Celebrity Deathmatch - Season 4

MTV - Music Television (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Celebrity Deathmatch: Behind The Scenes
    This is a special behind the scenes episode where we see how the producers and animators make the characters, how they add effects, and a lot more.
  • Episode 77
    Episode 77
    Episode 19
    Lenny Kravitz vs Jimi Hendrix Shaggy vs Bob Marley Dave Matthews vs Keith Richards 1. Lenny Kravitz vs Jimi Hendrix Using the time machine, Stone Cold Steve Austin brings back Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix claims that Kravitz ripped him off and starts beating him up. Hendrix rips off Kravitz's sunglasses, to reveal his big bug eyes. He runs out of the ring and climbs the lighting rig, and pours sulphuric acid onto Hendrix's head. Then he climbs down and pours vomiting medicine down Hendrix' throat. Hendrix replies by vomiting down Kravitz's throat, then he throws him against the ropes, Kravitz bounces back and Hendrix smashes his throat to pieces. 2. Shaggy vs Bob Marley The time machine is used to bring back Bob Marley. Bob Marley too claims to be ripped off by Shaggy. They fight for a while and Marley grabs one of the turnbuckles and starts impaling Shaggy with it, and starts asking Shaggy about who the best reggae singer was, Shaggy replies by naming a lot of artists, this pisses Marley off, and he impales Shaggy's body very many times, until nothing is left but a hollowed body. 3. Dave Matthews vs Keith Richards Nick claimed that Keith Richards was dead, which he wasn't. Keith was kinda old, so he used a dialasys machine to return to his youth, Dave replaced some ingredient with something called Raspberry Rush... which actually made Keith a lot younger. Dave uses a hose to give Keith some of his blood, which mellows Keith out, but Dave keeps pushing out the blood, which makes Keith's face explode into an ugly mess, not killing him though. Finally Keith feeds Dave with his own old blood,which causes Dave Matthews heart to explode.moreless
  • Episode 76
    Episode 76
    Episode 18
    This episode is called "Assamania 1" for some reason... Nick wanted to get more people to watch CDM if he did some "Jackass" tricks, like swallowing a fish whole, or spraying mace into his face... here's the fight summary: 1 - Queen Latifah vs LL Cool J - Lameass vs Badass After LL Cool J calls Queen Latifah a comedian-wannabe, she gets pissed and cuts off LL's hands with a spring from a chair, next she swings the spring, wrapping it around LL's body and with a final pull, his body is torn up. 2 - Pink vs Mandy Moore - Hardass vs Candyass Pink fools Mandy so her temporary bloodlust disappears, and then, by using Mandy's sharpened candy stick, she impales Mandy's head, and with a final blow in the straw, Mandy's brains (and some organs) flies out. 3 - Johnny Knoxville vs Ben Stein - Jackass vs Smartass Ben Stein brought a rabid donkey into the ring, and as it was about to kill Johnny Knoxville, the Jackass leader started talking to the donkey, which turns around and stomps Ben Stein to pieces.moreless
  • Episode 75
    Episode 75
    Episode 17
    It's Survivor time! Not really deathmatch survivors, but CBS' Survivor All the cast members from seasons 1 and 2 fought in the deathmatch ring, one by one they were voted into the ring by the audience, until only one was left.
  • Episode 74
    Episode 74
    Episode 16
  • Episode 73
    Episode 73
    Episode 15
    1. Kathy Griffin vs. Jenna Elfman 2. Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton 3. Bill Murray vs. Chris Kattan
  • Episode 72
    Episode 72
    Episode 14
    1. Beck vs. Bjork 2. Willie Nelson vs. Tony Bennett 3. Elizabeth Hurley vs. Anna Kournikova Fight Summary: 1 - Beck vs. Bjork Beck and Bjork fought with musical instruments, Bjork uses her keyboard to blow both of Beck's eardrums out, making him deaf, then she knocks one of his eyes out and stomps on it. Then Nick and Johnny uses the time machine to bring Bach into the arena, and he uses his plow to cut Bjork in half, then he twists Beck's neck and kicks off his head. 2 - Willie Nelson vs. Tony Bennett Willie Nelson takes off his bandana to reveal a third eye. The eye opens up and fires a laser towards Bennett, and Bennett is vaporized. 3 - Elizabeth Hurley vs. Anna Kournikova The girls fought above a chamber with horny 12-year old boys. Hurley smashes Kournikova into the chamber and claims victory, but a hand grabs her ancle, it is Kournikova, who killed the boys... Kournikova pulls Hurley down through the grate, and her head splits open and her brain pops out.moreless
  • Episode 71
    Episode 71
    Episode 13
    1. Conan O'Brien vs. Bill Maher
    2. Anna Nicole Smith vs. Sarah Ferguson
    3. John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney vs. George Harrison vs. Ringo Starr

    Fight Summary:

    1 - Conan O'Brien vs. Bill Maher

    Bill kicks Conan in his side, smashing some organs out, but then
    Conan stomps through Maher's skull, and plays around with his body as a doll.

    2 - Anna Nicole Smith vs. Sarah Ferguson

    After some fight, Anna makes Fergie dizzy, and tricks her into marrying her.
    Then for some reason, Fergie's chest explodes, leaving Anna Nicole Smith as the winner.

    3 - John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney vs. George Harrison vs. Ringo Starr

    A c from the 70's.

    Paul was knocked out of the arena by Ringo, but he comes back with a giant silver hammer and he uses it to smash Ringo's head.
    Next Paul and John starts beating up George, first a smash to his head makes him reach his inner peace, but Paul and John starts kicking him, and finally Paul jumps on George's head, crushing it.
    Next Paul threw a cymbal towards John, cutting one of his legs off, the two are about to really kick each other's ass when they hear a beautiful voice, Yoko Ono.
    The three decides to play some of their unreleased songs, but the tape ends there... Nick had taped over it.moreless
  • Episode 70
    Episode 70
    Episode 12
    1. Derek Jeter vs. John Rocker 2. Faith Hill vs. Janet Jackson 3. Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant This episode featured civil war based fights, north vs south... Summary: 1 - Derek Jeter (North) vs. John Rocker (South) First up came two baseball stars. Jeter made Rocker hold a car battery, and he is electrocuted, as he holds his arm up, he looks like the statue of liberty. The North wins (1-0) 2 - Faith Hill (South) vs. Janet Jackson (North) Second came two music stars. Faith Hill and Janet each had their period during the fight so they were really pissed. Faith steps behind Janet and rips off her front, so her internal organs falls out. The South wins (1-1) 3 - Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant Two battlefield heroes. They decide to fight in a real duel with swords, and they starts chopping each other to pieces, finally its down to thumb vs thumb, and one thumb stomps the other... Johnny says that it's Grant's thumb, so the north wins. The North won with 2-1moreless
  • Episode 69
    Episode 69
    Episode 11
    1. Bob Barker vs. Anne Robinson 2. John Edward vs. Nostradamus (featuring Miss Cleo) 3. Beyonce Knowles vs. Missy Elliott
  • Episode 68
    Episode 68
    Episode 10
    1. James Brown vs. Chuck Berry 2. George Michael vs. Paul Reubens Main Event: Shannen Doherty vs. Halle Berry
  • Episode 67
    Episode 67
    Episode 9
    1. Cousin Grimm vs. Pierce McCrack 2. Potato Kahn vs. Beni Trauma 3. Cousin Grimm vs. Potato Kahn This episode was originally meant to have an all-out war with the cast from the Lord of the Rings, but the power failed in the arena so they showed the three freak fights on tape. The fights are of course repeats.moreless
  • Episode 66
    Episode 66
    Episode 8
    1. Frankie Muniz vs. Robert Iler 2. Stephen King vs. JK Rowling 3. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos vs. Naomi Campbell
  • Episode 65
    Episode 65
    Episode 7
    1. Corey Haim vs Corey Feldman 2. Lucy Liu vs Lisa Ling 3. Shaquille O'Neal vs Kobe Bryant Fight Summary: 1 - Corey Haim vs Corey Feldman These guys fought to climb up a ladder to reach producer Harvey Weinstien. After a while Feldman managed to climb up the ladder, and almost touch Weinstien. Haim rips the ladder off and Harvey Weinstien and Corey Feldman comes falling down, Weinstien lands on Haim, crushing him, then Feldman lands on top, and then the ladder falls down, impaling all three of them. 2 - Lucy Liu vs Lisa Ling Lisa Ling was accompanied by Barbara Walters. Lisa wanted to ask questions (á la The View) all the time, so Lucy kicked her ass. After a while Lucy starts jumping in the air, kicking Lisa, but we see that there are invisible wires. Barbara Walters cuts down the wires and Lisa is about to fight Lucy when she starts asking more questions. Annoyed by this, Lucy Liu jumps up and kicks through Lisa Ling's skull, and she dies. 3 - Shaquille O'Neal vs Kobe Bryant These guys fought on a basketball court. First Shaq was superior and managed to rip off one of Kobe's arms, but then Kobe started ripping out intestance from Shaq, and after some intestance made it to the basket cage, Shaq dies and Kobe Bryant is the winner.moreless
  • Episode 64
    Episode 64
    Episode 6
    1. Chyna vs. Albert Einstein 2. Eddie Vedder vs. Scott Stapp 3. David Copperfield vs. David Blaine
  • Episode 63
    Episode 63
    Episode 5
    1. Meat Loaf vs. Jonathan Davis 2. Colonel Sanders vs. Dave Thomas 3. Kevin Spacey vs. Michael Caine
  • Episode 62
    Episode 62
    Episode 4
    1. Blink 182 vs. 98 Degrees 2. Jessica Simpson vs. 98 Degrees
  • Episode 61
    Episode 61
    Episode 3
    1. Katie Holmes vs. Keri Russell 2. Johnny Gomez & Nick Diamond vs. Sam Donaldson 3. Whoopi Goldberg vs. Claire Danes
  • Episode 60
    Episode 60
    Episode 2
    1. Steve Irwin vs. Medusa 2. Ray Romano vs. Drew Carey 3. Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Kim Cattrall vs. Cynthia Nixon vs. Kristin Davis
  • Episode 59
    Episode 59
    Episode 1
    1. Lil' Kim vs. Little Richard 2. Helen Hunt vs. Leelee Sobieski 3. George Clooney vs. Mark Wahlberg