Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 3 Episode 24

Episode 57

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2001 on MTV - Music Television

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  • His named is spelled KHAN not kahn, geez all websites are so wrong! LOL it's ok i just wanted to point that out!

    My favorite Celebrity Deathmatch ever. For some reason, that remains unknown to me, Potato Khan is the coolest character that i have ever seen on tv! ( right above Marvin the Martian and south park's Kenny )Well, it might just be because i just love random-ness and the plain out wierd, but something about the way Potato acted and fought in his two deathmatches made him a favorite that no one i ever met knew about. In his first fight, on a previous episode, Khan ,who's DNA was a mixture of Joe Pesci and Ghengis Khan, fought a four armed cook named Beni Trauma. Of course Potato won and moved on up the ladder to fight the previous mutant that won. By the way it was called The Battle of the Super Freaks, and they took dna from various celebs and made mutant "born to fight if you will. Well in this episode he fought a 3 legged hillbilly named Cousin Grimm, who killed Khan..... well kinda. Several peices of Potato Khan sprouted into smaller versions and after consumed by Grimm, they went to his head. The stupid fool of a mutant then smashed his own head into peices. Thus the little potatoes won. It would have seemed that good old Potato Khan was dead forever, but that was not the case. Potato Khan was seen in the basement in the season 4 episode were Blink 182 fought 98 Degrees. Maybe one day Potato Khan will come back, but it is doubted, but never the less he remains a classic character of a classic show.

    PS: The other two fights were good too! LOL!!