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  • Love the show

    This show was really funny. They had all the celaberties fight each other in a ring. they always had a new and inventive way to kill the other celebs in the ring. Of cource it way all in clay but it is funny to see the celebs die in uniqe ways.
  • Celebrity Deathmatch is like wrestling but with claymation and celebrities.

    I miss Celebrity Deathmatch it was a classic show on mtv that doesn't come on anymore. I like the show because of the humor seeing clay celebrities beat the crap out of each other. It's like Mortal Kombat you know the finishing moves. But the good news is it comes on Mtv2
  • Celebrity Deathmatch: the #1 Show of All Time!

    Out of all clay-mated forms of entertainment I've seen in the past 10+ years (i.e. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer), MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch offers the best claymation on the face of the Earth. What is CDM about? Two (maybe even more than two) celebrities in a wrestling ring battle it out and one of them has to kill their opponent, which makes it THREE TIMES the fun. Whether it's your favorite professional athlete, the guy from the movie you recently saw and you thought he "sucked," or that female TV star you have a huge crush on, it's all here in the Deathmatch Arena where the chaos unfolds.

    MY OPINION: The show gets better and better every season. The commentary is awesome, the music is spectacular, the dialogue is amazing, and the violence is the icing. When the WWE wrestlers, mainly "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, come on the show, they lend their authentic voice acting, unlike 98% (my estimate) of the celebrities who have impersonators. The constant punching gives the show a boxing feel to it (considering Deathmatch is an MTV show, the studios of MTV are in New York, and the fact that lots of New Yorkers enjoy boxing), but it has a share of body slams, blunt objects, and the usual homicide at the end of every match. That's not to say that I dislike boxing, though. I've seen every episode of Celebrity Deathmatch and I've taped every episode, but some of the tapes have Minnesota Vikings football games taped over them by my dad. At least they show reruns on MTV2 and I can tape them again. I even have the video game for the PS2, but that wasn't very fun (which is why it bombed and you could buy it from a Best Buy for, like, $10 or something). Actually, it was like a stick of cheap gum, good for a while, but suddenly lost its flavor. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch (the TV show, of course) gets an "AAA!"
  • not for kids, or anybody else

    this is a show. a good show. a violent show. i like this show for its horrible bloody deaths and that the one i want to win always wins. however, i began to hate it for some fights. things got really dumb, and they did redeem themselves, but man, could celebrities take punches and plagues and getting things thrown at them!

    you should bring it back it was a damn good show. should never of taken it off in the 1st place. you also should have icp in it too would love to see them kick ass. bring it back and bring it back very soon.
    Anyone who watches wrestling will watch this. you should also have icp vs. eminem on a celebery deathmatch.
  • Great show, but it's on way too late.

    Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond are announcers for an event where different celebrities fight to the death.

    I still enjoy this show, but it is on way too late. The plot is great, as it makes wrestling more interesting.
    The celebrities fighting to the death always keeps me in suspense and it had great action, but some of the celebrities shouldn't have died(I.E. Jim Carrey), IMO. Sometimes, Stone Cold Steve Austin would use his time machine to bring celebrities through time to fight, which is always interesting. I'm not real fond of the clay animation, but it's okay. The side-stories with Gomez and Diamond getting into some sort of trouble sometimes were very well done, too. Overall,great plot, okay animation, and great fights. It was even funny at times.
  • A great show, but not promoted enough.

    Celebrity Deathmatch. I must say that this was one (and probably the only) show that I just loved watching on MTV. The only thing that I didn't like about the show was that due to lack of promotion, I never really knew when it was on the air. When I would see that it was being shown, I would most always put on and watch.

    With that said, what I absolutely loved about Celebrity Deathmatch was the way there was always celebritys made into clay and they would start pummuling each other in a no-holds-barred match, especially when the celebrities didn't know why they fighting each other (which happened a few times). Another thing that I really liked about the show were the announcers. Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez were hilarious together, especially with how dense Nick was when it came to various things that happened around the announcing booth.

    With these things said, these are just a few things that I liked about Celebrity Deathmatch. It would be so great if it could come back on the air and promoted better than it was in the past.
  • Canceling this show was the greatest sin in the history of TV!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYY? OH, MIGHTY GOD!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????????? This was my reaction when I found out that Celebrity Deathmatch is canceled! Words can not describe how I love it! Entire show is a stroke of genius! It really is! I love stop-motion ,and the puppets itself were great.... impersonations were also great... My favourite fight was LL Cool J vs. Quenn Lattifah ... and Mills Lane is awesome character ... Only boring episode was with freaks made by Stone Cold ... great show ... awesome show ... the coolest show on MTV ... and again ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYY? OH, MIGHTY GOD!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY??????????
  • Satire with clamation celebrities fighting each other to the death.

    Too bas this was canceled, it was a fun watch. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to with you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. Here i sit hoping that MTV has the guts to bring it back.
  • Oh this is really trash tv.....I love it!!

    Being an animation fan, espcially claymation it has always been fun to watch this late at night when i have nothing else on, but now I have found myself marking it on my planner...oh whoa is me!

    The ideas are fun, the fact that no one has complained (or have they?) is great, I guess they have permissions etc.. for this otherwise it would not be done but its fun, bloody and contains some fantastic moves who could not watch it!
    Well of course it is still trashy tv, but good trash and worth it for a late night or saturday after a few drinks ;-)
  • The claymation is amazing!

    The claymation used in this show are wonderful, and never stop to amaze me. The battles are really funny, and well written, but there is a few episodes that are actually pretty nasty in certain ways. The characters are very funny, with great voice overs, and the scripts are well done. This show is classic and has changed a lot since the first few seasons. The claymation got much better, but even though they did, I have to say the newer episodes aren\'t that good. I liked the old episodes better, and I hope by having this show back on the air, the old episodes will air again on television, because I havn\'t seen too many episodes, and I\'m a new fan of the show. Either way, I\'m happy it\'s back, and hopfully it will stay like that.
  • Disturbingly hilarious!!

    Okay, so here we have a show where we can take these celebrities and let them kill each other so that they can actually entertain us for once. I love any parody show, like Robot Chicken, MAD TV, but this one may be the ultimate one. I mean, every joke about a celebrity you can find is on this show! There's no end to the antics, and the brawling is pretty gory, but funny in a psychotic grotesque way. Celebrity Deathmatch is a one-of-a-kind show, and is something for the family to watch when they're tired of hearing about pop stars and movie stars. "Take these big shots and let them kill each other," says MTV. Agreed by this viewer!
  • funny

    celebritys beating the heck out of eactother cool. so the things expressed in this show are funny and great the funniest one has to be the fight between tony and bam gravitational pull around a fat uncle who is so fat that he can eat boring old tony hawk and getting dynamite stuck in his mouth light the fuze KA-BOOM!!. and the tough girl who jumps in and slices their heads off funny. well this show is very funny nect coby V.S. shaq baseball fight. ohh and the announcers are funny well thats my review thanks for reading it. bye.
  • This show is hilarious.

    It is very funny. One time I laughed so hard that I could'nt breath. They make fun of alot of celebritys I hate. Personal favorite. It's one of my favorite tv show. I hope they don't cancle it. Already 2 of my favorite shows are facing cancelation (That I know of) Do I really need more of my favorite shows cancled
  • Great Show

    Well this show started 8 years ago really great, it was hilarious... the first episodes were really funny, they had a very special Humor that made people laught. Then the quality of the show was better and better... I think that for its second season they made the figures good (the first ones were awful) and then the series kept a regular level but then it became boring (well I think that borng isn't the right word... I would say less funny than usual)... but this show still makes me laught.
    I remember classics fights for example Britney v/s Christina, Hilary v/s Monica, the ER doctors, Friends's girls, etc
    It is a pretty decent show
  • classic show eanyone can enjoy!

    this is a very good show started 8 years ago where famous clebraties were pitted agaisnt each other in grueling matches! the 1st season was very funny but poor animation and 2nd season had good animation but just wasn't as funny.But celebraity deathmatch still hold's a place in our hearts and memoirs of the good old days when tv was funny as hell!
  • prtty damn good

    dis is an awesome show i mean damn dawg i f***** luv dis here Sh**t man its so f***** funny to see celebreties killin each otha that well damn its just f****** funny and dat be all dere is to it especcialy when da celebretie matchups are like the rock vs. chris roch now dat was just some of the funnyst shi* dat ib sein in a long time aight dawg dis show is o fu**** funny dat it actually brought rodney dangerfield back to life just so he could fight rob shnieder i mean dats how f***** funny dis s*it is, peace dawgs, Juanito
  • This show is the best, celebritys ripping each other apart. It's classic

    I think this show is way awesome. Nothing can top this. People say this is going downhill fast. I can't see why anyone would say this because it's the bomb. My favorite match in the 5th season was Jedi Master on wheels Tony Hawk vs. Bam Margera which turned into Bam Margera vs. his own uncle, Don Vito. But just how could the 5th season be over already??? But they should have a WWE night 2, and Daniel Radcliffe vs Rupert Grint (because i voted for them on the MTV2 website) that would be really really really really REALLLY cool!!!
  • I Really like this show.

    I like this show because its about celeberties beating the blood out of eachother i think my favorite episode would have to be.... nicole and paris i also like this show because its really funny and i really like the graphics a lot and did i mention i like the show
  • The new ones arent so great but the classics...priceless

    Watching celebrities rip eachother apart is just hilarious. This show cant get ay funnier!!! Hosted by Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond, this show is excellent. Using claymation is the most creative thing I\'ve ever seen. Although, ever since it came back from its 3 year hiatous, the new episodes arent as good as the old ones. It is still very funny by itself. It should be on other channels like Comedy Central!! And Adult Swim!! But all and all, this show is the bloodiest laugh fest you can ever watch. So sit back, relax, and stand by as your favorite celebrities get torn apart!!!
  • Just plain awsome.

    Nothing beats seeing clay versions of your favorite celebrities being,dare I say, just plain mutilated.Way to go Eric Fogel for doing what we all wanted to do. Kill annoying celebrities like Paris Hilton, Michel Jackson, and the Olsan twins.And adding commentary form Nick Diomand and Johnny Gomez only sweatens the deal.
    If you have a weak stomach,or are opposed to clay characters beating the crap out of each other than this show is not for you. However if you enjoy that, than by all means tune into Mtv2 to watch reruns and new episodes.
    For you pinkos,hippies,and protesters, I am going to say what it says in the disclamer in seasons one through four. IT\'S JUST CLAY!!!!!
  • The best claymation show of the late 90's/early 00's to watch on MTV! I love it!

    I was a fan of the claymated series, when the show began. I was seventeen, when the show started. I am glad the show is back after a four year hiatus. I used to watch it, when it reran on UPN Friday nights at 9pm. That was really cool. It was after UPN's short-lived claymated series "Gary & Mike". One of my favorite moments is "The Beastie Boys vs. The Backstreet Boys". They were like Power Rangers robots. The Beastie Boys won. My favorite episodes was "Madonna vs. Michael Jackson". Madonna kicked Michael Jackson's behind and won the match.
  • Hey if you want to see clay figures tear eachother apart and have fun watching it with a bit of jokes, its all here!

    I love CDM and I watch it whenever its on tv!CDM has clay figures tearing eachother apart in the ring and let me tell you, the fights are intense that you will eventually get hooked on the show.The first episode was in 1997 called cartoon sushi with Marilyn Manson vs. Charles Manson.They are getting a new season in 2007.Its cool how they have Halloween specials and a Bigfoot vs Loch Ness episode.Sometimes they even have band battles like Kiss vs N Sync or Backstreet Boys vs The Beastie Boys.Celebrity Deathmatch has some obvious kills and some creative kills which will keep you watching.CDM is a show you will be watching for a long time to come!
  • Good Night and Good Fight!

    Clay models of two great rivals in a wrestling ring. It's blood, it's gore, it's ripped off body parts used as weapons and it couldn't be any better.

    MTV has done it again. Taking our sordid, twisted fantasies and made them come to life. Who hasn't wanted to watch feuding Hollywood celebrities duking it out. Well Celebrity Deathmatch has gone one step further and treated us to an all out massacre.

    This show is great, wildly hilarious, though not for the kiddies or faint of heart. Just our little reprieve from the constant bickering of our griping celebrities, our little world where instead of trading barbs through their publicists they beat each other into mindless oblivion.
  • Now this is decent entertainment.

    I love the violence that takes place on here. Even though it's Claymation, it's much better than the Fake WWE. I'm glad that MTV renewed this show. THis is likely one of the best show that they have on there today. I love the drama that is put into the show. It can be stretched a bit (like the Axl Rose vs. Slash Fight), but generally, I like to watch all the stupidity take place. I have the game to it and at first I hated it. Now that I'm more interested in the show and want to play the game, I can't find it. Anyway, keep it up producers of CDM, as your fans are definently loving it.
  • They have to bring it back!!

    This show pretty much takes random celebritys and puts them to the death ! i wish they still brodcasted them ! they should create new ones and practicly never stop ! I Hope this will happen soon ! if not then they are jerks ! if u dont like it then u are a jerk . but still who could forget this comecle show ? i know i wouldnt ! especially when this guy used his mined to flick his oppenent off ! ! ! ! i say bring it back wat do you say fellow watchers ? ! !
  • good show

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  • If watching celebrities kill each other,with more blood and gore then in Resident Evil,I don't want to be right.

    Ever since it's star in the 90s,Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV was one of the most entertaining shows on this music channel.The shows format is very much standard.The hosts,Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond,introduce todays fight,which always involve celebrities all around the world of showbiz, who will try to murder each other,in a way as gory as possible.Other returning characters are(actually they are the only characters who can return,since 80% of them die) : Stone Cold Steve Austin ,who is the shows scientist, Mills Lane,the referee,Debbie Matenopoulos ,who was replaced by Tally Wong in the shows revival.Although the show has changed,its still deserves a 10 on account of it's former glory.
  • what kind of people are you. BRING BACK THE SHOW ALREADY!!!!

    when I watched this show, I was happier than any other day i felt happy. the show was funny (even though they said that the celebrity wresters were just "clay figures") on a scale to 1-infinity. the characters were do stupid stuff and show blood and fake images of the dead wrester and still it was funny. But tell me this, why do they have stop making episodes!!!!!! when those people that made this fantastic show make some newer and still funnier episodes, tell me or i show you people how I tie you with 2 snakes and 1,000 lb of dynamite!
  • i love this show and its battles.

    i love this shows battles.but i dislike it how the guys that should win get beat up then the other. like how jake beated up tobey maguire.thats not good and tobey should have won instead of jake.and they should have new episodes in it and new battles.like mickey rooney and mickey rourke battle and mikey rourke is gonna win.i like how adam sandler beated up ben stiller.this should have new episodes and i loved this show like how robot chicken how this is like robot chicken except its clay for people instead of toys.this was the greatest fight show ever.
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