Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 6 Episode 6

What Did Nick Do?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Adrian Grenier vs. Jeremy Piven The Two Entourage members came to this match not knowing that they're going to fight each other. Adrian was winning the match with his mezmerizing blue eyes but then Jeremy broke the spell by using his Emmy then Adrian realizing he was going to die bribed Jeremy with Cash but his plan backfired with Jeremy hugging him in half

Rev Run vs. Russell Simmons The match started with Run acting like he was possessed with a outcome of a few punches and a deaf ear. But using his shoes the tables turned with using his shoe line floating he was kicking His Brother's head after learning that Russell II had did something wrong the tables turned yet again using a lobster to pinch Run's Nose. and with deathmatch being weird Run used melted butter to get rid of the lobster and which meant the tables turned again with Run using a finisher called Run's roundhouse decapitating Russell.Then He thanked god for helping him win the match and God said "It's Cool Yo."

Orlando Bloom vs. Johnny Depp During the fight Orlando cut off Johnny's Hands with a crowbar.After Throwing a Flaming Kirsten Dunst to counter a flaming Pumpkin. Which Johnny bought scisors to become something familiar to Ed Scissorhands. After Summoning the Krakken and filling the crack in. (play on joke where Bloom shorts fell off.) Johnny challenges Bloom to a sword fight to end the match (Johnny used his hands as a sword) Johnny lost one of his hands after battling on Russell Simmons's still live head.Just when Bloom was about to win Johnny said "Oh, look a Oscar" distracting Bloom and using his sword stabbed Bloom in the Heart and if you're wondering what's inside a dead man's chest you get Rum which he shared it with Russell's Head

In a side story Nick had a regular Week with nothing bad which made Johnny supicious after. To calm Him down Nick gave him Herbal Pills to calm him down. But then during the 3rd match Johnny Takes them all and start to hallucinate and act drunk.