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  • The best News Show Out There

    CBS This Morning is the most professional news program out there because of the professionalism of Charlie Rose, Nora O'Donnell and Gayle King. Compared to the other juvenile, giggly, ridiculous morning "news" shows with 4 or 5 unprofessional "news" personalities CBS is a refreshing change. I particularly enjoy Gayle King and find that she has quick wit and heartfelt comments. I disagree with some of the other comments on this site that claim that this station offers it's opinions on political issues. Although opinions are sometimes expressed by Gayle and Nora they are about non-political issues. This is the only news show I will watch.

    The political bias that is on this show is UNREAL! I used to love CBS this morning several years ago when the cast was different. This cast is unreal! Be professional and deliver the news and keep your beliefs to yourself!!! GMA or Today are so much more pleasant to watch!

  • Show is DONE !

    It used to be the best show on weekends, ... now after dumping Vinita and replacing with DieHard Liberal Alex Wagner, NY Times /Wash Post Fake Reporters and Mason ... they spend 15-20 minutes of the hour bashing Trump ! .. They use to report News around the world ! ... We hear the other garbage Mon-Fri and used to enjoy the real news on weekends ! Wagner will bring this show down and Mason will have lower ratings than Pelly on weeknight evening news ! ... It's a Shame !
  • Totally Biased

    Why aren't news crews held to a higher standard?

    This crew is obviously very politically biased.


    Your show should be about helping the public make an informed decision on the issues, not sway public opinion to match yours!

    A very bland group of hosts.
  • Very disappointed!!

    Watching your show this morning Friday the 15th, just showed me how non professional the staff of Charlie, Gayle, and Nora are. I thought you are supposed to be professionals. Your comments about the Republician party and the remarks that you all had to laugh about showed every one that you are a one sided program. I thought as reporters you should be neutral. I have decided that all of the other networks are much better that CBS. Even FOX News shows more consideration of the candidates than you. Very disappointed!!!
  • I disagree

    I disagree with the Hillary comments made by bluffacre. The republicans have worked so hard to discredit the Clintons and Obama. McConnell admitted that was his main goal: to do whatever he could to prevent Obama achieving anything. Check Bush's record of embassy deaths. We deal with terrorists everyday. Bush and Rice knew about 9/11. He lied about WMD. Really. Just heard CBS leading with the ridiculous names that Trump calls Hillary. I guess it's news, but he is laughable. I think they have given Trump way too much air time. I can't wait till he goes down in disgrace. Hey...2 party arise. Shame on our republican congress. I agree that sometimes CBS gets a little too familiar. But often Gail says and asks what the rest of us are thinking. The other morning news people are too celebrity focused. I do not care about the Kardashians or the other celebrity gossip. Wastes my time.
  • Best Format but.....

    The format of news and interviews are much better than the parties each morning on ABC and NBC, but the bias is way over the top for the Clintons. It is obvious they are part of the Elect Hillary machine. How many investigative reports have they done on her, say Bengazie, or email lies and cover-ups, or Clinton Foundation money, or how Chelse Clinton can buy a 22 million condo right after joining the Foundation. Don't mind you going after Trump, but lets be true journalists and go for both. Gayle could share more talk time, Charlie could wake up and smile more, and Nora can expand her time more. Best format, but needs fixing and fairness.
  • CBS Gale's Morning Show

    I am thinking that instead of changing the shows name, just give her a new show where she can over talk and over shout only the guest. Charlie and Nora try to ask questions , but gale has to get louder then them before she looses her train of thought? Gale, you are not the only host of the show, SHARE more air time and keep your personal stuff to yourself!!!
  • Replace Charlie Rose with ANN CURRY & Anderson Cooper

    If CBS would replace Charlie Rose with Ann Curry & Anderson Cooper or Sheryl Atkinson- the ratings for CBS This Morning would improve. Charlie Rose is best suited for PBS and 60 minutes or CBS Sunday Mornings not weekday mornings. It's a shame more people don't watch This Morning considering there is so much crap and nonsense on TV especially the babbling idiotic TODAY SHOW. Can't believe NBC continues to broadcast the pointless 3rd hour- which literally is like listening to 100 gobbling turkeys- over the public airwaves. It's no wonder NBC got zero Golden Globe nominations and very few Emmy nominations.
  • Oh please!

    Just watched Marco Rubio being grilled by Mr Rose about calling Hillary Clinton a liar on Benghazi. Come on Charlie- of course she lied! If there had been any question about the attack and where it came from a REASONABLE administration would have reported that there were conflicting reports and NOT go on for days telling a lie. Of course the Obama administration lied to cover as the incident occurred right before the election. It' a NO BRAINER Mr. Rose!
  • Orca winfrey

    Orca Winfrey Sucks
  • Clarissa Ward

    It was so nice to see Clarissa Ward in studio instead of on the battlefield. Love the show, although it seems Gale always seems to have the last word. Nora O'Donnell is great with Charlie. I enjoy their interaction with each other. They are very professional people.
  • show 8/14/2015

    Cant believe you would allow Gale to repeatedly Say women of color that offends me bc if a white lady comment that they where all white women on the show she would be racist. I think she apologize
  • Charlie Rose/ Gayle King

    I started watching this morning show a few months back, and find that the on air relationship between Charlie Rose and Gayle King to be downright disgusting. Not exactly sure which one is to blame for this, but my guess is that is both of their HUGE EGOS are feeding off of each other. Not sure how Norah can stomach any of this. You are not making Oprah proud of being your friend oh yeah Charlie, aren't you in a long term relationship? Give your viewers a break and just cut it get back to news in the morning.
  • Love this show

    Hey Gail, about football and baseball, guys have to adjust . Best morning show on tv. Gail asked the questions we are all thinking. Gail really lightens ups the show. Great job by all on CBS.
  • Charlie and Norah are shameless!

    CBS needs to hit Charlie Rose and Notah O'Donnel with cold water. Are they having an affair? Is it a mutual admiration for each other sexually? Charlie's remarks to Norah are distasteful and disgusting. And she plays along. Does he sign her paychecks? Th Christmas gift remark this morning made me gag. I hope Norah's husband doesn't watch the show.
  • Large portion of indiscriminate Spam w a Side of Morning News - News is definitely NOT back

    Charlie Rose as many are aware comes from public Television, evening Public Television. His arrival on CBS was met with loud applause, until you have to wait in between horrifically long commercial segments, far longer than any other show out there. Take your typical news program, or even compare it with the other one he is on right there on CBS, 60 Minutes, take out a stop watch and witness for yourself what amounts to "Spam is back in the morning" (with a side of news). The issue here is multifold. 1st The neural association with Charlie is just the facts, the news and no BS. Here at CBS This Morning you receive horrifically long commercial segments, as long as five minutes worth of commercials for "News Segments" that are in fact promotions for CBS own shows and programming. I witnessed this day after day until I just stopped tuning in. My appetite for Spam is not as great as CBS This Morning likes to hash out. A big fan of Charlie. Even Norah. But if it means you have to eat all this Spam to get to see them, its not worth the calorie intake. Paradoxically the news programs are their own worst enemies. They like to whine about losing viewers to social media, but then when viewers do tune in, they do everything they can to drive them away. The appalling levels of advertising on CBS This Morning does not give credence nor credibility to their theme "News is Back in the It most certainly is not. Take out a Stop Watch and see for yourself. Charlie Rose has dealt with the devil here and he looks the part. He looks half awake, sleep deprived, just reading what is placed in front of him. Viewers who tune in for Charlie are going to receive Day Dreaming Sleeping charlie, reading lines to what amount to promotion of other programs on CBS. Have some integrity Charlie. Go out with a bang. What is this SPAM you have signed yourself up for and your faithful viewers. Its like sitting down for fillet mignon and receiving heafty portions of SPAM - thats what CBS This Morning news dinging experience is all about. I forecast the cancellation of this program soon. No one sits down for a Fillet and is happy to be given all you cannot eat Commercial D Grade Spam.
  • CBS This Morning

    CBS morning is the only morning with any level of professional attitude from the Hosts, The Today Show and ABC need to completely overhaul their format and staff...

    Kudos to CBS!!!!
  • I find this show excellent

    Great news coverage rather than the tabloid journalisim on the Today show. Plus I can watch the graphics, they don't fill half my screen like the today show does.
  • Erica Hill and Gayle King need to be replaced!!!!!

    The show is good but the way Charlie Rose and the other 2 hosts are in a triangle is distracting.

    I think Rebecca Jarvis, would be good with Charlie. I am so distracted by Gayle's blinking and Erica's lack of expression.

    I am loyal to this show love CBS but please Charlie needs new cohosts.

    When Erica was out recently and the other female newscaster covered I loved the show. She had good chemistry with Charlie.

    I know she is the White House Correspondent but she needs to be moved and make Erica the correspondent.

  • Just can't get it right...

    Erica Hill is good, so why does CBS constantly put her w/people who just don't shine. CBS should have gotten Jeff Glor & Rebecca Jarvis & Erica. There is a young intelligent group that also knows how to have a good laugh. GMA has that chemistry, CBS executives need replaced..this awful morning show & the hideous Two & Half Men disaster.
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