Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 3 Episode 7

Episode 40

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2000 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This episode was TEEN NIGHT!!! Mellissa Joan Hart vs. Alyssa Milano, Mary-Kate vs. Ashley Olsen & Scott Wolf with Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Ryan Phillip with Reese Witherspoon.

    This episode was mainly about teens since it was teen night. The first fight was worthy to watch while the other 2, were just fast & not so worthy. Fight #1 - Mellisa Joan Hart vs. Alyssa Milano This fight had WITCHES, MAGIC & A CAT!!! They came in like regular witches & Mills was a African American as a referee. Once the fight started, Mellissa thanked Alyssa of how she became popular which got Alyssa mad so they took off their clothes & started fighting. After broompoking eachother, they do this magic on each other, making them look like lady Ogres. Then Mellissa got out Salem, (who looked muscular then how he ever looked before.) He basically was punching Alyssa & then tripped her. Then Alyssa brought out Tony Danza, who fought Salem & got his face scratched off. Finally, Alyssa ties Mellissa to a tree & sets it on fire. Salem gets the fire hydrant & puts it out, but realizes the tree shrunk , making the tree fall down, crushing both Mellissa & Salem, making Alyssa the winner. THANK GOD!!!

    Fight #2 - Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen This match was a normal fight, & it was just okay. When they get to the ring, they switched their clothes, making it a bit more confusing. Once the fight starts they basically have the same good fighting moves. After fighting for a while, they hear someone coming. They get scared & see that its Betty-Sue Olsen, the 3rd Olsen twin. WOW!!! She climbs in the ring & is ready to seek revenge on the two. The twins decide to fight her, but she jumps all the way to their side & rips them to SHREDS!!!!
    Very weird fight.

    Fight #3 - Scott Wolf & Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Ryan Phillip & Reese Witherspoon. This matches ring was decorated like a prom. The fight starts off with some dancing. Then Scott complains because he doesn't know why he's here but Jennifer says that they've worked well together & that she really wants to be prom queen. Then, Reese & Ryan go and have a drink but Jennifer comes & shoves her in the punch but Ryan pushed her out of the way. Then Jennifer & Scott push the table against Ryan who lands on it and then they catapulted him where he lands in the disco ball. It's not clear at all if he really died or not. Reese stabs Scott in the eye & shoots a chicken into Jennifer's mouth where then she swallows it. Reese then throws a knife to get Ryan down, but when he lands on the table, he catapults Scott into Reese who gets cut to pieces by the ropes, which makes NO SENSE!!! Jennifer then makes a corny line & once they won, they got their crowns. Once you thought they'd really be the prom king & queen, Betty-Sue Olsen stabs Jennifer, which both kills her & we the whole chicken. Betty was queen, but at the end, she smooches Scott's face to hard, which kills him some how. The episode was good until fight 2, which after that sucked. Fight 1 & the story about when Nick turned 16 was good. The only thing that made no sense was that Ryan didn't die & that Betty-Sue basically killed her prom king. The episode could have been better.