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  • From Cronkite to Couric, this broadcaset keeps evolving.

    My grandma used to watch CBS evening news, so when we were at her house, that is the one we watched.

    I had only been a light viewer of TV news before viisiting her one particular summer as a boy, but I vividly remember one night watching Walter Cronkite deliver a broadcast.

    It was one bit of bad news after another, concluding with something like a huge ship siinking or something like that. There were like 3 huge downer stories in a row.

    And then he concluded the broadcast with something like, "Goodnight, and good news".

    I thought he had a whole different viewpiont on the word "good" than I did, when I heard that.

    CBS has changed wtih the times. They are more modern. They have partnered with Internet multimedia jack-of-all-websites Yahoo. Katie Couric now delivers the news as gthe anchor of the broadcast.

    They also let you give feedback on your choice from several potential news stories, to let them know what you want covered the next week. This could be the seed of something that could grow into "personalized video newscasts" in the future. Newscasts that are tailored to the viewer, right down to the commerciasl even.

    Just as the new House majority leader in the US is a woman, CBS news has put a woman in the anchor's chair.

    The news matters. Several networks are vying for people's eyes and attention as the source of their information about what is going on in the rest of the country and the world.

    CBS has some unique curves that set it apart from the other networks. That might be enough to give it an edge.

    They have their work cut out for them though. ABC news puts out a regular podcast on iTunes and has partnered with Google to find out what news topics are ones that people are actually interested in at the moment.