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  • i hate to admit it but...

    even though the only people that are in there are freaks and they all just want another shot at fame, i have to say it is quite funny watching them have bust ups. however, it is a stupid idea and we have im a celeb to watch people have bust ups. im a celeb beats big bro any day and im a celeb doesnt get on my nerves. big brother does and all it is is soem weird people shoved in the house and told to do stupid things by some bloke that they supposedly dont know. it was funny when it first came out but its died a death now and no one is interested anymore. bring somehting new out.
  • This is a show where celebraties enter a small house and live together for several months end often end up in tears.

    I detest this show. Its a waist of time. The only good thing about it is you are able to see the true side of you're beloved celebraties. They just complain about how hard their life is and how hard their work is. Yes im sure having a picture taken of you in a bakini is going to be very hard. They complain about the food and the challenges they are set. Often the challenges are things that normal every day people carry out every day without fuss and what do they do? Complain for half an hour about how bad it is to write a letter! The show is pethetic. It insults everyday people. Many of them then fight over piintless things. I believe this show is worse than normal big brother purelly because it is soo offensive to everyday people. The show should stop being broadcasted. The only people who watch it are the sick people who only want to see drama and watch people cry for real. Some people will say this is no different from watching an emmotional movie but I beg to differ. You are watching real people fight and cry. Yes it may be over pointless things and you may think they deserve it but its unfair to everyone.
    Take the show of TV now!!!
  • oh my god, get over this complete garbage!

    i really dont like this show. i mean come on! it's just a bunch of celebrities put into a house! jesus what is that! then when there in there all they do is cry and scream at each other because of there problems! for the love of god your celebrities! you thnik you have problems, try living in a flat that has a high mortgage, you parents hate each other and have divirced and you broke because the jerk at your work has outshowed you enough for you to get fired! stop complaining and crying! your are rich! please stop all this rubbish, your only trying to get publicity so you can get more money! your all losers!
  • All the badness of Big Brother, with some people I'm told are famous.

    Celebrity Big Brother's back - must be time to take the '4' out of my remote.

    Those few weeks when Celebrity Big Brother airs, we see nothing but it on Channel 4 and E4. Why?

    It really is watching people live their lives. It used to be mildly interesting - but it's getting far too old now.

    Who would watch it? Actually, I'll tell you who. Kids. I'm serious - I found that more adolescents liked it then adults. And most of them still weren't regular visitors.

    I don't see what the fuss is about. Twelve people, left in a house, with a bloke and an annoying PA system.

    An none of the faces are famous, so we're back to Big Brother on that one.
  • Celebrity Big Brother is a take on the original Big Brother by sending celebrities into the house for a shortened period of time.

    Celebrity Big Brother has very quickly deteriorated in quality since it began. This is because each year the status of the celebrities going into the house is getting lower and lower with the last two series featuring at least one non-celebrity.

    The problem with this show is that many of the things that make the normal BB intersting e.g. open showers/toilets, the length of time it is on (allows character development), and the way Big Brother themselves act towards the housemates is all missing from the celebrity version.

    Also I feel that as the show features just as many housemates as the longer version the producers try to pack in much more such as rushed evictions and more tasks which means we don't really get to see much of who the people really are which is why we watch it, to find out about celebrities day to day lives.
  • Evict Jade Goody,Jack Tweed,Danielle Lloyd, and Jo O\'Meara for their fourth world attitude.

    I am shocked at the low mentality of some of the contestants or should I say Celebraties.In particular Jade Goody, her mother Jackiey Budden, Jack Tweed, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O\'Meara .
    What a sick example of low grade attitudes with an extreme lack of common intelegence.
    This sort of racism does not happen in the third world.Infact it can only be the action of small minded people to gang up and verbally attack Shilpa Shetty.They are wose than third world people.
    I believe that we can say that they have a fourth world attitude and without hesitation should be evicted from the house.
  • Put a bunch of X listers trying to make it into A listers into a house and watch how they react to each other. Wierdly interesting...

    So exactly the same principle as ordinary big brother but they get celebrities who like no one has heard of. People (supposedly 'celebrities') just go on this show to become more famous! And the famous ones that do go on the show are clearly brain damaged.

    I cannot believe that Jermaine Jackson is in it! He is an amazing man who has too high a standard to be seen on a show as stupid and petty and CBB!

    However stupid I find this show, I have to say, it is a lot of fun to watch! Who doesn't like watching people fight over food, names, beds and jobs? It is hilarious how petty these 'celebrities' can be outside of the real world.
  • the best thing now on t.v

    this is a show where clebs go in to a big house and live there. it is a good show because u get to see celebs fight and do things that they dont usaly do it is grate. if you have never watched the show you really should it is on at 9 every night on channel 4 it is cool. all of my mates at school talk a bout it. it is the new best thing on telle. who ever came up with the idea was the best. it is the best idea ever. i carnt wait untill to night to watch it!
  • Yay!!!Celeb Big Brother is back.

    Unfortunatly though not the best of Celeb'z ever. With the like of 'H' from steps and Jo from S club 7, Leo Sayer, Ex-Miss great Britain who got her crown removed once she was found to be dating one of the judges. Jermaine Jackson, Ken Russell a old English director, Shilpa a Bollywood actress, Carole Malone a Journalist for the sunday mirror, Cleo a actress/writer,Derk aka Face from the A-team and Donny a Rock singer in a band called The tower of London.
    And soon to join the house will be Jade goody and her family. As you can see not a complete selection of Celebritys but should be fun any how!!!

    Tlk to ya soon OTH_obsessed xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Dermount Oleary, Divina McCall are fabulous its just amazing nothing is like it

    Celebrity Big Brother is amazing especially seen as they are locked up in one big house and altogether. It is amazing to see celebrities actually doing it and giving up their spare time .Dermount Oleary amd Davina McCall are fabulous to they hold it all together. It is a great reality tv show it has everything you need at 9 oclock . It has drama , comedy , sometimes love happens and even fights . Celebrity Big Brother is a programme than cant be missed everyone has to watch it because evertbody talks about it and you will be the odd one out .
  • Big Brother for celebrities.

    I hope they bring this one back as i miss it. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to with you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. Seeing the celebrities in the setting is pretty funny. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. I am waiting to see this back on my TV.
  • Always funny and always full of drama and twists. Excellent.

    I used to think Big Brother was a load of rubbish like most of my friends do now, but that was before I actually watched it!
    The Celebrity version is not as good as the "normal" one, but it's still highly enjoyable. They always find many twists to make it interesting and always choose a good selection of housemates. Highly addictive and highly enjoyable. The highlights of series 4 included the "Cat" incident with George and Rula and the Big Brother Movie with Pete and Micheal who were both incredibly good. Many hilarious moments as well as the usual angry shouting matches!!
  • Excellent choice in housemates!

    Although living in Canada, I was fortunate enough to see the show.

    It's been said that this was the darkest Big Brother series of all, and it was.

    Yet through it all emerged Chantelle as the winner. A refreshing ray of sunshine through the darkness. You can always count on the British public to make the right choice!

    Absolutely enjoyed watching this season! Could it possibly get any better?
  • preston to winxxxx

    i think preston is mega fine!! and he is nice 2 every1! so hes got my vote!! i think im and chantelle r so cute 2gether lucky gal she is!! i love preston!! ordinary boys rok my sokz totally xxxxx hu else loves celebrity big bother? xxxxxx lv me xx
  • Brilliant

    Celebrity Big brother is a brilliant show. Not as good as the real Big Brother but nearly just as good, It has drama, comedy, romance and it allways has wierd housmates. It is fun to watch and is very intresting to watch the celebrities behave.

    This is just a magnificent show!!!!!
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