $8 billion worth of earmarks to the spending bill; Plus, four wounded Marines speak out about the Afghan war.
    • 07.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0723
      Saturday: Two coordinated terror attacks in Norway have left at least 92 dead; Also, Grammy-winning British singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27; Plus, with a "grand bargain" off the table for now, Congress' focus has switches to finding a way to prevent default; And, the story of attorney David Kelly, who has an interesting night job - as critically acclaimed rapper Capital D.moreless
    • 10.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1015
      Saturday: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement goes overseas - from violent clashes with police in Rome to a peaceful march in Tokyo, anger is spanning the globe; Also, South Florida is mobilizing to fight off an infestation of giant African land snails -- one of the world's most invasive species; And, "DOGPAC," a political action committee formed to protect to interests of dogs and their owners, is flexing its muscle in San Francisco.moreless
    • 10.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1012
      Wednesday: Senior U.S. officials say the plan to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador was a sophisticated operation that could reach the highest level of the Iranian government; Also, the FBI arrests a Florida man for allegedly hacking the personal accounts of more than 50 people tied to the entertainment industry; And, Bill Whitaker reports on the incredible story of a boxer, who is fighting his first professional fight after spending 26 years in prison on a wrongful murder conviction.moreless
    • 08.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0815
      The Pentagon is considering a controversial plan to replace traditional military pensions with a 401(k)-style plan; Then, Howard Schultz, the chairman and founder of Starbucks, is calling for a national boycott on campaign donations; Also, Indiana state police are investigating the stage collapse at their state fair that killed 5 people.moreless
    • 02.11.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120211
      Saturday: In Syria, government forces have launch a new round of deadly attacks on protesters across the country; Also, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has wins the Maine caucuses, edging out Ron Paul; And, President Obama could lose some crucial support from Catholic voters over the controversial health care law provision regarding contraception coverage.moreless
    • 05.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.20.11
      Friday: Lance Armstrong went on the attack amid accusations he used performance-enhancing drugs; Then, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from prison while his sex assault case goes forward; Also, Harold Camping spread his end of the world prophesy with a billboard campaign costing as much as $1 million.
    • A top al-Qaeda operative was captured by U.S. Special Forces in a raid at his home in the Libyan capital Tripoli; and Nicholas Oresko, the oldest surviving recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, passed away at 96. He received the medal for his service during World War II in the Battle of the Bulge.moreless
    • 10.07.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 20091007
      Wednesday: A special edition concerning "The Road Ahead" for the U.S. war in Afghanistan; Also, Chicago teen murders reach epidemic levels.
    • 08.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0818
      Thursday: Turmoil returns to the markets as the Dow plunges more than 400 points; Also, the Justice Department is investigating Standard and Poor's to determine whether it manipulated ratings in the years before the financial meltdown; And, Scott Pelley speaks with Cassandra Nelson of the aid group Mercy Corps about the escalating famine in Somalia.moreless
    • 05.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.14.11
      Saturday: Army engineers unlock a Mississippi River spillway hoping to prevent flooding in New Orleans; Also, on the 50th anniversary of the Anniston, Ala. bus burning, civil rights pioneers remember their brush with death; And, a paralyzed college student is able to walk the stage and receive his diploma thanks to remarkable new technology.moreless
    • 09.26.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 20100926
      Sunday: Ga. Pastor Eddie long faces allegations of sexual abuse; Plus, Democrats say the House will not vote on tax cuts before the election; And, a new treat makes its way to bakeries across the country.
    • 03.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.07.11
      Monday: Qaddafi's air force bombards several key rebel-held towns outside of Libya's capitol Tripoli; Also, the White House considers tapping into the nation's oil reserve; Plus, a Boston woman receives the 3D mammogram.
    • 08.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0816
      Tuesday: From televisions to townhouses, consumer fear of the future is stalling sales and contaminating America's economic recovery; Also, a 4-year-old letter has turned up that could haunt top executives from News Corp; And, China's booming economy and increasingly diverse tastes are forcing Americans at home to pay more for products including cereal, vegetable oil, meat and milk.moreless
    • 03.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.25.11
      Friday:The evacuation zone around Japan's damaged nuclear power plant in Japan was expanded from 12 to 19 miles; Then, Hundreds gathered in downtown Manhattan to honor the 146 who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; Also, The town of Koizumi, Japan, was wiped off the map, but, thanks to practice drills, only 42 people are missing or dead.moreless
    • 04.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.06.11
      Wednesday: With time almost up for Congress, the federal government is finalizing plans for a shutdown; Also, Former Congressman Curt Weldon is in Libya on an invitation from the Qaddafi regime; Plus, the booming business of cupcakes.
    • 04.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.05.11
      Tuesday: President Obama says Congress is closer than ever to a compromise on the federal budget; Also, Libyan rebels export oil through tankers in the eastern port; Plus, a national search for the new Aflac spokes-duck.
    • 04.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.01.11
      Friday: The Labor Department released the best jobs report in two years, showing unemployment down to 8.8 percent; Then, Thousands of Afghan protesters stormed the UN compound in Mazar-i-Sharif, resulting in a massacre that left 20 dead; Also, Jim Axelrod reports on how the high-tech safety features of newer cars have made a difference in saving lives.moreless
    • 04.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.08.11
      Congressional leaders continued to bicker over budget cuts and were not on track to reach an agreement before a possible shutdown; Then, The war in Libya has settled to a stalemate due to insufficient communication and a lack of strategic planning on the side of the rebels; Also, The first of a massive wave of baby boomers are turning 65 this year and set to retire, but many are choosing to continue to work.moreless
    • 03.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.22.11
      Tuesday: The U.S. loses a warplane as the allies keep up the assault on Libya and Qaddafi remains defiant; Also, in Japan, thousands of earthquake survivors are still struggling to find adequate food, water, and shelter; And, officials across the nation are attempting to address the issue of alarmingly high college dropout rates.moreless
    • 12.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1203
      Saturday: Herman Cain tells his supporters that he is ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination; Also, a violent attack is raising questions about whether Iraqi forces will be up to the job of maintaining security; And, Russ Mitchell reports on a small business owner whose progress was stalled by her lender, despite an on-time payment history.moreless
    • 08.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0817
      Wednesday: Anthony Mason sits down with President Obama at the end of his three-day, Midwest bus trip and talks jobs, taxes and the markets; Also, in Florida, police say they discovered and stopped a plot for a deadly attack on a Tampa high school; And, a seamstress recieves more than 1,400 outfits to donate to kids going back to school in the tornado stricken town of Joplin, Mo.moreless
    • 03.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.10.11
      Thursday: Rep. Peter King, R-NY, held a controversial hearing focused on the role of Muslim-Americans in terror investigations; Then, Mark Phillips spoke with Qaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, who vowed his government will soon re-take all of Libya; Also, A Los Angeles woman founded "Heartfelt," a non-profit that offers cardiac screenings for free.moreless
    • 04.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.17.11
      Sunday: A weekend of severe storms and brutal tornados in North Carolina leave at least 21 people dead; Also, the FAA releases new regulations after incidents of controllers sleeping on duty; Plus, Japan's resilient survivors.
    • 04.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.15.11
      Severe weather swept through the middle of the country, leaving a path of destruction and at least nine dead; Then, Chip Reid reports on the harsh words the president had for his Republican colleagues and the White House's reaction; Also, Two reports out claim that some hair products include formaldehyde.
    • 06.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0609
      Thursday: So far, firefighters in Arizona are losing the battle against a massive wildfire that has burned hundreds of acres; Also, two of Newt Gingrich's key staffers have resigned leaving his presidential campaign in ruins; And, homeless elementary school students in Las Vegas are finding hope in their principal.
    • 02.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.15.11
      Tuesday: President Obam insists that his budget is exactly what the economy needs; Also, Anti-government Facebook and Twitter groups pop up in at least ten countries across the Middle East; Plus, has Coca-Cola's secret formula been uncapped?
    • 09.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.19.11
      Monday: Republicans shoot down President Obama's balanced plan for cutting the deficit; Then, A new study claims people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop dementia; Also, an investigation into the rogue pharmacies that distribute the powerful medications - no questions asked.
    • 08.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0819
      Friday: As part of an unusual plea agreement, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley - the "West Memphis Three" - are released after 18 years in prison; Also, Bank of America says it will let go 3,500 employees now in layoffs that may eventually total 10,000; Plus, Libyan rebels make a major breakthrough, retaking Zawiya from Muammar Qaddafi's forces; And, the story of Brad Carter - publisher of a street newspaper, soup kitchen volunteer and founder of a non-profit homeless advocacy group - who, himself, is homeless.moreless
    • 04.20.10
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.20.11
      Wednesday: The first American casualties reported in the ongoing conflict in Libya; Also, wildfires spread in Texas; And, the first anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • 04.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.24.11
      Sunday: Civilians in the Libyan city of Misrata are using a ferry boat to escape the ongoing violence; Also, a report on the effectiveness of tornado warning systems; Plus, royal wedding travel plans.
    • 09.10.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.10.10
      Friday: A deadly gas pipe explosion nearly destroys an entire neighborhood in California; Also, more controversy over Koran burnings planned on 9/11; And, Katie Couric joins rival news anchors to "Stand Up To Cancer."
    • January 1, 2013
      Season 2012 - Episode 20130101

      Scott Pelley reports on the latest stories.

    • 03.31.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 03.31.09
      Tuesday: Katie Couric anchors a special edition of the "CBS Evening News" from London. World leaders gather in the U.K. for a historic G20 summit in order to address the global economic crisis.
    • 03.20.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 03.20.09
      Friday: Pres. Obama faces a tough week in office; Also, the U.S. and China face off at sea; And, Steve Hartman's "Assignment America."
    • 03.19.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 03.19.09
      Thursday: More fallout for financially strapped AIG; Plus, Lara Logan's exclusive report on violence in Iraq; And, First Lady Michelle Obama reaches out to students in the D.C. area.
    • 04.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.27.11
      Wednesday: President Obama releases a copy of his birth certificate to prove to critics he is a natural born U.S. citizen; Also, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron speaks about the ongoing turmoil in Libya; Plus, who is Kate Middleton?
    • 07.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0727
      Wednesday: With Congress unable to reach a debt deal, the threat of a U.S. credit downgrade is rising; Also, a U.S. soldier risks his life to generate good will among Afghan people; Plus, a study of users under the age of 20 finds no link between cell phone use and an increased risk for brain cancer; And, time is coming to an end for Walter Reed Army Hospital.moreless
    • The Treasury Department's inspector general released a report that faults "ineffective management" at the IRS, which caused "substantial delays" for tea party groups applying for tax exempt status; Also, the Justice Department collected phone logs for 20 telephone lines used by more than 100 reporters and editors in an investigation aimed at finding who inside the government leaked classified information to reporters at the Associated Press; And, one group of birdwatchers in Dearborn, Mich., takes a different approach on how to appreciate the beauty of winged wildlife.moreless
    • The U.S. and eight other nations expelled Syrian diplomats from their capitals after Syria suffered its worst war crime in the country's 15-month-old civil war; Then, Mitt Romney is set to clinch the GOP presidential nomination after his projected win in the Texas primary; Also, the estimated 1.5 million tons of debris from Japan floating up on U.S. shores could take up to six years to clean up.moreless
    • 10.06.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.06.10
      Wednesday: The Supreme Court hears a free speech case over protesting at military funerals; Also, the U.S. attempts to mend relations with Pakistan; Plus, strong clues into mysterious honeybee die-offs across the country.
    • Daron Dylon Wint is suspected in the killing of the Savopoulos family and a housekeeper. Police say DNA on a pizza crust led them to Wint. As Wyatt Andrews reports, a manhunt is underway; Jon Sutherland, 64, has run every day for the last 46 years, averaging 11 miles a day. The streak has earned him a place in the record books. Ben Tracy caught up with the running man.moreless
    • 11.10.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.10.10
      Wednesday: Major cutbacks are being proposed to eliminate the federal deficit; Also, The FDA is proposing new warnings on cigarette packs that include graphic images; Plus, a look inside a kidney exchange in which 20 people saved 10 lives.
    • Talks are expected to continue on finding a way to extend the legal authority of the U.S. government to borrow and avoid a default; and, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz were injured when the Taliban tried to silence their classmate, Malala Yousafzai, by attacking their school bus. They've recovered and are attending 11th grade in Britain.moreless
    • Businessman Donald Trump picked up his first-ever political victory Tuesday, winning the New Hampshire Republican primary; Julianna Goldman caught up with these junior journalists on the campaign trail.
    • 05.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120506
      France has chosen to make a major change during a critical time electing their first socialist leader in 17 years; Then, families of the victims in the 9/11 attacks await justice as the alleged terrorists face trial; Also, a shop class in Oregon where there's no boys allowed.
    • 08.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0805
      Friday:The latest U.S. jobs report shows unexpected growth, staging a slight turnaround for battered stocks; Also, European financial markets post their biggest weekly decline in nearly three years; Plus, American servicemen in Afghanistan are facing an alarming increase in homemade fertilizer bombs; And, chaplains shepherd members of Congress through the debt deal.moreless
    • 10.05.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.05.10
      Tuesday: The first of two suspects in the Ct. home invasion murder trial gets convicted; Also, attempted times square bomber Faisal Shahzad makes a new threat in court; Plus, revolutionizing school cafeterias.
    • 5/31: John Edwards mistrial, NYC soda ban
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120531
      Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards was acquitted of one count of campaign finance fraud, and a deadlocked jury yielded a mistrial on five other counts; Also, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a ban on the sale of sodas and sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces; And, political differences seemed to dissolve during the unveiling of former President George W. Bush's portrait in the White House.moreless
    • 08.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0825
      Thursday: Hurricane Irene is moving toward the East Coast, and residents there are starting to move out; Also, the sudden resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO left fans of the company and its products wondering what Apple without him; And, Fannie Mae's rock bottom re-sale prices on foreclosed homes could be destroying neighborhoods.moreless
    • 10/02: CBS Evening News
      10/02: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1002
      Chaos in Las Vegas as shooter unleashes barrage of bullets; Progress, desperation in Puerto Rico ahead of Trump's visit
    • Police are investigating whether a dispute over the prom led to the fatal stabbing of 16-year-old Maren Sanchez; and, Steve Hartman meets Melissa Mainer, a Pennsylvania waitress who, thanks to a generous tipper, paid off her entire nursing school debt.
    • 8/30: Evening News
      8/30: Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0830
      Grand jury involved in investigation into Russian meddling in U.S. election; seamstress saves the day after Alfred Angelo bridal stores close
    • 5/17: CBS Evening News
      5/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0517
      Student and teacher killed, dozens injured in New Jersey school bus crash; Canine "odd couple" warms hearts.
    • 03.15.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120315
      Thursday: Brussels-based SWIFT, the spinal cord of the global financial system, is planning on cutting off some 30 sanctioned Iranian banks and subsidiaries at noon Saturday; Also, a dispute between Texas and the federal government could leave thousands of poor women without health services; And, Jim Axelrod reports on how a frat house experiment turned into a profitable company.moreless
    • The NBA has chosen former Time Warner and Citigroup chief Richard Parsons as the interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers. It is the league’s first major move to seize control of the team since owner Donald Sterling was banned for life for making racist comments; As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets David Good, whose mother grew up in a remote village in the Amazon jungle. After meeting an American anthropologist, she moved to New Jersey and started a family. When she decided to return to her village, her son felt abandoned, until he decided to make an extraordinary trip to reconnect with her.moreless
    • 6/15: CBS Evening News
      6/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0615
      Judge sends Paul Manafort to jail; 10-year-old girl finds way to honor civil rights activist decades after his death.
    • The State Department issued a travel alert for Americans traveling abroad, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, due to an increased threat of a terrorist attack by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; and, Steve Hartman goes On the Road to meet a New York photographer who asks strangers on the street to pose as though they're couples, friends or family.moreless
    • 2/9: Blizzard buries Northeast; quiet revolution to ease our minds
      A powerful storm has dumped up to three feet of snow across the Northeast. At least four deaths are blamed on the storm, and high winds have left more than 600,000 without power. Terrell Brown reports on the damage in the wake of the blizzard; And, Congressman Tim Ryan shares his idea on how to ease the minds of stressed-out Americans and help politicians in Washington see things more clearly.moreless
    • The Supreme Court ruled that police officers did not have the right to search a suspect's phone without a warrant. The Justice's said comparing a search of a suspect's phone to a wallet, or coat - which don't require a warrant - wasn't an accurate comparison due to the volume of information stored on modern phone; and, ParkModo, a new app designed to help people find open parking spaces, is causing controversy in San Francisco, where the product is being tested.moreless
    • 08.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.04.10
      Wednesday: A Federal judge overturns Proposition 8 in a landmark ruling; Also, an investigation on white supremacists; And, how YouTube became the new platform for fame.
    • A massive winter storm with below-zero wind chills blanketed cities across the Northeast with over a foot of snow and made driving treacherous for most of New England; and, Dan Craig, the man charged with making sure the ice surface is playable, can be excused for breaking a sweat.
    • The South Pacific country of Vanuatu has taken a direct hit from a powerful cyclone. As Seth Doane reports, the storm packed winds of nearly 170 miles per hour; Jeff Harmes has been homeless for nearly 30 years, but still has roots and a purpose. Carter Evans met up with Harmes to see how he is growing a unique place in a Los Angeles neighborhood.moreless
    • 2/15/13
      The meteor that exploded over Russia caused a lot of damage over a wide area. Anthony Mason speaks with the chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for more insight into the rare occurrence; And, Steve Hartman sits with Bill Sherlach who recently received the Presidential Citizen's Medal on behalf of his wife, Mary Sherlach, who was slain in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.moreless
    • NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and urged NBA owners to force him to sell the team over racist comments Sterling admits he made in a recorded conversation; and, Dicky and Mary Jane Shannon had almost completed building their home when a tornado tore through Vilonia, Arkansas, Sunday.moreless
    • Thousands of Russian soldiers have arrived in Crimea, taking control of roads and Crimean air space. In response, Ukraine's armed forces were ordered to be at full readiness, and the country's acting prime minister warned that Russian military intervention would be the beginning of war; and, President Obama had a tense 90-minute conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling him that a military intervention is a clear violation of international law.moreless
    • 08.28.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.28.10
      Saturday: Glenn Beck's controversial "Restoring Honor" rally has strong religious overtones and draws thousands to Washington D.C.; Authorities in Mexico discover the worst massacre since 2006; And, speedboarding -- skateboarding on steroids.
    • 10/30: CBS Evening News
      10/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1030
      Russia probe guilty plea; Kevin Spacey is latest Hollywood figure accused of sexual misconduct
    • 7/29: Evening News
      7/29: Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0729
      Trump blasts Senate GOP for failure to repeal Obamacare; medical diagnosis turns into mission to help others
    • With most schools and businesses still closed, many Georgians were looking for answers from state and local officials on what went wrong after two inches of snow and ice paralyzed the Atlanta area; and, as millions of people in China travel home to celebrate the Year of the Horse, many find the biggest challenge isn't the distance -- it's getting a ticket.moreless
    • 5/2: CBS Evening News
      5/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0502
      Military plane crashes in Georgia, explodes into flames on highway; Hunting tornadoes from inside a NOAA research plane.
    • 02.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.02.11
      Wednesday: Katie Couric and Elizabeth Palmer report from Cairo on the growing violence in Egypt, and what the world might expect going forward; Also, the winter weather woes continue for most of the Midwest; And, the story of Khaled Said who tried to expose police corruption and was subsequently murdered.
    • 3/28: CBS Evening News
      3/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0328
      VA Secretary David Shulkin out, White House doctor nominated as replacement; capturing the northern lights from 70,000 feet above Earth
    • Officials at Target are apologizing to their customers for the second time in a few weeks after the retailer revealed the same group of hackers that stole 40 million credit card numbers also pulled off another, much larger theft; and, Steve Hartman meets Agnes Zhelesnik, America's oldest living teacher.
    • 2/25: CBS Evening News
      2/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0225
      Severe storms in the South cause at least 4 deaths; Korean craft breweries battle to claim best brew
    • 1/25: CBS Evening News
      1/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0125
      White House reveals framework of immigration proposal; Vets use natural remedies to treat animals caught in California wildfire
    • 5/15: Did IRS target liberal groups for extra scrutiny?; Cicadas: Making noise and love
      Attorney General Eric Holder said IRS specialists may have violated avariety of laws when they singled out conservative groups for special scrutiny, starting in 2010; Also, Michelle Miller meets with one of the last victims still hospitalized after the Boston Bombings; And, Cicadas, after living underground on the East Coast for 17 years, are about to re-surface. They will be making plenty of noise -- and love.moreless
    • 2/22: CBS Evening News
      2/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0222
      New questions raised over whether Florida gunman could have been stopped; tech upgrades push fighter jets to new limits
    • Hours before stepping down, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki publicly apologized for the VA scandal and told a conference on homeless veterans that senior level bureaucrats lied to him about delays in patient care; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets Jim Gagnon who’s makes a genuine effort to reach out and touch someone. The 87-year-old retired salesman celebrates birthdays of people he doesn’t even know.moreless
    • Investigators say it could take weeks to even months to determine the cause of a deadly bus crash in California that killed five students, three chaperones, and the drivers of both vehicles; and, one of New York City's great architectural treasures is the old City Hall subway station, which has been shuttered for 70 years. With majestic arches and chandeliers that rival any cathedral, it was one of the many structures built in the city by the Guastavino family, who are being celebrated at the Museum of the City of New York.moreless
    • 08.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 20110811
      Thursday: The volatile stock market changes direction eight times in eight days - this time the Dow is up more than 400 points; Also, the eight GOP presidential candidates competing in Iowa's straw poll prepare for their upcoming debate; And, Scott Pelley speaks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the situations in Syria and Somalia.moreless
    • The first American to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is slopestyle snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg. So far, Americans are 4th place in the medal count; and, The new farm bill, which President Obama signed into law Friday, cuts $8.6 billion from food stamp programs during the next decade. Jeff Pegues reports on how those cuts will affect families dependent on the programs.moreless
    • Thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square for the historic elevation of two former popes to sainthood. The ceremony also had the unprecedented touch of former Pope Benedict presiding with Pope Francis; and, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History will close down a hugely popular dinosaur hall for an ambitious set of repairs. Nearly 8 million visitors a year won't get to see the museum's most popular attraction. But a handful of visitors made it in for the final hours.moreless
    • Answering the call to Jihad, crowds of Shiite men swarmed recruitment centers ready and eager to take on the Sunni extremists of ISIS, who have captured two major Iraqi cities. The call to arms came from Iraq's top Shiite cleric, who said that protecting Shiite shrines is a sacred duty; and, as part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets Chris Rosati who after receiving a diagnosis for a terminal illness, made a conscious decision to spread as much kindness as he could, serving as a lasting lesson for his daughters.moreless
    • 06.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0617
      Friday: Officials representing the AARP are ready to make a deal on cutting Social Security benefits; Also, when al Qaeda leader Harun Fazul was gun downed, he left behind plans for a terror attack on Europe; And, it has been 40 years since the U.S. declared war on drugs, but is it worth fighting anymore.moreless
    • Mindy Corporon is the mother of one victim killed by a gunman at a Kansas City-area Jewish community center and the daughter of another. Police believe Jews may have been the shooting suspect’s intended targets, but all three killed Sunday were Christians; and, following the Boston Marathon bombing one year ago, a shrine sprang up at the race's finish line. Thousands of items left at the makeshift memorial are now on display in an exhibit honoring the victims of the attack.moreless
    • 04.24.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120424
      Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan made an appearance on Capitol Hill to assure lawmakers that he was moving to resolve the prostitution scandal; Also, the government reported a new case of mad cow disease discovered in California - the first in the U.S. in six years; And, after years of oppression, Burmese refugees are preparing for the culture shock of American life at a camp in Thailand.moreless
    • 2/11: Atlanta prepares for potentially "historic" winter storm; Hollande's love life creates headache for White House
      A storm of "historic proportions" with significant ice totals has been predicted for the area, and up to nine inches of snow is forecast for north Georgia; and, French President Francois Hollande's turbulent love life took center stage as the White House prepared to welcome him for a state dinner.
    • Malaysian authorities have searched the homes of the pilot and co-pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. They've spoken to their families and are examining the pilot's personal flight simulator; and, Exit polls from Sunday's referendum in Crimea show overwhelming support for separating from Ukraine and for joining the Russian Federation, but many of those opposed to joining Russia boycotted the vote.moreless
    • Search teams have had to resort to using their hands to dig through the thick mud, and cameras are being inserted into air pockets in the hope of finding survivors of a mudslide that struck Oso, Wash.; and, California’s long drought has left the Sacramento River so low that for the first time in two decades, the Coleman fish hatchery can’t release the first of 12 million baby salmon raised there.moreless
    • An early season winter storm stretching from the nation's midsection to the East Coast has brought heavy snow and cold temperatures to many areas, causing retailers to worry that the weather will hamper holiday shopping; and, Nelson Mandela wanted a look that was radically different from the appearance of the suited politician when he was released from prison. Johannesburg fashion designer Sonwabile Ndamese was the man Mandela went to who designed the shirt that became known as the "Madiba shirt."moreless
    • 2/13/13
      For the first time in ten days, residents in southern California are sleeping easier now that Christopher Dorner, the former cop wanted in a series of revenge killings, apparently is dead. Carter Evans was there when the manhunt came to an end and details how it all went down; And, following the 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama hit the road to push his new agenda.moreless
    • Relatives of passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were overcome with emotion, and some were carried out of Beijing’s Lido hotel on stretchers, upon hearing the news that no one aboard the doomed flight had survived; and, The NFL announced it is spending $45 million to support youth football and protect kids from concussions.moreless
    • Those who knew Katherine Russell wonder how she went from an outgoing, daughter of a doctor in high school, to a quiet wife on welfare who converted to Islam; Also, since becoming president, Park Geun-hye has taken a hardline approach to North Korea; And, pictures taken by a battalion photographer have been salvaged from a shoe box and put on display in Portland.moreless
    • The FBI will analyze pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home flight simulator in hopes of recovering computer files that were erased about a month before the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight; and, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tells Scott Pelley he fears that with the wind-down of the war in Afghanistan, some Americans may forget too quickly about the needs of the troops who served.moreless
    • The head pharmacist for the New England Compounding Center stands charged with one count of mail fraud for labeling steroids as sterile and safe for human use, when he knew they weren't. FDA investigators say Glenn Chin "instructed pharmacy technicians to mislabel medication to indicate it was properly sterilized and tested" ;and, Joan Rivers always wanted the last word, sometimes profane, often offensive, but always meant to make you laugh. She passed Thursday at the age of 81, after half a century in front of the cameras.moreless
    • Secretary of State John Kerry tells Scott Pelley the threat of a U.S. airstrike in Syria was never part of a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria's chemical weapons. But he says the U.S. has not taken the threat of a strike off the table; and, a partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation have prompted fast food chains to introduce and market new healthy alternatives on their menus.moreless
    • The Supreme Court said prayers that open town council meetings do not violate the Constitution, even if they stress Christianity; and, legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach's battles outside the ring have been a harder fight than anything he faced in it.
    • American journalist Steven Sotloff appears to have become the second American hostage killed by ISIS; and, the pressure for President Obama to develop a military strategy against ISIS increased after the execution video of Steven Sotloff surfaced.
    • 8/29: White House attempts damage control after president's ISIS "strategy" comments; Behind "addictive" cookies, a recipe for success
      The White House said President Obama was being “candid” when he said the U.S. doesn’t have a strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria. According to the Obama administration, the Pentagon is still working on military options; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets Martha Olson, who has cooked up one sweet business model with her cookies.moreless
    • Meteorologist Megan Glaros has the latest on the wind, hail, heavy rain and localized flooding in the Midwest, saying more could be on the way;and, Dr. Jon LaPook looks into the state of ALS research amid the flood of donations to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
    • 04.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.18.11
      A top rating firm lowered the U.S. credit outlook to "negative" for the first time; Then, one year after the BP oil spill, nearly half of all surveyed restaurant patrons gave unfavorable views of seafood from the Gulf; Also, The tax policy institute claims 45 percent of Americans don't owe the government anything this year.moreless
    • 05.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.18.11
      Wednesday: A report commissioned by the Catholic church claims that society is partially to blame for the child sex abuse scandal; Also, President Obama imposed sanctions on Syria's president for violent crackdowns on anti-government protests; And, X-rays help Mexican police catch 513 migrants hidden in trucks bound for the U.S.
    • In an interview with Barbara Walters, V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling controversy, said that the embattled Clippers owner was not a racist, but that he should apologize for his comments. Plus, as yet another massive storm ravaged large areas of the South, drone enthusiasts have been taking to the skies to get a better look at the damage.moreless
    • The Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists say two helicopters were shot down in recent fighting, although there was no evidence of any wreckage.The Ukrainian government claimed one of them was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. That hasn't been verified, but U.S. sources are treating the report as credible; As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets a group of people who decided to step in to help Lauryn Lax, a woman whom they saw at the gym growing dangerously thin. Their decision to get involved in her life, Lauren says, helped save it.moreless
    • 04.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.23.11
      Saturday: Tornadoes tore through the St. Louis, Mo. area, causing extensive property loss and damaging Lambert International Airport; Also, with our credit limit almost maxed out, the U.S. faces possible default for the first time ever; And, victims from the two worst acts of terrorism on U.S. soil share their pain.moreless
    • 04.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.22.11
      Friday: Americans looking to Washington for help find Congress on vacation; Also, Earth Day turns 41 and NASA releases stunning new satellite images; Plus, helpful tips to cut costs at the gas pump; And, an in depth look inside the historic site of the royal wedding - Wesminster Abbey.
    • Since the communications systems of Malaysia Airlines Flight 307 were silenced, experts can only estimate its final location is along one of two corridors. To the north, the plane would have flown mostly over land, while to the south, it would have flown mostly over water. The U.S. Navy is using the P-3 Orion, one of its high-tech aircraft, to assist with the search mission; and, in seven years, Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker has turned a program that had never won a title in the 60-year history of the Ivy League into perennial contenders, winning four straight conference championships. The team is now headed to its third straight NCAA tournament.moreless
    • Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York City apartment from an apparent drug overdose; and, Some 80,000 fans plus thousands of security officers and support staff flock to MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., for America's largest sporting event of the year.
    • GM CEO Mary Barra told employees around the world that the fallout from its ignition switch defect was not a conspiracy, but rather incompetence and neglect. An investigation conducted by an attorney, who had a long relationship with GM, found the company first discovered problems with ignition switches as early as 1999; and, for the remaining survivors of the D-Day invasion, some now in their 90s, this has been a week for one final reunion. And as Mark Phillips explains, for one D-Day veteran it’s taken him 70 years to finally confront a ghost from his past.moreless
    • Three Americans were shot dead by an Afghan security guard at a hospital run by a U.S. Christian charity; and, This Saturday, the 75 mph speed limit on West Texas' U.S. 285 comes off for the annual Big Bend Open Road Race.
    • 04.29.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120429
      The recent surge of type two diabetes among American children has been called an epidemic; Then, Chen Guangcheng has allegedly taken refuge in the American Embassy which may cause tensions ahead of a diplomatic visit between the U.S. and China; Also, a radio station acts as a beacon during the LA riots.moreless
    • 05.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0529
      Sunday: President Obama attends a memorial service in hard-hit Joplin, Mo.; Also, Sarah Palin makes an appearance at the Rolling Thunder biker rally in D.C.; Plus, Bald Eagles make a Catalina Island comeback.
    • 08.11.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 08.11.09
      Tuesday: Pres. Obama defends his healthcare plan amidst growing opposition from conservatives; Also, inside the racial tensions of a suburban N.Y. county; And, remembering Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
    • Prosecutors say the inexperienced third mate was at the helm of the capsized South Korean ship when the disaster began; and, a transit cop shot in the leg during the Boston Bombing manhunt defied all odds and survived with both legs and normal brain function.
    • 12.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1223
      Friday: Members of Congress unanimously pass a bill to extend the payroll tax deduction for two months; Also, a new generation of smart cars is making driving safer by actually stopping the vehicle before an accident; And, Steve Hartman has the heartwarming story of a little girl's wish to bring her dad home from Iraq for Christmas.moreless
    • With Thanksgiving falling on the latest day possible this year, the holiday shopping season is the shortest it ever is -- just 26 days. Many retailers are trying to make up for lost time, by starting seasonal sales earlier and opening for business on Thanksgiving; and, Seventy-five percent of autistic adults are unemployed, but their uncanny ability to focus intensely on minute details is making them attractive to computer software companies.moreless
    • Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Mexico's most wanted man, was arrested in a joint U.S.-Mexican operation. Authorities say Guzman ran an international heroin and cocaine empire worth billions of dollars ; and, Ukraine's parliament voted to remove President Viktor Yanukovich from office less than a day after he fled Kiev. Early elections have been set for May 25.moreless
    • Newly released transcripts show the crew of the ferry that capsized off the coast of South Korea was crippled by indecision, causing a deadly lack of action; and, As runners prepare to tackle the Boston Marathon a year after the bombing at the finish line, security is being beefed up to prevent any copycat attacks.moreless
    • Penn State has agreed to pay nearly $60 million to settle 26 claims of sexual abuse by the university's former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky; and, two years ago, Paul McCarthy began searching for an inexpensive yet functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands. McCarthy came across a video online with detailed instruction on how to use a 3-D printer to make a prosthetic hand for his son.moreless
    • 7/4: Romney calls indivudal mandate a tax; CERN observes God particle
      Mitt Romney tried to clear up the confusion about where he stands on President Obama's health care reform; Then, apart of the last major offensive of the war in Afghanistan the 82nd Airborne Division's mission is to clear the Ghazni province of the Taliban; Also, scientists claim they may have found evidence of the Higgs boson "God particle."moreless
    • The trigger for Tuesday's violence in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev was a refusal by some lawmakers to debate changes to the constitution that would have restricted the powers of President Yanukovich; and, a sharp decline in Minnesota’s moose population has left scientists baffled.
    • 07.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0711
      Monday: President Obama made clear to Republican leaders that he will not accept a stopgap measure to postpone negotiations on the country's debt ceiling deal; Then, A Texas based company, contracted to entertain the soldiers and families of Ft. Hood, has been allegedly scamming its patrons; Also, tens of thousands of amateur authors have picked up the tale of Harry Potter through stories of their own.moreless
    • A Metro-North commuter en route from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to Grand Central Terminal in New York City derailed early in the morning when it reached a sharp curve in the Bronx. Four people are dead and more than 60 suffered injuries; and, A rescue operation is under way in the recently flood-ravaged Boulder, Colo., area, where professional photographer Heather Knierim began a project to help people save photographs damaged in the floodwaters.moreless
    • Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a six-vehicle accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. Police say a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of Morgan's chauffeured limo bus, overturning it and causing a chain reaction; and, when it comes to horse racing, there's no instrument that trumpets the pageantry like the bugle. And as Lee Cowan explains, California Chrome isn't the only newcomer at the Belmont Stakes.moreless
    • Power crews from as far away as Arkansas are working to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett said the storm was as bad, or worse, than Superstorm Sandy; and, The TSA's ban underscores the concern behind the U.S. government's warning to airlines worldwide that terrorists may attempt to smuggle explosives inside tubes of toothpaste.moreless
    • 8/10: CBS Evening News
      8/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0810
      President Trump defended his "fire and fury" warning to North Korea on Thursday, saying that perhaps the threat "wasn't tough enough"; the owners of Slim and Husky's are trying to set an example by finding success in North Nashville, Tennessee.
    • World War II Allies met on the beaches of Normandy to remember the longest day and their finest hour; and, as part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets Ernie Andrus, 90, who is running to make sure that one of the unsung heroes of the war, the landing ship tank, is never forgotten.moreless
    • A day after Ukraine's parliament voted to sack President Viktor Yanukovich, Oleksander Turchinov was voted in as acting president. President Yanukovich appeared briefly on Ukrainian television to say he's still the legitimate president; and, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is calling on Mexico to extradite drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman so he can be tried in the U.S.moreless
    • Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Sen. Patrick Toomey, R-Pa., struck a deal that would be the biggest change in gun control in 20 years; and, Orphaned 4/10: Bipartisan gun law deal; Dance Theater of Harlem's youngest memberat the age of 3, Michaela DePrince was later adopted by an American family. Now, at age 18, she is the youngest company member at the Dance Theater of Harlem.moreless
    • By the time the storm hit, almost everyone in Atlanta had decided to ride it out at home, but tens of thousands of people in the area lost power as trees and power lines collapsed under the weight of the ice; and, Mark Strasssmann meets one of the three surviving members who risked everything to save priceless works of art.moreless
    • In an interview with Major Garrett, President Barack Obama criticized Russia's support for militias in southern and eastern Ukraine, reiterating that Russia will face consequences for taking steps to destabilize Ukraine and violate its sovereignty; counterfeit masterpiece is treated just like a fine work of art at the D'Amour Museum in Springfield, Mass. Curator Collette Loll makes sure even forgeries get the white glove treatment.moreless
    • Ice, sleet and rain have blanketed the southern plains, closing roadways and stranding travelers. Officials in Dallas have declared an ice emergency, and millions more are in the path of this storm as it moves toward the East Coast; and, A historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program came with a mix of applause and criticism from around the world. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a "historic mistake," while U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defended the plan, saying Iran will have to back up its words with action.moreless
    • The Supreme Court upheld a Michigan law banning affirmative action in public college admissions. Michigan voters approved the ban in 2006 after the Supreme Court refused to outlaw an admissions program at the University of Michigan Law School. The ruling produced an impassioned dissent from the high court's first Hispanic justice, Sonia Sotomayor; and, when 8-year-old Olivia McConnell decided her state needed an official fossil, she had no idea she was in for a fight. A bill set in motion by the young scientist that would designate the woolly mammoth as the official fossil of South Carolina hit a road block after some state senators insisted the creator of the mammoth should be recognized, as well. Wyatt Andrews reports.moreless
    • Congress opted to not include emergency unemployment compensation in the recent budget agreement, causing 1.3 million Americans to lose their benefits on Saturday, and millions more in 2014; and, the popularity of the Batkid wish in San Francisco has increased the number and complexity of the requests for ailing children.
    • November 1, 1969
      November 1, 1969
      Season 7 - Episode 54
    • A crowd erupted in cheers as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced that she would veto a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gays on religious grounds; and, it's been a tough winter for many across the U.S., but a group of Ohio salt miners don't mind the business that's been keeping them working around the clock.moreless
    • Snow, ice, wind and rain are wreaking havoc on Thanksgiving holiday travelers, 39 million of whom will hit the roads through the weekend; and, dozens of humpback whales, dolphins and sea lions are chasing an unexplained explosion of anchovies in Monterey Bay. Scientists and tourists have never seen anything quite like it.moreless
    • 04.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.11.11
      Monday: A CBS News team takes a look at the impact of soaring gas prices across the U.S.; Also, The number of police officer killings in the line of duty has increased 44 percent since last year; Plus, Japan's memory hunters.
    • 8/2: CBS Evening News
      8/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0802
      Congressional investigators set their sights on Donald Trump Jr.'s phone records; amazon's latest big special: 50,000 job openings
    • 10.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1002
      Sunday: After months of repeated denials, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is reportedly considering a GOP run; Also, Amanda Knox is set to make her appeal; Plus, Almost a third of a century after his death, John Wayne's possessions go to auction.
    • The body of a four-month-old infant was pulled from the mudslide, the youngest victim recovered so far. Those combing through the mud and rubble are finding the job no easier than when they started; Students at Clintondale High School listen to lectures at home and do homework in the classroom -- a strategy that's benefiting both teachers and their pupils.moreless
    • More deadly violence rocked the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, hours after a truce between anti-government protesters and police was announced; and, specialists are working to restore and preserve spacesuits and thousands of other U.S. aviation artifacts.
    • 2/25: GM expands ignition switch recall, says it's linked to 13 deaths; Fertility procedure raises concerns of "designer babies"
      General Motors is nearly doubling the number of vehicles it is recalling to fix ignition switches that can shut off engines and cause crashes; and, the FDA began two days of meetings about a controversial procedure that removes a mother's nucleus from her egg, leaving behind defective genes, and places it in a donor egg.moreless
    • Boko Haram is widely regarded as Nigeria’s Taliban and is against all secular institutions – particularly educational ones; and, Homeland Security Investigations tracks down stolen antiquities ranging from fossils to paintings smuggled into the U.S. and returns them to the rightful owners. In the past seven years, the agency has returned more than 7,100 stolen items.moreless
    • 05.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.16.11
      Monday: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, was charged in New York with seven counts of criminal charges; Then, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords looked on as her husband Mark Kelly lifted off in the space shuttle Endeavour on its last mission into space; Also, After 43 years missing in Vietnam, the recently identified remains of an elite, army Green Beret soldier finally made it home.moreless
    • Public outrage is boiling over in Nigeria, where the government has been criticized for its slow response to the mass kidnapping of hundreds of teenage girls last month. The radical Islamic group Boko Haram, which has a stranglehold over northern Nigeria, attacked a remote village Wednesday, killing at least 100 people; New documents released for the first time show General Motors reported to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration in 2007 that airbags were not deploying. But NHTSA did not release that information, and GM ordered no recall.moreless
    • The Fort Hood base commander said there are not yet any signs a gunman had specific targets when he started shooting fellow soldiers; and, the United States has a big stake in this weekend's presidential election in Afghanistan, where eight candidates are running to succeed president Hamid Karzai.
    • Although the USA team made a valiant effort to stay alive, they were knocked out of World Cup contention with a 2-1 loss against Belgium; and, fifty years ago, Clifford Alexander, an aide in Lyndon B. Johnson's White House, was a witness to history - history he helped bring about.
    • 3/4: Doctors says they've cured baby of HIV; "Kid President" old enough to have inspiring message
      Nine-year-old Robby Novak plays the role of "kid president" whose online video featuring a motivational pep talk for the world have racked up millions of views; And, Doctors in Mississippi are getting the world's attention, claiming to have rid an infant of HIV. But, is the baby truly free of the virus? How did they do it? And, what does this mean for the battle against AIDS?; Also, nine-year-old Robby Novak's motivational monologue became an internet sensation; And, Government officials say longer-than-usual wait times at customs are result of new ban on overtime for customs officer.moreless
    • The Dow and S&P are hitting all-time highs, but one veteran trader says the pace is making him nervous and that the market is not a reflection of the economy. Anthony Mason reports on whether the surge is a bubble; and, President Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Army Sgt. Kyle White for risking his life in Afghanistan to save fellow soldiersmoreless
    • 5/20: Ex-players allege NFL illegally gave them drugs to mask injuries; Nebraska residents divided over Keystone XL pipeline
      A group of former NFL players, including Hall of Famer Richard Dent and quarterback Jim McMahon, filed suit against the league claiming they were supplied with narcotics and other painkillers; and, the wide open spaces of central Nebraska have become an unlikely battlefield in the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline.moreless
    • 10.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1018
      Tuesday: Americans who receive Social Security benefits will be getting a raise in January - the first cost of living increase in three years; Also, the leading group of American pediatricians has issued a policy stating that children under the age of 2 should not be watching any TV; And, states are losing billions of dollars to the illegal trade of cigarette smuggling and it's happening right under our noses.moreless
    • With time running out, House Speaker John Boehner announced his party's newest salvo: a government funding bill that delays the health care law's individual mandate; and, although they are a threatened species protected by federal law, the sea otters that live along the central California coast are thriving, with the help of a team from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.moreless
    • 04.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120402
      A suspect is in custody after a gunman killed seven people in a shooting on the campus of Oikos University in Oakland, California; Then, Syria President Bashar al Assad agreed to withdrawal troops and tanks from his country's biggest cities by April 10; Also, Vietnam War veterans are getting a long overdue homecoming 43 years later.moreless
    • Nigerians took to the streets to protest their government's handling of the abducted schoolgirls, who have been missing now for nearly four weeks. The parents are demanding more action as they prepare for a Mother's Day without their daughters; and, the best high school jazz ensembles in the nation have been getting the kind of teaching they could only dream of. But as Jim Axelrod explains, their famous instructor may have gotten the most.moreless
    • Amid warning signs that economic growth could be as low as two percent this year, the Fed announced that interest rates will be kept at record lows; and, Republicans in the House said Wednesday they won't pass bills to fund the government or increase the amount the U.S. can legally borrow unless they can drop all funding for Obamacare.moreless
    • 7/8: Obama faces political mess over influx of immigrants; Washington National Cathedral gets a facelift
      President Obama has asked Congress for emergency funding of $3.7 billion, with $1.8 billion going to housing, food and health care for tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors; and, Chip Reid got a rare look at artwork that has not been seen in decades, as the stone carvers work to repair Washington National Cathedral.moreless
    • 05.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0524
      Tuesday: The death toll in Joplin, Mo., has reached 122 and is expected to grow. As Don Teague reports, there is no firm number of injured or missing; Then, Seth Doane reports on why super twisters, like the one in Joplin, Mo., are more dangerous than the rest; Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a well-received address before both houses of Congress regarding negotiations to create lasting peace with the Palestinians.moreless
    • As security concerns deepen over future terrorist attempts involving U.S.-bound aircrafts, TSA officials are turning their attention to portable electronic devices; and, near collisions, known as incursions, on U.S. runways have increased sharply over the past three years, as airports have become busier than ever. Experts believe that better pilot training, as well as advancements in technology for when a pilot is taxiing can help curb the potential for disaster.moreless
    • Israel says six of its citizens have been arrested after a Palestinian teen was found beaten and with burns covering 90 percent of his body. The battle between Palestinian youth and Israeli security forces has entered its fifth day and is showing no sign of letting up; and, hundreds of men worked on the iconic sculptures at Mount Rushmore. But Lou Del Bianco's grandfather, Luigi, was the only chief carver trusted to sculpt the most significant details. And now, years after his grandfather's death, Lou finally has secured for his grandfather the recognition he deserves.moreless
    • 06.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0614
      Tuesday: New signs that the economic recovery could be in trouble - prices are up and sales are down; Also, why is it so hard to fire Congressman Anthony Weiner; And, a new program to help the spouses of PTSD sufferers is now in place at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.moreless
    • Law enforcement officials were warned that Elliot Rodger seemed disturbed before the deadly rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara, but officers said they had no reason to think he posed any danger. Rodgers made chilling threats in a YouTube video and a manifesto he wrote; and, New Hampshire's state motto is "Live Free or Die," but one town there is finding its concept of libertarianism challenged by a group of self-described anarchists. And as Don Dahler explains, they're using the town's parking meters as their battlefield.moreless
    • 6/29: Obama seeks aid to stem surge in illegal border crossings; Four decades later, Vietnam vets reunite
      The sudden influx of children has left the U.S. government scrambling to come up with possible housing options. With broader immigration reform stalled until after the mid-term elections, President Obama will now ask Congress to take emergency actions; and, it took more than four decades before Vietnam veteran Bob Bodeman finally began a search and found two other men from his unit. But he wondered most about one man, who, to his surprise, made it out alive.moreless
    • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered a lengthy apology for a massive traffic jam engineered by one of his top aides as a form of political payback; and, A sudden influx of snowy owls in the Northeast has birdwatchers wondering what's going on.
    • The battle between Major League Baseball and Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez moved into a new arena -- a federal court in New York; and, an increase in cases of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, has parents of newborn babies on edge.
    • Emails and text messages reveal a top aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to have conspired to create traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge as political punishment against a Democratic mayor who did not endorse Christie for governor; and, marijuana prices have doubled to $400 an ounce in Colorado as people continue to flock to the only stores legally allowed to sell itmoreless
    • 10.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1021
      Friday: President Obama announces that the U.S. military operation in Iraq, which began in March of 2003, is over; Also, crowds line up in Misrata, Libya, to get a last glimpse of Muammar Qaddafi's remains, as government officials continue to debate about where they'll bury him; Plus, After two years of increasing health care benefits, Wal-Mart is now asking for premium rate hikes and cutting company contributions to health savings accounts; And, Steve Hartman reports on a doctor who has been providing medical care exclusively for the homeless since 1992.moreless
    • Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Baghdad Monday, as the country is tearing itself apart; and, for anyone who’s ever felt they just had to get something off their chest, Chip Reid may have found the perfect place to do it.
    • General Motors CEO Mary Barra repeatedly apologized to families whose loved ones had been killed or injured in crashes related to a faulty ignition switch. She tried to distance herself from the actions of previous management, which she blamed for a culture centered on cost and lack of communication between departments; and, hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes take part in one of the world's great natural migrations. They settle on Nebraska's Platte river and fatten up in nearby cornfields during their 7,000-mile trip that starts in Mexico and ends as far north as Siberia.moreless
    • 07.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0702
      Saturday: The government of Minnesota shuts down after failing to reach an agreement on balancing the budget, leaving many wondering if the federal government will follow suit; Also, not since World War II have as few teenagers been in the labor force; And, a school district in North Carolina uses the internet to bring high school graduation to military family members deployed overseas.moreless
    • 10.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1022
      Saturday: Two days after the death Muammar Qaddafi, Libyans are still celebrating their new freedoms. But, there is hard work ahead for the interim government; Also, a homeless woman with breast cancer finds a way to beat the odds with help from an unlikely friend; And, Cynthia Bowers reports on an Ohio non-profit that matches low-income families with volunteers who provide a path out of poverty.moreless
    • 05.08.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120508
      New details have emerged about how U.S. and other intelligence agencies stopped a plot to blow up a jetliner headed for the United States; Also, Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are," died of a stroke at age of 83; And, in Georgia, where unemployment is running at nine percent, churches are putting their preaching into practice by ordaining "money missionaries" to help people make tough decisions about family finances.moreless
    • December 4, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121204

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • Administration leadership is not prepared to deliver effective day-to-day management and is marked by an inherent lack of responsiveness; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman goes to New Orleans and discovers the mystery men trying to share the love.
    • 10.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1025
      Tuesday: Police in riot gear confront about 200 "Occupy Oakland" demonstrators, shutting down the protest and making 85 arrests in all; Also, A CDC panel makes the controversial recommendation that the HPV vaccine should be given to 11 and 12-year-old boys, as well as girls; And, Scott Pelley speaks with UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann about how the United States will create new jobs to fix the struggling economy.moreless
    • A late-night shooting at New Jersey's largest shopping mall ended with the gunman dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound; no one else was injured; and, more than 1,000 works of art seized by the Nazi Party during WWII were discovered inside a nondescript apartment building in Munich.
    • 11.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1123
      Wednesday: The impact Newt Gingrich's immigration policy will have on his new frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination; Also, Lee Cowan gets a behind-the-scenes look at NASA's $2.5 billion dream machine; And, Years before he won "Dancing with the Stars," J.R. Martinez spoke with David Martin on his amazing struggle after surviving burn wounds from a landmine in Baghdad.moreless
    • 04.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120406
      Firefighters are searching the remains of 20 apartments in Virginia Beach, Va., looking for victims of the FA/-18 crash. Bob Orr pieces together the details of happened in Navy fighter jet disaster; Also, the jobless rate dropped to 8.2 percent in March - the lowest in more than three years. But, while the number of new jobs grew, it slowed down significantly; And, Steve Hartman pays a visit to jump rope innovator Bobby Hinds to see what he's been up to since Charles Kuralt first visited him in 1976.moreless
    • A fast-moving brush fire is burning out of control, threatening homes east of Los Angeles. Hundreds of firefighters are trying to contain it, but strong winds are making that difficult; and, The first lady is about to turn the big 5-0. Chip Reid discusses Mrs. Obama's years in the White House with Robin Givhan, a Washington Post contributor, who covered the first lady during the president's first term.moreless
    • Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is listed in stable condition and for the moment is isolated from the controversy surrounding his release; and, Dean Reynolds shares the story of one American who helped liberate Europe 70 years ago.
    • Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has set a curfew in the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed teen was shot by a police officer. FBI agents are on the ground in Ferguson, hoping to find more witnesses who can clarify what happened; and, at this time of the year in Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the NFL's Packers, tradition dictates that some very big legs push some rather small pedals.moreless
    • New surveillance footage shows a man who appears to be Michael Brown assaulting a store owner minutes before the shooting. Officer Darren Wilson has been identified as the cop who fatally shot the 18-year-old unarmed man; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman reconnects with Chris Rosati, whose charitable initiative BIGG - Big Ideas for the Greater Good - is encouraging random acts of kindness towards strangers. Rosati, who suffers from ALS, recently held a red carpet premiere, where videos celebrating the BIGG way of life were on display for all to see.moreless
    • 1/6: Dangerous cold grips the Midwest; Photographer conquers waves with flippers and a camera
      It's colder in Chicago than it's been in two decades, with frigid temperatures forcing schools to close and freezing up critical parts of public transport; and, Clark Little used to head into the ocean on a surfboard, but he's been shooting waves full time for the past seven years as a shorebreak photographer.moreless
    • Police officers shot tear gas at protesters and news crews in Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday night. Tensions have escalated as the investigation continues in the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown; and, as animosity flares between protesters and residents of Ferguson, Mo., many believe that the use of social media is helping stoke the flames. With the ability of images and messages to reach wide swaths of people at lightning quick speeds, mobilizing groups of people to protest, or rally to a cause, is now easier than ever.moreless
    • 4/6: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search: acoustic event detected; Afghan girl who lost arm to return home
      An Australian ship with a “ping”-locator detected a signal that could be from one of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's black boxes; and, an Afghan girl treated in the U.S. for severe wounds from a grenade blast returns home this week to an uncertain future.
    • Evening News Online, 09.21.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 0921
      Tuesday: The Senate repeals a proposed ban on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; Also, Katie Couric speaks with former President Bill Clinton; And, attack of the bed bugs.
    • Afghanistan's Kabul Bank Crisis
      Season 2010 - Episode 0906
      Government officials in Kabul are trying to ease a crisis in Afghanistan's biggest bank. Mandy Clark reports President Hamid Karzai's family and political partners are reportedly seen as the root of the problem.
    • 05.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.21.11
      Saturday: Higher gas and food prices are forcing consumers to spend more on necessities, and it's stalling economic progress; Also, a school district is beating bullying thanks to a federally funded, anti-bullying curriculum; And, Harold Camping's prediction that the world would end on May 21, 2011 did not come true.
    • The city of Ferguson is pleading with residents to stay home or avoid the four-block area that has been the center of unrest since the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown; and, Seeds of Peace, a special summer camp in Maine, brings children together from war-torn areas, in the hope that they'll see things from a different point-of-viewmoreless
    • 09.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0926
      Monday: Hospitals across the U.S. are experiencing shortages of generic prescription drugs; Then, an investigation into who is behind the big business of online payday loans that come with high interest rates; Also, how a South Georgia town's factory is making what the Chinese need on a daily basis.
    • A federal judge in Washington said the author of the Constitution "would be aghast" at the NSA's collection of phone records of millions of Americans; and, cockroach farming is big business in China, since pharmaceutical companies use roaches to make products for use in traditional Chinese medicines. Seth Doane goes inside one farm whose owner says he makes $160,000 a year from the bugs.moreless
    • Police in New York City say they are holding a man who has confessed to the murder of Etan Patz - the six-year-old boy who vanished without a trace in 1979; Also, Monsignor William Lynn testified that he typed up a list of 35 alleged predator priests, but did nothing about them; And, a former high school football star convicted of rape had his conviction dismissed after his accuser said she lied about the whole thing.moreless
    • Petraeus on Taliban Negotiations
      Season 2010 - Episode 0820
      Many foreign policy experts believe the only way to end the war in Afghanistan is by negotiating with the enemy. Katie Couric spoke with Gen. David Petraeus on if the U.S. would be willing to do that.
    • The horrific execution tape of journalist James Foley has refocused U.S. policymakers on the danger the group poses to the American homeland. The threat is underscored in propaganda tapes featuring Americans fighting alongside terrorists inside Syria; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman catches up with Rion Holcombe, who despite having Down syndrome, is on his way to college.moreless
    • Actual temperatures are expected to stay below zero into Wednesday in Chicago, and the overnight wind chill could reach as low as 40 degrees below zero; and, Seth Doane goes inside the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, where the company that owns the plant crippled in a 2011 tsunami is still struggling to deal with the disaster.moreless
    • Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in custody; London marathoner running for Boston
      Boston bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev is in serious condition and under heavy guard a day after he was captured in a manhunt that shut down the city; and Tatyana McFadden competed in Boston's wheelchair marathon the day it was bombed, but plans to compete in London's marathon, "dedicating the whole weekend to the people of Boston."moreless
    • 01.04.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.04.12
      Wednesday: Mitt Romney's photo-finish victory in the Iowa caucuses is a remarkable turn of events for a candidate who had all but written off the state a few months ago; Also, following his near victory in Iowa, Rick Santorum will have to figure out how to translate surprise success into sustained momentum; And, an Ohio seismologist blames a recent string of earthquakes on the natural gas extraction technique known as fracking.moreless
    • The two main contractors who built the inner workings of the Obamacare website told Congress the government never tested the parts together until days before the deadline; and, When the Beatles arrived in America in 1964, Ringo Starr became the band's unofficial photographer, capturing intimate moments from inside Beatlemania.
    • December 18, 2007
      December 18, 2007
      Season 45 - Episode 105
      Rated: TV-G Major topics: An update from the '08 campaign trail.
    • 11.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1110
      Thursday: Gov. Rick Perry's famous performance in the CNBC GOP Republican presidential debate may be the demise of his campaign; Also, within minutes of the announcement of the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno, thousands of students riot in the streets; And, when chemical engineer Mark Davis' wife was diagnosed with cancer, he took his skills to develop a new and better treatment to fight her disease.moreless
    • 11.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1107
      A fourth woman has stepped forward accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment; Then, Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter; Also, a panel of distinguished Americans share how to fix a broken Washington and move the country forward.
    • 3/11: Malaysia Airlines mystery: Frustration grows as search area expands; Chicago poet gives voice to community entrenched in violence
      Four days into the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, no clues have emerged as to what happened to it. The confusion deepened Tuesday when a Malaysian newspaper quoted the country's air force chief as saying the plane may have changed course; and, Malcolm London lives in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, a part of the city that doesn’t usually inspire verse. The 20-year-old started writing poems in 2009 to give his community a voice. He now takes his message to public school classrooms and can be seen performing for national audiences.moreless
    • A Malaysia Airlines flight crashed over Ukraine. U.S. intelligence strongly suspects it was brought down by a missile strike. The debris was scattered in the area of the village of Hrabove, held by Ukrainian rebels, about 25 miles from the Russian border.
    • 03.07.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120307
      Wednesday: President Obama asks the Pentagon to begin pre-planning for a military intervention in Syria as the body count rises; Also, is the iPad on track to replace the personal computer for good?; And, Byron Pitts reports on one doctor who has spent almost half her life taking care of people who have no money and no other way to get help.moreless
    • 10.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1011
      Tuesday: U.S. Officials uncovered a plot to bomb the Saudi Ambassador to the United States allegedly launched by the Iranian military; Then, Researchers have found that high doses of Vitamin E are linked to an increased risk of getting prostate cancer; Also, thousands of unemployed Americans looking to China as the new land of opportunity to find jobs.moreless
    • A multinational search effort is being coordinated to find Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which lost contact with air traffic control after it left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The girlfriend of an American who was on board the plane tells Seth Doane she is clinging to hope; and, spending many months in space can have debilitating effects on the human body. But while astronauts risk radiation exposure and loss of muscle and bone mass, they're still lining up to take part in the next odyssey.moreless
    • U.S. Special Operations forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattalah, a suspected leader of the attacks on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, in a secret weekend raid, the Pentagon announced; and, Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher was shot to death in Santa Barbara, California, last month, reignited the movement for stricter gun laws in the U.S.moreless
    • As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues in the southern Indian Ocean, Chinese state media is reporting that a Chinese ship in the search area has detected a signal that could be from the plane's black box; and, Despite Taliban death threats, Afghans by the millions showed up at the polls to vote for a successor to President Hamid Karzai.moreless
    • An Islamic militant group that claimed responsibility for suicide bombings that killed 34 people last month posted a video threatening to strike at the Winter Olympics in Sochi; and, Dr. Jon LaPook goes inside the trial and approval process for an experimental treatment using stem cells designed to make Multiple Sclerosis patients better.moreless
    • Thursday was one of the worst days of the year for the stock market. All three major indexes were down, including a 317-point drop for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Nearly 90 percent of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange fell, though there was no single catalyst; and, for most people, it’s a little early to be fussing over Christmas trees, unless you’re competing for the right to supply the tree that will grace the Blue Room of the White House. Chris Botek of Crystal Spring Tree Farm in Leighton, Pennsylvania, won that honor.moreless
    • Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe Controversy
      Season 2011 - Episode 0117
      The jokes delivered by British comedian Ricky Gervais while hosting the Golden Globe Awards resulted in backlash from the show's organizers and his celebrity targets. Jim Axelrod reports on the controversy.
    • Following a lawsuit filed on behalf of former collegiate athletes, the NCAA has agreed to pay for any college athlete from the last 50 years to undergo neurological testing; and, An influx of grey seals in the waters off Cape Cod has resulted in a severe decline in revenue for local fishermen.moreless
    • More than 90 world leaders were among those who attended a massive memorial service in honor of former South African President Nelson Mandela; and, thousands of South Africans danced and sang in the rain-soaked soccer stadium to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela and pay tribute to the man who was considered the "people's president."moreless
    • 3/12: CBS Evening News
      3/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0312
      Police not ruling out possibility of a hate crime in Austin package explosions; Waffle House waitress rewarded for act of kindness.
    • November 19, 2012
      November 19, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121119

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • The NRA insists stricter gun laws are not the answer to end violence, although most Americans show a new willingness for legislators to take more action; And, Carter Evans has the latest on this holiday's season weather forecast around the country; Also, It's a beloved Christmas tradition that includes a 271-year-old piece of choral music and 2,000 people who love it; Tony Guida reports on the one night a year were people get together to sing along a Christmas song.moreless
    • 10.21.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.21.10
      Thursday: Juan Williams has been fired by NPR over comments made about Muslims; Then, U.S. health officials say fatal car crashes involving teen drivers fell by about one-third over five years; Also, Katie Couric speaks with a panel of college students on their feelings going into the 2010 midterm election.
    • 2/7: CBS Evening News
      2/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0207
      Senate leaders reach budget deal following months of talks; Young coder builds app to help people with Alzheimer's
    • Evening News Online 12.02.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.02.10
      Thursday: The House voted to censure Charlie Rangel after being found guilty of 11 ethics violations; Then, Sweden's high court turned down Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange's appeal; Also, The House of Representatives voted to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for families making $250,000 or less.
    • 02.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.10.11
      Despite the frenzy of expectation that President Mubarak would be stepping down, he announced he is not; Then, The White House is going to propose a range of options to reform Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the mortgage market; Also, A late night gas explosion ripped through Allentown, P.A., killing five people.moreless
    • 2/4: CBS Evening News
      2/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0204
      3rd Amtrak train derails in less than 2 months; Football's biggest night is here
    • 10.31.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.31.10
      Sunday: U.S. officials have some concerns about additional package bombs; Also, President Obama's final rally in the critical swing state of Ohio; And, the Pontiac Motor division comes to an end.
    • November 22, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121122

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • 1/9: CBS Evening News
      1/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0109
      Death toll rises in deadly California mudslides; Pastor gets standing ovation after confessing to "sexual incident."
    • 12.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1209
      Friday: President Obama says he didn't overpromise on his ability to fix the economy and that the recovery may take "more than one president" in an interview with "60 Minutes."; Also, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is in a virtual tie for second place in Iowa. But, could Ron Paul be the next president? As Dean Reynolds reports, he certainly thinks so; And, Steve Hartman tells the heart-warming story of a high school drama teacher who refuses to let her Stage 4 cancer stop the show.moreless
    • FDA Divided on Avandia
      Season 2010 - Episode 0713
      As committee members debate whether the diabetes drug Avandia should be pulled from the market, Dr. Jon LaPook reports the FDA is deeply divided.
    • 6/2: CBS Evening News
      6/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0602
      Memo sent to Mueller by Trump’s lawyers; 65 years since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation
    • May 8, 2007
      May 8, 2007
      Season 44 - Episode 247
      Rated: TV-G

      Major topics:

      Flood fears in the Mid-West. FBI uncovers terror plot in NJ.
    • 11/1: CBS Evening News
      11/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1101
      Federal terrorism charges filed in Halloween truck attack; Three victims remain in hospital one month after Las Vegas massacre
    • 2/12: CBS Evening News
      2/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0212
      Abuse allegations against former White House aide overshadow Trump budget; Unique portraits of Obamas unveiled.
    • 02.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.21.11
      Monday: Libya's leader Muammar Qaddafi orders warplanes and helicopters to halt protesters; Also, new violence spreads towards popular tourist areas in Mexico; Plus, the Houdini housewife, Alexandria the Great.
    • 2/13: CBS Evening News
      2/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0213
      Dramatic rescue effort on Oregon's Mt. Hood; Derek Jeter opens up about new role as CEO
    • 11.28.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.28.10
      Sunday: WikiLeaks posts thousands of classified State Department documents revealing the world of international diplomacy; Also, passengers react to extra security measures at transit hubs around the U.S.; And a report on the "Savory Collection," a lost trove of jazz recordings.
    • 6/7: CBS Evening News
      6/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0607
      Trump says Kim Jong Un may be invited to the White House; Pizza delivery man facing deportation gets support from New York governor.
    • 10/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 20171021
      President Trump's claim that he made contact with relatives of all soldiers killed during his administration is under scrutiny; With no age requirements to run for Kansas governor, four high school students are starting their campaigns for the 2018 election.
    • 02.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.19.11
      Saturday: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial plan to fill the state's budget shortfall is fueling fiery protests; Also, BP fund administrator Ken Feinberg rolled out his new plan for oil spill compensation; And, Watson, IBM's super computer, is now being tested to see how it deals with patients in a health care setting.moreless
    • May 7, 2007
      May 7, 2007
      Season 44 - Episode 246
      Rated: TV-G

      Major topics:

      The tornado aftermath in Kansas. Military equipment shortages.
    • 02.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.17.11
      Wednesday: Anti-government protesters confronting government forces have spread to Libya; Also, Bernie Madoff says that banks "had to know" about his ponzi scheme; Plus, one photographer's mission to bring home to Tucson's children.
    • 4/2: CBS Evening News
      4/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0402
      Dow plunges as much as 700 points, a low for the year; companies tap into a pool of unique candidates: Workers with autism
    • The FBI ended the standoff with Jimmy Lee Dykes, who was holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. As Mark Strassmann reports, agents exploited a supply delivery routine they developed over a week of negotiations; And, Todd Love is a U.S. veteran who had every reason to feel cheated by life after losing both legs and an arm in Afghanistan. Instead, he's living it with a passion that is hard to match.moreless
    • 10/25: CBS Evening News
      10/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1025
      Lawmakers call for probe into Puerto Rico power repair deal; remembering rock 'n' roll pioneer Fats Domino
    • Diabetes Drug Debate
      Season 2010 - Episode 0712
      A Food and Drug Administration panel will consider whether or not to pull Avandia from the market. As Armen Keteyian reports, many physicians oppose this controversial diabetes drug.
    • 11/13: CBS Evening News
      11/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1113
      New accuser says Roy Moore sexually assaulted her; 3 women on their nearly 50 years of friendship
    • 5/7: CBS Evening News
      5/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0507
      Trump to announce decision on Iran nuclear deal Tuesday; Swiss Guards carry on 500-year tradition of swearing to protect the pope.
    • 12.14.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.14.10
      Tuesday: Temperatures plunge across much of the Southeast, with record-lows in some states; Also, a British judge grants Julian Assange bail, but the WikiLeaks founder will remain in prison for now; Plus, the image of marriage amongst baby bombers.
    • 08.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0809
      Tuesday: The Federal Reserve promises to keep interest rates low through at least 2013, as the Dow soars 429 points; Also, consumer electronics maker Apple takes oil giant Exxon's title as the most valuable company in America; And, Scott Pelley reports from Africa on the Somali starvation crisis.
    • 1/20: CBS Evening News
      1/20: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0120
      Congress after shutdown; Video gaming gone professional with esports
    • 5/11: CBS Evening News
      5/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0511
      Palestinians step up protests aimed at ending blockade of Gaza; After bitter divorce, couple gets a second chance at love.
    • 01.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.27.11
      Thursday: The ongoing uprising in Egypt is fueled by communication through social networking websites; Also, Tea Party-backed freshman are staking their claim in Congress; Plus, the shifting battle over abortion in America.
    • 11/26: CBS Evening News
      11/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1126
      Al Franken gives first interviews since sexual misconduct allegations; Record breaking sales expected for Cyber Monday
    • 4/30: CBS Evening News
      4/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0430
      Trump keeps options open on Iran nuclear deal; Shaquem Griffin, linebacker with one hand, inspires youth with journey to NFL.
    • 01.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.24.11
      Monday: Authorities believe a suicide bomber was responsible for killing at least 35 people Russia's largest airport in Moscow; Also, 22-year-old Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner pleads not guilty; Plus, 1950's fitness guru Jack Lalanne dies at 96-years-old.
    • 12.13.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.13.10
      Monday: A winter storm sweeps the U.S. with 50 MPH winds that produced blizzards, white out conditions; Also, a federal judge rules President Obama's health care bill unconstitutional; Also, a 73-year-old Texas woman makes coaching history.