Celebrity Blackjack

Season 2 Episode 7

John Henson v. David Higgins v. Steve Harris v. John Melendez

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2004 on GSN - Game Show Network



  • Trivia

    • On Hand 3, John Henson split three aces. He received a 21 on one of them, a 20 on another, and a 19 on the third. Dealer Dave drew to a 20, so John H. broke even.

    • On Hand 16, Steve Harris split 2s and hit up to a 15 and a 12. He lost to Dealer Dave's 21.

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  • Notes

    • Originally scheduled to air on December 14

    • John Melendez lost to Ben Stein in the fifth episode of the first season.

    • A mobile-phone poll in this episode asks viewers to text message their response to the question: "How would you play a pair of 9s against a Dealer's 7 card?" The results were Stand - 79%, Split - 11%, Double Down - 10%. The book says that Stand is the best option.

    • Pop-Up Tips Shown in this episode:

      John H. has a 64% chance to win by doubling an 11 vs. a 6
      A 20 vs. a dealer 3 will only lose 12% of the time
      An 18 vs. a dealer 10 will win 35% of the time
      The odds of losing 9 straight are over 750 to 1

    • Promos for this episode assign the following nicknames to the celebrities: John Henson - "Skunk Boy," David Anthony Higgins - "Ace," Steve Harris - "Big Deal," John Melendez - "Stuttering"

    • In the final hand, John Henson, David Higgins and Steve Harris remained. All three had a shot at winning. Steve has a shot at a win on possible Five Card Charlie, but ends up busting. The game ends with David needing a 7 or an 8 on a double-down in order to win. He does not have either and John Henson wins after being behind most of the night and at one point nearly dropping out of the game.

    • The celebrities play for the following charities in this episode: John Henson - Gilda's House, David Higgins - Cri-Help, Steve Harris - Kids First, John Melendez - The Spinal Cord Society

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