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Entrepreneur provides low-income teens with important skills for employment

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    I caught the last piece of this interview -- What was the gentleman's name who teaches teens the "soft skills" attitude, behavior, and communication, as well as technical skills, they need to be successfully employed? He commented that he is changing these young people from liabilities to valuable human capital. Our economy needs this type of program so badly, and I hope he is finding the support that he needs!

    I work with high school students in public schools, and in my school district (which is large) it seems that many of them graduate without being truly employable or having college-ready skills. Most importantly, they lack effective verbal and written communication skills, the ability to work on teams/to collaborate, and the ability to problem-solve. What are they to do in the real world? I worry about these students as they reach their junior & senior years and still show lack of commitment to school and clearly are not ready to compete in the workplace or college. With massive cuts to public education funding, and standardized testing (which influences teaching), there is little room or time to focus on the essential soft skills with secondary students, which are not a standard part of the curriculum required in most schools. We desperately need post-secondary programs that help students learn real-life skills.

    What the entrepreneur said this morning makes a lot of sense to me, but I'd like to research him and see more of his program. If he can publicize his success appropriately, I hope these sorts of post-secondary programs grow!

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