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NBC (ended 2008)


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  • Celebrity Circus is a pretty decent show to watch.

    The show "Celebrity Circus" was a pretty good show. It was very interesting to watch the different unique circus acts every week and to see who would have the best act and who would go home, and of course, to see Louie do a flip for someone! MY favorites were Stacey Dash, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Christopher Knight because they were usually dead on every week unlike the other contestants who weren't as good. Blu was funny to watch because she was ridiculous with all the crap she was saying. If I caould change one thing about the show, I'd get just regular people to do the acts instead of celebrities that no one has ever heard of. It would be unique to see some random person from the middle of Kansas try and walk a tightrope. Overall it was a decent show. It wasn't perfect, but it most certainlywasn't bad or abysmal either.
    Bj 8)
  • Celebrities (?) become circus performers, but the real talent is being able to sit throughan entire episode.

    Oh, where do I begin. First off, they start out with this warped techno-circus theme music, where everyone is trying to show how much energy and enthusiasm they have, but it looks forced. Then, we have the celebrity ringleader, former boy-band star Joey Fataine. Then there are the celebrities themselves...wait, don't you have to be famous to be a celebrity? Other than Wee-man I had never heard of any of these guys, and if you had not mentioned the token former Brady Bunch cast member as being a former Brady Bunch cast member, people would have thought "Who is this old guy?". They also have the standard quippy British judge that all reality competition shows have (it is a law, I believe). Regardless, this is another uninspired show, and I would not be surprised to see it canned before the show finishes.
  • Circus of the C Grade stars!

    Oh where to begin with this. Yes I actually wasted my time and watched this show. It was really bland and boring. Several B to C grade stars compete to perform circus acts. A few acts were fairly impressive. Such as Wee-Man doing the wheel of death. Considering he is a dwarf and that stunt is difficult for an average sized individual, that is some what impressive. Antonio Sabàto Jr. did a nice job with the ribbon acrobatics. And really somewhat impessive was 50 year old Chris Knight walking the tightrope blindfolded and then with a partner on his shoulders. He even did this with a broken arm. The other acts were really ho hum. One was the rope. Basically the girl did next to nothing and was just spun around while hanging from a rope. Rachel Hunter sat in a hula hoop in the air while the other performers in that act did most of the work.

    Overall this is an update of Circus of the Stars. I doubt this show will last long at all. Just kinda stupid and pointless. The acts are dull. I give it about 3-4 episodes at most. I liked Armed and Famous and that only lasted 3 episodes. Celebs as real cops is much more interesting than the circus can ever be. So I really do not see this lasting.