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    • 6/30: CBS Evening News
      6/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0630
      Gunman opens fire in New York City hospital; Neighbor subs in to help soldier's son with yardwork
    • May 3, 1965
      May 3, 1965
      Season 2 - Episode 171
    • April 12, 2007
      April 12, 2007
      Season 44 - Episode 221
    • 9/11: How the president's ISIS plan will be carried out; We're engaged in a major counterterrorism operation
      The U.S. military has begun a new campaign targeting all ISIS forces across northern and western Iraq, gearing up for more aggressive attacks on ISIS as the military carries out the plan laid out by President Obama in his speech Wednesday; and, Secretary of State John Kerry stresses that while the U.S. is not at "war" with ISIS, it is engaged in a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.moreless
    • 04/16: Pope transforms lives of 12 Syrian refugees; CBS News reporter shares family miracle story
      Pope Francis has opened more than his heart to refugees trapped in Greece; CBS News' Marlie Hall shares a story about her father Edward, who while in retirement in Haiti, fell into a coma before miraculously surviving it.
    • 10/2: Dallas quarantines contacts of Ebola patient; Nation prepares to open memorial for wounded vets
      The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the man being treated for Ebola, is quarantined in their Dallas apartment as officials try to prevent an outbreak. State health officials say that none of the estimated 100 people who were in direct or indirect contact with Duncan have shown any symptoms. But residents remain skeptical; and, Dennis Joyner lost three limbs to a booby-trap in Vietnam. Now, as the nation prepares to open a national memorial honoring America’s wounded in war, he and other vets hope that people don't forget the consequences of war.moreless
    • 8/22: Wildfire rages near Yosemite National Park; 14-million-year-old whale fossil discovered on shore of Potomac
      A fire outside Yosemite National Park has tripled in less than a day and has forced the closure of one of the main roads into the park during one of the busiest time for visitors; and a man discovered a skull of a whale that lived 14 million years ago.
    • May 4, 2008
      May 4, 2008
      Season 45 - Episode 243
      Rated: TV-G Major topics:
    • It took the cardinals of the Catholic church 24 hours to make history by selecting the first non-European to lead the church; Also, worldwide reactions to the new pope; And, military sex abuse case and military law under review after overturned court marshal.
    • 8/23: CBS Evening News
      8/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0823
      Hurricane Lane brings more than a foot of rain to Hawaii's Big Island; Blind veteran makes daring journey from California to Hawaii
    • 7/04: America celebrates Independence Day in blanket of security: Be My Eyes app brings new meaning to iPhone
      The signs are plain to see that this Fourth of July is marked by a heightened concern about a terror attack; Thanks to one visually impaired man, a tap of the finger is all it takes to get the blind some help they need.
    • Alabama counties were supposed to be able to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses Monday, but a message from the state's chief justice has confused matters. Chip Reid spoke with judge Roy Moore who insists gay-marriage is a violation of Alabama law; Sam Smith walked away with an armful of Grammy awards on Sunday night. While Smith stole the show, Bob Dylan also turned heads for what he said about his critics. Anthony Mason brings us the top moments from the 2015 Grammy Awards.moreless
    • 11/28: Ray Rice wins appeal to overturn suspension; A small Pennsylvania town demands their Christmas tree be taken down
      Ray Rice, the NFL running back who was caught on video hitting his fiancé, won his appeal; in Reading, Penn., residents say Charlie Brown had a better Christmas tree than they do.
    • 11/23: After heavy snow, Buffalo braces for flooding; Cinder the bear cub gets a second chance
      After a week of heavy snow fall in Buffalo, officials warn residents to prepare for impending floods caused by soaring temperatures; and, among the bears heading to hibernation this winter is a little cub named “Cinder.” She was wounded in a wildfire but has made a remarkable recovery and has reached a huge milestone.moreless
    • 8/8: Donald Trump defends comments about Megyn Kelly; program helps young African-American pilots earn their wings
      Donald Trump was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the influential conservative RedState Gathering. However, after his comment about Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly, he was disinvited from the event. Julianna Goldman reports; The Tuskegee Next summer program teaches teenage African-Americans to fly. The program is named for the Tuskegee Airmen, the legendary World War II group of African-American fighter pilots. Adriana Diaz is with the latest class earning its wings.moreless
    • 2/21: Shooting rampage in Michigan leaves six dead; Rescuers recount life-saving actions after chopper crash
      An Uber driver is in custody after he allegedly opened fire at three separate locations near Kalamazoo, Michigan, Saturday night; a sight-seeing helicopter crash caught on camera in Hawaii could have had a tragic outcome, if not for the actions of a group of tourists
    • 10/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1024
      Suspicious packages sent to Clinton, Obama and CNN; Pregnant wife gives CPR to husband day before giving birth
    • 10/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1021
      Trump questions Saudi story on Jamal Khashoggi death; "Operation Find and Fix" works to repair faulty airbags
    • 9/14: CBS Evening News
      9/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0914
      Florence wreaks havoc in North Carolina; Volunteer rescuers in North Carolina told to stand down
    • 8/4: CBS Evening News
      8/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0804
      Tornado hits central Massachusetts, wildfires rage in California; Dad surprises daughter with her dream dress for 8th grade formal.
    • 9/22: CBS Evening News
      9/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0922
      Kavanaugh accuser responds to Senate request; Authorities find $18 million worth of cocaine hidden in banana shipment
    • 8/1: CBS Evening News
      8/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0801
      Passengers capture dramatic footage of Aeroméxico plane crash; Victim of priest's sex abuse says she was taught to trust her abuser, who "was next to God"
    • 09.27.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.27.10
      Monday: President Obama calls for education reform; Also, A miracle crash landing caught on tape; Plus, campaign ads reach new levels of nasty; And, "Everybody In The World Has A Story."
    • In a sudden end to a diplomatic stalemate, blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is brought to the U.S.; Also, Facebook becomes a launching pad for tech start-ups trying to cash-in on its success; And, Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 60-year-reign.
    • 7/6: CBS Evening News
      7/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0706
      Oxygen running out as boys remain trapped in Thai cave; How a car connects a fallen soldier and his son
    • 10/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1022
      Migrant caravan heads north despite warnings to end journey; Soldier and his military dog travel the road to recovery together
    • A new trial of the leading experimental Alzheimer's drug Crenezumab is set to begin; Also, Dr. Jon LaPook reports on what is behind the recent whooping cough outbreak; And, The man who runs the hometown bank in Cattaraugus, New York feels he has a responsibility to his town to hold the community together.moreless
    • 10/6: CBS Evening News
      10/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1006
      Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court; Banksy painting self-destructs.
    • 8/18: CBS Evening News
      8/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0818
      Trump calls John Brennan “worst” CIA director in history; Boy who catches foul ball gives ball to another young kid
    • 5/31: John Edwards mistrial, NYC soda ban
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120531
      Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards was acquitted of one count of campaign finance fraud, and a deadlocked jury yielded a mistrial on five other counts; Also, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a ban on the sale of sodas and sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces; And, political differences seemed to dissolve during the unveiling of former President George W. Bush's portrait in the White House.moreless
    • 9/21 CBS Evening News
      9/21 CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0921
      Negotiations underway for Kavanaugh accuser to testify next week; A college student and a minister answered each other's prayers
    • It's been a tale of two coasts, with different types of extreme weather conditions hitting different spots of the country, impacting the economy in some places. Jericka Duncan reports from New York; Potholes are the bane of any American driver, but one man is filling his pockets with pothole profits. Don Dahler reports on how he is profiting from the asphalt craters.moreless
    • 10/29: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1029
      Police confronted Pittsburgh shooting suspect as he tried to flee; Pittsburgh shooting victims remembered by family and friends.
    • 8/3: CBS Evening News
      8/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0803
      Flash flood watches and warnings stretch from Georgia to Maine; Who is Ronald Wayne, one of Apple's co-founders?
    • 09.25.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.25.10
      Saturday: Facebook billionaire Jeff Zuckerberg launches his $100 million donation; Also, the DEA kicks off a new program to prevent prescription drug abuse; And, one family's struggle to find a cure for their son's mystery disease.
    • 01.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.30.11
      Sunday: As the crisis in Egypt worsens, opposition leader Mohammad El Baredei calls for the end of President Hosni Mubarak reign; Also, million-dollar homeowners bucking the foreclosure trend; Plus, another winter storm threatens to more snow and ice.
    • 6/21: CBS Evening News
      6/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0621
      What happens to children separated from their parents after Trump's executive order?; Supreme Court rules states can charge online shoppers sales tax
    • 7/22: CBS Evening News
      7/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0722
      Store manager killed in California shootout; Global push to break down barriers
    • A new drug could change the way heart failure is treated. The drug, a combination of two others, works to rebalance the blood’s chemistry and bring circulation back to normal; and, Abigail Caroll got into the oyster farming by accident. But now, she stands to gain a profit as the oyster harvest hits its sweet spot this summer.moreless
    • 12/30: CBS Evening News
      12/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1230
      Arctic temperatures causing havoc across the country; Semblance of normality in Somalia's capital despite terror attacks
    • 6/25: CBS Evening News
      6/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0625
      Sarah Sanders' restaurant encounter kicks off debate about confronting Trump allies; Teen steps up to help blind and deaf man in random act of kindness.
    • 9/19: CBS Evening News
      9/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0919
      Grassley says Kavanaugh accuser has until Friday to submit testimony; Police called on black candidate campaigning door to door.
    • 7/19: CBS Evening News
      7/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0719
      Intel chief Dan Coats says he doesn't know what happened in Trump meeting with Putin; Village employees donate sick time to fellow officer battling cancer.
    • Adam Lanza's obsession with violent video games and the mass murder in Norway were at least in part motivation for his deadly rampage; Then, South African Olympic star Oscar Pistorious' lawyers are desperate to get him out of custody and out on bail; Also, when Africa Mercy, the largest civilian hospital ship in the world, arrives in Togo, thousands line up for free screeningsmoreless
    • 11/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1110
      Southern California fire burns mobile homes, Malibu mansions; Florida begins recounting votes for Senate, governor elections.
    • 10.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1003
      Monday: Gen. John Allen, the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan, outlines his strategy for the Afghan war; Then, Amanda Knox was found not guilty of killing her college roommate by an appeals court jury; Also, memos show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial Fast and Furious operation as far back as July of 2010.moreless
    • 6/9: CBS Evening News
      6/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0609
      Trump travels to Singapore for North Korea summit; Photographer Paul Fusco shares his story of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
    • 09.17.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.17.10
      Friday: Rising Republican star Christine O'Donnell accused of criminal misconduct; Also, inside an ambush in Afghanistan; And, what it takes to make the Guiness World Records.
    • 1/2: CBS Evening News
      1/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0102
      Americans battle deadly cold across the country; Bills fans thank Bengals QB with donations.
    • 8/19: CBS Evening News
      8/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0819
      Trump says he has "nothing to hide" in Russia investigation; Hajj pilgrimage is underway in Saudi Arabia
    • 10/14: CBS Evening News
      10/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1014
      Crews in Mexico Beach hope to find more survivors in Hurricane Michael's aftermath; Crews in Mexico Beach hope to find more survivors in Hurricane Michael's aftermath
    • 8/9: CBS Evening News
      8/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0809
      Judge threatens to hold Sessions in contempt, halts deportations of some asylum seekers; 10-year-old cancer patient determined to stay on her feet
    • JPMorgan executives resign, Columbia Univ. janitor graduates
      Three executives have resigned at JPMorgan Chase following a $2 billion loss in risky trades; Then, opponents of Maryland's same-sex marriage law are trying to get a referendum on the November ballot to overturn it; Also, a Columbia University janitor has graduated with a degree in classics.
    • 5/5: U.S. diplomat contradicts White House on Benghazi; Educare: Putting money into education
      Eight months after the Benghazi attacks, one senior U.S. diplomat raises new questions about a possible cover-up by saying he and most others in the mission "thought it was a terrorist attack from the get-go"; Also, the focus on Tamerlan's widow, 24-year-old Katherine Russell, is intensifying. A search of her laptop found Al-Qaeda's online magazine "Inspire," which offers bomb-making instructions; And, billionaire George Kaiser's foundation spends $20 million a year on early childhood education for low income families in Oklahomamoreless
    • 3/7: CBS Evening News
      3/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0307
      Nor'easter slams the East Coast, leaves thousands without power; NFL players help save man's life after hiking accident.
    • 10/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1025
      Investigators focus on Florida postal facility in search for package bomb mailer; Kindergartners surprise custodian by signing "Happy Birthday."
    • 08.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0805
      Friday:The latest U.S. jobs report shows unexpected growth, staging a slight turnaround for battered stocks; Also, European financial markets post their biggest weekly decline in nearly three years; Plus, American servicemen in Afghanistan are facing an alarming increase in homemade fertilizer bombs; And, chaplains shepherd members of Congress through the debt deal.moreless
    • Pope Francis gave a sense of his down-to-earth style Sunday, plunging into the crowd that gathered outside his parish church where he held Mass; Also, with the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion approaching, Magalie Laguerre speaks to a soldier who kept a private record of the dramatic first weeks in Baghdad; And, Ohio juvenile court Judge Thomas Lipps, found 17-year-old Trent Mays and 16-year-old Ma'Lik Richmond guilty of a raping a 16-year-old girl in a case that first played out on social media.moreless
    • 7/29: CBS Evening News
      7/29: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0729
      Dry conditions, excessive heat fan flames of California wildfires; Visually impaired bikers race across America
    • 01.25.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120125
      Wednesday: U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six, which also led the Osama bin Laden raid, parachutes into a remote region of central Somalia and rescues two hostages who were kidnapped in October; Also, GOP presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney lay our their plans for tax reform; And, Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords hands in her resignation letter to Congress to focus on her recovery.moreless
    • 7/11: CBS Evening News
      7/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0711
      Trump blasts Germany over gas pipeline deal with Russia; Last fire chief who responded on 9/11 retires
    • 7/15: CBS Evening News
      7/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0715
      President Trump arrived in Finland ahead of his highly anticipated summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin; Women have been trying to shatter the corporate "glass ceiling" for decades. Now, many are breaking the "grass ceiling" by joining men on the golf course to level the executive playing field.
    • 10.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1018
      Tuesday: Americans who receive Social Security benefits will be getting a raise in January - the first cost of living increase in three years; Also, the leading group of American pediatricians has issued a policy stating that children under the age of 2 should not be watching any TV; And, states are losing billions of dollars to the illegal trade of cigarette smuggling and it's happening right under our noses.moreless
    • 8/11: CBS Evening News
      8/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0811
      Officials say man who stole plane was suicidal; Electronic driver-assist systems may not work, insurance group warns.
    • 10.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1020
      Thursday: Libyan rebels finally caught up with Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi, once the most powerful man in Libya, was dragged out of a drainage ditch, then beaten and shot. CBS News reports on the demise of a dictator; Also, all of the animals set free at a Ohio farm have been reported accounted for, but questions remain surrounding their owner's troubled past; And, the St. Columbanus Church food pantry in Chicago feeds 500 households a week, but as Dean Reynolds reports, some weeks it struggles to keep up with demand.moreless
    • 12.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1208
      Thursday: The Iranian military is showing off what they claim is an American drone that they brought down; Also, Virginia Tech's campus was on lock down and high alert for more than four hours following a shooting which left two dead; And, the EPA says fracking - the controversial method of drilling for oil and natural gas - may be polluting groundwater.moreless
    • 04.22.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120422
      A storm system moving up the U.S. East coast is expected to bring heavy rain across the Northeast and dump more than a foot of snow in parts of Pennsylvania; Then, sources tell CBS News George Zimmerman is eager to go free on bail but mindful of the threats he faces outside; Also, Nevada's mining industry is in the middle of a gold rush, with prospectors pouring in from all over the country.moreless
    • 7/3: CBS Evening News
      7/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0703
      Veteran who lost both arms in Iraq discovers a love of painting; Fourth of July travelers face higher prices at the pump
    • 8/13: CBS Evening News
      8/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0813
      Heavy rains prompt flood emergencies in Pa. and N.J.; Quadruple amputee beats the odds to walk down the aisle
    • American F/A-18 fighter jets are flying over Iraq once again, this time targeting ISIS militants. The aim is to help Kurdish soldiers, the only force on the ground in northern Iraq still doing battle with the Islamic extremists; and, at 16 years old, Brandon Olander is the youngest snare drummer in the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. But despite his age, he dreamed of becoming part of this corps with the most world championships.moreless
    • 08.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0807
      Sunday: Partisan bickering continues in Washington in the aftermath of the downgrade of U.S. credit; Also, families grieve Navy SEALs killed in Afghanistan; Plus, Somalia's famine crisis and how the U.S. is responding.
    • 6/18: CBS Evening News
      6/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0618
      CBS poll: Majority of Americans call separating children from parents "unacceptable"; Mother separated from children at the border says she "never imagined" it would happen.
    • 08.07.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.07.10
      Saturday: The Taliban claims responsibility for the shooting deaths of ten medical aid workers in Afghanistan; Also, Elena Kagan is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice; And, the dramatic decline in the number of visually impaired students learning Braille.
    • 06.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0611
      Saturday: Thousands of refugees are trying to escape the violent government crackdown in Syria; Also, the massive Arizona wildfire is now threatening to spread into New Mexico; Plus, Congressman Anthony Weiner is asking for leave of absence in order to seek treatment; And, at Urban Prep, the only all African-American male charter school in Chicago, every one of the 104 seniors is heading to college.moreless
    • 10/4: CBS Evening News
      10/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1004
      Senators read FBI report on Kavanaugh ahead of confirmation vote; Dog with 3D-printed skull gives researches hope
    • 4/24: CBS Evening News
      4/24: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0424
      2 officers, 1 civilian shot outside Home Depot in Dallas; Melania Trump in the spotlight ahead of state dinner
    • Dr. Kermit Gosnell left the courthouse a convicted murderer, in a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs. Prosecutors said Gosnell delivered babies alive, then cut their spinal cords with scissors. He could learn next week if he'll get the death penalty or life in prison; also, as executive director of the Richmond, Va., Tea Party, Laurence Nordvig says he thought for two years the tea party had been singled out by the IRS for an unusual and highly political investigation; and a Cleveland police officer and a police dispatcher describe the discovery of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus inside the Cleveland horror house.moreless
    • 5/18: CBS Evening News
      5/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0518
      10 killed, 10 wounded in Texas school shooting; There have already been 16 school shootings in 2018.
    • New rules expanding access to treatment of mental illnesses will affect 62 million Americans. The rules are a result of Obamacare and are the last of President Obama's 23 executive actions to reduce gun violence; and, the Labor Department said 204,000 jobs were created in October, in spite of the government shutdown.moreless
    • The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service has announced that it will drop Saturday mail delivery starting in August. Nancy Cordes reports on what's next for America's second largest civilian employer; And, when the center of Islamic culture in the fabled city of Timbuktu was invaded by Islamic extremists, one of its keepers sprang to action and saved thousands of historic documents from being destroyed.moreless
    • 10/02: CBS Evening News
      10/02: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1002
      Chaos in Las Vegas as shooter unleashes barrage of bullets; Progress, desperation in Puerto Rico ahead of Trump's visit
    • East Coast residents digging out from the most recent storm are having trouble finding space to put the snow, while icy roads narrowed by mounds of snow make driving dangerous; and, Steve Hartman meets the students of St. Francis High School near Los Angeles who thought they knew everything about their math teacher, Joe O'Connor. But what they found out at a local hospital taught them a life lesson.moreless
    • 12.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1217
      Saturday: In a rare Saturday session, the Senate votes to extend the payroll tax cut and to continue to give long-term jobless Americans 99 weeks of unemployment benefits; Also, in Egypt, the army turns on the civilian demonstrators who once saw the military as their friends; And, Ben Tracy reports on "Olive" - an entire full-length film shot on a smartphone that will actually be released in a theater.moreless
    • 07.01.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0701
      Friday: Dominique Strauss-Kahn is released from house arrest after prosecutors list the lies told by his accuser; Also, in Georgia, a crackdown on illegal immigration begins, and for some farmers it's already a disaster; And, Johnny Long - one of the most influential marching band leaders - is inducted into the Hall of Fame.moreless
    • A Metro-North commuter en route from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to Grand Central Terminal in New York City derailed early in the morning when it reached a sharp curve in the Bronx. Four people are dead and more than 60 suffered injuries; and, A rescue operation is under way in the recently flood-ravaged Boulder, Colo., area, where professional photographer Heather Knierim began a project to help people save photographs damaged in the floodwaters.moreless
    • 11.15.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.15.10
      Monday: The government is calling new scanners that create a full body image the next generation of travel security; Also, new members of the House and Senate arrive for orientation; Plus, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, a humble hero.
    • 04.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.26.11
      Tuesday: Rising rivers force Midwest residents to evacuate their homes; Also, coffee drinkers feel the burn of the soaring price of coffee beans; Plus, an inside look at royal wedding planning.
    • 01.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.13.11
      Thursday: Doctor's are calling it a major milestone for Congresswoman Giffords after she was able to open an eye on her own; Then, The USDA is proposing a calorie limit for school lunch in an effort to battle childhood obesity; Also, The presidential library is putting John F. Kennedy's archives online.moreless
    • investigation into Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland's death leads to former justice of the peace, but he is still not considered a prime suspect; Also, to some people in Britain, Margaret Thatcher is seen as a fearless politician. To others, she's remembered foremost for policies that led to lost jobs and broken communities; And, Japan says its armed and ready in case North Korea acts on threats, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry vows to defend its allies in the event of an attack.moreless
    • 11/13: CBS Evening News
      11/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1113
      New accuser says Roy Moore sexually assaulted her; 3 women on their nearly 50 years of friendship
    • 3/4: Doctors says they've cured baby of HIV; "Kid President" old enough to have inspiring message
      Nine-year-old Robby Novak plays the role of "kid president" whose online video featuring a motivational pep talk for the world have racked up millions of views; And, Doctors in Mississippi are getting the world's attention, claiming to have rid an infant of HIV. But, is the baby truly free of the virus? How did they do it? And, what does this mean for the battle against AIDS?; Also, nine-year-old Robby Novak's motivational monologue became an internet sensation; And, Government officials say longer-than-usual wait times at customs are result of new ban on overtime for customs officer.moreless
    • 5/10: CBS Evening News
      5/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0510
      Americans freed from North Korea taking it "one day at a time"; Household Cavalry, Prince Harry's brothers in arms, will be part of royal wedding.
    • 9/8: CBS Evening News
      9/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0908
      Evacuations in overdrive as Irma prepares to strike Florida; Texas high school football team making the comeback of the year
    • December 4, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121204

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • As the U.S. continues to hit ISIS targets in Iraq -- this time near a key dam north of Baghdad -- President Obama says he will expand the military campaign against the terrorist group. The White House says the president will speak to the nation on Wednesday to detail his strategy against ISIS; and, as Californians struggle with one of the worst droughts in their history, the landscape of the state is changing. And increasingly, in lawns and backyards, homeowners are choosing a new look: brown.moreless
    • Investigators said they recovered approximately 70 glassine packets, as well as syringes and prescription medications, from the New York City apartment of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman; and, Jake Marcionette was just 12 years old when he started cold-calling literary agents hoping to land a deal to get his book published. The young author’s tale about the hardships of middle school life goes on sale this week.moreless
    • 9/3: Questions about Obama's plan for ISIS; Congress pushes Obama for ISIS strategy
      Following the beheading of a second American journalist at the hands of ISIS, President Obama sent mixed signals about his plans for the terrorist group; and, As ISIS continues its murderous rampage across Iraq, members of Congress are calling upon President Obama to announce a strategy to deal with the extremist group.moreless
    • 9/4: CBS Evening News
      9/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0904
      What N. Korea's latest nuclear test says about country's capabilities; Drones and their pilots get a closer look at havoc caused by Harvey
    • 3/30: CBS Evening News
      3/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0330
      Family of Stephon Clark unveils results of independent autopsy; Man answers email from questionable source and never imagined what would follow.
    • 8/11: CBS Evening News
      8/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0811
      Trump's "locked and loaded" remark on North Korea caps off fiery week; do eight siblings in Indiana hold the secret to marriage bliss?
    • Another storm hit the East Coast, leaving slippery roads and piles of snow blocking sidewalks in New York City and shutting down the nation's capital; and, Art Shay has been telling stories with his camera for 60 years, and while he has photographed celebrities and world leaders, his focus was often squarely on his wife, Florence.moreless
    • The Supreme Court will review bans on same-sex marriage in four of the 14 states where it remains illegal. As Jan Crawford reports, their eventual ruling will have a nationwide impact; Steve Hartman tells the story of Charles Clark, custodian at Trinity High School, in Euless, TX. Over the years, Clark became a mentor to many of the school's kids, while still taking pride in his custodial work.moreless
    • 6/10: CBS Evening News
      6/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0610
      Trump, Kim Jong Un arrive in Singapore for summit; Researchers begin to make progress against opioid abuse
    • 4/2: Atlanta educators turn themselves in; President announces plan to map the human brain
      Investigators say at least 200 Atlanta-area administrators and teachers took part in altering, fabricating and falsely certifying state exams; Also, police are looking into a possible connection between a white supremacist group and the recent killings of a Colorado prison chief and a Texas prosecutor and his wife; And, President Obama has proposed a $100 million mission to map the human brain in a partnership between government, private industry, and universities.moreless
    • 11/12: Typhoon Haiyan aid effort hindered by damaged infrastructure
      While a massive international relief effort is underway, there is little evidence of it on the ground. Tacloban's airport was badly damaged by the typhoon and is currently without power, meaning planes can't land at night and aid workers are struggling to get supplies in; and, Scientists are at a loss to explain what is killing sea stars along the West Coast.moreless
    • 8/16: CBS Evening News
      8/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0816
      President Trump's comments on the Charlottesville attack were rebuked by national Republicans - including former Presidents George HW and W. Bush; images of neo-Nazis on the march in Charlottesville and elsewhere are especially disturbing to Americans who risked their lives fighting and defeating the Nazis overseas.
    • 7/10: CBS Evening News
      7/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0710
      Boys rescued from Thai cave start their recovery; Boys rescued from Thai cave gain worldwide attention
    • Three massive bombs tore through the heart of the Damascus near the soul of dictator Bashar al Assad's reign. Scott Pelley speaks with Clarissa Ward about one of the deadliest attacks of the Syrian civil war; And, every Veterans Day, the country vows not to forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for America. But there is a teacher in Indiana who believes that, before we can truly remember these fallen heroes, we have to take the time to know who they really were.moreless
    • 7/9: CBS Evening News
      7/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0709
      Trump picks Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court nominee; California couple finds wedding ring in the ashes of their burned home
    • 8/16: After night of violence, Missouri governor imposes curfew in Ferguson; Green Bay Packers inspire the youngest of fans
      Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has set a curfew in the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed teen was shot by a police officer. FBI agents are on the ground in Ferguson, hoping to find more witnesses who can clarify what happened; and, at this time of the year in Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the NFL's Packers, tradition dictates that some very big legs push some rather small pedals.moreless
    • 8/27: CBS Evening News
      8/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0827
      Intensity of rainfall in Texas "beyond anything experienced before"; Harvey not done dumping rain on Houston.
    • November 22, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121122

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • Investigators have determined that a Metro-North train was traveling 82 miles per hour -- 52 mph over the speed limit -- before it jumped the track and crashed, killing four people; and, Penn State's John Urschel graduated with a degree in mathematics and a perfect 4.0 GPA in just three years. He's also a 300-pound offensive guard for the school's football team with a chance to play in the NFL -- if he doesn't decide to get a Ph.D. first.moreless
    • 11/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1101
      Trump hardens stance on asylum seekers ahead of midterms; Football player stuns crowd with national anthem performance
    • Astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rich Mastracchio successfully repaired a cooling system on the International Space Station; and, astronaut Jim Lovell recalls how the famous photography known as Earthrise came to be captured aboard Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve.
    • 11/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1104
      Stakes higher than ever for Tuesday's midterm elections; Thrilling end to Breeder's Cup in Louisville
    • 01.03.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.03.11
      Monday: The Navy is investigating racy videos made by a high-ranking naval officer; Also, a new blood test that may be able to detect cancer; Plus, a report on how to make your child a star on YouTube.
    • 8/21: CBS Evening News
      8/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0821
      Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to fraud, campaign finance violations; Touching birthday surprise for boy with cerebral palsy
    • A Malaysia Airlines flight crashed over Ukraine. U.S. intelligence strongly suspects it was brought down by a missile strike. The debris was scattered in the area of the village of Hrabove, held by Ukrainian rebels, about 25 miles from the Russian border.
    • Stem Cell Research Funding Halt
      Season 2010 - Episode 0823
      A federal judge has issued a temporary halt on the U.S. funding of stem cell research, citing legal restrictions on the destruction of human embryos. Wyatt Andrews reports.
    • 10/31: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1031
      Trump pushes immigration ahead of midterms; Pittsburgh community thanks first responders after shooting.
    • Police in New York City say they are holding a man who has confessed to the murder of Etan Patz - the six-year-old boy who vanished without a trace in 1979; Also, Monsignor William Lynn testified that he typed up a list of 35 alleged predator priests, but did nothing about them; And, a former high school football star convicted of rape had his conviction dismissed after his accuser said she lied about the whole thing.moreless
    • The U.S. and eight other nations expelled Syrian diplomats from their capitals after Syria suffered its worst war crime in the country's 15-month-old civil war; Then, Mitt Romney is set to clinch the GOP presidential nomination after his projected win in the Texas primary; Also, the estimated 1.5 million tons of debris from Japan floating up on U.S. shores could take up to six years to clean up.moreless
    • 2/12: Deputy dead in shootout with wanted ex-cop
      2/12: Deputy dead in shootout with wanted ex-cop
      Season 2013 - Episode 20130212
      Police have closed in on Christopher Dorner - the fired L.A. cop wanted in a series of revenge killings. One deputy was killed, and another was wounded in a shootout with the suspect in the San Bernardino Mountains; And, in the State of the Union address, President Obama plans on proposing some new initiatives geared towards job growth. He will also make it clear that he will act wherever he can where Congress doesn't.moreless
    • 10/15: CBS Evening News
      10/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1015
      Saudi Arabia preparing to admit Jamal Khashoggi died in consulate; Pitmasters and sisters taking on Kansas City BBQ
    • 12.14.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.14.10
      Tuesday: Temperatures plunge across much of the Southeast, with record-lows in some states; Also, a British judge grants Julian Assange bail, but the WikiLeaks founder will remain in prison for now; Plus, the image of marriage amongst baby bombers.
    • 03.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.12.11
      Saturday: The world is getting a closer look at the extent of the damage from the earthquake that hit Japan, as concerns mount over the possibility of a nuclear meltdown; Also, Qaddafi's forces are regaining control in key areas of Libya; And, the NFL's owners locked out its players, putting the next football season in jeopardy.moreless
    • 07.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0729
      Friday: Speaker John Boehner adds a balanced budget amendment to his debt ceiling bill and it passes the House; Also, car companies have agreed to double the average fuel efficiency of their entire model lines beginning in 2017; And, the remarkable story of Michael Trapp, an auto shop owner who survived a 3,000 foot plane crash into Lake Huron where he was stranded for 18 hours.moreless
    • 8/14: CBS Evening News
      8/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0814
      Pennsylvania grand jury report details alleged priest abuse; Ethan Sonneborn hopes to inspire with bid for governor of Vermont
    • The first casualty of JPMorgan Chase's $2 billion investment debacle was its chief investment officer Ina Drew as the company enters damage control; Then, researchers studying how to prevent Alzheimer's disease are struggling to find volunteer patients; Also, the monumental task of shipping a space shuttle atop a 747.
    • Petraeus on Taliban Negotiations
      Season 2010 - Episode 0820
      Many foreign policy experts believe the only way to end the war in Afghanistan is by negotiating with the enemy. Katie Couric spoke with Gen. David Petraeus on if the U.S. would be willing to do that.
    • 2/18: CBS Evening News
      2/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0218
      Three more Florida school shooting victims laid to rest; Director Ryan Coogler discusses blockbuster hit "Black Panther"
    • 12/25: CBS Evening News
      12/25: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1225
      Bad weather causes holiday travel delays; this girl's creation could help kids in cities she's never visited
    • 7/31: CBS Evening News
      7/31: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0731
      Aeromexico plane crashes in Durango, Mexico; royal wedding's gospel choir gets record deal
    • Midwest Struggling After Storm
      Season 2011 - Episode 0203
      Many states are struggling with the aftermath from the monster winter storm that rolled through this week. Don Teague reports on living in the wake of the blizzard.
    • 3/4: CBS Evening News
      3/4: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0304
      Newly-released video shows U.S. soldiers under attack in Niger; Record number of female candidates running for office
    • 3/15: CBS Evening News
      3/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0315
      Witnesses describe harrowing Florida bridge collapse: "It's totally smashed to the ground"; Loyola University chaplain praying for a trip to the Sweet 16.
    • 03.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.04.11
      Friday: The unemployment rate has been at 9 percent or higher for 21 months but has fallen to 8.9 percent; Then, Wes Leonard, a 16-year-old high-school junior, died of an enlarged heart shortly after scoring a game-winning basket; Also, Bull-riding events for children are taking place across the nation and carry with them a high risk for injury.moreless
    • Investigators have detected two distinct pinger frequencies consistent with flight and cockpit recorders in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370; and, the U.S. Navy revealed a weapon that's been under secret development for years. The electromagnetic rail gun can shoot a projectile well over 100 miles at Mach 7.
    • 9/30: CBS Evening News
      9/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 093018
      People renew their DACA application; FBI wraps up Brett Kavanaugh background check
    • 05.25.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0525
      Wednesday: Deadly tornadoes rip through Oklahoma, destroying lives in a matter of seconds; Also, Democrats score an upset win in a special Congressional race that came down to a battle over Medicare; Plus, an Ohio factory revs up as General Motors starts hiring again; And, Oprah ends her reign as queen of daytime TV after 25 years.moreless
    • Emails and text messages reveal a top aide to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to have conspired to create traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge as political punishment against a Democratic mayor who did not endorse Christie for governor; and, marijuana prices have doubled to $400 an ounce in Colorado as people continue to flock to the only stores legally allowed to sell itmoreless
    • 01.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.28.11
      Friday: Anti-government demonstrators in Cairo, Egypt had fought their way past police, and pushed the very heart of the city; Then, Chip Reid reports that the recent protests in Egypt have its President's relationship with the U.S. in jeopardy; Also, People gathered to remember those lost when the space shuttle Challenger blew apart just after liftoff 25 years ago.moreless
    • The coming Nor'easter may bring with it a record-breaking blizzard. Scott Pelley speaks with CBS News weather consultant David Bernard about where and when the storm will hit; And, police in southern California are on full tactical alert in a manhunt for a fired police officer who allegedly turned his guns on the LAPD. Ben Tracy reports on what's being done to end his deadly rampage.moreless
    • 5/26: CBS Evening News
      5/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0526
      Florida, Mississippi prepare for Subtropical Storm Alberto; Sweden admits Swedish meatballs are actually from Turkey
    • 3/1: CBS Evening News
      3/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0301
      East and West Coasts bracing for two big storms; More needs to be done to improve future flu vaccines, researcher says.
    • 02.06.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.06.11
      Sunday: On the 13th day of the crisis in Egypt, the vice president opens negotiations with opposition groups; Also, the U.S. attempts to stay ahead of the "geopolitical earthquake" that could change the Middle East; Plus, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth.
    • The FBI will analyze pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home flight simulator in hopes of recovering computer files that were erased about a month before the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight; and, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz tells Scott Pelley he fears that with the wind-down of the war in Afghanistan, some Americans may forget too quickly about the needs of the troops who served.moreless
    • 11/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1111
      Strong winds, dry brush fuel California wildfires; Royal family attends Armistice Day service
    • 1/24/13
      President Obama has named former federal prosecutor Mary Jo White - famous for going after terrorists - to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Major Garrett reports on the new sheriff of Wall Street; And, the giant squid used to be a creature so mysterious that the only evidence of its existence were the dead carcasses that washed ashore - until now. Michelle Miller reports on the Discovery Channel's expedition that caught the mythical beast alive on tape.moreless
    • Female Athletes Still Suffer Inequality
      Season 2010 - Episode 1222
      Despite breaking records across the board, female athletes still feel they are not getting the recognition they deserve. Seth Doane reports on basketball's unsung heroes.
    • 09.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.11.11
      Sunday: America officially dedicated its memorial at the World Trade Center to those lost on 9/11; Then, Cynthia Bowers reports on some of the stories of the more than 3,000 children who lost their parents to the attacks on 9/11; Also, A look at some of the indelible images from memorials marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.moreless
    • 11.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1119
      Saturday: Violence erupts between security forces and demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square, leaving at least one dead and more than 600 injured; Also, retailers, fearing empty aisles, are turning to an old gimmick to rev up holiday sales - layaway; And, "Georgia Works" places out of work Georgians in an eight-week training program with companies looking to hire.moreless
    • 10/28: CBS Evening News
      10/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1028
      First charges in Russia investigation to be revealed Monday; Trucking industry faces serious driver shortage
    • 04.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.13.11
      Wednesday: The FAA plans for a staffing increase at 27 control towers after seven instances of sleeping controllers; Also, President Obama announces his plan to reduce the U.S. defict; Plus, changing the world into "Chip's nation."
    • 2/7: CBS Evening News
      2/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0207
      Senate leaders reach budget deal following months of talks; Young coder builds app to help people with Alzheimer's
    • 3/31: CBS Evening News
      3/31: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0331
      Diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West worsening by the day; "48 Hours" preview: Live to Tell.
    • 12/8/12
      Amid chaos on the streets, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has revoked his decree that gave him broad emergency powers. But as Allen Pizzey reports, Morsi is insisting on a referendum on a newly-drafted constitution; And, in metropolitan areas, where space is always at a premium, people are downsizing their homes. And as Maurice DuBois reports, they're learning that living well doesn't always require a lot of room.moreless
    • 11/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1102
      Severe storms leave thousands in Florida without power; Firefighter and police officer don't let Hurricane Michael ruin their wedding day.
    • December 6, 2012
      December 6, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121206

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • Iran has agreed to stop all enrichment of uranium starting Jan. 20. In exchange, the U.S. and its allies will provide gradual relief from economic sanctions, valued at about $7 billion; and, Despite ongoing threats of extinction, sightings of whales of all kinds have been on the increase in the Pacific coastal waters off California, but scientists say this doesn't mean the whale population is rebounding yet.moreless
    • Pope Benedict XVI, in failing health, became the first pope in six centuries to retire. Allen Pizzey reports from the Vatican on the pope's final day; And, in what came as a surprise, Army Private Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to ten criminal charges in the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. History. Manning sent the files to the website WikiLeaks. David Martin reports on the latest in the case.moreless
    • 6/2: CBS Evening News
      6/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0602
      Memo sent to Mueller by Trump’s lawyers; 65 years since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation
    • 09.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0929
      Thursday: Alabama enacts a new immigration law, allowing police to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants, and hold them without bond; Also, most years in Vermont, fall foliage tourism is a $330 million industry. But in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, tourists are staying away; And, Scott Pelley speaks with JetBlue CEO David Barger and gets his thoughts on what's wrong with Washington and what needs to be done to create jobs and fix the economy.moreless
    • 0.0
      The judge set bail for George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin at $150,000. At the hearing, Zimmerman addressed Martin's parents...
    • 12/15: CBS Evening News
      12/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1215
      Republican leaders finalize tax plan; Christmas comes early for town hit hard by Hurricane Harvey
    • 01.04.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.04.11
      Tuesday: The Navy removes Capt. Owen Honors as commander of the USS Enterprise; Also, After 30 years imprisonment 51-year-old Cornelius Dupree is declared innocent; Plus, lottery ticket frenzy across the U.S. as the Mega Millions jackpot reaches $355 million.
    • 11.07.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.07.10
      Sunday: President Obama visits India to focus on opening its surging economy to U.S. goods; Also, House Republicans take aim at one of their first targets: health care; Plus, Chilean miner Edison Pena finishes the New York City marathon in less than six hours.
    • 6/14: CBS Evening News
      6/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0614
      DOJ Inspector General report on the Clinton investigation finds Comey not motivated by political bias; Father finally gets to spend Father's Day with his son after 38 years apart.
    • 9/23: CBS Evening News
      9/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0923
      All eyes on Brett Kavanaugh hearing; Vatican and China create historic agreement on appointment of bishops.
    • Republican leaders and some Democrats argue the Obama administration intentionally left them in the dark about the prisoner swap that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and, Jim Axelrod hears the story of what happened during the D-Day rehearsal -- kept secret by the U.S. military -- firsthand from an American veteran.
    • 6/7: CBS Evening News
      6/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0607
      Trump says Kim Jong Un may be invited to the White House; Pizza delivery man facing deportation gets support from New York governor.
    • The College of Cardinals has already begun "discussions" -- Vatican code for intense negotiations that will become votes; Also, the demolition has begun on a home in suburban Tampa, where a sinkhole opened up under a man's bed and swallowed him in dirt and rock; And, after a five-year recession, the real estate market in California is making a comeback -- but with a big challenge.moreless
    • 10.19.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1019
      Wednesday: In Zanesville, Ohio, police say the owner of a wildlife preserve set free approximately 56 exotic animals and then took his own life; Also, NBA owners and players are negotiating to end the lockout, but the taxpayers who spent $2 billion on the stadiums are being left out of the discussion; And, the Wounded Warriors baseball team is comprised of veterans who, despite losing a part of them on the battlefield, prove they still have what it takes on the ball field.moreless
    • President Obama used his second inaugural address to turn the page to a new agenda in his second term; Then, House Republicans will hold a vote to extend the nation's debt ceiling; Also, Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal released the grim totals of casualties from a terror attack at a gas plant in Algeriamoreless
    • 1/9: Christie "embarrassed and humiliated" over traffic scandal; Snowy owl changes its flight plan
      New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered a lengthy apology for a massive traffic jam engineered by one of his top aides as a form of political payback; and, A sudden influx of snowy owls in the Northeast has birdwatchers wondering what's going on.
    • Law enforcement officials were warned that Elliot Rodger seemed disturbed before the deadly rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara, but officers said they had no reason to think he posed any danger. Rodgers made chilling threats in a YouTube video and a manifesto he wrote; and, New Hampshire's state motto is "Live Free or Die," but one town there is finding its concept of libertarianism challenged by a group of self-described anarchists. And as Don Dahler explains, they're using the town's parking meters as their battlefield.moreless
    • 06.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0613
      Monday: With unemployment at 9.7 percent in North Carolina, President Obama visited the politically divided state to reassure voters that his economic stimulus plan will take time; Then, In the search to help patients with Progeria, a disorder that causes accelerated aging, scientists have uncovered what makes us age over time; Also, A full 7,000 pages of The Pentagon Papers are now declassified and available for pubic viewing online.moreless
    • 07.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0727
      Wednesday: With Congress unable to reach a debt deal, the threat of a U.S. credit downgrade is rising; Also, a U.S. soldier risks his life to generate good will among Afghan people; Plus, a study of users under the age of 20 finds no link between cell phone use and an increased risk for brain cancer; And, time is coming to an end for Walter Reed Army Hospital.moreless
    • 1/31
      Season 2013 - Episode 131

      Scott Pelley host this episode live from New Orleans for Super Bowl week.

    • 04.24.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120424
      Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan made an appearance on Capitol Hill to assure lawmakers that he was moving to resolve the prostitution scandal; Also, the government reported a new case of mad cow disease discovered in California - the first in the U.S. in six years; And, after years of oppression, Burmese refugees are preparing for the culture shock of American life at a camp in Thailand.moreless
    • 01.04.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.04.12
      Wednesday: Mitt Romney's photo-finish victory in the Iowa caucuses is a remarkable turn of events for a candidate who had all but written off the state a few months ago; Also, following his near victory in Iowa, Rick Santorum will have to figure out how to translate surprise success into sustained momentum; And, an Ohio seismologist blames a recent string of earthquakes on the natural gas extraction technique known as fracking.moreless
    • 09.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.17.11
      Saturday: A fighter plane crashes at the National Championship Air Races in Nevada killing the pilot and at least eight people on the ground; Also, virtual surgery simulators are being used to help surgeons hone the motor skills they will need in an operating room; And, Greg Abbot, aka "Gadget," is sparking an underground movement of taking existing cars and converting them into electric.moreless
    • 06.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0630
      Thursday: U.S. airport security fails - allowing a passenger with no ticket and no valid boarding pass to take a cross-country flight; Also, federal prosecutors make a decision about whether the CIA terrorist interrogation program was criminal; And, hackers belonging to crime gangs are targeting small towns, community banks and civic organizations - wiping out their bank accounts.moreless
    • 09.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.13.11
      Tuesday: The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan is bombarded by a daylong attack from a small unit of Taliban insurgents; Also, Iran's President says that the two American hikers who've been held in Iran for more than two years will be released; And, the CEO and chairman of Caterpillar tells Scott Pelley his concerns about the economy and shares his ideas on what will fix a broken Washington.moreless
    • 07.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0716
      Saturday: As the debt ceiling deadline approaches, credit rating agencies are threatening to downgrade America's gold-plated credit rating; Also, major British newspapers carried full-page advertisements of apology from Rupert Murdoch for the hacking scandal; Plus, Los Angeles is averting the dreaded Carmegeddon; And, a guided tour of the art exhibit "NASA Art: 50 Years of Exploration."moreless
    • 06.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0627
      Monday: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled even the most grotesque video games are protected by the First Amendment; Then, A Chicago jury found former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich guilty on 17 counts of corruption; Also, Bill Whitaker investigates why land in southern California, set aside for homeless military veterans, has been turned into a private golf course.moreless
    • 2/19: CBS Evening News
      2/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0219
      Missed warning signs about accused Florida shooter revealed; Watching "Black Panther" with movie fans in Harlem
    • 3/26: CBS Evening News
      3/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0326
      Suspicious packages sent to military bases test positive for explosives; Judge refuses mistrial in case of Pulse nightclub shooter's widow.
    • 7/7: CBS Evening News
      7/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0707
      Rescue teams eagerly wait to save boys trapped in Thai cave; New Jersey state trooper reunites with cop who delivered him 27 years later.
    • Four patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries are now able to move again thanks to an electrical stimulator placed at the base of the spine; and, from coffee cups designed for use in zero gravity to American and Russian spacesuits, collectors snatched up extremely rare mementos during an auction in New York.moreless
    • 01.22.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120122
      Sunday: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords announces she will resign from Congress; Also, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich makes a sharp comeback in South Carolina; Plus, a Chicago pastor protests violence on a motel roof.
    • 8/15: Michael Brown suspected in robbery minutes before shooting; ALS patient continues "BIGG" initiative to bring people together
      New surveillance footage shows a man who appears to be Michael Brown assaulting a store owner minutes before the shooting. Officer Darren Wilson has been identified as the cop who fatally shot the 18-year-old unarmed man; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman reconnects with Chris Rosati, whose charitable initiative BIGG - Big Ideas for the Greater Good - is encouraging random acts of kindness towards strangers. Rosati, who suffers from ALS, recently held a red carpet premiere, where videos celebrating the BIGG way of life were on display for all to see.moreless
    • 3/18: CBS Evening News
      3/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0318
      Trump fires FBI's Andrew McCabe, bashes him on Twitter; Driverless buses debut in California
    • More than 90 world leaders were among those who attended a massive memorial service in honor of former South African President Nelson Mandela; and, thousands of South Africans danced and sang in the rain-soaked soccer stadium to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela and pay tribute to the man who was considered the "people's president."moreless
    • 05.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.11.11
      Wednesday: Surging flood water is spelling disaster for small communities like Tunica Cutoff, Miss., which could be flooded off the map; Also, the Peace Corps are being accused of ignoring sexual assaults on volunteers; And, "CJ's Bus" creates a safe haven for kids in disaster zones.
    • 8/5: CBS Evening News
      8/5: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0805
      Trump tweets about secret Trump Tower meeting ; Accident in Boston illustrates steep cost of emergency care
    • 7/30: CBS Evening News
      7/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0730
      Deadly Carr Fire forces thousands to evacuate; Acts of kindness emerge amid deadly California wildfires.
    • 10.12.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1012
      Wednesday: Senior U.S. officials say the plan to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador was a sophisticated operation that could reach the highest level of the Iranian government; Also, the FBI arrests a Florida man for allegedly hacking the personal accounts of more than 50 people tied to the entertainment industry; And, Bill Whitaker reports on the incredible story of a boxer, who is fighting his first professional fight after spending 26 years in prison on a wrongful murder conviction.moreless
    • 8/30: Evening News
      8/30: Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0830
      Grand jury involved in investigation into Russian meddling in U.S. election; seamstress saves the day after Alfred Angelo bridal stores close
    • 10/12: CBS Evening News
      10/12: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1012
      Mexico Beach mayor "shocked" by catastrophic damage; Officers witness remarkable squirrel rescue.
    • The Israeli military says it's trying to avoid civilian casualties. They have dropped leaflets on neighborhoods in northern Gaza, warning residents to evacuate because of its plans to bomb the area. But a hospital in the area is unable to evacuate their patients; and, the story ends for the red-headed hero from Riverdale in issue 16 of “Life with Archie” when an adult Archie takes a bullet aimed by a stalker at a gay friend. But Archie will have an afterlife as his old teenage self in a new zombie comic.moreless
    • 10/26: CBS Evening News
      10/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1026
      President Trump declared a public health emergency Thursday to fight the opioid crisis in the U.S; If all goes as expected at the World Series Friday, the crowd will stand for the anthem -- the baseball anthem. Everyone knows the seventh-inning stretch song, but there is a story behind it -- a love story.moreless
    • 02.03.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120203
      Friday: The Labor Department reports that the jobless rate in January fell to 8.3 percent - the lowest in three years - and the good news sends stocks prices soaring; Also, the Susan G. Komen foundation apologizes to the American people for cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood and announces it is reversing its decision; And, Steve Hartman tells the story of Jim O'Hara and his iron-willed campaign for the governorship of Montana.moreless
    • 07.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0715
      Friday: In a stunning about-face, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is humbling himself publicly over the hacking scandal that brought down his "News of the World" paper; Also, President Obama says he is still hopeful that Congress can come to an agreement on a deal to raise the debt ceiling; And, Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery gives children of fallen soldiers the chance to connect with each other so they know they're not alone.moreless
    • 1/10: CBS Evening News
      1/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0110
      California mudslides cause devastation, crews still looking for survivors; first responders face dangerous conditions to save victims of California mudslides.
    • 11.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1128
      The holiday shopping season is off to a record start with experts projecting record sales; Then, Pakistan said it won't be business as usual with the U.S. after coalition air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border; Also, Egyptians turned out in droves to vote for a new parliament for the first time since Hosni Mubarak's ouster.moreless
    • Police officers shot tear gas at protesters and news crews in Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday night. Tensions have escalated as the investigation continues in the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown; and, as animosity flares between protesters and residents of Ferguson, Mo., many believe that the use of social media is helping stoke the flames. With the ability of images and messages to reach wide swaths of people at lightning quick speeds, mobilizing groups of people to protest, or rally to a cause, is now easier than ever.moreless
    • 01.10.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.10.12
      Tuesday: As polls close, CBS News projects Mitt Romney the winner of the New Hampshire primary, with Ron Paul taking second; Also, the southern Alaskan coast calls in the National Guard to help dig them out of the 300 inches of snow that have fallen so far this winter; And, First Lady Michelle Obama speaks with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King on the book "The Obamas."moreless
    • 01.12.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120112
      Thursday: Senior military officials join Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta denouncing a video depicting four Marines who appear to be urinating on the corpses of dead Taliban members; Also, despite incredible generosity towards Haiti following the earthquake that hit the country two years ago, the lack of systems to channel the money in an effective way is holding up progress to rebuild the nation; And, family, friends, and colleagues get together in New York City to share memories of the late Andy Rooney.moreless
    • 1/14: CBS Evening News
      1/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0114
      Calls for accountability day after accidental missile alert triggers panic in Hawaii; high school music teacher makes a difference in one of the nation's most troubled cities
    • 1/17: CBS Evening News
      1/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0117
      Winter weather in the South turns deadly; North Korea's "army of beauties" will cheer on Olympic athletes.
    • 04.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.07.11
      As administration officials prepare for a government shutdown, Nancy Cordes reports both sides say talks are headed in the wrong direction; Then, Dean Reynolds reports on how rising gas prices, worldwide demand and low supplies of food have all contributed to high prices at U.S. grocery stores; Also, Seth Doane reports on how students in Toledo, Ohio, are gravitating to a boxing gym built to keep kids off the streets.moreless
    • 07.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0717
      Sunday: No end in sight to this summer's searing heat across the U.S.; Also, Casey Anthony walks out of a Florida jail under heavy guard; Plus, the status of the deficit talks with the Aug. 2 deadline looming.
    • 02.06.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120206
      As the situation in Syria gets more dangerous by the hour, American diplomats are forced to evacuate; Then, 17 Americans are facing charges of encouraging the unrest that has engulfed the country for nearly a year; Also, a rare look inside the training of the federal air marshals.
    • As the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues in the southern Indian Ocean, Chinese state media is reporting that a Chinese ship in the search area has detected a signal that could be from the plane's black box; and, Despite Taliban death threats, Afghans by the millions showed up at the polls to vote for a successor to President Hamid Karzai.moreless
    • 01.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.16.11
      Sunday: Hundreds of people walked through the streets of Tucson in remembrance of last week's shooting; Also, a report credits a U.S.-Israeli effort in developing a virus that has delayed Iran's nuclear weapons program; Plus, Haiti's survivors one year later.
    • 10.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1029
      Saturday: An early snowstorm is blasting its way across the Northeast, downing power lines and snarling air and ground travel for thousands; Also, to close California's pension gap, Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for state employees to pay more and work longer before retiring; And, British Prime Minister David Cameron has announces that future modern monarchs will be 'first come, first crowned' -- whether it's a boy or a girl.moreless
    • 01.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.20.11
      Thursday: The FBI has arrested more than 100 alleged members of organized crime in three states; Also, Wal-Mart commits to making and selling healthier choices; And, the impact of John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech 50 years later.
    • 4/6: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search: acoustic event detected; Afghan girl who lost arm to return home
      An Australian ship with a “ping”-locator detected a signal that could be from one of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370's black boxes; and, an Afghan girl treated in the U.S. for severe wounds from a grenade blast returns home this week to an uncertain future.
    • 01.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.08.11
      Saturday: We go in depth on the Tuscon, Ariz. shooting that has left at least six dead and 10 injured, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords; Also, a federal court is ordering Twitter to turn over information involving Julian Assange and alleged supporters; And, another dose of chilling winter weather took its toll on the Northeast.moreless
    • 01.02.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.02.11
      Sunday: Another round of bad weather delays travelers on the last weekend of the holiday travel season; Also, Republicans prepare the agenda for the new GOP-controlled House; Plus, a report on Cakes for Cause, a non-profit that gives foster kids a second chance.
    • Bernanke: Recovery Slowing
      Season 2010 - Episode 0827
      In a speech closely watched by Wall Street, Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged that economic recovery is slowing and pledged the Federal Reserve is ready to act if the economy stalls. Anthony Mason reports.
    • 12.16.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.16.10
      Thursday: The hero of the Panama City School Board shooting tells his story; Also, Terry McCarthy reports from Afghanistan on the Marines who risk their lives to remove IEDs; And, today marks the 50th anniversary of the worst airplane crash the world had ever seen.
    • 12.17.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.17.10
      Friday: Katie Couric interviews WikiLeaks found Julian Assange about his life and his website; Then, never before have people been able to search for knowledge in the way Google has now made possible; Also, Matt Hoffman sacrificed the end of his junior year season playing football to donate his bone stem cells to save the life of a cancer patient.moreless
    • 10/21: Gov't auto-safety website leaving drivers in the dark; Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies
      One day after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urged car owners to have exploding airbags immediately removed from their vehicles, the agency's website provided little information about the problem; and, the legendary fashion designer, whose fashions adorned some of the most famous women on the planet, has died after a long battle with cancer.moreless
    • Afghanistan's Kabul Bank Crisis
      Season 2010 - Episode 0906
      Government officials in Kabul are trying to ease a crisis in Afghanistan's biggest bank. Mandy Clark reports President Hamid Karzai's family and political partners are reportedly seen as the root of the problem.
    • 01.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.22.11
      Saturday: The process of rehabilitating Gabrielle Giffords' brain is underway and she is responding well to therapy; Also, an economic collapse is causing an exodus of Irish to the U.S.; And, new members of the House of Representatives form the "Slumber Party."
    • 03.08.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.08.11
      Tuesday: For five straight days the Libyan army pounds the town of Zawiyah, but anti-Qaddafi rebels remain defiant; Also, Soaring gas prices cause a surge in the use of public transportation; Plus, Charlie Sheen stars in his own web show.
    • 03.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.07.11
      Monday: Qaddafi's air force bombards several key rebel-held towns outside of Libya's capitol Tripoli; Also, the White House considers tapping into the nation's oil reserve; Plus, a Boston woman receives the 3D mammogram.
    • 03.05.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.05.11
      Saturday: Both Muammar Qaddafi's government and the rebels are claiming to control of the town of Zawiya as pressure U.S. military involvement in Libya grows; Also, Hershey is planning on laying off up to 600 people this year as the company "modernizes" its plant; And, the Reds fantasy camp lets baseball diehards play with the pros and forge lifelong friendships.moreless
    • 11.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1116
      Wednesday: Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez is taken into custody in connection with a shooting which targeted the White House; Also, with losses still mounting and the bailout growing, top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac received huge paychecks and big bonuses; And, Elaine Quijano is given rare access to the facility where the elite force who protect the White House trains.moreless
    • 03.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.11.11
      Friday: Japan suffered an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which caused a tsunami with up to 24-ft. waves; Then, The 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami which sent waves surging to Calif.; Also, New tapes have surfaced that detail the events that took place the day President Ronald Reagan was shot.moreless
    • 03.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.23.11
      Wednesday: America says good-bye to one of its biggest stars, Academy Award winning actress Elizabeth Taylor; Also, after five days of bombing by allied forces, Qaddafi's days in power may be numbered; And, investors, not oil companies, are being blamed for skyrocketing oil prices.
    • 02.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.15.11
      Tuesday: President Obam insists that his budget is exactly what the economy needs; Also, Anti-government Facebook and Twitter groups pop up in at least ten countries across the Middle East; Plus, has Coca-Cola's secret formula been uncapped?
    • 01.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.24.11
      Monday: Authorities believe a suicide bomber was responsible for killing at least 35 people Russia's largest airport in Moscow; Also, 22-year-old Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner pleads not guilty; Plus, 1950's fitness guru Jack Lalanne dies at 96-years-old.
    • 01.31.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.31.11
      Monday: In Egypt, at times police are nowhere to be found forcing civilians to form their own patrols to protect property from looters; Then, Congress is considering a bill to allow the President power to pull the plug on the Internet at will; Also, Harry Smith remembers Hollywood movie composer John Barry who died at the age of 77.moreless
    • 02.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.11.11
      Friday: The citizens of Egypt erupted in celebration upon hearing their President Hosni Mubarak stepped down; Then, Egypt's army takes control as President Mubarak steps down after 18 days of protests, Also, Egyptian-Americans across the U.S. joined in celebrating the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.
    • 11.11.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1111
      Friday: According to a new CBS News poll, Newt Gingrich has stolen support from Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, making him a contender for the GOP nomination; Also, new details emerge about Jerry Sandusky and what his Second Mile charity may know about the former coach; And, Steve Hartman has the story of 70-year-old J.C. Stroble - the "caller" of South Carolina's legendary Beacon Diner.moreless
    • Mindy Corporon is the mother of one victim killed by a gunman at a Kansas City-area Jewish community center and the daughter of another. Police believe Jews may have been the shooting suspect’s intended targets, but all three killed Sunday were Christians; and, following the Boston Marathon bombing one year ago, a shrine sprang up at the race's finish line. Thousands of items left at the makeshift memorial are now on display in an exhibit honoring the victims of the attack.moreless
    • 11.22.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.22.10
      Monday: Several stories of upset passengers have gone viral amid calls for a protest; Also, the American Black Friday tradition is transitioning to the web; Plus, an older brother who spent over a decade saving funds to reunite with his two younger siblings.
    • 9/7: CBS Evening News
      9/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0907
      Where in Florida will Hurricane Irma hit? Steve Bannon: GOP establishment "trying to nullify the 2016 election"
    • December 31, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 20121231

      Scott Pelley reports on the latest stories.

    • 8/20: CBS Evening News
      8/20: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0820
      Seven months into his presidency, President Trump is shifting his focus to "America's longest war" with an announcement Monday; scientists and amateur astronomers are getting ready for a once-in-a-lifetime sky show when parts of the nation will fall into shadow Monday during a rare solar eclipse.
    • 8/13: CBS Evening News
      8/13: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0813
      "Unite the Right" rally organizer Jason Kessler was attacked and chased by a crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia; Milwaukee's newest police recruits explain why they're joining the force in the midst of controversy.
    • After two of Boston's biggest snowstorms ever, another blizzard is forecast for this weekend. If the city gets more than 10 inches, as predicted, it will have seen more snow in the past three weeks than Chicago has ever seen in an entire winter. Jericka Duncan reports; Former New York Knicks player Stephon Marbury was struggling with his career in the NBA. However, China recruited him along with 25 other NBA players to raise basketball’s profile in the country. Seth Doane reports.moreless
    • December 19, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 20121219

      Scott Pelley reports on the latest stories.

    • 06.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0615
      Wednesday: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has been released from the hospital five months after the assassination attempt, marking a major milestone in her recovery; Also, A study reveals that in one quarter of the U.S., the life expectancy for women is dropping; And, Congress grills the ATF and DOJ about the controversial gunwalking program that intentionally let guns into Mexico.moreless
    • 8/24: Northern California rocked by strong earthquake; Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency for Northern California
      A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area, the strongest there in 25 years. The ground began shaking early Sunday morning and was especially fierce in Napa Valley; and, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Napa, Solana and Sonoma counties. More than 60,000 people lost their power and officials say there were dozens of water main breaks, along with more than 100 gas leaks.moreless
    • 10/16: CBS Evening News
      10/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 1016
      Trump says he'll take another look at his nominee for drug czar; "#MeToo": Hear from those speaking out against sexual assault, harassment
    • 02.15.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120215
      Wednesday: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad showcases to the world his country's latest advances in nuclear technology. But, do these advances mean Iran is any closer to buiding a nuclear bomb?; Also, American solar panel makers say the Chinese are saturating the U.S. market with imported products -- ultimately killing U.S. manufacturing jobs; And, 50 years after Jackie Kennedy made history with her personal tour of the White House, the CBS producer who was behind it all shares the inside story of how it was done.moreless
    • American journalist Steven Sotloff appears to have become the second American hostage killed by ISIS; and, the pressure for President Obama to develop a military strategy against ISIS increased after the execution video of Steven Sotloff surfaced.
    • 12.07.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 20111207
      Wednesday: In a surprise decision by the Obama administration, young teenagers will not be allowed access to the morning-after emergency contraception pill without a prescription; Also, a look inside secret make-shift hospitals in Syria where wounded protesters are being treated because going to a government-run facility is too dangerous; And, Harry Morgan, best known for his role as Colonel Sherman T. Potter on M*A*S*H, is dead at the age of 96.moreless
    • 09.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0928
      Wednesday: Federal agents say they've stopped a U.S. citizen from Massachusetts who was planning drone attacks against key targets in Washington; Also, despite repeatedly saying that he is not running for president, Republicans continue to clamor for N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to enter the field; And, the FBI captures George Wright, a convicted killer and airline hijacker, who had been on the run for 41 years.moreless
    • 07.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0728
      Thursday: A half hour before its scheduled vote, Speaker Boehner's debt reduction bill is tabled in the House; Also, adjustable rate mortgage increases could spike if the U.S. defaults on its debts; Plus, a gun store clerk tips off police to an American-born Muslim who may have been planning an attack on Fort Hood soldiers; And, Los Angeles is ending its controversial red-light camera program.moreless
    • 11.14.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.14.10
      Sunday: One day after being freed, Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi plans to carry on her fight for democracy; Also, new House members are stream into Washington for orientation; Plus, a never-released Justice Dept. report detailing how the U.S. allowed Nazi criminals to emigrate after World War II.
    • 11.17.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.17.10
      Wednesday: A major setback to the administration's attempt to show that suspects held at Guantanamo can be prosecuted in civilian courts; Also, Strong demand for GM stock has pushed the IPO price for its stock way up; Plus, the FDA enacts a virtual ban on alcoholic energy drinks.
    • 05.16.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.16.11
      Monday: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, was charged in New York with seven counts of criminal charges; Then, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords looked on as her husband Mark Kelly lifted off in the space shuttle Endeavour on its last mission into space; Also, After 43 years missing in Vietnam, the recently identified remains of an elite, army Green Beret soldier finally made it home.moreless
    • 04.29.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120429
      The recent surge of type two diabetes among American children has been called an epidemic; Then, Chen Guangcheng has allegedly taken refuge in the American Embassy which may cause tensions ahead of a diplomatic visit between the U.S. and China; Also, a radio station acts as a beacon during the LA riots.moreless
    • 03.30.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120330
      Friday: The world-record jackpot of at least $640 million in the Mega Millions lottery has created a countrywide stampede for tickets; Also, ehe chief mortician at Dover Air Force Base tells David Martin how he almost lost his job for blowing the whistle on the military's improper handling of soldiers' remains; And, Steve Hartman reports on 17-year-old physics genius Taylor Wilson, whose big ideas are already changing the world.moreless
    • 01.05.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.05.12
      Thursday: President Obama came to the Pentagon to make sure everyone understands his new strategy for the U.S. military - built around smaller ground forces and more air and sea power; Also, Scott Pelley speaks with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta about why defending America's computer systems has become a top priority; And, Kodak, the iconic U.S. company formed in 1880, now appears to be on its last legs.moreless
    • 03.25.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120325
      President Obama threatened to cut off food aid to North Korea if the country goes through with a planned long-range missile test; Then, The U.S. Supreme Court is about to begin three days of historic arguments over President Obama's health care law; Also, "The Hunger Games" took in an estimated $155 million in its opening weekend, making it the third-highest debut ever and the most ever for a movie that's not a sequel.moreless
    • The sudden icing caused hundreds of accidents and nine deaths over the weekend; and, long after Martin Luther King's death, his message of non-violence is carried by a protege.
    • 2/19: Ukraine president, opposition agree on truce, but protests continue; Millionaire South Korean teacher makes surprising admission
      Ukraine's president and opposition leaders agreed to begin negotiating, but thousands of protesters on the street in central Kiev are determined to stay put; and, Kim Ki-Hoon earns $4 million a year teaching in a “cram school" that's part of South Korea's $17 billion after-school learning industry.
    • 07.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0726
      Tuesday: The Capitol Hill switchboard was overloaded after President Obama urges Americans to contact their member of Congress over debt negotiations; Also, a new study of Census data finds a dramatic increase in the wealth gap between races; And, McDonald's announces that it will begin serving up a healthier Happy Meal.moreless
    • 2/15: CBS Evening News
      2/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0215
      Who were the victims of the Florida shooting?; Football coach who shielded students hailed as a hero
    • 2/16: CBS Evening News
      2/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0216
      FBI failed to follow up on tip before Florida school shooting; father sends postcards to his children as simple act of love
    • 06.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0609
      Thursday: So far, firefighters in Arizona are losing the battle against a massive wildfire that has burned hundreds of acres; Also, two of Newt Gingrich's key staffers have resigned leaving his presidential campaign in ruins; And, homeless elementary school students in Las Vegas are finding hope in their principal.
    • 08.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0822
      Monday: Rebels have taken control of the Libyan capital of Tripoli but those still fighting will not stop until they find the prize of Muammar Qaddafi himself; Then, Government health advisers have laid out a plan for testing all newborn babies for a life-threatening heart problem; Also, The 30-foot-tall granite memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. opened on the National Mall 27 years after the idea was proposed.moreless
    • 7/17: CBS Evening News
      7/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0717
      Trump claims he misspoke during press conference with Putin; Inside the last Blockbuster store.
    • 3/22: CBS Evening News
      3/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0322
      H.R. McMaster out as national security adviser, will be replaced by John Bolton; Study of 3,000 golden retrievers takes aim at high cancer rates.
    • 7/8: CBS Evening News
      7/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0708
      Officials in Thailand say the operation to rescue the 12 boys and their coach is going better than expected. So far 4 boys have been taken out of that flooded cave. CBS News foreign correspondent Ben Tracy reports.; Wounded warrior Peter Damon's injuries helped him discover a talent he never knew he had. Despite losing both arms in Iraq, Damon is now an artist creating about 30 paintings a year. David Martin reports.moreless
    • 4/1: CBS Evening News
      4/1: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0401
      Trump accuses Mexico of laughing at U.S. immigration policies; Obama-era ban on toxic paint stripper chemical postponed indefinitely
    • 6/30: CBS Evening News
      6/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0630
      Americans march in rallies across the country to protest immigration policies; Silicon Valley among the many areas with backyard chicken coops
    • 3/16: CBS Evening News
      3/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0316
      College student among 6 killed in Miami bridge collapse; Texas Tech recognizes surprising show of sportsmanship.
    • 8/8: CBS Evening News
      8/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0808
      Man trained children at New Mexico compound to be school shooters, prosecutors say; Video of 2-year-old boy learning to walk inspires millions
    • 8/10: CBS Evening News
      8/10: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0810
      New protests in first week of NFL preseason; Meet Washington's first registered lobbyist with Down syndrome
    • 9/15: CBS Evening News
      9/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0915
      The rain will not let up on the East Coast for another 24 hours and the preliminary rainfall totals so far are staggering. The National Weather Service says more than 30 inches of rain has fallen in Swansboro, North Carolina. Thousands are under evacuation and nearly a million homes and businesses are without power. Adriana Diaz reports; Throughout the North and South Carolina, rescuers responded to Florence by boat and on foot, carrying the most vulnerable to safety. More than 500 people were rescued by first responders and volunteers. Jeff Glor reports.moreless
    • President Obama called congressional leaders of both parties to a White House meeting, but it appears the parties remain at an impasse; and, a new study examining brain function in more than 800 patients who spent time in the ICU found that 75 percent of patients leave the hospital with cognitive impairment.moreless
    • In 24 hours, 24 inches of rain fell in parts of Pensacola, where flash flooding washed away roads and bridges. Florida's governor declared a state of emergency in 26 counties, and more than 300 911 callers requested evacuations; and, a group of U.S. service members who flew bombing missions into the heart of Nazi Germany during WWII and were captured by the Swiss military received long overdue Prisoner of War medals during a ceremony at the Pentagon. A grandson of one of the airmen battled for 15 years with the Air Force over the honor.moreless
    • 1/26/13
      A week of arctic air has left much of the nation in an icy grip. As Terrell Brown reports, the freezing weather has made conditions treacherous across the Northeast, Midwest and South; And, the unemployment rate for veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan is a full three points higher than the national average. But a new non-profit initiative is aiming to bring that number down. Jim Axelrod reports on "Teach for America."moreless
    • U.S. officials tell CBS News that Chinese hackers are suspected in a data breach involving several federal agencies, including the one that oversees security clearances and employee records for millions of government workers. CBS News correspondent Major Garrett reports; As more drones fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, officials in San Francisco fear safety is at risk. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports on growing calls for drone regulations.moreless
    • GM CEO Mary Barra told employees around the world that the fallout from its ignition switch defect was not a conspiracy, but rather incompetence and neglect. An investigation conducted by an attorney, who had a long relationship with GM, found the company first discovered problems with ignition switches as early as 1999; and, for the remaining survivors of the D-Day invasion, some now in their 90s, this has been a week for one final reunion. And as Mark Phillips explains, for one D-Day veteran it’s taken him 70 years to finally confront a ghost from his past.moreless
    • Daron Dylon Wint is suspected in the killing of the Savopoulos family and a housekeeper. Police say DNA on a pizza crust led them to Wint. As Wyatt Andrews reports, a manhunt is underway; Jon Sutherland, 64, has run every day for the last 46 years, averaging 11 miles a day. The streak has earned him a place in the record books. Ben Tracy caught up with the running man.moreless
    • 6/26: CBS Evening News
      6/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0626
      Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban; World War II hero and Medal of Honor recipient Garlin Murl Conner's widow remembers his extraordinary life
    • 4/8: CBS Evening News
      4/8: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0408
      Chemical attack in Syria kills at least 40 people; How Target retailer helps catch criminals outside its stores
    • 5/19: CBS Evening News
      5/19: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0519
      Students at Santa Fe High School return to pick up belongings; Harry and Meghan’s titles are Duke and Duchess of Sussex
    • 4/27: CBS Evening News
      4/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0427
      E. coli outbreak spreads to three more states; Young boy dreams of becoming an umpire.
    • 4/29: CBS Evening News
      4/29: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0429
      Trump threatens to shut down government in September; Shaquem Griffin, one handed linebacker, joins Seattle Seahawks
    • 5/6: CBS Evening News
      5/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0506
      Hawaii's volcano emergency is far from over; Portraits aimed at empowering young African-Americans.
    • Photos revealing the brutal tactics of ISIS have emerged. ISIS says it has executed more than 1,700 Iraqi soldiers. Militants managed to set off a car bomb in the heart of Baghdad, targeting a store where soldiers buy their uniforms; and, Vincent Nasserbakht left a career on Wall Street to open the Sock Hop men's apparel store in downtown Manhattan four years ago. But now, as Don Dahler explains, men's socks are the fastest growing sector of men's apparel.moreless
    • 5/9: CBS Evening News
      5/9: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0509
      3 Americans held in North Korea freed; "President Austin" getting a lot of love for his crusade to help the homeless
    • 4/26: CBS Evening News
      4/26: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0426
      Bill Cosby convicted of assault, could spend years in prison; Students having "panic attacks" after charges dropped against teen who threatened to shoot up school.
    • 08.24.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0824
      Wednesday: With Hurricane Irene bearing down, mandatory evacuations are underway in North Carolina; Also, Steve Jobs suddenly and unexpectedly steps down as the CEO of Apple; And, Scott Pelley provides a first glimpse at the September 11th memorial.
    • 5/27: CBS Evening News
      5/27: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0528
      Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine; Seattle's Space Needle gets upgraded
    • 4/11: CBS Evening News
      4/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0411
      Pentagon still assessing intelligence in suspected Syria chemical attack; boy with cerebral palsy surprises family with Pledge of Allegiance
    • 4/24: Deadly Kabul hospital shooting latest attack to target Westerners; Speed limit comes off for Texas' Big Bend Open Road Race
      Three Americans were shot dead by an Afghan security guard at a hospital run by a U.S. Christian charity; and, This Saturday, the 75 mph speed limit on West Texas' U.S. 285 comes off for the annual Big Bend Open Road Race.
    • 6/11: CBS Evening News
      6/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0611
      What's at stake when President Trump meets Kim Jong Un?; North Korean defector recalls starvation before escaping to the U.S.
    • The mosquito-borne Zika virus has reached the United States and is spreading fast; Their boat, The Nora, is an accident that keeps happening over and over again.
    • A rare bipartisan budget deal was met with an avalanche of criticism from conservative groups, but House Speaker John Boehner says such inflexibility led to this fall's government shutdown; and, for 34 years, the former U.S. Embassy in Iran's capital, Tehran, was off limits to Westerners, but Elizabeth Palmer got a rare look inside.moreless
    • Answering the call to Jihad, crowds of Shiite men swarmed recruitment centers ready and eager to take on the Sunni extremists of ISIS, who have captured two major Iraqi cities. The call to arms came from Iraq's top Shiite cleric, who said that protecting Shiite shrines is a sacred duty; and, as part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets Chris Rosati who after receiving a diagnosis for a terminal illness, made a conscious decision to spread as much kindness as he could, serving as a lasting lesson for his daughters.moreless
    • L.A.'s positive train control system on track in wake of deadly 2008 crash
      The Metro-North commuter train crash that killed four people and injured dozens more came just two years before the federal government's deadline for railroads to install automatic slowdown technology, or what's known as a positive train control system. Train operators in Los Angeles will begin testing the system next month. Bill Whitaker reports.moreless
    • In an interview with Barbara Walters, V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling controversy, said that the embattled Clippers owner was not a racist, but that he should apologize for his comments. Plus, as yet another massive storm ravaged large areas of the South, drone enthusiasts have been taking to the skies to get a better look at the damage.moreless
    • Nigerians took to the streets to protest their government's handling of the abducted schoolgirls, who have been missing now for nearly four weeks. The parents are demanding more action as they prepare for a Mother's Day without their daughters; and, the best high school jazz ensembles in the nation have been getting the kind of teaching they could only dream of. But as Jim Axelrod explains, their famous instructor may have gotten the most.moreless
    • 11/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1106
      Republicans face a tough challenge to hold the House; Virginia county's "I voted" sticker designed by 9-year-old girl
    • 10/7: CBS Evening News
      10/7: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1007
      Deadly limo crash kills 20 in upstate New York; 94-year-old vet imparts wisdom to students
    • 10/20: CBS Evening News
      10/20: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1020
      Amnesty International calls on Saudi Arabia to produce Jamal Khashoggi's body; National Law Enforcement Museum opens in Washington.
    • The Supreme Court said prayers that open town council meetings do not violate the Constitution, even if they stress Christianity; and, legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach's battles outside the ring have been a harder fight than anything he faced in it.
    • For the first time ever, the Dow Jones broke through three thousand-point milestones in the same year. Analysts say this is a signal that the economy is getting better, but some warn of another tech bubble; and, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called all 100 senators to the floor Thursday and announced he was changing a 96-year-old rule, lowering the hurdle for confirming appointees from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. Republicans say it's a slippery slope.moreless
    • 6/16: CBS Evening News
      6/16: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0616
      President Trumps blames Democrats for separation of migrant families ; Visitors at Yosemite can walk among the Sequia trees again
    • 03.10.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.10.11
      Thursday: Rep. Peter King, R-NY, held a controversial hearing focused on the role of Muslim-Americans in terror investigations; Then, Mark Phillips spoke with Qaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, who vowed his government will soon re-take all of Libya; Also, A Los Angeles woman founded "Heartfelt," a non-profit that offers cardiac screenings for free.moreless
    • 6/17: CBS Evening News
      6/17: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0617
      Tent city along border at the center of immigration debate ; Baseball hug goes a long way
    • 10/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1030
      Trump in Pittsburgh as nation grieves victims of synagogue shooting; Husband and wife B-2 pilots retire after making history
    • 9/28: CBS Evening News
      9/28: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0928
      Trump orders FBI probe into Kavanaugh allegations; Delivery man honored by the community he serves
    • 6/6: CBS Evening News
      6/6: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0606
      Trump commutes Alice Marie Johnson's sentence, eyes other pardons; Honoring Robert F. Kennedy 50 years later
    • November 19, 2012
      November 19, 2012
      Season 48 - Episode 20121119

      Scott Pelley anchors this episode.

    • 11.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1114
      Monday: Ken Miles volunteered to be patient No. 1 in a risky clinical trial involving stem cells and now two years later has seen remarkable results; Then, the Supreme Court will decide whether President Obama's landmark health care legislation is unconstitutional; Also, Michael Diedrick sold his restaurant to a lucky out of work chef in downtown Milwaukee for only $100.moreless
    • 3/2/13
      The army in Chad says its soldiers have killed Moktar Belmoktar, the suspected al Qaeda mastermind behind the attack on a gas plant in Algeria. And as Kelly Cobiella reports, his death could cripple the terrorist organization's attempts to establish new a launch pad for international attacks; And, the Jersey shore town of Sea Bright celebrated the groundbreaking of a new playground, replacing the one destroyed by superstorm Sandy. It will be dedicated to a victim of the Sandy Hook school massacre.moreless
    • A group calling itself the Cyber Caliphate took over CENTCOM's Twitter account and tweeted threats to American military. At the same time, CENTCOM's YouTube channel began showing ISIS propaganda videos. The attack only hit the Pentagon's social media channels, so some say it amounts to no more than a "gotcha" attack. David Martin reports; Six months after witnessing President Lyndon Johnson outlaw segregation in July 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr. was back at the White House seeking support for voting rights. In the movie "Selma," Johnson and King's relationship is confrontational. Michelle Miller investigates the historical accuracy of the film.moreless
    • 09.29.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.29.10
      Wednesday: Officials uncovered a massive multi-pronged terror plot across European cities; Also, recent near-disastrous emergency airplane landings have been linked to Bombardier; Plus, lessons learned from Japan.
    • For a moment, it looked as though moderates from both parties might be making progress on a proposal by Republican Sen. Susan Collins to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. Hope faded by the end of the day as Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested the plan is "not going to go anywhere"; and Ron Hubbard's business is booming as a growing number of people look for ways to plan for the worst by building shelters complete with luxury bedrooms, game rooms, pools and Jacuzzis.moreless
    • July 20, 2011
      July 20, 2011
      Season 48 - Episode 33
      80 year old Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon is profiled.
    • 03.18.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.18.11
      Friday: After the U.N. passed a resolution authorizing air strikes against Libya, President Obama delivered an ultimatum to Qaddafi; Then, Workers at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant have connected a power cable needed to restart the cooling systems; Also, Kids across America are doing their best to raise money - and hope - for the people of Japan.moreless
    • Talks are expected to continue on finding a way to extend the legal authority of the U.S. government to borrow and avoid a default; and, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz were injured when the Taliban tried to silence their classmate, Malala Yousafzai, by attacking their school bus. They've recovered and are attending 11th grade in Britain.moreless
    • 04.23.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120423
      An April snowstorm took residents in the Northeast by surprise dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas; Then, a 12th military service member has been linked to the Cartagena, Colombia prostitution scandal; Also, A hot new sport in England exercises and punishes both brain and body.
    • 02.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.22.11
      Tuesday: A dispute among the pirates who hijacked a yacht off of Somalia appears to be the cause the fire fight which left four Americans dead; Also, the latest on the 6.3 magnitude quake that struck the New Zealand city Christchurch; Plus, a new study that puts cell phone safety to the test.moreless
    • 10.12.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.12.10
      Tuesday: The first of the 33 trapped miners in Chile could be on the surface before midnight; Also, a judge's ruling halts "Don't Ask, Don't Tell;" Plus, pumpkin growing in Napa Valley, California.
    • The year 2015 is shaping up to be an active one for the flu, which is now widespread in 36 states. Flu-related hospitalizations are double what they were this time last year. Mark Strassmann and Dr. Jon LaPook report; When the clock struck midnight and ushered in 2015, many new laws took effect across the country. John Blackstone reports on a few that range from the serious to the unusual.moreless
    • 10.09.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1009
      Sunday: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement spreads beyond lower Manhattan to at least 25 cities across the U.S.; Also, California medical marijuana outlets brace for a federal crackdown; Also, Samuel L. Jackson as Martin Luther King, Jr. on Broadway.
    • As Typhoon Haiyan reaches Vietnam, more images reveal the complete devastation the storm caused in the Philippines. Shop owners are protecting their stores from looters as relief efforts try to get to the hardest-hit areas; and, The football team at Gallaudet, the nation's first university for the deaf, has a perfect 9-0 record for this season. Jeff Pegues reports on the winning season and an inspiring team.moreless
    • 6/22: CBS Evening News
      6/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0622
      Trump's executive order sparks confusion for immigration cases; School cafeteria worker feeds the hungry well after lunch hour ends.
    • 6/23: CBS Evening News
      6/23: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0623
      DHH scrambles to reunite families seprarated by "zero tolerance" policy; Scientists want to know why Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser keeps erupting.
    • Raging Wildfire in So. Calif.
      Season 2010 - Episode 0730
      A wall of flames roared through the hills just outside Los Angeles Thursday night, as fire officials continue to fight to control the blaze. Ben Tracy reports from Palmdale, Calif.
    • 09.10.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.10.10
      Friday: A deadly gas pipe explosion nearly destroys an entire neighborhood in California; Also, more controversy over Koran burnings planned on 9/11; And, Katie Couric joins rival news anchors to "Stand Up To Cancer."
    • 09.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0930
      Friday: A CIA drone strike in Yemen kills al Qaeda's leader of external operations Anwar al-Awlaki; Also, the incredible story of a 67-year-old man found and rescued, six days after his car plunged off a California cliff; And, Steve Hartman recalls his encounters with long-time "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney.
    • 09.08.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.08.10
      Wednesday: Public outrage grows over pastor's plans to burn Quran on 9/11; Also, BP shifts blame over oil spill; And, new study finds women turned off by men who can't dance.
    • A day before a congressional hearing on faulty ignition switches linked to 13 deaths, families of people killed in recalled General Motors vehicles told CBS News they want answers on why it took the company so long to issue recalls. A background report shows GM decided fixing the defect would take too long and cost too much; and, a change in weather has made conditions slightly better for search crews digging through mud and debris after the massive landslide in Oso, Wash. John Blackstone meets a father who would have been in the mudslide zone if not for a last-minute change of plans.moreless
    • 8/18: CBS Evening News
      8/18: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0818
      How it all went wrong in the White House for Steve Bannon; What people around the country can expect in their eclipse forecast
    • 12.20.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1220
      Tuesday: House Republicans double down by voting to reject a two-month payroll tax cut extension; Also, if Congress does not act before the end of the year, the unemployment benefits that millions of Americans receive will disappear; And, a poverty-stricken football team in Georgia wins the state championship with the help of a federally-funded nutrition program.moreless
    • Relatives of passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were overcome with emotion, and some were carried out of Beijing’s Lido hotel on stretchers, upon hearing the news that no one aboard the doomed flight had survived; and, The NFL announced it is spending $45 million to support youth football and protect kids from concussions.moreless
    • 03.29.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.29.11
      Tuesday: Rebel leadership in Libya say they are outgunned by government forces and ask coalition forces for munitions.; Also, The Syrian government organizes "loyalty to the nation" rallies; Plus, why does a broken heart physically hurt?
    • 12.15.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1215
      Thursday: House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, a Republican, and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, introduce a bipartisan solution for the future of Medicare; Also, for the final time, the colors are presented at the U.S. military headquarters during a ceremony that marks the official end of the mission in Iraq; And, police believe they've found the body of 23-year-old missing New Jersey woman Shannan Gilbert, ending an 18-month search.moreless
    • 03.02.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120302
      Friday: A second round of deadly tornadoes tear across the middle of America; Also, President Obama says he's not bluffing about war to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions; Plus, a basketball game signals the healing has begun in Chardon, Ohio, following the high school shooting; And, 76-year-old Millie Campbell - known to New Orleans locals as "prayin' lady" - drives down dangerous streets fighting crime with prayer.moreless
    • The FBI ended the standoff with Jimmy Lee Dykes, who was holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker. As Mark Strassmann reports, agents exploited a supply delivery routine they developed over a week of negotiations; And, Todd Love is a U.S. veteran who had every reason to feel cheated by life after losing both legs and an arm in Afghanistan. Instead, he's living it with a passion that is hard to match.moreless
    • Boko Haram is widely regarded as Nigeria’s Taliban and is against all secular institutions – particularly educational ones; and, Homeland Security Investigations tracks down stolen antiquities ranging from fossils to paintings smuggled into the U.S. and returns them to the rightful owners. In the past seven years, the agency has returned more than 7,100 stolen items.moreless
    • 5/11: CBS Evening News
      5/11: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0511
      Palestinians step up protests aimed at ending blockade of Gaza; After bitter divorce, couple gets a second chance at love.
    • NASA says it will take a series of spacewalks to fix a broken cooling line that shut down half of the International Space Station's cooling system last week; and, with the latest Mega Millions jackpot soaring to over $600 million, Americans everywhere are catching lotto fever. Paula Otto, the lead director for Mega Millions, says that just a few alterations to the format of the game have increased the likelihood of massive jackpots.moreless
    • 9/2: CBS Evening News
      9/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0902
      Some residents return home while others see more flooding a week after Harvey; Plumber funds scholarship for children of convicts
    • 5/21: CBS Evening News
      5/21: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0521
      New details emerge about heroism during Santa Fe school shooting; Meet Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the cellist who dazzled the world at the royal wedding.
    • Pope Benedict blessed thousands on his first Sunday Angelus since his retirement announcement, asking the crowd to pray for whoever takes his role next; Also, the IRS is battling a rising tide of refund-fraud cases due to identity theft, a crime that could cost the country an estimated $21 billion over the next five years; And, as the deadline for reaching a compromise on spending cuts approaches, both Democrats and Republicans continue to point fingersmoreless
    • 5/30: CBS Evening News
      5/30: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0530
      Manhunt underway in Tennessee for suspect in deputy's death; man suffering heart attack on flight saved by passengers
    • 02.26.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.26.11
      Saturday: As chaos continues to rage in Libya, President Obama stands firmly saying Qaddafi must leave now; Also, the Wisconsin collective bargaining legislation is sparking protests around the country; And, a mysterious London street artist named Banksy has been leaving his art all over Los Angeles.
    • 05.27.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0527
      Friday: Three sibilings are searching for their mother after she went missing during the tornadoes that tore through Joplin, Mo.; Also, the black boxes from Air France Flight 447 have been recovered, nearly two years after it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean; And, NOAA makes the controversial decision to keep bluefin tuna off of the endangered species list.moreless
    • 09.03.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.03.10
      Friday: The East Coast faces the wrath of Hurricane Earl; Also, "Where America Stands" on failing infrastructure; And, Steve Hartman's "Everybody In The World Has A Story."
    • 04.14.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.14.11
      The chief of air traffic controllers, Hank Krakowski, abruptly resigned after recent incidents of controllers sleeping on the job; Then, Political leaders of the anti-Qaddafi rebels are lobbying for exemption from the U.N. arms embargo, Also, Dodger stadium has called upon an army of police in order to keep the peace at the the first home game of the season.moreless
    • 1/27: Powerful nor'easter pounds northern New England; Auschwitz survivor's message to the Nazis
      The tail end of a powerful nor'easter is whipping northern New England. Powerful winds created dangerous, whiteout conditions in many cities across Massachusetts. Anna Werner reports from Boston; On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, survivors of the Nazi concentration camp are remembering the time they spent imprisoned. Dean Reynolds spoke to one survivor who makes it a point to share his memories and feelings with younger generations.moreless
    • 8/2: CBS Evening News
      8/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2017 - Episode 0802
      Congressional investigators set their sights on Donald Trump Jr.'s phone records; amazon's latest big special: 50,000 job openings
    • The Internal Revenue Service is facing an unprecedented public relations disaster for targeting political groups; Then, a judge's decision to ban a Fla. Student from school surprises many; Also, Hollywood films are facing a strict and secretive censorship process
    • 12.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1222
      Thursday: The House of Representatives cave in and agree to vote on the Senate bill that calls for a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut; Also, the Pentagon admits that U.S. forces were partly to blame for a border clash that killed more than two-dozen Pakistani soldiers; And, a sign of the times -- middle class families are lining up along with the poor for a food bank in Des Moines, Iowa.moreless
    • 2/11: Atlanta prepares for potentially "historic" winter storm; Hollande's love life creates headache for White House
      A storm of "historic proportions" with significant ice totals has been predicted for the area, and up to nine inches of snow is forecast for north Georgia; and, French President Francois Hollande's turbulent love life took center stage as the White House prepared to welcome him for a state dinner.
    • 03.15.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120315
      Thursday: Brussels-based SWIFT, the spinal cord of the global financial system, is planning on cutting off some 30 sanctioned Iranian banks and subsidiaries at noon Saturday; Also, a dispute between Texas and the federal government could leave thousands of poor women without health services; And, Jim Axelrod reports on how a frat house experiment turned into a profitable company.moreless
    • 2/9: Blizzard buries Northeast; quiet revolution to ease our minds
      A powerful storm has dumped up to three feet of snow across the Northeast. At least four deaths are blamed on the storm, and high winds have left more than 600,000 without power. Terrell Brown reports on the damage in the wake of the blizzard; And, Congressman Tim Ryan shares his idea on how to ease the minds of stressed-out Americans and help politicians in Washington see things more clearly.moreless
    • The National Transportation Safety Board held a hearing about the crash of Flight 214, which killed three people and raised questions about whether pilots have become too reliant on automated systems; and, after just nine months on the job, Pope Francis has rejuvenated a Catholic Church once mired in scandal.
    • 7/2: CBS Evening News
      7/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0702
      Challenges remain to get trapped soccer team out of Thai cave; Charity makes sure homeless kids get the birthday party they deserve
    • Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is listed in stable condition and for the moment is isolated from the controversy surrounding his release; and, Dean Reynolds shares the story of one American who helped liberate Europe 70 years ago.
    • NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and urged NBA owners to force him to sell the team over racist comments Sterling admits he made in a recorded conversation; and, Dicky and Mary Jane Shannon had almost completed building their home when a tornado tore through Vilonia, Arkansas, Sunday.moreless
    • Hours before stepping down, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki publicly apologized for the VA scandal and told a conference on homeless veterans that senior level bureaucrats lied to him about delays in patient care; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets Jim Gagnon who’s makes a genuine effort to reach out and touch someone. The 87-year-old retired salesman celebrates birthdays of people he doesn’t even know.moreless
    • 12.18.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.18.10
      Saturday: The Senate has voted to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing gays to serve openly in the military; Also, with one week left until Christmas, retail sales expectations are on the rise; And, small loans are providing a big boost to rural China.
    • A Navy SEAL was killed during a high-risk operation to rescue a captured American doctor; Then, fans and family members were shocked to hear about the death of the rising Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera; Also, an eyewitness report of the attack on Pearl Harbor is published 71 years later
    • 12.13.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.13.10
      Monday: A winter storm sweeps the U.S. with 50 MPH winds that produced blizzards, white out conditions; Also, a federal judge rules President Obama's health care bill unconstitutional; Also, a 73-year-old Texas woman makes coaching history.
    • 12.11.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.11.10
      Saturday: Bernie Madoff's son Mark is found dead of an apparent suicide; Also, in a CBS News exclusive, Anthony Mason talks to former Madoff employees who are unable to find jobs; And, the first fully electric car is delivered to a customer in San Francisco.
    • 11.28.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.28.10
      Sunday: WikiLeaks posts thousands of classified State Department documents revealing the world of international diplomacy; Also, passengers react to extra security measures at transit hubs around the U.S.; And a report on the "Savory Collection," a lost trove of jazz recordings.
    • 8/22: CBS Evening News
      8/22: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0822
      Trump says he knew about Stormy Daniels payment "later on"; Families separated by the Korean War briefly reunite
    • 9/15: Larry Summers ends bid for Fed chair; School coaching kids to learn
      Larry Summers, widely considered a frontrunner to be the next Federal Reserve Chairman, has withdrawn his bid for the job. His withdrawal opens up the possibility that a woman could become the first Fed chair. And a school dedicates a higher amount of time to sports. Their coaches are not only with students on the court, but in the classroom as well.moreless
    • At least 51 people were killed in the massive tornado that hit Moore, Okla; Also, Dean Reynolds speaks to Bonnie Esrig, a retired employee of the IRS office that's accused of political targeting. She says that in her 24 years in the office under two Democratic and two Republican presidents, she never heard anyone say, "The president wants this done."moreless
    • 04.17.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.17.11
      Sunday: A weekend of severe storms and brutal tornados in North Carolina leave at least 21 people dead; Also, the FAA releases new regulations after incidents of controllers sleeping on duty; Plus, Japan's resilient survivors.
    • 5/26: Cops had contact with Santa Barbara shooter three times in last year; New technology helps restore order at Arlington National Cemetery
      Police had three run-ins with Elliot Rodger three times over the last year, but Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley says there was nothing in those incidents, or a series of Internet videos, that signaled the 22-year-old was planning to kill; and, four years after revelations of misplaced remains and misidentified graves, David Martin reports on how Arlington National Cemetery’s new management is bringing a 19th-century burial ground into the 21st.moreless
    • 04.22.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.22.11
      Friday: Americans looking to Washington for help find Congress on vacation; Also, Earth Day turns 41 and NASA releases stunning new satellite images; Plus, helpful tips to cut costs at the gas pump; And, an in depth look inside the historic site of the royal wedding - Wesminster Abbey.
    • The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, told investigators he and his brother were on their way to New York's Times Square to set off more bombs; and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that the U.S. intelligence community "assesses with some degree of varying confidence" that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons.moreless
    • Those who knew Katherine Russell wonder how she went from an outgoing, daughter of a doctor in high school, to a quiet wife on welfare who converted to Islam; Also, since becoming president, Park Geun-hye has taken a hardline approach to North Korea; And, pictures taken by a battalion photographer have been salvaged from a shoe box and put on display in Portland.moreless
    • The Ukrainian government and pro-Russian separatists say two helicopters were shot down in recent fighting, although there was no evidence of any wreckage.The Ukrainian government claimed one of them was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. That hasn't been verified, but U.S. sources are treating the report as credible; As part of our continuing series "On the Road," Steve Hartman meets a group of people who decided to step in to help Lauryn Lax, a woman whom they saw at the gym growing dangerously thin. Their decision to get involved in her life, Lauren says, helped save it.moreless
    • 10/2: CBS Evening News
      10/2: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1002
      McConnell pressing for a vote on Kavanaugh later this week;Veterans on a new mission to save damaged coral reef
    • The National Transportation Safety Board said there was nothing wrong with the brakes of the Metro-North commuter train that derailed in New York City Sunday, killing four people and injuring dozens of others; and, Jeff Glor rode along in one electric car that went zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds -- the kind of power and promise that spurred Formula 1 to launch an electric car racing series next year.moreless
    • For the first time, an insider at New England Compounding Center - the drug company linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak - is providing insight on how things went wrong. "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley reports on how a pharmacy shipped toxic drugs to patients across the country.; And, the remains of two unidentified Civil War soldiers were found buried under a 140-year-old shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina. CBS News' David Martin reports.moreless
    • 07.30.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 0730
      Saturday: Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell says he is "confident" that a bipartisan debt deal is close at hand; Also, the debilitating Texas drought is forcing ranchers to sell off record numbers of cattle; Plus, Jefferson County, Ala., is scrambling to avoid the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history; And, Whit Johnson reports on the Congressional Budget Office - D.C.'s truth squad.moreless
    • 10/3: CBS Evening News
      10/3: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 1003
      5 law enforcement officers shot in South Carolina; Homeless high school football player earns college scholarship.
    • Two commercial jetliners got dangerously close to a collision near Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The aircraft ended up separated by less than a mile and 400 feet vertically. It was the third near mid-air collision in recent weeks; and, as part of our continuing series “On the Road,” Steve Hartman meets Melvin Amrine, an Alzheimer's patient whose heart came to the rescue, just as his mind was failing him.moreless
    • 12.27.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.27.10
      Monday: A record-setting blizzard bashes the Northeast dumping over a foot of snow and hindering holiday travel; Also, cutting red tape at the Pentagon may be the key to balancing the budget; And, the ghost of Christmas giving resurfaces in Ohio.
    • 04.28.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.28.11
      Mark Strassmann reports from Tuscaloosa, Ala., where tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods, leaving many with nothing and killing at least 36; Then, On the eve of the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, a party atmosphere formed outside Westminster Abbey; Also, Katie Couric talks to some London schoolchildren and learns about the changing face of their country.moreless
    • 12.30.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.30.10
      Thursday: A string of powerful winter storms has left the western U.S. in shambles; Also, unemployment hits a record low while food stamps use hits a record high; And, we take a look back at the famous and powerful who died in 2010.
    • Search and rescue operations continue after a police helicopter crashed into a crowded pub in Glasgow, Scotland. Several people were killed, 14 remain in the hospital with serious injuries; and, 29-year-old Jenny Hatch has Down syndrome and won a court battle to decide for herself where she wanted to live, becoming an icon for the developmentally disabled. Her story has inspired others dealing with similar disabilities.moreless
    • Since the communications systems of Malaysia Airlines Flight 307 were silenced, experts can only estimate its final location is along one of two corridors. To the north, the plane would have flown mostly over land, while to the south, it would have flown mostly over water. The U.S. Navy is using the P-3 Orion, one of its high-tech aircraft, to assist with the search mission; and, in seven years, Harvard basketball coach Tommy Amaker has turned a program that had never won a title in the 60-year history of the Ivy League into perennial contenders, winning four straight conference championships. The team is now headed to its third straight NCAA tournament.moreless
    • 8/15: CBS Evening News
      8/15: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0815
      Security clearance revoked for former CIA Director John Brennan; Parkland students battle nerves on first day of school
    • 05.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.13.11
      Friday: Suicide bombers in Pakistan killed dozens of police cadets in retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden; Also, engineers are preparing to open a spillway to prevent the Miss. River from flooding New Orleans; And, rising food and fuel prices are causing a burst of inflation.
    • HSBC has admitted to handling the dirtiest money in the world and will pay a record $1.9 billion fine, but won't be prosecuted; Then, Michigan has become the 24th state to pass the right-to-work law; Also, a wreath-maker's act of generosity grew into a movement that now lays wreaths in 800 military institutionsmoreless
    • 05.01.12
      Season 2012 - Episode 20120501
      On the anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden, President Obama made a secret trip to Afghanistan where he set the time frame for U.S. support and addressed the nation; Also, five self-proclaimed anarchists are in a federal prison in Cleveland charged with a homegrown terror plot; And, at a memorial service in New York City, Mike Wallace's family, friends, and colleagues shared their favorite stories of the legendary "60 Minutes" correspondent.moreless
    • 7/14: CBS Evening News
      7/14: CBS Evening News
      Season 2018 - Episode 0714
      Trump under pressure to confront Putin on Russian election meddling; Pompeii excavation project reveals secrets on life before volcanic eruption.
    • 11.13.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 1113
      Sunday: Highlights of the CBS News/National Journal Republican presidential debate; Also, the U.S. military prison Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan; Plus, The woman behind the voice at 200 airports.
    • 11.04.10
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.04.10
      Thursday: A high-tech way of screening for lung cancer has been shown to drastically cut the risk of dying from the disease; Also, an engine blow-out on Qantas Airlines Flight 34 causes the plane to make an emergency landing in Singapore; Plus, a businessman in Philadelphia has found a winning formula to help alleviate unemployment.moreless
    • 05.23.11
      Season 2011 - Episode 05.23.11
      Monday: A massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo. less than half an hour after the warning sirens went off. As the search for victims goes on, the death toll has risen to at least 116; Then, Chicagoan David Headley's testimony links the terrorist group that carried out the Mumbai terror attacks to the Pakistani intelligence services; Also, The Los Angles police department caught a big break in the search for the suspects in the brutal beating of a Giants fan, arresting an ex-con with a violent past.moreless