Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 6 Episode 5

Celebrity Death Mash

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This was the worst episode I have ever seen.What is up with Asley Simpson Fighting her own nose.Also the mencia chapelle match ended quickly without mencia putting up a fight. The last match is the only thing that convinced me not to give it a 0 rating.

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  • Whoo hoo! :D I'm finally on the top contributor's map for this show! :idea:

    I've heard it said that every day is always destined to be filled with new opportunities if one only knows where to look. Fortunatly I like to look at new "Celebrity Death Match" shows much to my mother's chagrin, and this episode was well worth watching! What's crazier than an insanely popular African-American actor running away from a $55 million contract and a top-rating popular show?! Having him return to the states to fight against Mexican powerhouse Carlos Mencia! It's no secret Carlos uses racism as his schtick, but Carlos is taking it too far with everybody down at the old ringside. Fortunatly Dave Chapelle uses a spear & an angry dog to send Carlos to Mexican heaven which is a trillion times cheaper than regular heaven! :lol: Then what can a no-talent singer do to get herself noticed by the media? Cut her nose off ala Michael Jackson and sell more records! Only it seems Ashlee's nose job is all anyone knows her for now so Ashlee wants to end this talk once and for all! It takes her a really Long time (since she is a blonde after all) :roll: but Ashlee Simpson finally defeats her old nose to prove to everyone that Jessica isn't the only Simpson that can make it big in the killing industry, just look at O.J. Simpson! :oops: And it's been a long time coming but at last, there's a new way for celebrities to kill other celebrities! Two celebrities get themselves cut up than stuck together to fight another two-headed combo celebrity in a fight to the death. With R. Kelly having such a long history with improper love relationships and singing whatever it is he's doing, it was only a matter of time before Ludicrous (with no help from Criss Angel!) :? shows R. Kelly what real rapping is all about and real rapping is about saying magic words to end your opponent/s threat/s. This show has got it where it counts: in the comedy and action section of animation! That's why I love this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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