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Season 2017 : Episode 1211

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    • 04/16: Pope transforms lives of 12 Syrian refugees; CBS News reporter shares family miracle story
      Pope Francis has opened more than his heart to refugees trapped in Greece; CBS News' Marlie Hall shares a story about her father Edward, who while in retirement in Haiti, fell into a coma before miraculously surviving it.
    • 6/30: CBS Evening News
      6/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0630
      Gunman opens fire in New York City hospital; Neighbor subs in to help soldier's son with yardwork
    • April 12, 2007
      April 12, 2007
      Season 44 - Episode 221
    • 9/11: How the president's ISIS plan will be carried out; We're engaged in a major counterterrorism operation
      The U.S. military has begun a new campaign targeting all ISIS forces across northern and western Iraq, gearing up for more aggressive attacks on ISIS as the military carries out the plan laid out by President Obama in his speech Wednesday; and, Secretary of State John Kerry stresses that while the U.S. is not at "war" with ISIS, it is engaged in a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.moreless
    • 10/2: Dallas quarantines contacts of Ebola patient; Nation prepares to open memorial for wounded vets
      The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the man being treated for Ebola, is quarantined in their Dallas apartment as officials try to prevent an outbreak. State health officials say that none of the estimated 100 people who were in direct or indirect contact with Duncan have shown any symptoms. But residents remain skeptical; and, Dennis Joyner lost three limbs to a booby-trap in Vietnam. Now, as the nation prepares to open a national memorial honoring America’s wounded in war, he and other vets hope that people don't forget the consequences of war.moreless
    • A fire outside Yosemite National Park has tripled in less than a day and has forced the closure of one of the main roads into the park during one of the busiest time for visitors; and a man discovered a skull of a whale that lived 14 million years ago.
    • May 4, 2008
      May 4, 2008
      Season 45 - Episode 243
      Rated: TV-G Major topics:
    • It took the cardinals of the Catholic church 24 hours to make history by selecting the first non-European to lead the church; Also, worldwide reactions to the new pope; And, military sex abuse case and military law under review after overturned court marshal.
    • 7/04: America celebrates Independence Day in blanket of security: Be My Eyes app brings new meaning to iPhone
      The signs are plain to see that this Fourth of July is marked by a heightened concern about a terror attack; Thanks to one visually impaired man, a tap of the finger is all it takes to get the blind some help they need.
    • Alabama counties were supposed to be able to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses Monday, but a message from the state's chief justice has confused matters. Chip Reid spoke with judge Roy Moore who insists gay-marriage is a violation of Alabama law; Sam Smith walked away with an armful of Grammy awards on Sunday night. While Smith stole the show, Bob Dylan also turned heads for what he said about his critics. Anthony Mason brings us the top moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards.moreless
    • 11/28: Ray Rice wins appeal to overturn suspension; A small Pennsylvania town demands their Christmas tree be taken down
      Ray Rice, the NFL running back who was caught on video hitting his fiancé, won his appeal; in Reading, Penn., residents say Charlie Brown had a better Christmas tree than they do.
    • 2/21: Shooting rampage in Michigan leaves six dead; Rescuers recount life-saving actions after chopper crash
      An Uber driver is in custody after he allegedly opened fire at three separate locations near Kalamazoo, Michigan, Saturday night; a sight-seeing helicopter crash caught on camera in Hawaii could have had a tragic outcome, if not for the actions of a group of tourists
    • 8/8: Donald Trump defends comments about Megyn Kelly; program helps young African-American pilots earn their wings
      Donald Trump was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the influential conservative RedState Gathering. However, after his comment about Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly, he was disinvited from the event. Julianna Goldman reports; The Tuskegee Next summer program teaches teenage African-Americans to fly. The program is named for the Tuskegee Airmen, the legendary World War II group of African-American fighter pilots. Adriana Diaz is with the latest class earning its wings.moreless
    • 11/23: After heavy snow, Buffalo braces for flooding; Cinder the bear cub gets a second chance
      After a week of heavy snow fall in Buffalo, officials warn residents to prepare for impending floods caused by soaring temperatures; and, among the bears heading to hibernation this winter is a little cub named “Cinder.” She was wounded in a wildfire but has made a remarkable recovery and has reached a huge milestone.moreless
    • 02.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.18.11
      Friday: Rep. Scott Walker's (R-Wis.) proposal for big budget cuts against unions appears to only be the beginning; Then, everyone's asking how much bloodier can Bahrain get with protesters making another attempt to take back the main square; Also, The viral video of KCBS reporter Serene Branson having what many speculated to be a stroke, turned out to be a migraine.moreless
    • 01.17.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120117
      Tuesday: Divers pull five bodies from the partially-sunken Costa Concordia, bringing the death toll in the Italian ship disaster to at least eleven; Also, the government launches a new attack on Alzheimer's disease, but it includes no funding; And, John Blackstone reports on why it's taken 66 years to honor a war hero who risked his life to save his shipmates.moreless
    • 04.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.22.11
      Friday: Americans looking to Washington for help find Congress on vacation; Also, Earth Day turns 41 and NASA releases stunning new satellite images; Plus, helpful tips to cut costs at the gas pump; And, an in depth look inside the historic site of the royal wedding - Wesminster Abbey.
    • 09.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0925
      Sunday: American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer return home from Iran as free men; Also, Do companies discriminate against unemployed job candidates? Plus, How happy are you? One New England town wants to know.
    • 11.01.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.01.10
      Monday: The latest developments in the 2010 midterm campaign season; Also, officials link several U.S. bomb plots to the Yemen-based terror group al Qaeda; Also, famed presidential speechwriter Ted Sorensen dies at 82-years-old.
    • 11.15.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.15.10
      Monday: The government is calling new scanners that create a full body image the next generation of travel security; Also, new members of the House and Senate arrive for orientation; Plus, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, a humble hero.
    • 11.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1106
      Sunday: Penn State's former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is charged with sexual abuse of underage boys; Also, Mississippi gets closer to banning abortion with no exceptions; Plus, a program that helps female veterans battle addiction.
    • 03.13.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120313
      Tuesday: The Republicans fight for the heart of the South - CBS News projects Rick Santorum will win the Alabama primary, but it's a close three-way race in Mississippi; Also, new information sheds light on the massacre in Afghanistan and the president vows a full investigation; And, Bryon Pitts reports on how a poster child for America's obesity epidemic became a model for turning it around.moreless
    • 09.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0927
      Tuesday: Housing prices see their fourth monthly increase in a row, but home values may never get back to where they were before the bubble burst; Also, Scott Pelley speaks with Robert L. Johnson, founder of BET and chairman of RLJ, to ask his take on America's growing debt problem; And, a look back on the 62-year career of Andy Rooney, who is ending his regularly scheduled commentary for "60 Minutes."moreless
    • 12/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1211
      5 injured in pipe bomb explosion in NYC subway tunnel; delivering joy on the court
    • 11/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1116
      Sen. Al Franken accused of sexual assault; Living Stronger: One man goes from 18 wheels to two
    • 11.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1110
      Thursday: Gov. Rick Perry's famous performance in the CNBC GOP Republican presidential debate may be the demise of his campaign; Also, within minutes of the announcement of the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno, thousands of students riot in the streets; And, when chemical engineer Mark Davis' wife was diagnosed with cancer, he took his skills to develop a new and better treatment to fight her disease.moreless
    • 'The Flintstones' Hit A Milestone
      Season 2010 - Episode 0930
      Richard Schlesinger chronicles "The Flintstones," the iconic animated television series about a stone-aged family which is celebrating its 50-year anniversary.
    • 01.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 0102
      With one day remaining before the Iowa caucuses, the Republican presidential candidate frontrunners sound off on how they will reduce the national deficit; Then, police arrest a suspect in connection with more than 50 cases of arson around the Los Angeles area; Also, farmers are seeing a rise in real estate prices.moreless
    • 01.03.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.03.12
      Tuesday: GOP presidential candidates make their final push in the last few hours before the Iowa caucuses; Also, Iran continues its threats of closing off a key oil-shipping route if other nations enact tougher sanctions against the country; And, details are emerging in how the LAPD managed to catch the man suspected of starting over 50 fires around the Los Angeles area.moreless
    • 03.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.20.11
      Sunday: A coalition assault continues against government forces in Libya; Also, the economic impact of the crisis in Japan.
    • General Motors is nearly doubling the number of vehicles it is recalling to fix ignition switches that can shut off engines and cause crashes; and, the FDA began two days of meetings about a controversial procedure that removes a mother's nucleus from her egg, leaving behind defective genes, and places it in a donor egg.moreless
    • Despite being the favorite of conservatives urging Romney to go bold, Congressman Paul Ryan's VP nomination still came as a surprise. And as Jan Crawford reports, it's one that instantly resets the presidential race; And, high temperatures continue to batter Texas, prolonging a drought that is putting the livelihood of lifelong farmers and ranchers at risk. Manuel Bojorquez visits with struggling ranchers in Sulfur Springs.moreless
    • 11/5: CBS Evening News
      11/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1105
      Shots fired inside Baptist church in Texas leaving dozens dead; Mountain lion moves in to Hollywood Hills
    • 04.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.15.11
      Severe weather swept through the middle of the country, leaving a path of destruction and at least nine dead; Then, Chip Reid reports on the harsh words the president had for his Republican colleagues and the White House's reaction; Also, Two reports out claim that some hair products include formaldehyde.
    • 06.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0611
      Saturday: Thousands of refugees are trying to escape the violent government crackdown in Syria; Also, the massive Arizona wildfire is now threatening to spread into New Mexico; Plus, Congressman Anthony Weiner is asking for leave of absence in order to seek treatment; And, at Urban Prep, the only all African-American male charter school in Chicago, every one of the 104 seniors is heading to college.moreless
    • 05.03.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120503
      It sounds like a spy movie plot: the story of how Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest; Then, a lab in New York state's capital isn't waiting for an economic turnaround - it's creating one; Also, Mike Fay is on a mission to document the voices and experiences of injured veterans through sketches.moreless
    • 03.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.07.11
      Monday: Qaddafi's air force bombards several key rebel-held towns outside of Libya's capitol Tripoli; Also, the White House considers tapping into the nation's oil reserve; Plus, a Boston woman receives the 3D mammogram.
    • 06.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0615
      Wednesday: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been released from the hospital five months after the assassination attempt, marking a major milestone in her recovery; Also, A study reveals that in one quarter of the U.S., the life expectancy for women is dropping; And, Congress grills the ATF and DOJ about the controversial gunwalking program that intentionally let guns into Mexico.moreless
    • 01.24.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120124
      Tuesday: President Obama's State of the Union Address will, in many ways, be the unofficial kick-off of his campaign for re-election, and Mr. Obama is picking a fight on an issue he hopes will dominate this year's campaign - income inequality; Also, Scott Pelley speaks with House Speaker John Boehner about what is stopping Congress from getting things done; And, Mitt Romney releases his tax returns and Newt Gingrich releases his Freddie Mac contract.moreless
    • The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that abortion protestors were within their rights to demonstrate outside of clinics. Pro-choice advocates stressed that the ruling put women seeking health care at the clinics in greater risk of harassment, and potentially violence; and, Last year, NOAA researcher Dave Wiley says he didn't see any whales off Cape Cod. Now, they're everywhere. Researchers enlisted the help of unlikely cameramen to learn more about the source of the increasemoreless
    • 03.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.06.11
      Sunday: With gasoline prices rising at near record rates, the White House considers tapping into the nation's oil reserve; Also, the Qaddafi regime declares victory in Tripoli; Plus, artificial retinas giving the blind a second chance at sight.
    • 09.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.12.11
      Monday: Fears are growing over Europe's debt crisis with investors predicting it could bring the entire global banking system and the U.S. economy down with it; Then, some business owners feel President Obama's jobs bill will not be enough; Also, Ten years after the attacks of 9/11, the National September 11th Memorial opened to the public.moreless
    • Brain research breakthroughs, fallen soldier's overdue honor
      New research suggests that the brain damage suffered by soldiers on the battlefield is similar to that endured by athletes on the football field; Also, researchers are reporting that a woman who is completely paralyzed has used a robotic arm controlled with nothing but her thoughts; And, 42 years after his death, a heroic soldier received the Medal of Honor from President Obama.moreless
    • 01.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.12.11
      Wednesday: President Obama visits Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as she recovers at a Tucson hospital from her gunshot wound to the head; Also, Sarah Palin accuses the media of "blood libel"; And, historic flooding in Australia.
    • 01.14.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120114
      Saturday: The cruise ship Costa Concordia runs aground off a small island near the coast of Tuscany, Italy, killing at least three; Also, Elaine Quijano reports on Arise Virtual Solutions, a Florida-based company that's bringing 11,000 call center jobs back to the U.S.; And, Maurice Dubois takes a look at how Haiti's peanut crop is saving lives and creating new economic opportunities.moreless
    • 05.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.06.11
      Friday: Clues bin laden left behind are providing U.S. intelligence the best chance in years to destroy the heart of al-Qaeda; Also, despite nearly a quarter of a million new jobs, the jobless rate jumps back to nine percent; And, what it takes to be the best of the best - a U.S. Navy SEAL.moreless
    • 08.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0817
      Wednesday: Anthony Mason sits down with President Obama at the end of his three-day, Midwest bus trip and talks jobs, taxes and the markets; Also, in Florida, police say they discovered and stopped a plot for a deadly attack on a Tampa high school; And, a seamstress recieves more than 1,400 outfits to donate to kids going back to school in the tornado stricken town of Joplin, Mo.moreless
    • 01.04.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.04.12
      Wednesday: Mitt Romney's photo-finish victory in the Iowa caucuses is a remarkable turn of events for a candidate who had all but written off the state a few months ago; Also, following his near victory in Iowa, Rick Santorum will have to figure out how to translate surprise success into sustained momentum; And, an Ohio seismologist blames a recent string of earthquakes on the natural gas extraction technique known as fracking.moreless
    • 09.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.22.11
      Thursday: Investors are heading for the exits amid rising fears of a global recession; Then, America's top military officer told a Senate committee that Pakistani intelligence was behind the attack on the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan; Also, the small town of Mineral, Virgina is still struggling to rebuild after an earthquake struck there one month ago.moreless
    • 05.07.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120507
      U.S. intelligence has broken up a plot by al Qaeda terrorists based in Yemen to blow up a jetliner bound for the United States; Then, Republicans, Democrats, and President Obama all support the bills but Congress has yet to pass them; Also, David Martin reports on the growing danger of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan allies.moreless
    • 09.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.29.10
      Wednesday: Officials uncovered a massive multi-pronged terror plot across European cities; Also, recent near-disastrous emergency airplane landings have been linked to Bombardier; Plus, lessons learned from Japan.
    • 08.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0825
      Thursday: Hurricane Irene is moving toward the East Coast, and residents there are starting to move out; Also, the sudden resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO left fans of the company and its products wondering what Apple without him; And, Fannie Mae's rock bottom re-sale prices on foreclosed homes could be destroying neighborhoods.moreless
    • 10.21.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.21.10
      Thursday: Juan Williams has been fired by NPR over comments made about Muslims; Then, U.S. health officials say fatal car crashes involving teen drivers fell by about one-third over five years; Also, Katie Couric speaks with a panel of college students on their feelings going into the 2010 midterm election.
    • 10.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1021
      Friday: President Obama announces that the U.S. military operation in Iraq, which began in March of 2003, is over; Also, crowds line up in Misrata, Libya, to get a last glimpse of Muammar Qaddafi's remains, as government officials continue to debate about where they'll bury him; Plus, After two years of increasing health care benefits, Wal-Mart is now asking for premium rate hikes and cutting company contributions to health savings accounts; And, Steve Hartman reports on a doctor who has been providing medical care exclusively for the homeless since 1992.moreless
    • 08.07.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.07.10
      Saturday: The Taliban claims responsibility for the shooting deaths of ten medical aid workers in Afghanistan; Also, Elena Kagan is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice; And, the dramatic decline in the number of visually impaired students learning Braille.
    • 08.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0818
      Thursday: Turmoil returns to the markets as the Dow plunges more than 400 points; Also, the Justice Department is investigating Standard and Poor's to determine whether it manipulated ratings in the years before the financial meltdown; And, Scott Pelley speaks with Cassandra Nelson of the aid group Mercy Corps about the escalating famine in Somalia.moreless
    • 11.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1123
      Wednesday: The impact Newt Gingrich's immigration policy will have on his new frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination; Also, Lee Cowan gets a behind-the-scenes look at NASA's $2.5 billion dream machine; And, Years before he won "Dancing with the Stars," J.R. Martinez spoke with David Martin on his amazing struggle after surviving burn wounds from a landmine in Baghdad.moreless
    • 08.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0802
      Tuesday: A new report that shows economic recovery may be in trouble sent stock prices plunging; Then, a drought in the horn of Africa has destroyed crops for more than a year, putting 12 million people at risk of starvation; Also, meet a woman who provides food for poor children in the summer while school is out of session.moreless
    • The coming Nor'easter may bring with it a record-breaking blizzard. Scott Pelley speaks with CBS News weather consultant David Bernard about where and when the storm will hit; And, police in southern California are on full tactical alert in a manhunt for a fired police officer who allegedly turned his guns on the LAPD. Ben Tracy reports on what's being done to end his deadly rampage.moreless
    • 01.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.25.11
      Tuesday: In depth analysis of President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address; Also, Michael Jackson's doctor pleads not guilty to involuntary manslaughter; And, hockey moms take to the ice.
    • 01.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.04.11
      Tuesday: The Navy removes Capt. Owen Honors as commander of the USS Enterprise; Also, After 30 years imprisonment 51-year-old Cornelius Dupree is declared innocent; Plus, lottery ticket frenzy across the U.S. as the Mega Millions jackpot reaches $355 million.
    • 12.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1219
      Monday: The U.S. government is concerned with the transition of power after the death of Kim Jong Il; Then, The Senate was taken by surprise when House Republicans railed against the two-month payroll tax cut extension; Also, Florida A&M President James Ammons will not be suspended in the wake of the school's hazing scandal.moreless
    • Rebel forces continue their advance on Damascus, Syria, raising concern on high level diplomats that say the situation "is bad and getting worse"; Also, a retired Army officer worries about how the "fiscal cliff" could affect his business; And, One famous New York hotel is offering a program taking back some of the items guests shouldn't have walked away with.moreless
    • 10.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.04.10
      Monday: Discovered terror plots lead to heightened travel security around the world; Also, a new vaccine designed to treat brain cancer yields promising results; And, Steve Hartman's "Everybody In The World Has A Story."
    • 12.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1229
      Thursday: It appears America's jobs market is on the mend as jobless claims hit a three-year-low; Also, As the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination make their final push before the Iowa caucuses, Mitt Romney is on the rise; And, Ben Breedlove - an 18-year-old with a gift for reaching others - leaves his YouTube fans with a special gift shortly before his death.moreless
    • 11.09.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.09.10
      Tuesday: A U.S. soldier allegedly orchestrated a "kill team" to murder civilians in Afghanistan just for the thrill; Plus, Two U.S. citizens were murdered in the midst of Mexico's ongoing drug war; And, a Somali doctor who's ready to die for her patients was among the notable women honored by Glamour magazine.moreless
    • With Thanksgiving falling on the latest day possible this year, the holiday shopping season is the shortest it ever is -- just 26 days. Many retailers are trying to make up for lost time, by starting seasonal sales earlier and opening for business on Thanksgiving; and, Seventy-five percent of autistic adults are unemployed, but their uncanny ability to focus intensely on minute details is making them attractive to computer software companies.moreless
    • 11.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1114
      Monday: Ken Miles volunteered to be patient No. 1 in a risky clinical trial involving stem cells and now two years later has seen remarkable results; Then, the Supreme Court will decide whether President Obama's landmark health care legislation is unconstitutional; Also, Michael Diedrick sold his restaurant to a lucky out of work chef in downtown Milwaukee for only $100.moreless
    • Frigid weather have caused many to take extra precautions. In Amarillo, Texas frozen freeways led to a multi-truck pileup. Anna Werner and Adriana Diaz report; Using a mirror and his camera, photographer Devin Mitchell has managed to capture revealing images of America's veterans. The result is a fascinating look inside the psyche of the men and women who served their country. Wyatt Andrews reports.moreless
    • 09.13.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.13.10
      Monday: CBS News obtained a gas station surveillance video that captures the moment of the Calif. gas explosion; Also, the debate continues over the fracking method of drilling natural gas; Plus, President Obama's plan for the Bush-era tax cuts.
    • 09.14.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.14.10
      Tuesday: Freed U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd leaves Iran after 410 days of imprisonment; Plus, a new report shows the Veterans Affairs Dept. was aware of the death benefit profits; And, the status of education in America.
    • 12.05.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.05.10
      Sunday: Senate leaders discuss a possible deal to extend all Bush-era tax cuts and long-term unemployment benefits; Plus, Army Pvt. Bradley Manning is reportedly the man who made the WikiLeaks spill possible; Also, Chicago's plan for transformation.
    • 01.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.19.11
      Wednesday: President Obama host's China's President Hu Jintao at a state dinner; Plus, House Republicans pass legislation to repeal the year-old health care law; Also, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' will likely leave the Tucson hospital on Friday.
    • Police say a former student at the University of Central Florida was planning an attack. He had a plan, ammunition and multiple weapons; Also, new details on what motivated Adam Lanza to gun down 20 first graders and six school staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary are emerging; And, Some believe Pope Francis, as head of Argentina's Jesuit priests, could have done more for residents by speaking out against the military dictatorship controlling the country in the 1970s and 80s.moreless
    • Protests are growing over Indiana's new religious freedom law, which allows people and businesses to refuse to provide services based on their religious beliefs. As Adriana Diaz reports, gay and lesbian allies argue that the new law sanctions discrimination; After nearly four years, a British woman’s quest to circle the globe by bike, kayak and boat is almost over. Anna Werner met up with Sarah Outen before the last leg of her London2London journey.moreless
    • 06.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0616
      Thursday: Osama bin Laden's right hand man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is named the new leader of al Qaeda; Also, desperate homeowners are turning to "strategic default" - completely stopping payment of their mortgages; Plus, embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner resigns; And, a simple test could save the lives of newborns, but states don't require it.moreless
    • A new trial of the leading experimental Alzheimer's drug Crenezumab is set to begin; Also, Dr. Jon LaPook reports on what is behind the recent whooping cough outbreak; And, The man who runs the hometown bank in Cattaraugus, New York feels he has a responsibility to his town to hold the community together.moreless
    • The first casualty of JPMorgan Chase's $2 billion investment debacle was its chief investment officer Ina Drew as the company enters damage control; Then, researchers studying how to prevent Alzheimer's disease are struggling to find volunteer patients; Also, the monumental task of shipping a space shuttle atop a 747.
    • Notes from "war room" meetings obtained by CBS News show early Obamacare enrollment figures were much lower than are needed; and, Scott Pelley checked in with Lamborghini for "60 Minutes" and went along for the ride in one of the world's most exotic supercars.
    • 04.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.26.11
      Tuesday: Rising rivers force Midwest residents to evacuate their homes; Also, coffee drinkers feel the burn of the soaring price of coffee beans; Plus, an inside look at royal wedding planning.
    • 8/30: Evening News
      8/30: Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0830
      Grand jury involved in investigation into Russian meddling in U.S. election; seamstress saves the day after Alfred Angelo bridal stores close
    • 08.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0803
      Wednesday: The stock market climbs out of a 160-point hole to barely escape its ninth straight day of losses; Also, production delays are leaving nearly 200 chemotherapy drugs in short supply; And, California slashes its education budget while its unemployment rates spins out of control.
    • Newly released transcripts show the crew of the ferry that capsized off the coast of South Korea was crippled by indecision, causing a deadly lack of action; and, As runners prepare to tackle the Boston Marathon a year after the bombing at the finish line, security is being beefed up to prevent any copycat attacks.moreless
    • 02.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.06.11
      Sunday: On the 13th day of the crisis in Egypt, the vice president opens negotiations with opposition groups; Also, the U.S. attempts to stay ahead of the "geopolitical earthquake" that could change the Middle East; Plus, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth.
    • 10.24.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.24.10
      Sunday: The Haitian government says the spread of cholera may be stabilizing; Also, Iran is sending millions of dollars to promote anti-U.S. sentiment in Afghanistan; Plus, how one far-seeing eye doctor is taking on the challenge of helping the poor in developing countries.
    • 01.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.28.11
      Friday: Anti-government demonstrators in Cairo, Egypt had fought their way past police, and pushed the very heart of the city; Then, Chip Reid reports that the recent protests in Egypt have its President's relationship with the U.S. in jeopardy; Also, People gathered to remember those lost when the space shuttle Challenger blew apart just after liftoff 25 years ago.moreless
    • 07.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0716
      Saturday: As the debt ceiling deadline approaches, credit rating agencies are threatening to downgrade America's gold-plated credit rating; Also, major British newspapers carried full-page advertisements of apology from Rupert Murdoch for the hacking scandal; Plus, Los Angeles is averting the dreaded Carmegeddon; And, a guided tour of the art exhibit "NASA Art: 50 Years of Exploration."moreless
    • 1/5: Dangerous cold invades upper Midwest; deadly plane crash in Aspen
      As a historic cold snap grips the Midwest, the worst of the cold is affecting Minnesota and North Dakota, where wind chills of 60 below zero have been recorded; and, A small private jet carrying three people crashed as it was attempting to land at the resort town of Aspen, Colo. Investigators say one person died and the other two were injured.moreless
    • 9/24: CBS Evening News
      9/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0924
      Trump encourages NFL boycott over national anthem protests; Germany's far-right appears on the rise after elections
    • 11.10.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.10.10
      Wednesday: Major cutbacks are being proposed to eliminate the federal deficit; Also, The FDA is proposing new warnings on cigarette packs that include graphic images; Plus, a look inside a kidney exchange in which 20 people saved 10 lives.
    • 02.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.17.11
      Wednesday: Anti-government protesters confronting government forces have spread to Libya; Also, Bernie Madoff says that banks "had to know" about his ponzi scheme; Plus, one photographer's mission to bring home to Tucson's children.
    • 9/22: CBS Evening News
      9/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0922
      A failing dam threatens another catastrophe in Puerto Rico; 52-year old still in university marching band
    • 12.27.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.27.10
      Monday: A record-setting blizzard bashes the Northeast dumping over a foot of snow and hindering holiday travel; Also, cutting red tape at the Pentagon may be the key to balancing the budget; And, the ghost of Christmas giving resurfaces in Ohio.
    • 11.05.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.05.10
      Friday: An unexpected hiring surge in the U.S. economy; Also, military suicides continue to increase; And, barefoot running in the park.
    • 1/26: Strong winter storm pounds upper Midwest; Seniors learn "cane-fu" self-defense
      The National Weather Service says a blizzard pounding the upper Midwest will be the most severe winter storm of the season; and, One California gym chain is helping seniors feel powerful with something that normally represents frailty.
    • 01.10.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.10.12
      Tuesday: As polls close, CBS News projects Mitt Romney the winner of the New Hampshire primary, with Ron Paul taking second; Also, the southern Alaskan coast calls in the National Guard to help dig them out of the 300 inches of snow that have fallen so far this winter; And, First Lady Michelle Obama speaks with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King on the book "The Obamas."moreless
    • Penn State has agreed to pay nearly $60 million to settle 26 claims of sexual abuse by the university's former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky; and, two years ago, Paul McCarthy began searching for an inexpensive yet functional prosthetic hand for his son Leon, who was born without fingers on one of his hands. McCarthy came across a video online with detailed instruction on how to use a 3-D printer to make a prosthetic hand for his son.moreless
    • 01.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.13.11
      Thursday: Doctor's are calling it a major milestone for Congresswoman Giffords after she was able to open an eye on her own; Then, The USDA is proposing a calorie limit for school lunch in an effort to battle childhood obesity; Also, The presidential library is putting John F. Kennedy's archives online.moreless
    • 12.15.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.15.10
      Wednesday: An ex-con opens fire at a routine meeting of a Florida school district; Also, Congress has adds $8 billion worth of earmarks to the spending bill; Plus, four wounded Marines speak out about the Afghan war.
    • 12.14.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.14.10
      Tuesday: Temperatures plunge across much of the Southeast, with record-lows in some states; Also, a British judge grants Julian Assange bail, but the WikiLeaks founder will remain in prison for now; Plus, the image of marriage amongst baby bombers.
    • 02.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120202
      Thursday: According to columnist David Ignatius, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta "believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will attack Iran" in the spring; Also, long-time supporters of both Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen foundation are taking sides, following the Komen foundation's announcement that it would no longer provide funding for Planned Parenthood; And, Anna Werner reports on the desperate situation in Texas after 31 straight weeks of drought.moreless
    • 02.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.13.11
      Sunday: As Egypt's uncertain march to democracy continues, the military said they would rule the country until September; Also, Google executive Wael Ghonim speaks about the uprising in Egypt; Plus, the FAA warns pilots of the dangers from handheld lasers.
    • A wintry storm heads for the Northeast and is expected to cause a messy commute to start the work week for much of the I-95 corridor; and, A CBS News crew witnessed South African police gunning down children in a 1985 report from South Africa. The report sparked international condemnation against the apartheid regime and heightened sanctions against the South African government.moreless
    • 02.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.05.11
      Saturday: Once again, tension is rising in Cairo. The Egyptian Army is calling for an end to the protests, but to no avail; Also, American students at Egyptian schools are scrambling to find a way back home; And, hundreds in Libby, Mont. have died from asbestos-related lung disease.
    • 10.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1003
      Monday: Gen. John Allen, the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan, outlines his strategy for the Afghan war; Then, Amanda Knox was found not guilty of killing her college roommate by an appeals court jury; Also, memos show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial Fast and Furious operation as far back as July of 2010.moreless
    • 04.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.14.11
      The chief of air traffic controllers, Hank Krakowski, abruptly resigned after recent incidents of controllers sleeping on the job; Then, Political leaders of the anti-Qaddafi rebels are lobbying for exemption from the U.N. arms embargo, Also, Dodger stadium has called upon an army of police in order to keep the peace at the the first home game of the season.moreless
    • 09.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.07.11
      Wednesday: A coordinated strike by federal law enforcement results in the largest Medicare fraud bust in U.S. history; Also, firefighters in Texas continue to battle a seemingly unending series of deadly wildfires; Plus, the President's jobs and growth package now could top $400 billion; And, Pennsylvania residents embrace the tragedy and the families of those lost on United Flight 93.moreless
    • 04.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120406
      Firefighters are searching the remains of 20 apartments in Virginia Beach, Va., looking for victims of the FA/-18 crash. Bob Orr pieces together the details of happened in Navy fighter jet disaster; Also, the jobless rate dropped to 8.2 percent in March - the lowest in more than three years. But, while the number of new jobs grew, it slowed down significantly; And, Steve Hartman pays a visit to jump rope innovator Bobby Hinds to see what he's been up to since Charles Kuralt first visited him in 1976.moreless
    • 10.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1010
      Monday: After four weeks of protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement has yet to stand behind a unifying message; Then, the FDA's approval of a drug sends it soaring; Also, Congress is considering cutting the funds that keep America's food banks and pantry programs running.
    • 10.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1009
      Sunday: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement spreads beyond lower Manhattan to at least 25 cities across the U.S.; Also, California medical marijuana outlets brace for a federal crackdown; Also, Samuel L. Jackson as Martin Luther King, Jr. on Broadway.
    • 04.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.07.11
      As administration officials prepare for a government shutdown, Nancy Cordes reports both sides say talks are headed in the wrong direction; Then, Dean Reynolds reports on how rising gas prices, worldwide demand and low supplies of food have all contributed to high prices at U.S. grocery stores; Also, Seth Doane reports on how students in Toledo, Ohio, are gravitating to a boxing gym built to keep kids off the streets.moreless
    • 01.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.01.11
      Saturday: Survivors of the deadly Midwest tornadoes are tallying their losses and counting their blessings; Also, the "Oprah Winfrey Network" is now on the air; And, some of America's richest people have signed "The Giving Pledge," promising to give away billions.
    • 10.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1023
      Sunday: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Eastern Turkey, leaving 85 dead and hundreds injured; Also, Democrats make a second attempt to pass President Obama's jobs bill; Plus, why Iraq homecomings are taking on a new meaning.
    • 01.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.03.11
      Monday: The Navy is investigating racy videos made by a high-ranking naval officer; Also, a new blood test that may be able to detect cancer; Plus, a report on how to make your child a star on YouTube.
    • 02.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.26.11
      Saturday: As chaos continues to rage in Libya, President Obama stands firmly saying Qaddafi must leave now; Also, the Wisconsin collective bargaining legislation is sparking protests around the country; And, a mysterious London street artist named Banksy has been leaving his art all over Los Angeles.
    • 01.28.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120128
      Saturday: The U.S. military is upgrading an aging warship to serve as a floating base in the Persian Gulf and prevent the closing of the vital Strait of Hormuz; Also, with just three days left until the Florida primary, Mitt Romney reverses Newt Gingrich's momentum and takes a strong lead in the polls; And, a federal judge orders Google, Apple and five other technology companies to court over allegations they violated anti-trust laws by conspiring not to poach employees from one another.moreless
    • 12.30.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.30.10
      Thursday: A string of powerful winter storms has left the western U.S. in shambles; Also, unemployment hits a record low while food stamps use hits a record high; And, we take a look back at the famous and powerful who died in 2010.
    • 11.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1124
      Thanksgiving 2011: An Egyptian court has orders the release of the three American students arrested during the deadly protests that swept across Egypt; Also, the fight for every shopping dollar is getting fiercer and, for some retailers, that means a new holiday tradition - Black Friday beginning Thanksgiving night; And, a new national program called "Food Corps" places service members in schools in poor neighborhoods to teach children about healthy food.moreless
    • 04.29.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120429
      The recent surge of type two diabetes among American children has been called an epidemic; Then, Chen Guangcheng has allegedly taken refuge in the American Embassy which may cause tensions ahead of a diplomatic visit between the U.S. and China; Also, a radio station acts as a beacon during the LA riots.moreless
    • The President reiterates alliance with Israel while condemning the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria; Also, Even as the number of Catholics rises in the U.S., the number of Catholic priests is dwindling; And, Bernanke lowers projection of economic growth from 3 down to 2.8 percent.
    • 01.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.26.11
      Wednesday: Gabrielle Giffords is out of intensive care and in rehab; Also, President Obama is proposing a spending freeze and pushing for investments in innovation; Plus, a charity that uses art to help orphaned children.
    • 11.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 20111129
      Herman Cain acknowledged that a new claim of a long term extra-marital affair could end his run for the presidency; Then, American Airlines became the last major U.S. carrier to file for bankruptcy; Also, war wounded veterans remember the day they almost died by celebrating their "Alive Day."
    • A crowd erupted in cheers as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced that she would veto a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gays on religious grounds; and, it's been a tough winter for many across the U.S., but a group of Ohio salt miners don't mind the business that's been keeping them working around the clock.moreless
    • 11.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1115
      Penn State's Mike McQueary speaks out for the first time since the sexual abuse scandal broke out against assistant coach Jerry Sandusky; Then, the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York City was cleared out during an overnight raid by police; Also, researchers have released results on a new drug that elevates good cholesterol,moreless
    • 01.05.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.05.12
      Thursday: President Obama came to the Pentagon to make sure everyone understands his new strategy for the U.S. military - built around smaller ground forces and more air and sea power; Also, Scott Pelley speaks with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about why defending America's computer systems has become a top priority; And, Kodak, the iconic U.S. company formed in 1880, now appears to be on its last legs.moreless
    • 12.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1204
      Sunday: What's next for the GOP presidential candidates following the suspension of Herman Cain's campaign?; Also, a U.S. spy drone is reportedly in the hands of the Iranian government; Plus, a tightrope walker hopes to cross Niagara Falls.
    • Prosecutors say the inexperienced third mate was at the helm of the capsized South Korean ship when the disaster began; and, a transit cop shot in the leg during the Boston Bombing manhunt defied all odds and survived with both legs and normal brain function.
    • 8/24: CBS Evening News
      8/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0824
      Along the Texas coast, people are boarding up -- and stocking up -- in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Harvey; Mavis Wanczyk, 53, is retiring after winning the $758 million Powerball jackpot.
    • NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and urged NBA owners to force him to sell the team over racist comments Sterling admits he made in a recorded conversation; and, Dicky and Mary Jane Shannon had almost completed building their home when a tornado tore through Vilonia, Arkansas, Sunday.moreless
    • Two Peace Corp volunteers in Liberia have been exposed to Ebola, now blamed for 72 deaths there and in Guinea and Sierra Leone; and, after 100 years, few remember the Americans who died for their country in World War I.
    • 7/8: Obama faces political mess over influx of immigrants; Washington National Cathedral gets a facelift
      President Obama has asked Congress for emergency funding of $3.7 billion, with $1.8 billion going to housing, food and health care for tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors; and, Chip Reid got a rare look at artwork that has not been seen in decades, as the stone carvers work to repair Washington National Cathedral.moreless
    • 06.26.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 06.26.10
      Saturday: President Obama urged European nations to spend money to avoid a double-dip recession; Also, business owners in the Gulf are concerned about their BP claims being processed; Finally, a 96-year-old dancer is still performing on the stages of the American Ballet Theatre.
    • 1/29
      Season 2013 - Episode 129

      Scott Pelley host this episode live from New Orleans for Super Bowl week.

    • The Senate came within five votes of passing a major change to the military’s command structure. An amendment by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., would have stripped commanders of authority over sexual assault cases and put everything in the hands of seasoned military trial lawyers; and, the Russian navy sank one of its own decommissioned warships across the mouth of an inlet, trapping Ukrainian ships at their dock further up the channel.moreless
    • Investigators say it could take weeks to even months to determine the cause of a deadly bus crash in California that killed five students, three chaperones, and the drivers of both vehicles; and, one of New York City's great architectural treasures is the old City Hall subway station, which has been shuttered for 70 years. With majestic arches and chandeliers that rival any cathedral, it was one of the many structures built in the city by the Guastavino family, who are being celebrated at the Museum of the City of New York.moreless
    • with carrots
      Season 2012 - Episode 20121213
      United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, who has been under fire for her explanation of the Benghazi attack, has withdrawn her bid to be the next secretary of state. Bill Plante reports on why the president's number one choice has thrown in the towel; And, Spain's financial crisis was threatening to put theaters out of business. But as Mark Phillips reports, one owner found an ingenious way stay open - an idea straight out of Bugs Bunny.moreless
    • 2/26: Boehner talks sequester; the real "Argo"
      Season 2013 - Episode 20130226
      House Speaker John Boehner speaks with Scott Pelley about his frustrations over the inability of Congress to reach a budget deal, and whether an agreement can be reached before the sequester cuts kick in; And, David Martin speaks to the real "master of disguise" that was portrayed by actor Ben Affleck in the movie "Argo." Tony Mendez tells the story of how he brought back home 6 Americans by turning them into members of his movie crew.moreless
    • 11.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1128
      The holiday shopping season is off to a record start with experts projecting record sales; Then, Pakistan said it won't be business as usual with the U.S. after coalition air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border; Also, Egyptians turned out in droves to vote for a new parliament for the first time since Hosni Mubarak's ouster.moreless
    • As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues in the southern Indian Ocean, Chinese state media is reporting that a Chinese ship in the search area has detected a signal that could be from the plane's black box; and, Despite Taliban death threats, Afghans by the millions showed up at the polls to vote for a successor to President Hamid Karzai.moreless
    • 11.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1113
      Sunday: Highlights of the CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential debate; Also, the U.S. military prison Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan; Plus, The woman behind the voice at 200 airports.
    • The year 2015 is shaping up to be an active one for the flu, which is now widespread in 36 states. Flu-related hospitalizations are double what they were this time last year. Mark Strassmann and Dr. Jon LaPook report; When the clock struck midnight and ushered in 2015, many new laws took effect across the country. John Blackstone reports on a few that range from the serious to the unusual.moreless
    • 08.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0823
      Tuesday: A magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia shakes the East Coast form Georgia to New England; Also, Hurricane Irene - a category one storm that is expected to get stronger - is taking aim at the U.S.; And, after hours of fighting in the Qaddafi stronghold in the heart of Tripoli, Libyan rebels finally breakthrough and seize the tyrant's compound.moreless
    • 08.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 20110811
      Thursday: The volatile stock market changes direction eight times in eight days - this time the Dow is up more than 400 points; Also, the eight GOP presidential candidates competing in Iowa's straw poll prepare for their upcoming debate; And, Scott Pelley speaks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the situations in Syria and Somalia.moreless
    • Evening News Online, 07.22.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 0722
      Thursday: President Obama personally apologizes to Shirley Sherrod; Also, war of words in Arizona over immigration law; And, how tweets can illustrate the mood of America.
    • 01.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.20.11
      Thursday: The FBI has arrested more than 100 alleged members of organized crime in three states; Also, Wal-Mart commits to making and selling healthier choices; And, the impact of John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech 50 years later.
    • 06.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0602
      Thursday: The FBI is investigating the hacking of personal Gmail accounts of top U.S. government officials; Also, the deadly tornadoes which ripped Massachusetts caught residents there completely off guard; And, the government's new attempt at tackling America's weight problem spells the end of the Food Pyramid, and the beginning of "My Plate."moreless
    • 03.21.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120321
      The NFL has suspended Saints coach Sean Payton for his involvement in a bounty program and James Brown explains why the punishment was so severe; Then, Armen Keteyian speaks with the man responsible for shipping fake Avastin into the U.S.; Also, Chip Reid profiles Sen. Barbara Mikulski who is now the longest serving woman in the history of Congressmoreless
    • 03.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.28.11
      Monday: Libya's anti-government army of students, laborers and soldiers push towards Qaddafi's hometown; Also, more highly radioactive water is found near Fukushima's nuclear plant; Plus, an odd-couple friendship update.
    • 02.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.28.11
      Monday: Despite the risk anti-government protesters in Libya continue to openly defy the Qaddafi regime; Also, Bernie Madoff attempts to explain his side of the $65 billion ponzi scheme; Plus, an odd-couple friendship in Los Angeles.
    • 03.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.24.11
      Thursday: The Census Bureau released its first set of national-level findings from the 2010 count on race and migration; Then, The FAA suspended an air traffic controller who fell asleep in the control tower at Reagan National Airport; Also, Mark Strassmann reports on the life saving efforts of Foundation 56, a mobile mammogram service that's free of charge to low-income women.moreless
    • 06.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0613
      Monday: With unemployment at 9.7 percent in North Carolina, President Obama visited the politically divided state to reassure voters that his economic stimulus plan will take time; Then, In the search to help patients with Progeria, a disorder that causes accelerated aging, scientists have uncovered what makes us age over time; Also, A full 7,000 pages of The Pentagon Papers are now declassified and available for pubic viewing online.moreless
    • 11/6: CBS Evening News
      11/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1106
      Police believe church gunman took his own life after chase; What happens when the unthinkable seems to happen every day?
    • 01.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.22.11
      Saturday: The process of rehabilitating Gabrielle Giffords' brain is underway and she is responding well to therapy; Also, an economic collapse is causing an exodus of Irish to the U.S.; And, new members of the House of Representatives form the "Slumber Party."
    • 9/9: NFL assumed additional Ray Rice video existed; every minute: 20 victims abused by significant other
      NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL "assumed" there was more to the Ray Rice tape, but he had not seen it before Monday; and, according to the CDC, 20 people are victims of violence by a partner or spouse every minute.
    • 03.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.30.11
      Wednesday: Outgunned and regularly outflanked in the field, rebels in Libya are running for their lives from Qaddafi's forces; Also, President Obama sets a goal to cut U.S. oil dependence; Plus, the FDA reconsiders the impact of food dyes.
    • 12.07.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.07.10
      Tuesday: Elizabeth Edwards has died at 61 after a long battle against breast cancer; Also, President Obama defends his compromise with House Republicans over extending the Bush-era tax cuts; Plus, an inspiring artist campaigns for barefoot families.
    • 10.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1005
      Wednesday: Apple Chairman and co-founder Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56; Also, Sarah Palin announces she will not seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination; And, it has been nearly 10 years since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, which begs the question - why has it lasted so long? Scott Pelley turns to our troops for answers.moreless
    • A 10-year nightmare ends for three women after one escapes from house they were imprisoned in; Then, Syria's refugees in camps on the border are putting a strain on the country of Jordan; Also, a victim of the housing crash is starting a new life out using recycled material.
    • 09.10.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.10.10
      Friday: A deadly gas pipe explosion nearly destroys an entire neighborhood in California; Also, more controversy over Koran burnings planned on 9/11; And, Katie Couric joins rival news anchors to "Stand Up To Cancer."
    • The intense weather is not over for people living in the middle of the country. From Oklahoma City to Minneapolis, severe weather is still a threat. One family hit hard shares their story of survival with Anna Werner; And, A winning lottery ticket worth $4.8 million saved a home from foreclosure, a gift the family claims is from their own guardian angel A multi-million dollar payout from a winning lottery ticket saved a home from foreclosure in Chicago, and the family swears it's all because of their own guardian angel. Dean Reynolds reports.moreless
    • 09.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.09.11
      Friday: Scott Pelley tours the 9/11 memorial ahead of opening weekend; New York City prepares for new terror threats as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches; A World Trade Center company makes a comeback and gives back and a Penn. town is completely devastated by record flooding.
    • 12.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1217
      Saturday: In a rare Saturday session, the Senate votes to extend the payroll tax cut and to continue to give long-term jobless Americans 99 weeks of unemployment benefits; Also, in Egypt, the army turns on the civilian demonstrators who once saw the military as their friends; And, Ben Tracy reports on "Olive" - an entire full-length film shot on a smartphone that will actually be released in a theater.moreless
    • 04.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.03.11
      Sunday: Investigators say preexisting cracks could have caused the damage to the Southwest airliner; Also, a possible stalemate in Libya; Plus, 1950s rock legend Wanda Jackson's new wave of popularity.
    • 09.17.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.17.10
      Friday: Rising Republican star Christine O'Donnell accused of criminal misconduct; Also, inside an ambush in Afghanistan; And, what it takes to make the Guiness World Records.
    • January 1, 2013
      Season 2012 - Episode 20130101

      Scott Pelley reports on the latest stories.

    • 05.01.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120501
      On the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden, President Obama made a secret trip to Afghanistan where he set the time frame for U.S. support and addressed the nation; Also, five self-proclaimed anarchists are in a federal prison in Cleveland charged with a homegrown terror plot; And, at a memorial service in New York City, Mike Wallace's family, friends, and colleagues shared their favorite stories of the legendary "60 Minutes" correspondent.moreless
    • 03.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.01.11
      Tuesday: Defense Secretary Gates says U.S. Marines in the Mediterranean will only be used in Libya for emergency services; Also, two days of storms rip through the Midwest with heavy rain and tornadoes; Plus, a blind artist who paints with his imagination.
    • 12.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1215
      Thursday: House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, a Republican, and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, introduce a bipartisan solution for the future of Medicare; Also, for the final time, the colors are presented at the U.S. military headquarters during a ceremony that marks the official end of the mission in Iraq; And, police believe they've found the body of 23-year-old missing New Jersey woman Shannan Gilbert, ending an 18-month search.moreless
    • 08.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0821
      Sunday: The 42-year reign of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi appears close to collapse; Also, GOP Presidential hopefuls offer solutions to the recession; Plus, New Flogging Molly album inspired by Detroit.
    • 08.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0824
      Wednesday: With Hurricane Irene bearing down, mandatory evacuations are underway in North Carolina; Also, Steve Jobs suddenly and unexpectedly steps down as the CEO of Apple; And, Scott Pelley provides a first glimpse at the September 11th memorial.
    • 11.19.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.19.10
      Friday: Backlash increases towards the TSA over their new controversial airport screening methods as radiation risks surface; Then, the family of young man killed when his SUV rolled over, along with a jury who found in their favor, are blaming an allegedly faulty seat belt; Also, three decades later, remembering the mystery that kept everybody guessing who shot J.R.?moreless
    • November 29, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121129

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • 02.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.22.11
      Tuesday: A dispute among the pirates who hijacked a yacht off of Somalia appears to be the cause the fire fight which left four Americans dead; Also, the latest on the 6.3 magnitude quake that struck the New Zealand city Christchurch; Plus, a new study that puts cell phone safety to the test.moreless
    • 11.06.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.06.10
      Saturday: The Yemen government is finally cracking down on terrorism within their borders; Also, the FDA has approved a revolutionary new blood thinner; And, the greatest race horse ends its perfect record.
    • 02.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.15.11
      Tuesday: President Obam insists that his budget is exactly what the economy needs; Also, Anti-government Facebook and Twitter groups pop up in at least ten countries across the Middle East; Plus, has Coca-Cola's secret formula been uncapped?
    • 12.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1223
      Friday: Members of Congress unanimously pass a bill to extend the payroll tax deduction for two months; Also, a new generation of smart cars is making driving safer by actually stopping the vehicle before an accident; And, Steve Hartman has the heartwarming story of a little girl's wish to bring her dad home from Iraq for Christmas.moreless
    • 02.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120206
      As the situation in Syria gets more dangerous by the hour, American diplomats are forced to evacuate; Then, 17 Americans are facing charges of encouraging the unrest that has engulfed the country for nearly a year; Also, a rare look inside the training of the federal air marshals.
    • 11.13.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.13.10
      Saturday: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is free after two decades as a political prisoner; Also, air cargo security continues to be a major threat to the U.S.; And, Harry Potter fans gather in New York City for the 2010 Quidditch World Cup.
    • 02.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.14.11
      Monday: House Republicans fight for the federal deficit against Democrats and Tea Partiers; Also, Egypt's revolution inspires anti-government protests throughout the Middle East; Plus, is it wise to keep old love valentines?
    • 11.08.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.08.10
      Monday: Fast Food restaurants spending millions of dollars to market unhealthy meals to kids; Plus, President Obama stresses the importance of job creation through several major initiatives between the U.S. and India; Also, a new technology aimed at preventing further fatal accidents.
    • 12.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1225
      The 19 soldiers stationed at OP Mustang in Afghanistan take time out to celebrate Christmas; Then, at least 39 people are dead after a series of bombings targeting Nigerian churches; Also, four Long Island girls set out to make a difference in the lives of Cambodian children.
    • 05.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0528
      Saturday: Six days after deadly tornadoes leveled Joplin, Mo., residents there are finding ways to put the tragedy behind them and move on; Also, high gas prices are causing many holiday weekend travelers to skimp on their vacations; And, the United Warrior Survivor Foundation provides support to widows of Special Forces personnel.moreless
    • 02.01.10
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.01.11
      Tuesday: Massive protests continue in Egypt as more and more call for the ousting of long-time President Mubarak; And, a massive winter storm sets records and leads to havoc for travel in the Midwest.
    • 03.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.08.11
      Tuesday: For five straight days the Libyan army pounds the town of Zawiyah, but anti-Qaddafi rebels remain defiant; Also, Soaring gas prices cause a surge in the use of public transportation; Plus, Charlie Sheen stars in his own web show.
    • 06.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0624
      Friday: Details are being released about the FBI capture of elusive mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger; Also, despite protests, New Jersey passed a law that cuts benefits for public employee union members; And, a 43-year-old unemployed jewelry setter takes to New York City's streets to dig for gold.
    • 06.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0619
      Sunday: Rescue efforts are underway after NATO allegedly mistakenly bombed a civilian area in Libya; Also, NASA's decision to close their space shuttle program has left thousands looking for a new job; Plus, forging a bond only a father can make.
    • 03.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.05.11
      Saturday: Both Muammar Qaddafi's government and the rebels are claiming to control of the town of Zawiya as pressure U.S. military involvement in Libya grows; Also, Hershey is planning on laying off up to 600 people this year as the company "modernizes" its plant; And, the Reds fantasy camp lets baseball diehards play with the pros and forge lifelong friendships.moreless
    • 12.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1209
      Friday: President Obama says he didn't overpromise on his ability to fix the economy and that the recovery may take "more than one president" in an interview with "60 Minutes."; Also, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is in a virtual tie for second place in Iowa. But, could Ron Paul be the next president? As Dean Reynolds reports, he certainly thinks so; And, Steve Hartman tells the heart-warming story of a high school drama teacher who refuses to let her Stage 4 cancer stop the show.moreless
    • 03.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.09.11
      Wednesday: Qaddafi's air force targets major oil fields, a crucial area both sides of the battle have been avoiding; Also, accused Tucson shooter Jared Loughner comes face-to-face with victims; Plus, Muslim leaders gather to condemn GOP hearings.
    • November 20, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121120

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • 07.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0710
      Sunday: President Obama pushes for a big plan to cut over $4 trillion in spending; Also, the road for the British tabloid "News of the World"; Plus, how students are changing their economic futures through the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.
    • 03.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.14.11
      Monday: Japan's recovery and continuing fight to contain mounting problems caused by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and damaged reactors in Fukushima's power plant; Plus, new concerns over U.S. nuclear plants located in earthquake zones.
    • 03.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.13.11
      Sunday: The aftermath of a magnitude nine earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan; Plus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton plans to meet with the Libyan opposition in Cairo; Also, State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley steps down.
    • 03.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.12.11
      Saturday: The world is getting a closer look at the extent of the damage from the earthquake that hit Japan, as concerns mount over the possibility of a nuclear meltdown; Also, Qaddafi's forces are regaining control in key areas of Libya; And, the NFL's owners locked out its players, putting the next football season in jeopardy.moreless
    • 03.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.11.11
      Friday: Japan suffered an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which caused a tsunami with up to 24-ft. waves; Then, The 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami which sent waves surging to Calif.; Also, New tapes have surfaced that detail the events that took place the day President Ronald Reagan was shot.moreless
    • 10.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1011
      Tuesday: U.S. Officials uncovered a plot to bomb the Saudi Ambassador to the United States allegedly launched by the Iranian military; Then, Researchers have found that high doses of Vitamin E are linked to an increased risk of getting prostate cancer; Also, thousands of unemployed Americans looking to China as the new land of opportunity to find jobs.moreless
    • The trigger for Tuesday's violence in the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev was a refusal by some lawmakers to debate changes to the constitution that would have restricted the powers of President Yanukovich; and, a sharp decline in Minnesota’s moose population has left scientists baffled.
    • 01.01.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 0101
      The latest Des Moines Register poll released days before the Iowa caucuses has Mitt Romney in first, Ron Paul in second and Rick Santorum in third; Then, Iran tested a new surface-to-air missile during its naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, which many are taking as a hostile gesture; Also, rising theater ticket prices and falling home theater costs are keeping moviegoers at home and eating into Hollywood's profits.moreless
    • 04.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.27.11
      Wednesday: President Obama releases a copy of his birth certificate to prove to critics he is a natural born U.S. citizen; Also, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron speaks about the ongoing turmoil in Libya; Plus, who is Kate Middleton?
    • 04.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.25.11
      Monday: New documents released by WikiLeaks reveal that top al Qaeda figures were watching as the World Trade Center burned; Also, an exclusive interview with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelly; Plus, royal weddings of the past.
    • 11.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1119
      Saturday: Violence erupts between security forces and demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square, leaving at least one dead and more than 600 injured; Also, retailers, fearing empty aisles, are turning to an old gimmick to rev up holiday sales - layaway; And, "Georgia Works" places out of work Georgians in an eight-week training program with companies looking to hire.moreless
    • Same-sex marriage support, CIA's double agent
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120509
      President Obama endorses same-sex marriage. Will it cost him politically? Where do Americans stand? Reports from Norah O'Donnell, Bill Whitaker and Elaine Quijano; Also, U.S. intelligence says more al-Qaeda bombers are training to strike U.S. aircraft; And, the Pentagon's top combat photographer shares striking images of Americans at war.
    • 04.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.28.11
      Mark Strassmann reports from Tuscaloosa, Ala., where tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods, leaving many with nothing and killing at least 36; Then, On the eve of the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, a party atmosphere formed outside Westminster Abbey; Also, Katie Couric talks to some London schoolchildren and learns about the changing face of their country.moreless
    • 05.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120502
      Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident who escaped house arrest and sought sanctuary in the U.S. embassy in Beijing, was handed over to Chinese officials who guaranteed his safety and freedom; Also, prosecutors filed criminal charges against 11 of 13 people allegedly involved in the hazing beating death of a drum major at Florida A&M University; And, "The Scream," one of the most widely-recognized works of art in the world, sells at auction for a record price.moreless
    • 05.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.05.11
      Thursday: President Obama tours ground zero after the killing of Osama bin Laden; Also, Concerns over the economy have helped drive oil back to below $100 a barrel; Plus, ground zero's eight-acre plaza.
    • 11/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1126
      Al Franken gives first interviews since sexual misconduct allegations; Record breaking sales expected for Cyber Monday
    • 12.19.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.19.10
      Sunday: The Senate takes to the floor to debate the nuclear arms treaty with Russia; Also, a series of rainstorms sweeps the west coast; Plus, how Congress is really spending education tax dollars.
    • December 4, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121204

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • Special Report: Irene strikes
      Special Report: Irene strikes
      Season 2011 - Episode 0828
      In Full: Scott Pelley anchors a CBS News special report covering the latest on the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene as it moves over the Tri-State area.
    • 02.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.12.11
      Saturday: Feelings of euphoria and questions about the future of government linger for Egyptians; Also, we review the controversial picks for presidential nominees from the GOP straw poll; And, sex scandals continue to plague the Catholic Church.
    • 01.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.05.11
      Wednesday: Republicans take majority in the House and John Boehner is sworn in as the new Speaker; Also, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs steps down from his post; Plus, a homeless man receives job offers after his radio voice went viral on YouTube.
    • 08.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0807
      Sunday: Partisan bickering continues in Washington in the aftermath of the downgrade of U.S. credit; Also, families grieve Navy SEALs killed in Afghanistan; Plus, Somalia's famine crisis and how the U.S. is responding.
    • 04.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.23.11
      Saturday: Tornadoes tore through the St. Louis, Mo. area, causing extensive property loss and damaging Lambert International Airport; Also, with our credit limit almost maxed out, the U.S. faces possible default for the first time ever; And, victims from the two worst acts of terrorism on U.S. soil share their pain.moreless
    • 10.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1030
      Sunday: Snow buries communities from Maryland to Maine, leaving more than three million people without power; Also, monsoon rains leave more than 100,000 people homeless in Thailand; Plus, a 5-year-old girl races in memory of her dad.
    • 1/8: Massive manhunt in France; Celebrating 80 years of Elvis
      France is on its highest terror alert with more than 80,000 security forces deployed across the country to find the missing gunmen; and, as Graceland plays host to an 80th birthday bash for Elvis Presley, CBS News looks at the "The King's" remarkable career
    • 11.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1102
      Wednesday: A third anonymous woman has come forward to accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment -- just as he surged ahead in the polls; Also, the new drug Kalydeco is being hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of cystic fibrosis; And, thirteen-thousand Japanese Americans who fought in World War II are honored at the U.S. Capitol.moreless
    • 12.28.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.28.10
      Tuesday: The East Coast blizzard has cancelled over 5,500 flights, leaving holiday air travel a tangled mess; Also, "Crusher One," a Marine squad that has seen some of the heaviest fighting in Afghanistan; And, the story of a flight attendant with Continental Airlines for 53 years.
    • 11.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1107
      A fourth woman has stepped forward accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment; Then, Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter; Also, a panel of distinguished Americans share how to fix a broken Washington and move the country forward.
    • 5/27: Tropical Storm Beryl nears landfall, Golden Gate Bridge turns 75
      Winds are increasing as Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to make landfall in parts of Florida and the Carolinas; Then, a sailor's campaign to design a flag to honor his fellow veterans; And, the Golden Gate Bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary.
    • 11.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1125
      Friday: Retailers use new strategies to bring in consumers on Black Friday; Also, protests for an end to military rule intensify in Egypt ; And, Scott Pelley meets dozens of homeless teens forced to live inside cars.
    • 5/25: Murder charge in Etan Patz case, strom chaser vacations
      The admitted killer of Etan Patz, Pedro Hernandez, was charged with a second-degree murder; Also, the Dragon capsule, a private, unmanned spacecraft owned and operated by SpaceX, docked with the ISS; And, Steve Hartman meets with the proprietors and participants of an unusual tourism option: the storm chasing industry.
    • 11.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1117
      Thursday: At least six people are dead after a pack of tornadoes hit the southeast, adding to a year plagued by extreme weather caused by La Nina; Also, more Americans than ever are living past age 90. Dr. Jon LaPook shares the challenges they face; And, fishermen entering U.S. waters illegally from Mexico are are diminishing the numbers of already endangered sharks.moreless
    • 07.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0729
      Friday: Speaker John Boehner adds a balanced budget amendment to his debt ceiling bill and it passes the House; Also, car companies have agreed to double the average fuel efficiency of their entire model lines beginning in 2017; And, the remarkable story of Michael Trapp, an auto shop owner who survived a 3,000 foot plane crash into Lake Huron where he was stranded for 18 hours.moreless
    • 09.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.17.11
      Saturday: A fighter plane crashes at the National Championship Air Races in Nevada killing the pilot and at least eight people on the ground; Also, virtual surgery simulators are being used to help surgeons hone the motor skills they will need in an operating room; And, Greg Abbot, aka "Gadget," is sparking an underground movement of taking existing cars and converting them into electric.moreless
    • 05.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.16.11
      Monday: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, was charged in New York with seven counts of criminal charges; Then, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords looked on as her husband Mark Kelly lifted off in the space shuttle Endeavour on its last mission into space; Also, After 43 years missing in Vietnam, the recently identified remains of an elite, army Green Beret soldier finally made it home.moreless
    • 09.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.19.11
      Monday: Republicans shoot down President Obama's balanced plan for cutting the deficit; Then, A new study claims people with diabetes are twice as likely to develop dementia; Also, an investigation into the rogue pharmacies that distribute the powerful medications - no questions asked.
    • 12.17.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.17.10
      Friday: Katie Couric interviews WikiLeaks found Julian Assange about his life and his website; Then, never before have people been able to search for knowledge in the way Google has now made possible; Also, Matt Hoffman sacrificed the end of his junior year season playing football to donate his bone stem cells to save the life of a cancer patient.moreless
    • 04.27.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120427
      The Secret Service is cracking down on the behavior of its agents, issuing a new code of conduct for agents on drinking, visiting questionable establishments and more; Also, the people of New York City were witnesses as the Shuttle Enterprise (atop a 747 plane) flew over the city's landmarks en route to its final destination; And, Steve Hartman catches up with an unusual rancher Charles Kuralt met a few decades back.moreless
    • Afghanistan's Kabul Bank Crisis
      Season 2010 - Episode 0906
      Government officials in Kabul are trying to ease a crisis in Afghanistan's biggest bank. Mandy Clark reports President Hamid Karzai's family and political partners are reportedly seen as the root of the problem.
    • 10.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1024
      Monday: President Obama is announcing a series of steps to help struggling Americans using executive actions without the approval of Congress; Then, Libya's new government is promising many improvements but some ex-rebel fighters feel they don't want to go back to civilian life just yet; Also, About 800 doctors and medical workers donate their time inside LA's Memorial Arena for a once-a-year free health clinic.moreless
    • 07.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0707
      Thursday: "News of the World," Britain's most widely read newspaper, is calling it quits after 168 years following a phone hacking scandal; Also, lawmakers are are beginning to express confidence that a debt deal can be reached; And, Casey Anthony received the maximum jail sentence for lying to investigators, but will only be in jail for six more days after accounting for good behavior and time already served.moreless
    • 04.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.13.11
      Wednesday: The FAA plans for a staffing increase at 27 control towers after seven instances of sleeping controllers; Also, President Obama announces his plan to reduce the U.S. defict; Plus, changing the world into "Chip's nation."
    • 10.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1022
      Saturday: Two days after the death Muammar Qaddafi, Libyans are still celebrating their new freedoms. But, there is hard work ahead for the interim government; Also, a homeless woman with breast cancer finds a way to beat the odds with help from an unlikely friend; And, Cynthia Bowers reports on an Ohio non-profit that matches low-income families with volunteers who provide a path out of poverty.moreless
    • 09.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.14.11
      Wednesday: Republican Bob Turner's upset victory in New York's heavily Democratic 9th Congressional District is being seen as a message from voters to President Obama; Also, after receiving $500 million in stimulus money, Solyndra's solar panel factory declares bankruptcy, raising questions over where the money went and the company's ties to the Obama Administration; And, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz speaks with Scott Pelley on what he feels the problems with America and its leaders are.moreless
    • 04.15.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120415
      At least 122 tornadoes swept across the plain states, one of which hit the small town of Woodward, Oklahoma, killing at least five people; Then, The first military observers arrived in Syria, to help reinforce the cease-fire which activists claim has broken down; Also, a small town in Ireland commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Titanic.moreless
    • The mosquito-borne Zika virus has reached the United States and is spreading fast; Their boat, The Nora, is an accident that keeps happening over and over again.
    • The investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took a sinister turn as Malaysia's prime minister told reporters the plane was "deliberately diverted"; and, the ballots and polling stations are ready in Crimea on the eve of the referendum on whether to join the Russian Federation. Ukrainian soldiers remain blockaded in their bases and the head of Crimea's Ukrainian council hasn't been seen since his arrest last Sunday.moreless
    • A deadly mudslide outside Seattle, Wash., has left 18 people missing; Then, crews combated difficult weather conditions and poor visibility in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; Also, surfer Bethany Hamilton won her first championship since losing her arm to a shark attack 11 years ago.
    • 07.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0718
      Monday: The head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorism unit resigned in the wake of a police investigation into illegal phone hacking at the News of the World; Then, the survivor of a shooting rampage is campaigning to save the gunman from execution; Also, Mark Strassmann reports on the privately owned companies racing to re-launch America's manned space program.moreless
    • 04.17.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120417
      The Secret Service and Pentagon prostitution investigation is growing. CBS News has learned that at least 20 women were involved, as well as Army Special Forces troops; Also, researchers and engineers in California use state of the art technology to test how everything from elevators to operating rooms hold up during a major earthquake; And, weekly Friday night dinners for wounded veterans and their families have become an institution for servicemen during the healing process.moreless
    • 06.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0630
      Thursday: U.S. airport security fails - allowing a passenger with no ticket and no valid boarding pass to take a cross-country flight; Also, federal prosecutors make a decision about whether the CIA terrorist interrogation program was criminal; And, hackers belonging to crime gangs are targeting small towns, community banks and civic organizations - wiping out their bank accounts.moreless
    • 04.26.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120426
      Law enforcement officials are on high alert as messages from known terrorists urge attacks on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death; Also, the CIA officer in charge of the interrogation of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed describes what it was like waterboarding the terrorist; And, a recording of Louis Armstrong's last trumpet performance has been rediscovered after 40 years .moreless
    • 10.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1015
      Saturday: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement goes overseas - from violent clashes with police in Rome to a peaceful march in Tokyo, anger is spanning the globe; Also, South Florida is mobilizing to fight off an infestation of giant African land snails -- one of the world's most invasive species; And, "DOGPAC," a political action committee formed to protect to interests of dogs and their owners, is flexing its muscle in San Francisco.moreless
    • A strong storm system that dumped more than 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations of Washington state is bringing damaging winds and severe thunderstorms; and, thousands came together in San Francisco to make 5-year-old Miles Scott's wish to be Batman for a day come true.
    • 01.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.06.12
      Friday: The Labor Department reports that America's unemployment rate fell two-tenths of a point last month, to 8.5 percent - the lowest level in three years; Also, the U.S. Navy rescues 13 Iranian fishermen who were being held hostage by pirates in the Arabian Sea; And, Steve Hartman reports on a Denver based developer and his mission to sell $2 million condos in an underground missile silo.moreless
    • 11/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1118
      Religious leaders speak out against Roy Moore; The Museum of the Bible opens in D.C.
    • 04.18.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120418
      Dick Clark, the man known as "America's oldest teenager," has died at the age of 82. Anthony Mason remembers the TV legend and his entertainment empire; Also, three Secret Service members caught up in the prostitution scandal are out of a job; And, for the 70th anniversary of the Doolittle raid on Japan, Nancy Cordes sat down with the five remaining members of the crew who carried out the attack to find out how they overcame the seemingly impossible odds to help change the course of World War II.moreless
    • Relatives of passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were overcome with emotion, and some were carried out of Beijing’s Lido hotel on stretchers, upon hearing the news that no one aboard the doomed flight had survived; and, The NFL announced it is spending $45 million to support youth football and protect kids from concussions.moreless
    • 08.22.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.22.10
      Sunday: The top general in Iraq says that it's still far too soon to declare mission accomplished; Also, the dueling protests continue over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero; Plus, remembering CBS's Harold Dow.
    • 06.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0622
      Wednesday: President Obama addresses the nation on his plans for withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan; Also, a new report suggests a surprising number of breast implants will have to be replaced; And, an EgyptAir Boeing 777 and a Lufthansa passenger jet nearly collide in a close call on a runway at New York's JFK Airport.moreless
    • 02.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.07.11
      Monday: As protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square continue to demonstrate, President Mubarak calmly meets with his new cabinet; Also, U.S. businesses unload on rules, requirements and standards; Plus, the bullying epidemic in America.
    • 11.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1130
      Wednesday: The Federal Reserve is coordinating with central banks in Europe to cut the cost of borrowing dollars and ease the strain on European financial markets; Also, CBS News and Sports Illustrated examine how the gang life of students living in tough neighborhoods intersects with college sports; And, President Obama readies for the 2012 election with a visit Scranton, Pa. - a bellwether city in a key swing state.moreless
    • 01.12.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120112
      Thursday: Senior military officials join Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta denouncing a video depicting four Marines who appear to be urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban members; Also, despite incredible generosity towards Haiti following the earthquake that hit the country two years ago, the lack of systems to channel the money in an effective way is holding up progress to rebuild the nation; And, family, friends, and colleagues get together in New York City to share memories of the late Andy Rooney.moreless
    • 02.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.10.11
      Despite the frenzy of expectation that President Mubarak would be stepping down, he announced he is not; Then, The White House is going to propose a range of options to reform Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the mortgage market; Also, A late night gas explosion ripped through Allentown, P.A., killing five people.moreless
    • 01.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.02.11
      Sunday: Another round of bad weather delays travelers on the last weekend of the holiday travel season; Also, Republicans prepare the agenda for the new GOP-controlled House; Plus, a report on Cakes for Cause, a non-profit that gives foster kids a second chance.
    • 09.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0924
      Saturday: Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain pulls off a surprise victory in the Florida GOP straw poll, earning more votes than Rick Perry and Mitt Romney combined; Also, California issues a statewide mandate for students to get the whooping cough vaccine before they can come back to school; And, children in Tripoli, Libya, return to school where the memories of Qaddafi are being erased.moreless
    • 06.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0607
      Wednesday: President Obama urged Americans not to "panic" about the economic recovery, despite recent disappointing jobs numbers; Also, homeowners bear the brunt of the failed promise of mortgage modifications; And, a Minneapolis mother, whose son was murdered, now lives next door to - and is friends with - her son's murderer.moreless
    • 01.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.21.11
      Friday: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was transferred to a Houston hospital where she will continue the next phase of her recovery; Then, Prosecutors are considering criminal charges in a sex scandal involving Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi; Also, Katie Couric reports on a Washington woman who, along with the help of other senior citizens, knits hats for homeless children.moreless
    • 1/31
      Season 2013 - Episode 131

      Scott Pelley host this episode live from New Orleans for Super Bowl week.

    • 01.18.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120118
      Wednesday: Hope is fading in the challenging search for survivors in the aftermath of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster; Also, after three years of studying the impact of the proposed Keystone pipeline, President Obama says no; And, a cabinet full of lost treasures collected by Charles Darwin is discovered in a U.K. warehouse.moreless
    • 01.07.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.07.12
      Saturday: The contenders for the GOP presidential nomination are gearing up for a pair of weekend debates in New Hampshire; Also, a new book on the Obamas reveals some very difficult times for Mrs. Obama with certain members of her husband's inner circle; And, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly are back in Tucson, preparing to mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting that left six dead and wounded 13.moreless
    • 05.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0524
      Tuesday: The death toll in Joplin, Mo., has reached 122 and is expected to grow. As Don Teague reports, there is no firm number of injured or missing; Then, Seth Doane reports on why super twisters, like the one in Joplin, Mo., are more dangerous than the rest; Also, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a well-received address before both houses of Congress regarding negotiations to create lasting peace with the Palestinians.moreless
    • 12.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1201
      Thursday: After nine years, what began with shock and awe ended with humble words during a ceremony at one of the last U.S. bases to be handed over to the Iraqi government; Also, on her historic trip to Burma, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent her day with top government officials who made big promises on building democracy; And, Mark Strassmann speaks with the former FAMU band director, who says he could not break the band's secret, abusive culture.moreless
    • 02.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.04.11
      Friday: The Egyptian Army joined the opposition to President Hosni Mubarak for the "Day of Departure;" Then, it's been a tough pre-Super bowl weather week in Dallas with snow and ice piling up on and around Cowboy Stadium; Also, Katie Couric looks back at how Egypt's remarkable uprising unfolded.
    • 01.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.15.11
      Saturday: The Safeway supermarket in Tucson, Ariz. has reopened for business, one week after the shooting rampage; Also, the former president of the Tunisia is in exile after an uprising against his regime; And, we examine Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s use of the media to propel the civil rights movement.moreless
    • The Treasury Department's inspector general released a report that faults "ineffective management" at the IRS, which caused "substantial delays" for tea party groups applying for tax exempt status; Also, the Justice Department collected phone logs for 20 telephone lines used by more than 100 reporters and editors in an investigation aimed at finding who inside the government leaked classified information to reporters at the Associated Press; And, one group of birdwatchers in Dearborn, Mich., takes a different approach on how to appreciate the beauty of winged wildlife.moreless
    • 01.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.14.11
      Friday: Ariz. police have obtained photographs of gunman Jared Loughner posing with a gun while wearing a g-string; Then, Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law that boosts the Ill. state income tax rate by two-thirds; Also, It's been 40 years since the premiere of "All in the Family," a television show which pushed limits of language.moreless
    • 01.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.06.11
      Thursday: Democrats are accusing the GOP of hypocrisy over proposals to repeal health care reform; Then, President Obama's commission accuses BP, Transocean, and Halliburton of sacrificing safety to save money; Also, Ted Williams, who went from homeless man to national sensation, reunited with his mother for the first time in 20 years.moreless
    • 01.18.10
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.18.11
      Tuesday: A CBS News investigative report on slip-and-fall scams; Also, tensions between U.S. and China emerge on the eve of a summit; And, remembering Peace Corps founder Sargent Shriver.
    • 08.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0820
      Saturday: State TV says the two American hikers who have detained in Iran since 2009 have been sentenced to eight years in prison for spying and illegal entry; Also, on fifth day of his hunger strike, 74-year-old Anna Hazare continues his vow of no food until India enacts new laws against corruption; And, a memorial to the passengers and crew Flight 93 is set to open in rural Shanksville, Pa., on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.moreless
    • 10.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1026
      Wednesday: Federal prosecutors say they've arrested a high-ranking executive in the biggest insider trading case ever; Also, in Washington state, apple orchards are facing the problem of too many jobs but not enough workers; And, President Obama issues an executive order to help millions pay off their student loans.
    • 04.30.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120430
      President Obama tried to avoid saying anything that could risk the hopes of diffusing the Chen Guangcheng case; Then, Some of Britain's top investigators are stumped by the murder of a junior U.K. spy found dead in a luggage bag in his bathtub; Also, More and more men are being exonerated of wrongful convictions in Texas due to DNA evidence.moreless
    • 12.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1228
      With the Iowa caucuses on the horizon, Mitt Romney has turned his sights on the general election as Ron Paul faces criticism over his foreign policy; Then, Iran's threat of blocking a key oil route has shaken up the world market; Also, specialists in Afghanistan are taking a new approach to the treatment of concussions on the battlefield.moreless
    • 12.31.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1231
      Saturday: For the past two nights, an arsonist's fires have lit up the night sky in Los Angeles. More than 30 vehicles in and around Hollywood have exploded in flames; Also, As 2012 begins, San Francisco will become the first city in the U.S. to break the $10-an-hour barrier for minimum wage; And, time zone by time zone, the world welcomes a new year. And, perhaps the most popular celebration - the ball drop in New York City's Times Square - is ready to get underway.moreless
    • 05.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.09.11
      Monday: Mark Strassmann looks at Memphis, Tennessee's flood protection system as the Mississippi river rises to six times its typical width; Then, Pakistan has informed the U.S. it will allow U.S. government agents direct access to Osama bin Laden's widows; Also, Nursing homes allegedly prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, for people who don't need them with fatal side effects.moreless
    • 09.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.16.11
      Friday: A new survey conducted by CBS News and the New York Times reveals historic levels of disappointment with Congress and President Obama; Also, Georgia's unique job training program known as "Quick Start" is creating jobs for the suffering state; And, Tracy Smith speaks with the parents of 14-year-old Kameron Jacobsen, who hanged himself after being viciously bullied at school and online.moreless
    • 05.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.11.11
      Wednesday: Surging flood water is spelling disaster for small communities like Tunica Cutoff, Miss., which could be flooded off the map; Also, the Peace Corps are being accused of ignoring sexual assaults on volunteers; And, "CJ's Bus" creates a safe haven for kids in disaster zones.
    • 10.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1020
      Thursday: Libyan rebels finally caught up with Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi, once the most powerful man in Libya, was dragged out of a drainage ditch, then beaten and shot. CBS News reports on the demise of a dictator; Also, all of the animals set free at a Ohio farm have been reported accounted for, but questions remain surrounding their owner's troubled past; And, the St. Columbanus Church food pantry in Chicago feeds 500 households a week, but as Dean Reynolds reports, some weeks it struggles to keep up with demand.moreless
    • 04.22.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120422
      A storm system moving up the U.S. East coast is expected to bring heavy rain across the Northeast and dump more than a foot of snow in parts of Pennsylvania; Then, sources tell CBS News George Zimmerman is eager to go free on bail but mindful of the threats he faces outside; Also, Nevada's mining industry is in the middle of a gold rush, with prospectors pouring in from all over the country.moreless
    • 04.24.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120424
      Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan made an appearance on Capitol Hill to assure lawmakers that he was moving to resolve the prostitution scandal; Also, the government reported a new case of mad cow disease discovered in California - the first in the U.S. in six years; And, after years of oppression, Burmese refugees are preparing for the culture shock of American life at a camp in Thailand.moreless
    • 04.25.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120425
      The U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing Arizona's controversial immigration law that among other things allows police to check immigration documents of people; Also, USDA investigators are trying to identify where a cow suffering from mad cow disease was born and if it ever gave birth; And, after "60 Minutes" first aired a story two years ago on Elizza Montani's mission to help mend the lives of children affected by war, her charity has since received overwhelming support.moreless
    • 05.05.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120505
      Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four other top 9/11 suspects disrupted their arraignment hearing at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay by refusing to say anything; Also, President Obama officially launched his reelection campaign, making stops in two key battleground states - Ohio and Virginia; And, for 19 years, Shaquille O'Neal dominated the NBA with his size and even bigger personality. Now he's scored a doctorate.moreless
    • 11.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1120
      Sunday: Talks to reduce the country's deficit continue to come up empty; Also, the GOP candidates prepare for the Iowa caucus and the first-in-the-nation primary; Plus, how butterflies are helping heal the children of Joplin, Mo.
    • 05.08.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120508
      New details have emerged about how U.S. and other intelligence agencies stopped a plot to blow up a jetliner headed for the United States; Also, Maurice Sendak, author of "Where the Wild Things Are," died of a stroke at age of 83; And, in Georgia, where unemployment is running at nine percent, churches are putting their preaching into practice by ordaining "money missionaries" to help people make tough decisions about family finances.moreless
    • 09.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.21.11
      Wednesday: After 26 months in Iranian captivity, American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are released and reunited with their families in Oman; Also, a few weeks after posting a plea for help online, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer commits suicide; And, cotton farmers are feeling the worst of Texas' drought.
    • 09.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.20.11
      Tuesday: 40 years after America declared war against cancer, a new reports shows the country is making progress against the disease; Also, Montana is fighting the battle against methamphetamine addiction with a graphic in-your-face ad campaign targeted at teens; And, Don't ask don't tell, the policy banning openly gay troops from serving in the military, officially ends.moreless
    • 5/31: John Edwards mistrial, NYC soda ban
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120531
      Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards was acquitted of one count of campaign finance fraud, and a deadlocked jury yielded a mistrial on five other counts; Also, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a ban on the sale of sodas and sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces; And, political differences seemed to dissolve during the unveiling of former President George W. Bush's portrait in the White House.moreless
    • 09.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.04.11
      Sunday: Tropical Storm Lee hits the Gulf Coast with heavy rain and tornadoes in some areas; Also, the growing trend of job fairs hosted by members of Congress; Plus, A look back at the National September 11th Memorial.
    • 05.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.20.11
      Friday: Lance Armstrong went on the attack amid accusations he used performance-enhancing drugs; Then, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from prison while his sex assault case goes forward; Also, Harold Camping spread his end of the world prophesy with a billboard campaign costing as much as $1 million.
    • 05.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.19.11
      Thursday: On her last broadcast as anchor of the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric remembers some of her favorite moments of the past five years; Also, Lance Armstrong's former teammate accuses Armstrong of injecting a banned performance enhancing drug; And, an experimental therapy enables a paralyzed patient to stand up and take steps on his own.moreless
    • Police in New York City say they are holding a man who has confessed to the murder of Etan Patz - the six-year-old boy who vanished without a trace in 1979; Also, Monsignor William Lynn testified that he typed up a list of 35 alleged predator priests, but did nothing about them; And, a former high school football star convicted of rape had his conviction dismissed after his accuser said she lied about the whole thing.moreless
    • 0.0
      JPMorgan Chase has admitted to massive losses in risky trades in exotic investments costing it $2 billion; Then, The FDA is considering the use of Truvada to prevent the contraction of HIV; Also, a high school principal is teaching kids the way out of poverty.
    • 11.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1118
      Friday: The FDA is withdrawing the preliminary approval it granted in 2008 to use the popular drug Avastin for breast cancer; Also, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has reopened the case on one of Hollywood's most enduring scandals - the mysterious death of Natalie Wood; And, Steve Hartman tells the story of a philanthropic real estate broker who has given away millions of his own personal fortune to the less fortunate.moreless
    • A top government panel says the PSA test for prostate cancer is unreliable giving a falsely positive result 80 percent of the time; Then, a study on the relationship between U.S. allies and the Afghans they are training provides insight into possible reasons behind attacks from the Afghan soldiers; Also, Joplin, Mo. has spent the last year rebuilding from a deviating tornado and one Joplin graduate learned some hard lessons along the way.moreless
    • 05.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.18.11
      Wednesday: A report commissioned by the Catholic church claims that society is partially to blame for the child sex abuse scandal; Also, President Obama imposed sanctions on Syria's president for violent crackdowns on anti-government protests; And, X-rays help Mexican police catch 513 migrants hidden in trucks bound for the U.S.
    • Bernanke: Recovery Slowing
      Season 2010 - Episode 0827
      In a speech closely watched by Wall Street, Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged that economic recovery is slowing and pledged the Federal Reserve is ready to act if the economy stalls. Anthony Mason reports.
    • 10.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1016
      Sunday: Tens of thousands gather for the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial on the National Mall; Also, Qaddafi loyalists are showing no sign of backing down in Sirte; Plus, training veterans for community jobs.
    • 04.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.12.11
      Tuesday: A CBS News investigation into the frequency of dangerous spills and leaks by the U.S. oil and gas industry; Also, Japan's government expands the 20-mile evacuation zone around Fukushima; Plus, jets collide on JFK's runway.
    • 03.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.16.11
      Wednesday: Conflicting reports are coming out of Japan as workers race to cool its nuclear reactors; Also, questions raised about the safety older nuclear reactors in the U.S; Plus, the search continues for a 24-year-old American English teacher who went missing in the Japan earthquake.
    • 03.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.15.11
      Tuesday: Radiation levels have subsided after the third explosion at Fukushima's nuclear complex; Also, The U.S.'s humanitarian relief effort for Japan quickly turns to a hazardous duty for the military; Plus, the surviving spirit of the Japanese people.
    • 07.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0701
      Friday: Dominique Strauss-Kahn is released from house arrest after prosecutors list the lies told by his accuser; Also, in Georgia, a crackdown on illegal immigration begins, and for some farmers it's already a disaster; And, Johnny Long - one of the most influential marching band leaders - is inducted into the Hall of Fame.moreless
    • 03.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.10.11
      Thursday: Rep. Peter King, R-NY, held a controversial hearing focused on the role of Muslim-Americans in terror investigations; Then, Mark Phillips spoke with Qaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, who vowed his government will soon re-take all of Libya; Also, A Los Angeles woman founded "Heartfelt," a non-profit that offers cardiac screenings for free.moreless
    • 03.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.17.11
      Thursday: Bill Whitaker reports that it is not clear Japan's desperate measures to cool their damaged nuclear power plant will work; Then, The U.N. was voting on a resolution that would authorize "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from Qaddafi's forces; Also, Dr. Ritsuko Komaki reflects back on Japan's history with nuclear explosions and the dangers of radiation exposure.moreless
    • 02.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.21.11
      Monday: Libya's leader Muammar Qaddafi orders warplanes and helicopters to halt protesters; Also, new violence spreads towards popular tourist areas in Mexico; Plus, the Houdini housewife, Alexandria the Great.
    • 02.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.20.11
      Sunday: The latest in the continuing turmoil in the Middle East including the rising death toll in Libya; Also, the continuing debate on Capitol Hill over budget cuts and the largely ignored issue of entitlements; Plus, the housing crisis spreads to formerly immune Seattle.
    • 02.08.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120208
      Wednesday: Clarissa Ward reports from the Syrian frontlines with rebels fighting to overthrow the 40-year Assad dictatorship; Also, following his three-state sweep, Rick Santorum is back in the race as a serious contender for the GOP presidential nod; And, the Pentagon is opening up more jobs to women soldiers, although they're still banned from combat.moreless
    • 12.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1224
      Saturday: With just hours to go until Christmas, shoppers crowd the stores that are still open in search of last-minute bargains; Also, Jim Axelrod shows how a sociology professor turns trash into treasure for the holidays and the homeless; And, "Operation Gratitude" brings little bits of home to American soldiers in combat zones.moreless
    • The Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists say two helicopters were shot down in recent fighting, although there was no evidence of any wreckage.The Ukrainian government claimed one of them was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. That hasn't been verified, but U.S. sources are treating the report as credible; As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets a group of people who decided to step in to help Lauryn Lax, a woman whom they saw at the gym growing dangerously thin. Their decision to get involved in her life, Lauren says, helped save it.moreless
    • 02.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.19.11
      Saturday: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial plan to fill the state's budget shortfall is fueling fiery protests; Also, BP fund administrator Ken Feinberg rolled out his new plan for oil spill compensation; And, Watson, IBM's super computer, is now being tested to see how it deals with patients in a health care setting.moreless
    • 02.26.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120226
      The GOP Candidates are making their final pushes ahead of the Michigan state primary where a loss for Mitt Romney would be a near fatal blow to his campaign; Then, Afghans took to the streets for a sixth day as they expressed their rage over the accidental burning of Qurans by U.S. soldiers; Also, film and television productions are packing their things and moving from Los Angeles to New Orleans, which many are now calling "Hollywood South."moreless
    • 03.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.03.11
      Thursday: An ATF agent claims the agency has a policy that allows guns to go into Mexico; Then, Qaddafi's warplanes dropped bombs for a second day on the town of Brega, Libya; Also, The California sea otter has been dying off in alarming numbers, but no one's exactly sure why.
    • 02.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.27.11
      Sunday: The latest on the continuing crisis in Libya as Qaddafi's grip on power continues to wane; Also, governors in states across the U.S. get inspired by Wisconsin's demonstrations; Plus, tenure reform for teachers driven by student progress.
    • CEO convicted in coal mine explosion that killed 29
      A jury in West Virginia convicted the former CEO of a coal mining corporation of conspiring to violate safety standards. The charges came in the wake of the 2010 explosion at the Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine. Anna Werner reports with more.
    • 04.04.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120404
      A new report says one-third of medical spending is wasted on unnecessary procedures. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on the overuse and misuse of health care; Also, the FDA is alerting healthcare professionals that 120 vials of fake Altuzan - a cancer fighting drug - have entered the U.S.; And, no one was killed by the massive Texas storm that brought as many as 13 tornadoes to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Jeff Glor speaks with some of the grateful survivors.moreless
    • 12.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1208
      Thursday: The Iranian military is showing off what they claim is an American drone that they brought down; Also, Virginia Tech's campus was on lock down and high alert for more than four hours following a shooting which left two dead; And, the EPA says fracking - the controversial method of drilling for oil and natural gas - may be polluting groundwater.moreless
    • 10.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1014
      Friday: Mark Strassmann reports on the impact the nation's toughest immigration law is having on Alabama residents; Also, plans to clean up Zuccoti Park and temporarily displace the Occupy Wall Street protesters are cancelled at the last minute; And, Steve Hartman reports on a 40-year-old Dairy Queen owner who has helped out with fund raisers for more than 100 community organizations.moreless
    • 04.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.01.11
      Friday: The Labor Department released the best jobs report in two years, showing unemployment down to 8.8 percent; Then, Thousands of Afghan protesters stormed the UN compound in Mazar-i-Sharif, resulting in a massacre that left 20 dead; Also, Jim Axelrod reports on how the high-tech safety features of newer cars have made a difference in saving lives.moreless
    • 12.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1227
      With the Iowa caucuses a week away the Republican presidential candidates make their final push throughout the state; Then, home prices continue to fall in major cities as many homeowners fall victim to loan scams; Also, a visit to one small town that gave a large sacrifice for the war in Iraq.moreless
    • 03.20.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120320
      The Republican presidential candidates make their final push before the polls close in the Illinois state primary; Then, following the trail of a phony cancer drug; Also, A man on a mission to heal a tough Chicago neighborhood
    • 05.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.21.11
      Saturday: Higher gas and food prices are forcing consumers to spend more on necessities, and it's stalling economic progress; Also, a school district is beating bullying thanks to a federally funded, anti-bullying curriculum; And, Harold Camping's prediction that the world would end on May 21, 2011 did not come true.
    • 08.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0826
      Friday: The latest predictions of the size, strength and future track of Hurricane Irene - the storm that's threatening 65 million people; Also, Mayor Michael Bloomberg orders the first-ever mandatory evacuation of low-lying areas in all five boroughs of New York City; And, Elaine Quijano takes a look back at one of the most devastating storms ever to strike the New York metropolitan area, the infamous Hurricane of 1938.moreless
    • Well Plugging Back On Track
      Season 2010 - Episode 0724
      As Tropical Storm Bonnie fades, BP officials are scrambling to get back to drilling the relief well that will seal the leak once and for all, Kelly Cobiella reports.
    • 03.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.25.11
      Friday:The evacuation zone around Japan's damaged nuclear power plant in Japan was expanded from 12 to 19 miles; Then, Hundreds gathered in downtown Manhattan to honor the 146 who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; Also, The town of Koizumi, Japan, was wiped off the map, but, thanks to practice drills, only 42 people are missing or dead.moreless
    • 02.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.25.11
      Friday: 183 Americans have finally made it to Malta after being stuck for two days on a ferry docked in Tripoli; Then, The U.S. is paying close attention to Qaddafi's assests, but mystery surrounds exactly how much he is worth; Also, The hit television show "Glee" is inspiring show choirs to pop up at schools across the country.moreless
    • 9/8: CBS Evening News
      9/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0908
      Evacuations in overdrive as Irma prepares to strike Florida; Texas high school football team making the comeback of the year
    • 12.13.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.13.10
      Monday: A winter storm sweeps the U.S. with 50 MPH winds that produced blizzards, white out conditions; Also, a federal judge rules President Obama's health care bill unconstitutional; Also, a 73-year-old Texas woman makes coaching history.
    • 12.18.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.18.10
      Saturday: The Senate has voted to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing gays to serve openly in the military; Also, with one week left until Christmas, retail sales expectations are on the rise; And, small loans are providing a big boost to rural China.
    • 11/14: CBS Evening News
      11/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1114
      Gunman kills 4 in shooting rampage; giant panda treated like national treasure when it comes to health care
    • 12.03.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.03.10
      Friday: Economists are baffled as the jobless rate rose two-tenths of a point in November; Then, President Obama made a secret trip to Afghanistan to address the troops and deliver a message of gratitude; Also, a company's CEO made the biggest sacrifice by firing herself instead of one of her eight employees to save her company.moreless
    • 11.02.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.02.10
      Tuesday: Katie Couric anchors a special edition of the "CBS Evening News" during the 2010 midterm election night, as Republicans and Democrats fight over control of Congress.
    • 09.27.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.27.10
      Monday: President Obama calls for education reform; Also, A miracle crash landing caught on tape; Plus, campaign ads reach new levels of nasty; And, "Everybody In The World Has A Story."
    • 11.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.04.10
      Thursday: A high-tech way of screening for lung cancer has been shown to drastically cut the risk of dying from the disease; Also, an engine blow-out on Qantas Airlines Flight 34 causes the plane to make an emergency landing in Singapore; Plus, a businessman in Philadelphia has found a winning formula to help alleviate unemployment.moreless
    • 12.06.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.06.10
      Monday: WikiLeaks releases a secret State Department cable listing sites vital to U.S. national security; Also, Elizabeth Edwards' health deteriorates as her breast cancer spreads; Also, an Arizona woman takes her dreams from lawyer to mechanic.
    • 11.16.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.16.10
      Tuesday: Prince William proposes to his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton with his mother Princess Diana's ring; Also, abandoned or neglected properties that are creating safety hazards; Plus, two female auto factory workers who fought for equal pay in the late 1960s.
    • 12.08.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.08.10
      Wednesday: An FBI sting has stopped another suspected homegrown terror plot in suburban Baltimore; Plus, President Obama struggles to convince Democratic leaders to endorse the tax cut deal; Also, a look back on Elizabeth Edwards' final days.
    • 11.07.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.07.10
      Sunday: President Obama visits India to focus on opening its surging economy to U.S. goods; Also, House Republicans take aim at one of their first targets: health care; Plus, Chilean miner Edison Pena finishes the New York City marathon in less than six hours.
    • 12.20.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.20.10
      Monday: An exclusive report on the latest terror threat to America that involves the possible use of poisons; Also, the Senate tackles a bill that would provide aid to 9/11 first responders; Plus, Tennessee's year-round Santa Claus.
    • 09.22.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.22.10
      Wednesday: Lawmakers were unwavering during an egg recall hearing; Plus, the GOP attempts to sway voters with a "Pledge to America;" And, CBS Investigates the U.S. food safety system.
    • 08.26.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.26.10
      Thursday: A new CBS News poll reveals Americans are pessimistic about future of economy; Also, Katie Couric reports on "The Road Ahead in Afghanistan"; And, replanting seeds of hope in New Orleans.
    • 12.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1212
      The individual mandate has become a red-hot issue in the race for the Republican presidential nomination; Then, A video showing an old fashioned vote rigging method galvanized Russians to protest against political corruption; Also, measurements show dangerously high levels of air pollution in China that may also be affecting America's weather.moreless
    • Anthony Bosch ran a secret doping operation for pro athletes out of his clinic in Miami. He testified that Alex Rodriguez was his client and spoke publicly for the first time to Scott Pelley for "60 Minutes."; and, A chemical spill that contaminated and caused a shutdown of the water system in nine West Virginia counties has residents unsure when their water will be safe to use again.moreless
    • 12.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.29.10
      Wednesday: California residents are bracing for the windy conditions expected in the wake of the recent storm; Also, entrepreneurs are taking a risk on reinventing Detriot; And, big snow means big business for California's Mammoth Mountain.
    • Four hundred homes were damaged by the tornado that roared through Washington, Ill., on Sunday with winds in excess of 170 miles per hour. Much of the town has been reduced to rubble, and debris has been recovered 85 miles away; and, a traffic stop near Taos, N.M., last month led to a chase and a fight, ending with a police officer opening fire on a minivan filled with children.moreless
    • 12.23.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.23.10
      Thursday: California has started cleaning up after pounding rain wiped out entire neighborhoods damaging homes; Then, Relatives say a guardian agency for an elderly Arizona woman ran up the bills on her $1.3 million estate; Also, Jim Axelrod tells the story of a little boy who spreads Christmas cheer to those less fortunate.moreless
    • 11.21.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1121
      Monday: The congressional debt supercommittee failed to reach an agreement on cuts to reduce the nation's deficit; Then, At least 24 people have been killed in three days of protests as the fight for democracy continues in Egypt; Also, UC Davis' chancellor is leading an investigation reviewing the use of pepper spray by campus police.moreless
    • 12.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 20111207
      Wednesday: In a surprise decision by the Obama administration, young teenagers will not be allowed access to the morning-after emergency contraception pill without a prescription; Also, a look inside secret make-shift hospitals in Syria where wounded protesters are being treated because going to a government-run facility is too dangerous; And, Harry Morgan, best known for his role as Colonel Sherman T. Potter on M*A*S*H, is dead at the age of 96.moreless
    • Investigators say at least 200 Atlanta-area administrators and teachers took part in altering, fabricating and falsely certifying state exams; Also, police are looking into a possible connection between a white supremacist group and the recent killings of a Colorado prison chief and a Texas prosecutor and his wife; And, President Obama has proposed a $100 million mission to map the human brain in a partnership between government, private industry, and universities.moreless
    • 04.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.04.11
      Monday: Investigators say the damage to Southwest Flight 812 could have been due to metal fatigue; Also, Attorney General Eric Holder announces that the suspected 9/11 terrorists will be tried in a military tribunal; Plus, students claim Yale University turned a blind eye to sexual abuse cases.
    • 02.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.23.11
      Wednesday: Protesters in Libya are slowing eroding power from leader Muammar Qaddafi; Also, The condition and future of New Zealand following the earthquake that shook the nation; Plus, Caltech basketball breaks a 26-year losing streak.
    • 02.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.24.11
      Thursday: Rebel forces in Libya move to seize power from dictator Qaddafi; Also, another massive Toyota recall; Plus, the future of teachers' union "In Focus;" And, Prince William and his fiance mark their first official outing.
    • Cruise Ship Nightmare
      Cruise Ship Nightmare
      Season 2010 - Episode 0907
      Recently surfaced video shows a cruise ship during a 2008 South Pacific storm, an experience one passenger likened to a disaster movie.
    • 09.25.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.25.10
      Saturday: Facebook billionaire Jeff Zuckerberg launches his $100 million donation; Also, the DEA kicks off a new program to prevent prescription drug abuse; And, one family's struggle to find a cure for their son's mystery disease.
    • Yemen Under Negative Spotlight
      Yemen Under Negative Spotlight
      Season 2010 - Episode 0108
      Many Yemenis are upset their country has become a new front in the war on terror. The alleged Christmas Day bomber is suspected to have received terrorism training in Yemen. Terry McCarthy reports.
    • 08.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.04.10
      Wednesday: A Federal judge overturns Proposition 8 in a landmark ruling; Also, an investigation on white supremacists; And, how YouTube became the new platform for fame.
    • 11/13: Cold front continues in Midwest; Pennsylvania town is all about Friday night football
      As homeless shelters in Denver fill up, the public library has become a daytime refuge for people who have nowhere else to go; and, in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, it used to be all steel mills and football. With unemployment close to 10 percent and drugs and crime rampant, the town is down to just football.moreless
    • Stem Cell Research Funding Halt
      Season 2010 - Episode 0823
      A federal judge has issued a temporary halt on the U.S. funding of stem cell research, citing legal restrictions on the destruction of human embryos. Wyatt Andrews reports.
    • At least 148 people were killed when terror group Al-Shabaab attacked Garissa University College. Debora Patta reports from Nairobi with the tales of survival from some who managed to survive the attack; Losing a cell phone is usually an inconvenience. But for Matt Stopera, losing his phone meant taking an around-the-world journey to China. Seth Doane reports.moreless
    • Law and Disorder
      Law and Disorder
      Season 2009 - Episode 0725
      President Obama's efforts to cool the controversy over the arrest of Henry Gates seem to be working, but the incident apparently drew a crowd, which could be a problem. Bianca Solorzano reports.
    • Two prisoners both serving life sentences for murder escaped from a Florida prison within 11 days of each other. Prison officials released them after receiving documents bearing the forged signature of a circuit judge; and marine biologist Nan Hauser has studied humpback whales extensively in the South Pacific. She explains to Scott Pelley for "60 Minutes" why the animals use a complex mix of far-reaching sounds to communicate underwater.moreless
    • Romney Learns Of Nevada Win
      Romney Learns Of Nevada Win
      Season 2008 - Episode 01.19.08
      "Only On The Web": Appearing before reporters on a flight to Jacksonville, Fla., Mitt Romney hears about his victory in the Nevada GOP caucuses over the plane's PA system.
    • 10/26: CBS Evening News
      10/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1026
      President Trump declared a public health emergency Thursday to fight the opioid crisis in the U.S; If all goes as expected at the World Series Friday, the crowd will stand for the anthem -- the baseball anthem. Everyone knows the seventh-inning stretch song, but there is a story behind it -- a love story.moreless
    • Music In The Air
      Music In The Air
      Season 2009 - Episode 0711
      A London attraction is getting tons of attention: pianos placed in random locations. The experiment is widening the envelope of art, as it brings out the music lover in many. Sheila MacVicar reports.
    • Schools have already been ordered closed throughout the state of Minnesota in anticipation of record-breaking cold that's expected to bring wind chills in parts of the upper Midwest to minus 60 degrees; and, New rules governing rest breaks for pilots of commercial airliners have begun to take effect and could cause added delays to an already complicated travel weekend.moreless
    • 10.15.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.16.10
      Friday: Hidden details from the Chilean miners of their life underground are surfacing; Then, the Senate race in Nevada is showing a dead heat; Also, the real life story behind the film "Conviction."
    • Camp On Financial Independence
      Camp On Financial Independence
      Season 2009 - Episode 0716
      Instead of picnics and hiking this summer, how about learning how to open a savings account? Kelly Wallace reports on a unique camp that teaches kids about money.
    • 11/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1113
      New accuser says Roy Moore sexually assaulted her; 3 women on their nearly 50 years of friendship
    • 11/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1128
      North Korea fires ballistic missile; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed in May
    • Not-So-Merry Air Fares
      Not-So-Merry Air Fares
      Season 2009 - Episode 1016
      For the past year, air fares nationwide have been reduced as a result of the recession. But, as Nancy Cordes reports, this is about to change as prices continue to rise for the upcoming holiday season.
    • 11.24.08
      Season 2008 - Episode 11.24.08
      Monday: Barack Obama introduces his economic team, and puts them right to work. And, if commodity prices are down, why are you still paying so much for food?
    • 05.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.07.11
      Saturday: The Pentagon releases video seized from Osama bin Laden's compound that show him rehearsing his messages and watching himself on television; Also, residents continue to battle historic flooding along the Mississippi River; And, the sports world mourns the death of golf great Seve Ballesteros.
    • 12.07.09
      Season 2009 - Episode 20091207
      Monday: The EPA releases a monumental warning on greenhouse gas emissions; Also, a Chicago man is charged with aiding the Mumbai terror attacks; And, Steve Hartman's "Assignment America."
    • 10.06.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.06.10
      Wednesday: The Supreme Court hears a free speech case over protesting at military funerals; Also, the U.S. attempts to mend relations with Pakistan; Plus, strong clues into mysterious honeybee die-offs across the country.
    • Rape Kits Remain Untested
      Rape Kits Remain Untested
      Season 2010 - Episode 0520
      Valerie Neumann's rape kit could have proven to be a deciding factor in her case, but the key piece of evidence was left out due to lack of funds. Armen Keteyian reports.
    • 06.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0610
      Tent cities on the Turkish border are swelling with Syrian refugees escaping their dictator's violent crackdown on anti-government protests; Then, The House floor stands empty despite members of Congress' promise to work day and night until the negotiations over the looming debt ceiling are reached; Also, At the end of his last overseas trip as Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates told his fellow NATO defense ministers what he really thinks of America's oldest military alliancemoreless
    • Notebook: Airline Fees, Delays
      Notebook: Airline Fees, Delays
      Season 2009 - Episode 1008
      CBS News' Bianca Solorzano discusses the latest study which indicates that airlines, while frequently slapping fees on travelers, have increased times for flight delays.
    • By the time the storm hit, almost everyone in Atlanta had decided to ride it out at home, but tens of thousands of people in the area lost power as trees and power lines collapsed under the weight of the ice; and, Mark Strasssmann meets one of the three surviving members who risked everything to save priceless works of art.moreless
    • 8/12: CBS Evening News
      8/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0812
      One dead in Virginia after white nationalists clash with counter-protesters; Google finds itself in the middle of national debate after firing writer of diversity memo.
    • 08.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.30.10
      Sunday: Five years after Hurricane Katrina, President Obama visits New Orleans to pay his respects; Plus, dozens of ceremonies help New Orleans locals celebrate their survival; And, workers in Chile prepare to begin drilling an escape shaft for the trapped miners.
    • Where Does AARP Stand?
      Where Does AARP Stand?
      Season 2009 - Episode 0817
      CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson spoke with AARP Senior Vice President for Social Impact Cheryl Matheis about the AARP's position on health care reform.
    • New Al Qaeda Threat
      New Al Qaeda Threat
      Season 2010 - Episode 0114
      U.S. intelligence officials believe that the terrorists behind the attempted Christmas Day bombing are planning new attacks against the U.S. Wyatt Andrews reports.
    • 12.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1220
      Tuesday: House Republicans double down by voting to reject a two-month payroll tax cut extension; Also, if Congress does not act before the end of the year, the unemployment benefits that millions of Americans receive will disappear; And, a poverty-stricken football team in Georgia wins the state championship with the help of a federally-funded nutrition program.moreless
    • 09.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.23.11
      Friday: The insurgents who attacked the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, were killed, but their cell phones left behind evidence linking Pakistani intelligence to the Haqqani terror network; Also, Scott Pelley goes alongside NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelley for an extraordinary look inside the counter terrorism bureau; And, Steve Hartman reports on the unique sport-of-choice for kids in Lakeside, Ohio - shuffleboard.moreless
    • Evening News Online 09.10.11
      Evening News Online 09.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.10.11
      Saturday: A weekend of national remembrance as Americans mark ten years since the 9/11 attacks. Also, the latest on the recent terror threats in New York and Washington. Then, an eyewitness account from a photojournalist who was at the epicenter of the 9/11 attacks.
    • 09.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.11.11
      Sunday: America officially dedicated its memorial at the World Trade Center to those lost on 9/11; Then, Cynthia Bowers reports on some of the stories of the more than 3,000 children who lost their parents to the attacks on 9/11; Also, A look at some of the indelible images from memorials marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.moreless
    • Releasing GITMO Prisoner
      Releasing GITMO Prisoner
      Season 2009 - Episode 0822
      One of the youngest detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison will likely be returned to Afghanistan. Lara Logan tells us the story of a soldier who broke ranks over Guantanamo and followed his conscience.
    • Pope's Letter Deepens Scandal
      Pope's Letter Deepens Scandal
      Season 2010 - Episode 0409
      The Catholic Church scandal has drawn closer to Pope Benedict XVI, as a newly-released letter shows that he did little to defrock a priest convicted of sexually abusing minors. Ben Tracy reports.
    • Search and rescue operations continue after a police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub in Glasgow, Scotland. Several people were killed, 14 remain in the hospital with serious injuries; and, 29-year-old Jenny Hatch has Down syndrome and won a court battle to decide for herself where she wanted to live, becoming an icon for the developmentally disabled. Her story has inspired others dealing with similar disabilities.moreless
    • 8/3: CBS Evening News
      8/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0803
      Grand jury involved in investigation into Russian meddling in U.S. election; seamstress saves the day after Alfred Angelo bridal stores close
    • Rudy Plays Ball In Florida
      Rudy Plays Ball In Florida
      Season 2008 - Episode 01.29.08
      "CBS News RAW": On primary day in Fla., Rudy Giuliani plays catch with a baseball and mentions some "foreign policy experience": teaching Japan's PM how to throw out the first ball at a Yankees game.
    • 10.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1029
      Saturday: An early snowstorm is blasting its way across the Northeast, downing power lines and snarling air and ground travel for thousands; Also, to close California's pension gap, Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for state employees to pay more and work longer before retiring; And, British Prime Minister David Cameron has announces that future modern monarchs will be 'first come, first crowned' -- whether it's a boy or a girl.moreless
    • 11/3: CBS Evening News
      11/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1103
      NYPD could arrest Harvey Weinstein; woman turns to Facebook to search for late husband's car for her son
    • 8/7: CBS Evening News
      8/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0807
      An EF2 tornado hit Tulsa, Oklahoma, early Sunday without warning; NASA's news job comes with a six-figure salary and duties include saving the Earth.
    • Rudy's Bid Not Riding On Fla.
      Rudy's Bid Not Riding On Fla.
      Season 2008 - Episode 01.24.08
      Asked if he will press on if he doesn't win the Florida primary, Rudy Giuliani says he will continue his campaign. Giuliani: "I have no plans to end my campaign... I think we are in good shape here."
    • 11/03: U.N.: Climate change may be irreversible; Terminally-Ill Ohio woman lives her dream
      According to a United Nations panel, evidence shows that the earth is rapidly warming -- and humans are to blame. Significant effects are already being felt around the world; about a year ago, Lauren Hill was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Instead of wallowing in self pity, she set a goal - to try and live long enough to play in her first college game at Mount St. Joseph University.moreless
    • 12/5: Nelson Mandela dead at 95; Crippling ice storm stretches from Texas to Tenn.
      Former South African President Nelson Mandela, the man who led his country's peaceful transition out of apartheid and became the country's first black president, died Thursday. He had been battling a lung infection for many months; and, Parts of Texas are already covered in ice, in Oklahoma, the governor has declared a state of emergency, and utility workers in Arkansas have been put on standby for what could be the worst storm in four years.moreless
    • April 1, 1968
      April 1, 1968
      Season 5 - Episode 181
    • 04.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120402
      A suspect is in custody after a gunman killed seven people in a shooting on the campus of Oikos University in Oakland, California; Then, Syria President Bashar al Assad agreed to withdrawal troops and tanks from his country's biggest cities by April 10; Also, Vietnam War veterans are getting a long overdue homecoming 43 years later.moreless
    • Pakistan in Danger
      Pakistan in Danger
      Season 2009 - Episode 1007
      Pakistan's border is home to thousands of Taliban and al Qaeda fighters who often cross into Afghanistan to attack American forces. Terry McCarthy reports from Pakistan's Swat Valley.
    • 11/2: CBS Evening News
      11/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1102
      New details on deadly ambush in Niger; Do stents ease chest pain?
    • 12.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1230
      Friday: Verizon announces that it is backing down from the two-dollar monthly fee it planned on charging some wireless customers just to pay their own bills; Also, with only four days left until the Iowa caucuses, no clear frontrunner has emerged in the Republican race; And, Steve Hartman learns how putting pen to paper and sending thank you notes can improve your personal life.moreless