Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 17

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 1999 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

First Nick doesn't appear in the arena, and we see why, he is home with Nicky jr.

Fight Summary:

Nicky wants to hear a bedtime story, and Nick reads a "bible" story, when Moses fought the Pharaoh.

The fight ended with the Pharoah dropping a small pyramid onto Moses, but Nicky jr. complains and says that Moses actually beat the Pharaoh... so Nick changes the story... Harrison Ford actually appeared and kicked the Pharaoh's ass, finally Ford led Moses' people out of Egypt. Then, Stacy Cornbred interviews scream queen Drew Barrymore about her opinions on tonight's fight, when suddenly, the lights go out, and Barrymore is found brutally murdered on the ground!

2 - Larry King vs. Geraldo Rivera

This fight had people calling in and telling the fighters what to do.(And, even during the fight, Drew's killer calls Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond to tell them who his next victim will be, but Nick hangs up the phone before even giving a name. Gomez asks him (Diamond) what he said, but Nick replies that "it was just the credit card people".)

Finally a woman calls and tells Geraldo to unexpectedly drop a desk onto Larry King, he does, and Geraldo Rivera is the Winner! Then the murderer calls Geraldo and tells him to look out into the audience, which he does, and finds Jamie Lee Curtis' lifeless body. Rivera then goes to the woman's restroom, where Jennifer Love Hewitt went to use it 15 minutes ago and never came back, and finds her brutally killed. He then finds what appears to be a room where the serial killer may be hiding, and decides to go in, after the commercials.

3 - Neve Campbell vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar

We remain where we were when we went to commercials at a strange room that Geraldo Rivera enters, which he finds piles and piles of pornogrophy. Then, Nick confirms it is actually his office, to which Geraldo looks on in shock and disgust. After a while, the murderer calls again, Nick re-dials the number, and a cellphone is heard, on the Platypus, and Sarah and Neve decides to beat it up. It is here that they find it lays an egg. They find out that it's actually a real platypus, and that it just acted in self-defense. Then the murderer calls again, and tells everyone that he was too clever, so that cant find him, and the fight ends so.