Celebrity Blackjack

Season 2 Episode 13

Championship Tournament

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2005 on GSN - Game Show Network



  • Trivia

    • Jason Alexander is the winner of the second season of Celebrity Blackjack, taking home an additional $200,000 for his charity. On the final hand, he had $286,000 and put out $156,000, while Jeff Probst and Kelli Williams put out very small bets, with Lance Bass out of the game. Jason won the hand and therefore won the match.

    • Jeff Probst bet $50,000 several times towards the final hand and won.

    • Jason split 10s on Hand 9 and got 20 and 21, winning the hand. Later, he split and got two 21s, winning once again.

  • Quotes

    • (after Kelli makes her bet)
      Jeff: Jason's gonna stick with her because he's got to, so they're both gonna bet fifteen grand thereabouts. He'll bet eleven-five or something odd...
      Lance: Or you could bet, you know, conservative, hoping they'd lose, and just...
      Jeff: And I'd pick up what, ten grand?
      Jason: Yeah, I think you should be taking advice from Lance.
      (laughter from the audience)
      Matt: Yeah, next, Lance'll hold a seminar on keeping a band together.

    • Dave: This is the pinnacle of celebrity casino programming.

    • Matt: Look at that. She wanted a 9, needed a 9, got a 9. Kelli has been smoking all game.

    • Matt: Oh, come on, Probst. You make people eat deer testicles, but you can't stomach a couple of fours.

    • Dave: Gotta do the dance. The 5-Card Charlie Dance. There ya' go.

    • Matt: All attention here is on Lance Bass. Take that, Justin Timberlake!

    • Dave: Was he on Seinfeld?
      Jason: Was I on Seinfeld? Oh, you kid me.
      Matt: Jason was on Seinfeld when Dave was on unemployment.

    • Matt: (after Jeff has a card stolen and the gets a blackjack) Jeff gets paid 3:2. That is a blackjack, even though it came via the Joker.

    • Jason: (to Jeff) If you win, I'm gonna kill every animal I see on the way home, how about that?

    • Matt: Kelli's got a 6 coming to her, the way you're going.
      Kelli: (She gets a 6, giving her 21) Oooh!
      Matt: Huh? Huh?

    • Dave: (whispering) Why are we whispering? Let's all whisper from now on. This is a whisper game.

    • Jeff: I'm going to predict Jason's strategy. He's going to double up every time.

    • Jeff: Jason, what would you like me to bet for the first hand?
      Jason: $25,000!

  • Notes

    • Jeff Probst makes it the championship despite not having won his initial match. He substituted in the semi-finals for Shannon Elizabeth, who couldn't make it.

    • A mobile-phone poll in this episode asks viewers to text message their response to the question: "How would you play an Ace-6 against a dealer's 3 card?" The results were Hit - 39%, Stand - 17%, Double Down - 44%. The book says that you should double down.

    • There were no pop-up tips shown in this episode.

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