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A Big ass List of fights

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    ShellShocker42 wrote:
    Fight: Ryan Dunn vs Raab Himself vs Novak vs Brandon Dicamillo vs Rake Yahn.

    Special Guest Referee: Bam Margera

    Bam drives in on an ATV. Match starts with rake taking out a rake and raking ryan dunns stomach. Dico begins punching Raab and takes out a baseball bat, then begins wailing on raab. Novak has noone to fight to he begins beating up himself. Rake drops the rake then starts punching dunn. Dunn grabs one of Rake's flying punches then rips off his right arm. Dunn uses the arm to grabs rake extremely long hair, then rip it all out. Dunn drops the arm and hair, grabs the rake, then rakes off all of rakes skin, then rips out all of rakes muscles. Rakes gone. Dico continues to hit Raab with the baseball bat then Rabb grabs a hockey stick then quickly slices off Dicos legs. Rabb runs into the crowd and finds an old guys cane. Rabb beats dico up with the cane, then jams it up dicos nose, then through the top of his head. Dicos gone. Novak, tired from beating himself up, begins walking around like a drunk, then grabs dunns head, then smashes him around like a huge hammer. Novak throws dunn out of the ring, and dunn lands right behind bams ATV. Novak gets on the ATV then turns it on. Dunn gets sucked into the ATV and umm....(Imagine Mike Jones's death from two episodes ago). Dunns gone. Novak climbs in the ring and he starts exchanging punches with raab. Raab steals bam's skate board and breaks it in half over Novaks head, with a wheel stuck in novaks eye. Raab shoves the other part of the skateboard into novaks stomach. Then Raab remembers he was on jackass, then decides to kill Novak, while almost jkilling himself. Raab finds two cynderblocks, tapes them to his feet, then he climbs up to the catwalk. Raab jumbs off, and crushes Novak, who is crushed and left bones and gore flying everywhere.
    Winner: Raab Himself

    hah wow,, i wanna see thaat fightt soo badd. =]
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    I would love to see an Aerosmith vs Def leppard fight. That would be so awesome. Can you please make it happen?
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