Celebrity Duets

Season 1 Episode 7

5 Cut to 3

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on FOX

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  • Was this suppose to impress me. The opening song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" was horrible, then the best singer of the lot gets booted out.

    I have a lot of tolerance for bad things I see on TV. In fact I often think when something is so bad it is funny. However I was not laughing when the five remaining celebrities sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" to open the show. In fact I had to change the channel for five minutes to clear my mind.

    Other wise, Lucy Lawless was crazy sexy in this episode. She is obviously pandering to the audience and her fans with the cool revealing outfits and the sexy moves. I believe that this has carried her this far.

    Hal Sparks seemed to "wear" his guitar for the entire episode. Did anyone else think that was weird. It was like he had a stain on his shirt and he did not want to reveal it.

    As for Alfonso, I don;t think that I need to see the Carlton dance anytime soon. If I want to see it I will just watch some "Fresh Prince" reruns, which was way funnier than this will ever be.

    I won't say what I thought about Jai.

    Overall, this show has turned unintentionally "campy" in my eyes. Of course the ratings are low and I really don't think it will ever be back. The show was a good idea -- however, this episode seems to show how badly it has missed the mark.
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