Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 5 Episode 2

The Changing Of The Guard

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

1. Bono vs Chris Martin 2. Bruce Willis vs Ashton Kutcher 3. Robert DeNiro vs James Gandolfini
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  • What's going on with this new season?

    This new season is totally messing up this show's chemistry. It's not as funny, but the comedy will sometimes pop up here and there. The matches are pretty crusty, and aren't all that great. The Bono versus Chris Martin match was lame because they didn't want to fight, but even though that eventually changed, that really turned me off. The Ashton Kuther versus Bruce Willis match wasn't that great either, but most likly the best one on this episode. The voice-overs were pretty good, and that was pretty much it. The Robert De Niro versus James G. match was pretty dumb all together, but potrayed there characters well, and it had it's funny part here and there. This new season of Celebrity Deathmatch isn't off to a good start so far in my opinion.moreless
  • That Ashton Kutcher imitation was \"AWESOME!\"

    One of the best episodes! CDM is on the right track once again! Kutcher was hilarious-

    The DeNiro was really great too, I love the new show and the animation, very dynamic!

    I think that Celebrity Deatmatch will last a few seasons, judging by the quality of this show!

    I cannot wait to see who the voice actors were for the episode, because a few of them were very talented. I wonder if they have done more work? The Gandolfini character was clever, but the voice belonged to his \"Captain\" Paulie, not James G. Can\'t wait to see another episode, this is surreal to say the least!moreless
  • I still feel that the voice actors have sullied the name of CDM, but I guess I’m getting use to it.

    This was a good episode with a great main event. The first fight seemed to be showing off the fact that the show has become gorier. The second fight had a great voice actor for Ashton Kutcher, to the point that I thought it was really the man himself. But the main event was just amazingly funny. Gandolfini’s daydream about stereotypical Italians was great. The whole mistresses, mustaches, restaurant settings, and the hanging clothes were great. And to top it all off De Niro won!moreless
  • The 2nd installment of the risen from the ever crowded pit of original but cancelled programming, entitled The Changing of the Guard pits Bono vs. Chris Martin (Coldplay), Bruce Willis vs. Ashton Kutcher and James Gandolfini vs. Roberto De Niro.moreless

    While most fans are cautious with it\\\'s return, I\\\'ve welcomed the new shows with excitment. The \\\"new\\\" celebrity deathmatch is funnier, gorier and more intelligent than its predecessor. The Martin/Bono match was more bloody than a Hellraiser equel. The cameo bloodlust from Demi Moore reminded me of the endless pit of celebrities the show can pull from. Ashton Kutchers character left me teary eyed with laughter. The Italian sidestory to the Gandolfini/De Niro fight had me in stitches, maybe because I\\\'m an Italian myself. Even the way the fight ended, with De Niro shooing the camera. Classic Deathmatch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Bruce Willis: (About Demi Moore) That woman meant everything to me. She was the mother of my children. What could she possibly mean to you?
      Ashton Kutcher: She's my wife! (Bruce punches him) She's my mother! (Punch) She's my wife! (Punch) She's my mother AND my wife!

    • Bono: We must work together to rid the world of arms! (rips off Chris Martin's arms) We must blind ourselves to hate! (gouges Martin's eyes) I know we can do it, if you can just reach into your heart! (pulls out Martin's heart)

    • Bruce Willis: Why'd she do this to me? Look how miserable I am. I want my old life back. Why does she what you instead of me?
      Ashton Kutcher: Are you kidding me? Look at this hair, this smile, this underwear model wearing physique.
      Bruce Willis: But I'm a real man, and I'm much handsomer than you.
      Ashton Kutcher: Are you kidding, look at me! I can date any woman in Hollywood I want! I can dump Demi and have a date the same night.
      Bruce Willis: Kid, you just made a big mistake.

    • James Gandolfini: Keep it up wise guy. I'm gunna teach you a little respect.
      Robert De Niro: Save it for your shrink, you wuss.
      James Gandolfini: Hey, at least my shrink has a nice rack, you lay around all day talking to Billy Crystal.
      Robert De Niro: Ok, that's it! I want you dead! Your family dead! Those damn ducks dead! And that big pussy dead!
      James Gandolfini: News flash you idiot, he was killed in the second season.
      Robert De Niro: I meant Meadow.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The first two lines of DeNiro's rant to Gandolfini about wanting him and his family dead were extremely similiar to the rant DeNiro made as Al Capone in "the Untouchables" about wanting Ness dead, his family dead and his house burnt to the ground. And the way he won the match (bashing Gandolfini's head in with a baseball bat) is ALSO eerily similar to a famous scene in "the Untouchables".

    • James Gandolfini: You little Guido!

      Little Guido or AKA Nunzio is a wrestler from the ECW.