Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 5 Episode 6

Stand-Up vs. Smack Down

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2006 on MTV - Music Television



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    • Mills: (To Chris Rock) Alright, no lousy jokes out of you, and you, (To Duane Johnson) You can do whatever you like. I'm getting out of here!

    • Dwayne Johnson: Sorry I'm late; My two o'clock ass-kicking ran long.

    • Johnny: (About the Black/White fight) It always comes down to this, eh Nick? Black versus white, good versus evil, Yin versus Yang...
      Nick: My mother always used to say "When it comes to Yang, always sing to the chicken in the coop!"
      Johnny: How is your mother these days?
      Nick: Better. They've changed her medication.

    • Johnny: It looks like Dwayne Johnson has the advantage in this fight!
      Nick: (engrossed in his paperwork) That's great, Johnny!
      Johnny: A nude Avril Lavigne just entered the ring, Nick.
      Nick: That's great, Johnny!
      Johnny: We're at war with Japan again, Nick!
      Nick: That's great, Johnny!

    • Xzibit: (To Paul Teutal) Hey, Queen Latifah called; She wants her ass back!

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