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    here are my clashes (Winners in Bold)

    Trojans,Rappers and One hit losers.

    Soulja Boy
    vs Hurricane Chris (Duel of the worst hip-hop artists) final clash- Soulja Boy grabs Hurricane Chris' legs and causes Hurricane Chris to lose Blood circulation in his legs attempting his Hurricane attack and Hurricane Chris' upper body explodes.

    The Beach Boys vs Rick Astley (Pop Battle)final clash- the beach boys try to defeat Rick Astley with their "Surfin USA" attack, bu the water causes the beach boys to fall out of the ring and break their necks.

    Alexander the Great vs Julius Caeser (Greece vs Rome)final clash- Julius Caeser throws a spear that impales alexander, then a senator stabs Julius to death.

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    I got some ideas!

    Winners In All Caps

    Richard Dawson vs. RAY COMBS via the time machine obviously vs. Louie Anderson vs. Richard Karn vs. John O' Hurley vs. Al Roker Battle Of The Family Feud Game Show Hosts

    LISA LAMPANELLI vs. Margaret Cho Or Susie Essman

    HUMPHREY BOGART vs. Ernest Borgnine

    EMINEM vs. Vanilla Ice

    POKEMON vs. Digimon Or At Least Voice Actors And/Or Creators Of The Two Cartoon Animes

    SOUTH PARK vs. The Simpsons

    THE GRIFFINS FAMILY GUY vs. The Smiths American Dad

    DRAWN TOGETHER vs. Freak Show Or South Park

    DAVID HAYTER THE VOICE OF SOLID SNAKE FROM METAL GEAR SOLID vs. Quinton Flynn The Voice Of Raiden From Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty

    BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD vs. Chico & Guapo They Are Both Owned By MTV so there wouldn't be any criticism or problems

    Dane Cook vs. GEORGE CARLIN Old Stand-Up Against New Stand Up

    Jamie Foxx vs. REDD FOXX This Time It's For Real No Joke

    50 Cent vs. THE GAME In A Rematch

    Chris Rock vs. DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON in a Rematch

    Kid Rock vs. EMINEM This Time Without Joe C Or Carson Daly

    Dave Chappelle vs. CARLOS MENCIA In A Rematch

    Mick Jagger From The Rolling Stones vs. STEVEN TYLER FROM AEROSMITH In A Rematch Maybe This time when Jagger Attempts to impale Tyler With His Long Gigantic Tongue Tyler Could Grab it & rip it out like ODB did to LeAnn Rimes in the old Celebrity Deathmatch & then kill him with it someway

    LIL KIM vs. Khia

    Lil Flip vs. LIL WAYNE in a rematch

    BOW WOW vs. Romeo this time as adults

    ADAM CAROLLA vs. Jimmy Kimmel with Sarah Silverman As The Guest Referee

    JON STEWART vs. Stephen Colbert

    ANDY MILONAKIS vs. Steve-O From Jackass in a rematch

    Paul Wall vs. MIKE JONES in a rematch

    NICK CANNON vs. Wilmer Valderamma in a rematch featuring Mariah Carey As The Special Guest Referee


    CHRIS FARLEY vs. Phil Hartman With The Time Machine Of Course

    TENACIOUS D JACK BLACK & KYLE GASS vs. The White Stripes Jack & Meg White In A Modified & Enhanced Rematch

    GEORGE CARLIN vs. Rodney Dangerfield Both Revived Using The Time Machine

    SACHA BARON COHEN vs. Jamie Kennedy In a rematch

    ASHTON KUTCHER vs. Bruce Willis In A Rematch With Demi Moore As The Special Guest Referee

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    The winners' names are in bold. If any of these fights have already occured, please discard them unless it's a rematch, in that case I'll put the word rematch next to it.

    Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnel (Winner: Donald Trump) Method of Death: Rosie O'Donnel sees the concession stand guy with cotton candy. She goes over and begins gobbling it down. She is already fat so she gets fatter then explodes.

    The Jonas Brothers vs. AC/DC (Winners: AC/DC) Methods of Death: Bon Scott (present at the fight via the Celebrity Deathmatch Time Machine) drives his microphone through Kevin Jonas's head, piercing his brain; Cliff Williams beats Joe Jonas to death with his guitar; Brian Johnson sends Nick Jonas to Hell (Nick takes the Highway).

    J.K. Rowling vs. Stephenie Meyer w/Special Guest Referee Stephen King (Winner: Stephen King) Methods of Death: J.K. Rowling uses the dark magic on Stephenie Meyer (like she previously did to Stephen King), destroying Meyer. She then turns on King as King announces her as the winner. King summons IT and Jack Torrence who kill Rowling.

    Daniel Radcliffe vs. Robert Pattinson (Winner: Daniel Radcliffe) Method of Death: Daniel Radcliffe uses the Avada Kedavera killing curse on Pattinson, blowing him to bits.

    Tom Cruise vs. Lon Chaney, Sr. (Winner: Lon Chaney, Sr.) Method of Death: Lon Chaney, Sr. is dressed as the Phantom of the Opera (makeup and all) and eats Tom Cruise's head. (I couldn't think of any other thing)

    Matt Groening vs. Seth MacFarlane vs. Mike Judge (Winner: Matt Groening) Methods of Death: Mike Judge is killed by Seth MacFarlane when Seth pulls up his shirt revealing the worm-like monster in his bellybutton (there was a Hulu commercial like that) and it spits acid on Mike Judge, dissolving him. Matt Groening defeats Seth MacFarlane by calling Kang and Kodos, who devour MacFarlane alive.

    Steve Allen vs. Tim Allen vs. Woody Allen (Winner: Tim Allen) (did they already do a fight like this? if so, forget this one) Methods of Death: To come

    Adam West vs. Billy West vs. Kanye West (Winner: Adam West) Method of Death: Adam West throws a batarang at Billy West and it cuts his head off. He is nearly killed by Kanye West when the same batarang comes back and disembowels Kanye.

    Barack Obama & Joe Biden vs. John McCain & Sarah Palin (Winner: Barack Obama)

    Harry Houdini vs. Criss Angel (Winner: Criss Angel) Method of Death: Criss Angel tricks Houdini into attempting that one trick that he supposedly died while doing. Houdini, thinking that the first time was a fluke, agrees. However, Angel punched Houdini in the gut earlier in the fight. Houdini fails to escape the trick and dies (is it too soon for that yet?).

    Tommy Lee Jones vs. Tommy Lee (Winner: Tommy Lee Jones)

    AVGN & Nostalgia Critic vs. Chris Crocker & Michael Buckley (Winners: AVGN & Nostalgia Critic)

    Jeff Foxworthy vs. Larry the Cable Guy vs. Ron White vs. Bill Engvall (Winner: Ron White)

    Flip Wilson in his "Geraldine" persona vs. Tyler Perry in his "Madea" persona (Winner: "Geraldine") Method of Death: "Geraldine" stabs "Madea" to death with a stiletto shoe and then claims that the Devil made her do it.

    Joe Rogan vs. Seth Rogen (Winner: Seth Rogen)

    Hank Williams vs. Hank Williams, Jr. vs. Hank Williams III (Winner: Hank Williams Jr.) Methods of Death: Hank Williams III commits suicide by immolating himself after Hank Williams convinces him he's worthless (seriously, when was the last time Hank III was in anything?). Hank the First tries to do the same thing with Hank Jr., but Hank Jr. performs a song causing Hank Sr.'s head to explode.

    Black Sabbath vs. Nickelback (Winners: Black Sabbath)

    Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson (rematch) (Winner: Mike Tyson) Method of Death: Mike Tyson attempts to bite Holyfield's other ear off and eats his head.

    Steve Irwin vs. the Stingray (Winner: Steve Irwin)

    Brian Cox vs. Courtney Cox (Winner: Brian Cox)

    Tom Anderson vs. Mark Zuckerberg (Myspace vs. Facebook) (Winner: Mark Zuckerberg)

    Carlos Mencia vs. George Lopez (Winner: Carlos Mencia)

    Fred Savage vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (Winner: "Macho Man" Randy Savage)

    Roger Ebert vs. Eric D. Snider (Winner: Eric D. Snider)

    Sidney Crosby vs. Evgeni Malkin (Winner: Evgeni Malkin) Method of Death: Evgeni Malkin beats Sidney Crosby to death with his hockey stick.

    Maddox vs. Miranda Coscrove (Maddox vs. iCarly) (Winner: Maddox)

    Eminem vs. Kid Rock (rematch) (Winner: Eminem)

    Charlie Chaplin vs. Groucho Marx (Winner: Groucho Marx)

    Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West (Winner: Kanye West)

    Anonymous vs. L. Ron Hubbard (Winners: Anonymous)

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    Here is another episode i have an idea foreathBowl '09
    Matches:Axl Rose vs Andy Dic (randomly picked Battle)
    Velvet Revolvers(Matt Sourum,Slash,Duff McKagan) vs Naked Brothers Band (Metal vs Pop)
    High School Musical vs Grease (Musical stage war)
    Sitting Bull vs George armstrong Custer (@nd battle of Little Bighorn)
    Kurt Cobain vs bon Jovi (Grunge vs Glam Metal)
    2pac (brought back via Time machine)vs Lil Wayne Gangsta Rap vs Mainstream Rap)

    Results;Axl Rose vs Andy Dic :Andy manages to injure Axl during the match and Axl defeats him by repeadatly slamming andy with a microphone until andy is a bloddy mess.

    Velvet Revolvers vs NBB:Matt Kills Nat and Rosalina by burning them with flamethrowers,Duff kills David,Thoms,quasim by shoothing them with gatlings and Slash slices Alex to death with his claws.

    HSM vs Grease:The Highschool musical gang lose Sharpay and Ryan who are ran over by a car, but the Grease gang are killed by HSM terrible singing, But the Rest of the gang are killed by bombs plantd by the grease gang before the fight.

    Sitting Bull vs Custer: Sitting bull transforms into a Bison and Custer becomes a Deer and after a long battle, Custer is launched into the Lights, electrocuting custer.

    Kurt Cobain vs Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi Impales Kurt with a javelin,but Bon Jovi Impales himself on the Javelin. despite removing the javelin, both end up succumbing to blood loss.

    2Pac vs Lil Wayne: 2Pac guns lil wayne down with a Needler from the Halo series.
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    heres some that no one has thought of Elie and Patton Manning vs Tom brady and teddy Bruschi. rematch from Super bowl 42 where the giants defeated the patriots after they went 18-0. The Celtics vs the Lakers. Ted Williams (yankees) vs Babe Ruth (Red Sox). Vince Macmahon vs Ted Turner vs Paul heyman vs Jeff Jarret. (WWE vs WCW vs ECW vs TNA) Owen Hart (time machine of course) vs Triple H. George Washington Abraham Lincoln Woodrow Wilson Franklin Roosevelt Harry Truman Dwight Eisen Hower John Kennedy George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush vs King George Jefferson Davis Kaiser Willhelm Adolf Hitler Kim Jong Ho Chi Min Osama Bin Laden and Sadduam Hussien and Hideki Tojo. Revolutionary War Civil war WWI WWII Korea Vietnam Dessert Storm and the global war on terrorism. Andre the Giant vs the big show John cena vs Vanilla Ice battle of the Jokers Ceaser Romero vs Jack Nicholson vs Heath Ledger Doink the clown vs Ronald McDonald vs Pennywise the dancing clown from it. Anne rice vs JK Rawlings. Christian Bale vs Robert Downer jr. Patrick Stweart vs sir Ian Macellen. (professer X vs Magneto)Seth Macfarlene vs Mike Judge vs Matt Groening. Brad Garret vs Ray Ramano. Captain America vs Mr.America. Godzilla vs King Kong vs Clover Field. anyone else?
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    Junkyarddog vs roaddogg Adam Sandler vs George Carlan
    the cast of M.A.S.H. vs the cast of ER
    A battle royal of all of the NWO spinoofs awnsers and parodies
    JayZ vs DDP because the ROC BOYZ diamond is a ripoff of the diamond cutter. Sergent Slaughter vs R.Lee Emery (Sergent Hartman from full metal jacket) Stan Lee vs Bob Kane Mike Myers vs Rowdy Roddy Piper in a battle of the scotsmen. Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse the cast of Happy days vs the cast of that 70s show the Illumaniti vs the Catholic church Bob Crane vs Werner Klempar Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson vs Stan Smith vs Hank Hill vs Gerald Goode
    Hugh Jackman vs Liev Schriber Ryan reynolds vs Burt Reynolds Fred Flintstone ve George Jetson Darth Vader vs Vader Hannibal lecter vs Mankind
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    I hope you know that Chuck Norris is still alive. I would Prefer to see Mr.T vs Randy Orton since he thinks he is the legend killer I would like to see him try and actually kill a legendary wrestler.
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    The All time machine episode (Winners In Caps)

    LIEF ERICCSON vs Christopher Columbus: Lief Summons native american warriors that shoot columbus with arrows and Lief then decapitates Columbus with a Axe.

    King Aurthur vs Napoleon Vs KING TUT: Napoleon is vaporized by Excalibur's power (at the beginning of the fight) and King Aurthur is Killed by the Plauges of Egypt, summoned by king Tut.

    Jesus vs Hercules: Hercules is Knocked ot of the arena and Jesus slips and flys out of the arena (But both Survive, making it a draw).

    T-REX vs Wooly mammoth vs Giant Trilobyte: Trilobyte dies easily from not being in water and Wooly mammoth has it's neck snapped when the T-Rex bites it's neck.
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    Dane Cook vs David Cook

    Paris Hilton Vs Perez Hilton

    Seth Green Vs Tom Green

    Hillary Duff Vs Hailey Duff

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    Here's some fights I think would work (if one of these was already posted, I'm sorry) (Winner bolded)

    Rod Serling vs. Forrest Whitaker

    Death: Rod Serling, in homage to "A World of His Own", smashes a video camera that was recording Whitaker, who then promtly vanashes.

    Jon Stewart vs. Bill O' Reilly

    Death: Jon made Bil go on a screamed filled rant SO loud, his head exploded.

    Marty McFly and Doc Brown vs. Bill and Ted (by accident)

    Death: Near the end of the fight, both sides decide to stop this seeing as it has no point. However, when McFly and Brown are leaving, their Delorean crashes, killing the two. (It's revealed that Bill, before the fight, broke the flux capacitor by playing with it.)

    Zac Efron vs. Edward Cullen

    Death: By using a broken part of the ring, Zac stabbed Cullen through the heart, killing him. (The fighters were allowed to portray their movie characters for the fight, so... duh?)

    Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. Sir Isaac Newton

    Death: Although we never learned if he died, Bill Nye through Newton into a fuse box, badly electrocuting him.

    Also, I have an two episode ideas.

    One is called "The CDM Backstep", where by using the time machine, Johnny and Nick stage three rematches (Winner bolded).

    1. Dale Earnhardt vs. Jeff Gordon

    Death: A game of chicken was played, resulting in the destruction of both men's cars. However, it is learned that Gordon was the only survivor. (Same as before, the fight was a demolition derby.)

    2. Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond vs. Sam Donaldson

    Death: By teaming up with their future counterparts, Gomez and Diamond manage to toss Donaldson into the stadium's speaker system and, by creating a loud feedback, ruptured his brain.

    3. Adam Sandler vs. Chris Rock

    Death: Chris Rock accidently kills himself by breaking his neck when trying to tackle Sandler.

    The other is "The (Internet) Brawl of the Decade", where several internet stars fight to the death (but are then revived at the end of the episode, to prevent a fan backlash)

    1. Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? (Jon, Jory, and Riley) vs. The Clip Critics (Captain Chuck, Willis, and Zoron)

    Death: After gaining possesion of the green room's microwave, the IIAGTMT guys first bashed in the heads of Willis and Zoron. Then, Riley smashed Chucks head though the microwave's door, and had Jory turn on the microwave, causing Chuck's head to fry.

    2. The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic vs. The Irate Gamer

    Death: Grabbing both the legs and arms of the Gamer, the Nerd and Critic tossed him into the stands, where his spine broke on a seat.

    3. Shane Dawson vs. Fred

    Death: Taking advantage of how much of an idiot Fred is, Shane tricked him into going into heavy traffic, where he was hit head on by a bus. (offscrean death)

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    Family Night 2009

    Eli and Peyton Manning (NFL) Vs. Serena and Venus Williams (Tennis)

    The Late Dale Earnhardt Sr and Jr. (NASCAR) Vs. Michael and Mario Andretti (Indy)

    David Cassidy Vs. Patrick Cassidy (Partridge Family)

    The Jonas Brothers (Disney) Vs. The Naked Brothers Band (Nickelodeon)

    Action Mania

    Eric Bana (Hulk) Vs. Edward Norton (The Incredible Hulk)

    Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) Vs. Vin Diesel (Fast and Furious)

    Jackie Chan Vs. Bruce Lee Vs. Jet Li Ref The Late Pat Morita (Kung-Fu Movies)

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    I'd like to see Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift and Rhianna vs. Chris Brown!
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    (Somehow my original post kept getting screwed up, so I'm forced to split it up)

    I have two more episode ideas. One is "The Fanfic Bout From Hell", where my using a new VR system, the guys recreate three (fake) fanfiction fights the fans had chosen. (can be concidered as "Fandemonium 4.5")

    1. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap) vs. The Seventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

    There were no deaths, but after leaping (the story claimed a glitch occured at the Project, causing Sam to leap into various people) into a bodyguard, Sam tossed the Doctor into a wall, triggering a semi-rengeneration. But this was enough to name Sam the winner.

    2. Willie Wonka vs. The Oompa Loompas

    Death: After Willie began to toss Oompa Loompas into the lights, one bounced off, knocking down a light, crushing Willie.

    3. Homer Simpson vs. Stan Smith vs. Peter Griffin

    Death: After realizing how annoying Stan was, Homer and Peter teamed up. Then after grabbing Stan's gun, the two attempt to shoot him in the legs, hitting him everywhere but. Eventually, they just though the gun at him, impaling in in the heart, ending him.
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    The other is "Fandemonium 5: The Return-ining". As the title suggests, this is the return of Fanrmonium (in my eyes). (If an actual episode, this would be 32 minutes long due to the epicness of the main bout).

    1. Milla Jovoninch vs. Kate Beckinsale
    Death: After an accident involving the Time Machine somehow causes the two to become their well-known roles (Alice and Selene, respectively), and after becoming disoriented though "Alice"'s T-Virus (Kate attacked by drinking Milla's blood), Milla shoves her into a fuse box, killing her.

    2. Billy Mays vs. Vince Offer
    Death: Since they were allowed to use items pitched on television, Billy shoves an Awesome Auger into Vince's brain, and activates it causing Vince's brain to be ripped apart, killing him.

    3. Marylin Manson vs. Satan
    At the start, Satan actually possesed an audidence member... Ozzy Osbourne. Using the Skeleton Pull, Marylin rips Satan out of Ozzy. Although this doesn't kill him, this is enough to knock him out of the match.

    The battle climax's to the point where Satan posseses Marylin. But he then uses dark powers to force him out his ass and back to Hell, making Manson the winner by default.

    If you like them, good for you. If not, I don't care.

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    BrawlFest '10 (Winner in caps)

    MICHAEL JACKSON vs justin timberlake:The Fight theme is both contestants using Gundams (MJ takes the original RX-78-2 gundam and Timberlake uses the Nu Gundam from "Char's Counterattack") Both contestants destroy each other's mobile suits in a fast and furious duel, and both exit "To start the real fight" but as they do, Timberlake is crushed by a piece of metal from his mech.

    Andrew W.K vs Fred Durst: Both use guitars as their weapons. Andrew's power chord makes fred lose his hearing, but he breaks Andrew's leg with a fast strike from his guitar. both engage in a bloody duel which ends with Andrew's Power chord making fred's organs explode from the inside, but Andrew is impaled with Fred's guitar.

    NIGAHIGA vs Fred (Internet celebrity):Ryan and Sean and Fred duel in a Maze like treehouse, trying to sneak up on the other to destroy the other opponent. Fred takes nearly all the weapons (Except a Flintlock Pistol) and tries to combine them to Destroy ryan and sean. But he destroys only 75% of the treehouse and is easily spotted by Ryan and Sean. fred tries to challenge them to a duel, but They decide to have an "emo" contest. Both slit their wrists, but Ryan and Sean used Ketchup packets to fake blood and fred ends up slicing his arm. Ryan then shoots fred with the Flintlock pistol fred forgot to find. lucas Cruikshank then reveals that Fred "was a bad clone' of him.
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    Here's some fights that I'd like to see. I think they're pretty good.

    Iggy Pop and Jello Biafra vs. Joel Madden and Pierre Bouvier. (Iggy and Jello accuse Joel and Pierre of ruining punk rock, and challenge them to a deathmatch.)

    Dave Foley vs. Mark McKinney. (An Actor's Showcase Showdown, Dave and Mark could both use characters they played on "Kids In The Hall" and movies they'd been in to fight each other.)

    A From the Vaults Match: The Three Stooges vs. The Marx Brothers.

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