Celebrity Deathmatch

Season 5 Episode 7

When Animals Attack

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

-Chris Farley vs. Horatio Sanz- The Battle of the Funniest Fat Man. The Deathmatch Time Machine was used to bring back Chris Farley in order to fight to the death with Horatio Sanz. The problem was that Farely was so overweight, that he died before he could get into the ring. So Mills Lane kept bringing Chris Farley back from the dead with the use of the Deathmatch Time Machine. After several attempts of bringing Farley back to life, he pulled Horatio Sanz's tongue out with his guts. Chris Farley was claimed the winner. -Christian Bale vs. Adam West- The Battle of the Best Batman Ever! Legendary Adam West goes bat to bat against Christian Bale. The announcers mistake Adam West for being dead, but in reality Adam West was never dead. And he has done several voice-overs in several cartoon shows. Christian Bale beats up Adam West with the classic sound effects word punches (Bam!). It was Adam West's rage that no one believed he was still alive and never died that led to his victory. West brought down the arena lights to come crashing on Bale. He flipped over the stage lights, not to show the Bat Signal but the Christian signal. -Jamie Fox vs. Ray Charles- The Battle of the Rays. Originally the fight was suppose to be between Jamie Fox and the Legendary Sanford, Redd Fox, but Deathmatch punk'd Jamie. The fight led on to a series of bad blind humor, as Ray Charles roamed around the ring and killing innocent bystanders. But the fight was kicked up a notch when Mills Lane brought a piano into the ring. Ray Charles ended the fight by smashing Jamie's head in the piano. Mills Lane declared Jamie Fox the winner, because he was convinced that Jamie could look like Ray Charles based on the movie, Ray.