Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 2 Episode 14

Episode 26

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 1999 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap


1. Elton John vs. Ozzy Osbourne

At first Elton John has the upper hand and kicks Ozzy in the crotch and beats him up. Then the queen calls his name and throws in the Excalibur (which is stuck in a stone). Elton can't get the sword out so the queen badmouths him.

Ozzy comes up and Elton picks up the stone, and drops it on Ozzy, ruining his stomach. The queen tells Elton he will never be king, causing Elton to go berserk and beat her up, while yelling that he wants to be the QUEEN.

At this point Ozzy gets up and bites Elton's head and tries to swallow it, but it gets stuck. He is saved by the queen, who preforms the heimlich, and Ozzys throat rejects Eltons head and he spits it out into the audience. Ozzy Osborne is the winner!

2. Martha Stewart vs. Sandra Bernhard

This starts out with the ring being all decorated like a house. Sandra grabs flowers off the table and rubs them on her backside. Martha gets angry and grabs a bottle of champagne and the lid goes flying through Sandra's head. Martha knocks her down and grabs hot glue, glues her mouth and head to the ground and starts making ornaments out of her organs.

Martha Stewart is the winner!

3. Sean Penn vs. Tom Hanks

Since he is normally a very nice guy, Tom Hanks is put in a small cage and is poked until he turns mean, to battle Sean Penn. But in the match, when Hanks gets out, he hasn't changed one bit. Tom Hanks is all friendly towards Sean Penn, who starts kicking his ass, but Tom Hanks does not fight back. Sean Penn sees a reporter and goes to kick his ass instead. This makes Tom Hanks angry, and he pulls out Sean Penn's spine.

Tom Hanks is the winner!