Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 4 Episode 9

Episode 67

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Unknown on MTV - Music Television



  • Notes

    • Each of these freaks are monsters made up by CDM. They look like:
      Cousin Grimm - An overweight man with messy black hair, dressed in blue overalls and a white shirt. He has a small arm growing from his left leg, and in his fight against Potato Kahn, he wears shades.
      Pierce McCrack - A very thin, very pale man with many piercings and tattoos.
      Potato Kahn - A large potato with yellow eyes and red sneakers. It has legs and arms, and in his fight against Cousin Grim, he has whipping tentacles coming from his head.
      Beni Trauma - A Chinese man with a blue loincloth and four arms. He has a penciled moustace and slick black hair.