Celebrity Bowling

Season 5 Episode 3

September 14, 1974

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1974 on

Episode Recap

Susan Saint James leads off the game with a gutter ball. Howard Duff leaves a five pin mess. Saint James shoots for the spare and gets one pin. John Saxon begins his game with a gutter ball. Angie Dickinson leaves the 5-9. Saxon tries for the spare and misses both pins.

Beginning the second frame, Duff leaves the 1-3-6 while Saint James leaves the 1-2-3-6-8. Saint James throws her spare attempt into the gutter. Dickinson leaves the 1-2-4 and Saxon leaves the 1-2-9. Dickinson gets one pin on her try for the spare.

Saint James starts the third frame with a gutter ball. Duff repeats the feat with a gutter ball of his own.  Saint James picks up three pins on her try for the spare. Saxon knocks down the 7-pin while Dickinson leaves the 1-2-3-5-6. Saxon makes the spare.

Duff begins the fourth frame with a gutter ball. Saint James leaves five pins and Duff shoots for her spare and gets four of the five pins. Saxon leaves a 10-pin. Dickinson's shot leaves the 4-6-10 split. Dickinson shoots for the spare and misses.

The fifth frame begins with Saint James leaving the 4-5 baby split. Duff knocks down four pins on his turn and is picked to try to pick up the split. He puts his ball in the gutter. Saxon throws a strike and Dickinson takes her chair.

The sixth frame is bowled off camera with Saint James getting a spare and Saxon getting another strike. Seventh frame has Saint James knocking down five pins and Duff only getting the 7-pin. Duff throws his ball in the gutter going for the spare. Saxon knocks down five pins with his shot and Dickinson gets four.  Dickinson misses all five pins on her spare try.

Eighth frame begins with Duff leaving the 1-3-6-10 and Saint James throwing a gutter ball. Saint James get two pins on her spare attempt. Dickinson leaves the 1-2-8 on her turn and Saxon leaves a 5-pin. Dickinson's try at the 5-pin goes in the gutter.

Saint James leaves the 4-pin on her first shot in the ninth frame while Duff takes three pins off the corner. Duff shoots for the spare and makes it. Saxon leaves the 3-10 split while Dickinson gets six pins. Dickinson is chosen to shoot at the split and misses both pins.

In the final frame Duff starts off with a gutter ball. Saint James leaves a 5-pin which Duff will try to convert. Duff's ball goes in the gutter, hops out and knocks down the pin. He is told the spare does not count. Final team score is 88. Saxon leaves the 1-3-6 on his turn while Dickinson knocks down six pins and is chosen to shoot for the spare. She misses all three pins. Team score is 113.