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NBC (ended 2006)


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  • Everyone thinks this show is a complete waste of their time but I think otherwise. I found this show to be entertaining but a little bit on the boring side. This show is dangerous as well remember Episode #4.

    Well anyway one of the contestants sliced his own finger by mistake. I just wish I was one of the judges because you get to taste all that gourmet food and their is nothing I love more than that. Wolfgang Puck is my #1 favorite Celebrity cook he made a few guest appearances on this show. Keep up the good work Celebrity Cooking Showdown but this show needs a daily fix.
  • All I can say is Thank God its Over!!!!!

    Zero list celebs with no knowledge of cooking in a pressure situation. What idiot thought of this one!

    Where to start. Ok, the judges, what was with Gael Greenshats? Good thing she could look down at TV screens to see what was going on, because there was no way she could see the stage!

    Next, did anyone find it as strange as I did that the women were wearing heels. Also, no hair nets, gauzey fabric (I am suprised no one burned to death), no skills. I am amazed that Angel was the only one who hurt himself.

    Finally, I am still wondering where they got the votes for the the winner. The Phones were never open and there was no internet voting to my knowledge.

    In a season of bad TV this show wins to prize. Please no more celebrity shows.
  • Seriously, I do not remember saying to NBC I needed a really bad take-off of "Iron Chef"...

    Now, I'll admit I really thought this show had the possibility of being good. Why? I seriously honest have no answer for that. I mean considering the "celebrities" on the show are basically one step away from being on Kathy Griffin's "The D-List", the point of a "celebrity cook off" is really what?

    The show actually had some promise, but after watching Cindy Margolis try to cook anything, I really did not want to watch anymore. However, I sadly did. When I saw Patti LaBelle, who has written cookbooks mind you, lose to Ashley Parker Angel from MTV's "There and Back", I gave up. Basically, I'm now convinced that the show is rigged after that winner occured.

    I was glad to see Alan Thicke back on TV, but I feel sorry that this piece of junk is what he came back to.

    If this show wants to survive, it should find real celebrities or better judges because without either, it's definitely a failure. I'd rather see "Deal or No Deal" a million times a week, than watch this again.

    Everyone do a huge favor to yourself and watch "Iron Chef" or "Iron Chef America" if you want to see real great cook-offs.
  • Are you kidding me ?

    I too was looking forward to this because I\\\'m an avid fan of Iron Chef America. I really enjoy the exotic dishes prepared and the amount of time it took to prepare. This show had overkill first of all, second Alan Thicke ? Third, who are these people that are supposed to be celebrities? they\\\'re less than B actors. Finally. . .P.Diddly or whatever he\\\'ll call himself next week or whatever. I\\\'m sure he had a lot to do with \\\"creative control\\\".

    This just ruined food tv as we know it.
  • This shows Pitts three "celebrities" against each other with the help of three celebrity chefs. Sirens and flashing lights segmenting the show into rounds, while the "celebrities" take a crack at cooking like it was a sporting event.

    I can't say enough about how I was sooo looking forward to this series. I'm a huge fan of the FOOD network and love Iron Chef America (which celebrity cooking seems to be mimicking) but this was no Battle in the cooking stadium. Or maybe the creators of celebrity cooking took the "stadium" literally because they added a cheering crowd, sirens, flashing lights, and a really bad John Madden impersonation ala Alan Thicke. The show just seemed missing guided. What was really good about Iron Chef they basically stripped away what was good and, from what I can tell geared the show for the lowest common denominator.

    I will say that the concept is great. But maybe they need to spend more time explaining what the chefs/ celebrities are doing and less time making really bad puns and one-line jokes about how a certain person goes from the kitchen to the pantry in the "Missing ingredients" shenanigans. Picture the show American gladiator meets Julia child.
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