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FOX (ended 2006)

They should send Marie home.

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    [1]Sep 15, 2006
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    She's just too much to deal with.  None of the judges really add too much to the show, but she's just annoying.  Several times after she has spoken I have said to my television, "Go back to QVC, Marie."  I liked he a lot better when she was selling dolls and not needlessly (sometimes) insulting celebrities.

    By the way.  I don't understand a word that Little Richard is trying to say.  I understand the words, but hardly ever the meanings behind them.  I also think that David Foster acts a little childish.  I understand that Little Richard's act cuts into his time but there's no reason to act the way he does.  Maybe if he got to talk first it wouldn't be so bad.

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    [2]Sep 17, 2006
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    Marie is terrible! How can you say Hal Sparks sounded too white? What a nasty comment.
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