Celebrity Bootcamp

Season 1 Episode 1

Boot Camp 2 Hour Special

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ten celebrities were on a 3:30 am bus ride to the camp. After they arrive at camp, the Drill Instructors boarded the bus. They were taken to the processing room, where they were lined up and screamed at. They were ordered to dump out their suitcases. The DIs, made them do things with their belongings. Some were ordered to sing. After that ordeal, they were given uniforms and were sent on a march. Then they went on a mile run and did an obstacle course. The celebrities were given a strength test. The first thing they had to do was, to do as many push-ups as possible. After the push-ups, they had to run a mile. Next, they had to do as many crunches they could in two minutes. Later on it was time for the first mission. The first mission was called E.P.I.C. (Extract Pilots Indemnify Cargo). There they were split into two teams, the Alpha team and the Bravo team. But, for this mission they had to work as one. Their mission was to, rescue two drowned pilots, retrieve one missile, and get them all back to the beach in 25 minutes. They manage to complete their mission with 42 seconds to spare. Since they won the mission, as a reward they were given a one minute phone call. For their one minute phone call, Nikki used the phone to check her voice mail. And Kato, wanted to call his daughter, but he missed dialed her number. He ended up leaving a message on some stranger's answering machine. The first two people sent home were Vitamin C and Nikki Ziering. At 5 in the morning and only 5 and a half hours of sleep they were awaken by the DI's screaming at them to get up. Before the second mission he teams had to pick new team leaders. The Alpha team chose Traci Bingham again and the Bravo team chose Lorenzo Lamas, as their new leader. The second mission is called V.I.R.U.S. (Vital Information Recall Under Stress). The objective for this mission is that, the celebrities will be captures and interrogated. But they can not say anything. They can not leak any information that could compromise the mission. This is where they had to get in the two teams. The Alpha team consisted of Coolio, Kato Kaelin, Traci Bingham, and Barry Williams. The team leader for the Alpha team was Traci Bingham. The Bravo team consisted of Lorenzo Lamas, Tiffany, Fabrice Morvan, and David Faustino. The team leader for the Bravo team was David Faustino. As part of the interrogation they were given no food or water for three hours, with temperatures in the mid-90's. The whole time they were blindfolded and handcuffed. During the certain periods the blindfolds were taken off for a short period of time. Five hours later, Traci starts to tell the capturers everything. After the mission, the two teams were asked ten questions. Alpha team got three right. Bravo got seven right. After the questions, it was time for the second round of eliminations. This time four of the remaining eight were eliminated. The ones that were eliminated were Barry Williams, Fabrice Morvan, Kato Kaelin, and Tiffany. Leaving David Faustino, Traci Bingham, Lorenzo Lamas, and Coolio. After the elimination, it's time for the competition to determine the final two. The challenge was to hang onto a bar until there are only two people remaining. David Faustino and Lorenzo Lamas failed to hang on. So the final two are Coolio and Traci Bingham. They have been awake for over 19 hours. The final round is called The Gauntlet, and that lasted 24 hours. There are eight parts to the Gauntlet. The first seven were given a cold shower, build an identical wall, obstacle course number 1, repel a tower while remembering information, bomb color match to spell out a code, and obstacle course number 2. Coolio won the first seven. The last part, which Traci won, was the bar hang that got them into the Gauntlet. After the Gauntlet is over, the eliminated contestants returned and pledged their dog tags to on of the finalist. Coolio and Traci both received four dog tags, but Coolio was the winner. He won $500,000.
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