Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 6 Episode 4

King of the Lil' People

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Save it for the BET Channel!

    Enough with the rap/hip-hop music. Enough! I can understand that it's part of today's pop culture like disco was back in the '70s, but it just doesn't interest me as much as it used to. I'll be expecting Daddy Yankee vs. Sean Paul and 50 Cent vs. the Game later, but other than that, CDM, I would like to see more INTERESTING celebs on your show. And what I mean by "interesting," I mean more modern rock stars, etc. and a little less rappers and R&B stars. Sure, today's youth cares more about rap, R&B, and pop music, but there are other pieces of today's youth as well, and they're more into rock, metal, etc. and couldn't care less about rap or pop. I know some of you will probably disagree with this review, but this is what I think.

    So in closing, I'd like to say... CDM, please lay off that urban youth stuff a "lil'," PLEASE?!! I'll still watch your show.
  • This episode proves that a 'Little' goes a Long way! :D

    Whoo whoo! "Celebrity Deathmatch" has proven once again that it is the Only show where you can always count on some pompous, self-righteous, less important than they really think they are celebrity getting their just desserts handed to them! In this case, what happens when you want to get 2 'Little' people together but they no longer have 'Little' in their nicknames? Well if you're Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez, you first kill the current celebrities than bring them back from the dead via the Celebrity Deathmatch Time Machine from when they still had the 'Little' in their names! Kids will be kids but no 'normal' parent would ever allow a kid to act like a dog and then rob another boy of a potential manhood the way Little Bow Wow did! Nick Diamond than proves yet again that as a host announcer, he's one of a kind as only He can get addicted to Crunk Juice when it's actually nothing more than tomato juice that was named Crunk Juice! And music once again proves deadly as Lil' Jon effectively demonstrates against Lil' Flip and Lil' Bow Wow. An effective demonstration of gore and bloodbath is once again shown here in this fine example from the people who really know how to make clay figures which is why I like this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)
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