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  • $seventy five/hour

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  • Pelley Pathetic

    Scott Pelley, what's with that continuous smirk on your face as you try to deliver the evening news. Did I say news, I meant to insult you. News does not mean a one sided opinion. For a 30 minute show your Trump bash can last up to 20 minutes. As I realize the other two networks don't offer anything better, it's your smug look and taking your glasses off and on, off and on, that makes you look foolish.
  • Hillarygate

    We watched your Evening News show tonight (8/22/2015). We couldn't believe not one word about the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton!!! You do know that she is under federal investigation, don't you? And so far one federal judge has said she is guilty! No wonder the polls that we see show that she is still somewhat leading! Why don't you tell the American people the truth?? There are people who only watch CBS, NBC, and ABC news. Of course I guess that's what she's counting on ~ that you won't mention the illegal activities that she's involved in!

    Pam, OK

  • Nuclear!

    Please Mr. Pelley, tell me I didn't hear you say nuculur when speaking with Mr. Carey this evening! We had too many years of hearing Mr Bush murder the word. As I used to think when he would do it, if you don't know any better, there MUST be people around you who do. The English language is taking a beating these days, please don't contribute to it.
  • Just abysmal

    Pelley is so anti-sceptic and impersonal it's like having a robot delivering the news. The liberal bias that permeates the broadcast is beyond unprofessional. If they at least tried for an more even keel it would be laudatory, but CBS seems content with being merely a minnion in the Liberal Lockstep Media today. They show no signs, or inclination, of being nothing more. Pathetic.
  • CBS Evening News

    Some things never change, SEE BS News. Could Mr. Pelley be any more impersonal and SMUG? More accurate fact checking would also be a bonus.
  • Here goes CBS again with anchor Katie Couric who should not be doing news!

    Does Katie Couric think the people in America are idiots???? If you are going to say one party you should say the other or just leave the parties out of it. It still makes me wonder what other news is she leaving out just to suit herself????? Katie you are going down hill fast! On Thursday night, CBS anchor Katie Couric began a short news update on Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska by immediately highlighting his party affiliation: "The senior Republican in the U.S. Senate went on trial today for corruption..." Stevens was appointed to his seat in 1968. But the night before, in an item on ethical questions surrounding Congressman Charles Rangel of New York, a House veteran elected in 1970 who is Chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Couric failed to inform viewers he's a Democrat.
  • SEE BS is right

    the way this newscast has and still throws opinions in with the occaisonal facts makes me wonder why people still watch and how many people are buying the things they say. They wrote the book on Agenda setting and bias. There was a book from a former employee of 28 years. that has written a few book about the liberal bias at CBS, one of them was called \"biased\" by Bernard Goldberg. The news is bad but even the sitcoms through their political opinions, and opinions of their views. I just want to watch TV an veg out, not to have news forced on me. some news tell what they learned in the news and that\'s it, wow what an idea. If you don\'t believe me watch the news and see how they throw in there opinions and comments more often than not. I\'m just sayin . Have a nice day !!
  • Another news program, but not as good as the others.

    CBS Evening News is the worst of the major news channels. If you watch the other news progams on just before CBS Evening News, you will find that the stories are almost identical to that of the other news programs. This news program is not enjoyable. The reporting is not as good as the other news programs. You could get much better information by watching any of the other news channels. At times watching this program i have detected a hint of favortism toward the conservitive side of the political spectrim. The views to do get a fair version of what is going on in the world if they watch this program.
  • From Cronkite to Couric, this broadcaset keeps evolving.

    My grandma used to watch CBS evening news, so when we were at her house, that is the one we watched.

    I had only been a light viewer of TV news before viisiting her one particular summer as a boy, but I vividly remember one night watching Walter Cronkite deliver a broadcast.

    It was one bit of bad news after another, concluding with something like a huge ship siinking or something like that. There were like 3 huge downer stories in a row.

    And then he concluded the broadcast with something like, "Goodnight, and good news".

    I thought he had a whole different viewpiont on the word "good" than I did, when I heard that.

    CBS has changed wtih the times. They are more modern. They have partnered with Internet multimedia jack-of-all-websites Yahoo. Katie Couric now delivers the news as gthe anchor of the broadcast.

    They also let you give feedback on your choice from several potential news stories, to let them know what you want covered the next week. This could be the seed of something that could grow into "personalized video newscasts" in the future. Newscasts that are tailored to the viewer, right down to the commerciasl even.

    Just as the new House majority leader in the US is a woman, CBS news has put a woman in the anchor's chair.

    The news matters. Several networks are vying for people's eyes and attention as the source of their information about what is going on in the rest of the country and the world.

    CBS has some unique curves that set it apart from the other networks. That might be enough to give it an edge.

    They have their work cut out for them though. ABC news puts out a regular podcast on iTunes and has partnered with Google to find out what news topics are ones that people are actually interested in at the moment.
  • With new set and Katie Couric, CBS is set in my opinion...

    I must admit, I hated watching the "Dan Rather-Bob Schieffer Era" of the CBS Evening News, but I continued to watch the news as word was out that Katie Couric was going to become the new anchor of the CBS Evening News. I was actually surprised at how well things seemed to come together with the struggling news program after Couric took over. It was hard at first to get used to the new 21-century set and new reports (such as FreeSpeech), but I really underestimated the program. Although I have heard some unfavorable reviews of the "new" CBS Evening News, I must say, CBS holds the torch for my favorite news program.