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  • Celebrity Deathmatch: the #1 Show of All Time!

    Out of all clay-mated forms of entertainment I've seen in the past 10+ years (i.e. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer), MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch offers the best claymation on the face of the Earth. What is CDM about? Two (maybe even more than two) celebrities in a wrestling ring battle it out and one of them has to kill their opponent, which makes it THREE TIMES the fun. Whether it's your favorite professional athlete, the guy from the movie you recently saw and you thought he "sucked," or that female TV star you have a huge crush on, it's all here in the Deathmatch Arena where the chaos unfolds.

    MY OPINION: The show gets better and better every season. The commentary is awesome, the music is spectacular, the dialogue is amazing, and the violence is the icing. When the WWE wrestlers, mainly "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, come on the show, they lend their authentic voice acting, unlike 98% (my estimate) of the celebrities who have impersonators. The constant punching gives the show a boxing feel to it (considering Deathmatch is an MTV show, the studios of MTV are in New York, and the fact that lots of New Yorkers enjoy boxing), but it has a share of body slams, blunt objects, and the usual homicide at the end of every match. That's not to say that I dislike boxing, though. I've seen every episode of Celebrity Deathmatch and I've taped every episode, but some of the tapes have Minnesota Vikings football games taped over them by my dad. At least they show reruns on MTV2 and I can tape them again. I even have the video game for the PS2, but that wasn't very fun (which is why it bombed and you could buy it from a Best Buy for, like, $10 or something). Actually, it was like a stick of cheap gum, good for a while, but suddenly lost its flavor. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch (the TV show, of course) gets an "AAA!"
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