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  • It\'s like Top Of the Pops on a saturday morning!

    I always used to wake up on a saturday morning and want to watch this show! It was on straight after SM:TV live which suited me well. What I loved about it was it always had the newest most popular songs so I would rarley want to change station.

    Then, after a while, Ant and Dec left and when Cat left the show went a bit pear-shaped! I do like the new presenters but their not as good as the old ones. I don\'t watch this too much anymore cos I\'m into different music now but I\'ll always remember it as one of my favourites!
  • I've watched it for years, and I still love it!

    I can probably speak first hand of CD:UK, as both a viewer, and a participant.

    The new presenters (Mainly Myleene Klass) are much better than Cat was, in my opinion, as Myleene seems a lot more friendly than her. She's friendly to the audience in ad breaks, too.

    The music guests, most weeks, are of a high quality, and perform really well.

    My only criticism is not of the show itself, but of the crew. I understand that things need to be done quickly, but the audience is pushed around like cattle, and generally not treated with any respect at all. The floor manager is nice, though.

    All over, I think it's a good show, and I can't see it being axed for a long time yet!
  • so glad this show is cancelled

    CD:UK first aired in 1998 as an addition to ITV's popular Saturday morning childrens show SM:TV Live. Ant, Dec and Cat hosted the show for the first three years. After the third year, Ant and Dec decided it was time to leave, going onto become Saturday night TV stars. After they left the show's ratings dropped and Cat left shortly after.

    The show, like SM:TV went through a lot of celebrity guest presenters and even after a complete relaunch, with the UChoose Chart, a new set and permanent presnters (Myleene Klass, Johnny Pitts and Lauren Laverne), the show wasn't renewed for a new series.