Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 2 Episode 19

Episode 31

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1999 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

The first halloween episode, Mark Callaway guest stars as the undertaker, who helps commentating, and fights Captain Doody in fight #2.

Fight Summary:

1 - Frankenstein's Monster vs. The Wolfman

They fight for a while, the Wolfman bites off one of Frankenstein's arms, then he morphs back into a human.

He talks to Mills that in fact, Frankenstein's monster is built up of dead body parts, so he's already dead, Mills declares the Wolfman as the winner, and he starts mocking Frankenstein's Monster, who gets pissed and breaks the Wolfman's skull.

Frankenstein's Monster is the winner!

2 - Captain Doody vs. The Undertaker

Nicky jr was dressed as a devil in this episode, he got the idea from his friend "Captain Doody"... during and after the first fight, Nicky jr behaves strange, levitating, peeing, and more... Nick, Johnny and the Undertaker discover that he is possessed by Captain Doody, so the Undertaker takes the demon into the ring.

After a while, Captain Doody tries to fool the Undertaker that Nicky isn't possessed, the Undertaker isn't fooled that easy and does a piledriver on Nicky jr, and Captain Doody leaves his body and possesses the popcorn guy, who runs off.

The Undertaker is the winner!

3 - 'N Sync vs. Kiss

It's Rock vs Pop in the main event:

'N Sync decided to have some costumes to compete with Kiss:

J.C and Chris had a donkey suit, Lance was a hobo, Justin was a clown and Joey was a pirate.

First Paul Stanley blows up J.C with a laser to make it a clean fight (four on four)

Just a little later, Peter Criss tries to do a superfly on Chris, but slips and splits his skull open on the stairs leading into the arena.

Next, Paul slices up Lance with his laser.

Then Justin tries to attack Ace, but Ace grabs him, climbs the ropes and jumps down into the ring, smearing Justin on the floor, then Ace summons his magic guitar, and uses it to vaporize Justin.

Next Joey is kicked in the groin by Ace, and then kicked out off the ring (he doesn't die though...).

Then Gene tries to burn Chris, but Chris ducks and the fire burns Paul into a pile of ash.

Next Chris ties Gene's tongue into Justin's balloons, and sends him flying away, but Ace slams his guitar into the floor, and a powerful beam is sent up, popping the balloons, so Gene falls down and crushes Chris.

Kiss (Gene & Ace) is the winner!
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