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  • it's good but no american idol

    Celebrity Duets” is a new fall reality show on Fox that is in part created by American Idol’s Simon Cowell. The two-hour live pilot episode featured eight celebrities (mostly of small time fame), each paired up with two different musical artists for two separate duet performances. The celebrity was required to sing a song from the artist’s own catalog and style of music. The panel of three judges consisted of Marie Osmond, Little Richard, and David Foster (music producer). Though Simon Cowell’s well known “king of mean” influence came from behind the scenes, it was missing in the judges panel. The grouping of judges was obviously set up to include someone sweet and kind (Marie), someone off the wall and most of the time unintelligible in his comments (Little Richard), and David Foster (the blunt but never harsh like Simon third judge). The show was hosted by Wayne Brady (most notably of Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and he was very charismatic and was able to recover well during those moments when a live show didn’t go as planned. The first hour of the show gave the audience and viewers at home a very short glimpse into rehearsal footage of each celebrity prior to their performance but purposefully omitted any footage or mention of the musical artist they were paired with until the performance began. For their first duet, each celebrity appeared on stage first to begin the song and then introduced their musical duet partner as they joined the celebrity on stage. Wayne asked at least one question of the musical artist about their opportunity to perform with the current celebrity and then the musical artist left the stage. The celebrity then stood in front of the panel of judges to receive a critique of their performance. I’m not sure if the wardrobe choices were of the celebrity or artist’s choosing but the “attempt” was made to outfit them to fit the stereotype of the genre they were singing in. Several of the celebrity contestants gave a much better performance during the second duet as it seemed they were better paired with a music style that fit their voices. During the second hour, we were able to see more of the rehearsal time with the celebrity and music artist together since the pairing was announced from the start and both celebrity and artist started the duet on stage together. Only a select few celebrities were able to excel in both styles of music though I believe those who did excel had similar styles chosen for them. Lucy Lawless (best known as Xena) first sang with Michael Bolton on “Time, Love & Tenderness.” Her better performance was with Smokey Robinson on “Baby, Baby.” Alfonso Ribeiro (former child star, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) first sang with Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child on “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.” The judges also loved his performance with James Ingram. Carly Patterson (Olympic gymnast) first sang with James Ingram but seemed very timid and didn’t project. When she later sang with Lee Ann Womack on “I Hope You Dance,” the judges agreed that country was more her forte. Cheech Marin first sang with Peter Frampton and then later with Randy Travis. Leah Thompson (“Jane Doe”) first sang with Randy Travis and though the judges complimented her effort at high harmony in “Forever and Ever, Amen” she really found her niche singing with Michael Bolton on “That’s Life.” Jai Rodriguez Queer Eye’) was one of the knockout stars of the bunch during both his performance of “Since I Fell For You” with Gladys Knight and the performance of “Say My Name” with Michelle Williams. Chris Jericho sang “Mendocino County Line” with Lee Ann Womack and it was one of the worst performances of the night. His second performance of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” with Peter Frampton proved that he was meant to be a rocker. Hal Sparks (‘Talk Soup’ & Queer as Folk’) rounded out the first set of performances by singing “Tracks of My Tears” with Smokey Robinson. While he seemed to be trying to out-sing Smokey, he related more theatrically to Gladys Knight when they sang “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” After the second duet, the musical artists were sent off the stage without small talk so the celebrities could be judged again. Each celebrity’s performance was recapped back to back in a brief montage while the judges gathered to make a decision. Wayne gathered the celebrities on stage together and called off the names of those staying. As each celebrity’s name was called, they stepped to the side until it came down to Carly Patterson and Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho was announced as the one chosen by the judges to leave and after being asked to sum up this experience, Wayne directed Chris to sing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” with the rest of the celebrities dancing behind him as the credits rolled. During future episodes, the audience and viewers at home will be responsible for choosing the celebrity to be eliminated at the end of each show. The musical artists will differ from show to show and in true American Idol form, each week will feature a performance show and a results show the following night.
  • Why did they do this?

    A total American Idol rip off... complete with three
    silly celebrities spewing inane comments about
    mediocre performances by marginally talented
    wanna-bees teaming up with top name singers who should
    have stayed home so we could remember their voices
    when they were good. Why does reality television keep
    replicating itself like some mutant alien that no one
    can kill? This is yet another hollow and sad attempt
    to create drama and entertainment with a hackneyed and
    boring formula, poorly executed.

    Watching this show is like being at a party trapped by
    a bore telling a long joke which you KNOW is not going
    to be funny! Everyone... the judges, the contestants,
    the top name singers as well as the host are all
    trying WAY too hard. Nothing is spontaneous. The music
    sounds like karaoke, the performances are strained,
    campy and over rehearsed, the singing... just

    I did not understand why singing legends would get
    involved in such a cheezy project until I heard the
    host remind me to check out their latest albums new in
    stores this week! I suppose there is nothing wrong
    with a little shamless self-promotion but this show
    degrades music marketing to public prostitution. The
    whole show is a hotel lounge act from hell with almost
    no redeeming qualities. It IS interesting, however, to listen to Little Richard talk. Here is a man who
    has invented his own language, gets to speak it on
    national television and we get to try and figure out
    what he is saying. Now thats entertainment!

  • Um, ok...

    To be honest with you, I have no idea why they would want to make fun of celebrities like this. However. some of them are pretty good so that is why I rated the show this way. The host guy is pretty funny and I think that Little Richard is the best judge ever. They should replace Paula Abdul on American Idol with him. I also think that Marie and David are pretty good and they will say some funny stuff, at times...
  • This show is about lesser known celebrity's singing with professional singers in a duet to be judged by the public.

    This show I think is pretty good. I like to hear the singing each week. I think it's great to have professional singers sing with them. The best singer in the group is Alfonso Ribeiro. He has a good voice and is a great performer. No one could ask for anymore out of his duets. I think Carly Patterson was really great. I loved her singing. I was amazed she wasn't in the final round. Hal Sparks is the third best singer. It took me ahwile to figure out if I liked him or not. I decided his voice was really good and he's funny to watch. The next best singer isn't even in the competition. The host, Wayne Brady, sang a duet once. I'd place him better than any of the following artists. Sixth best is Cheech Marin. His voice is also pretty good. As long as he picks the right song he sounds wonderful. The rest of the singers I don't really care for their voice. Alot of people like Jai Rodriguez, but I just don't see it. His voice is alright, but the previous people mentioned have better, stronger voices. Chris Jericho, well I really didn't care for his voice in the few songs we did hear him sing. Lea Thompson's voice was alright, I quess. But I didn't care for the way she dressed. I think she would do better if she dressed more in the style of Carly Patterson. Lucy Lawless is in the final round. I just don't see how. In the first round I thought if the judges didn't get ride of Chris Jericho they would haved picked her. And I was shocked when Carly Patterson left. How could anyone pick Lucy Lawless over Carly? Carly's singing voice is really good and getting better. Lucy's was never that good. It was alright. Most of the time when she's singing her duets you can't even hear her that well. And like Lea Thompson I think she should get some tips from Carly Patterson on the way to dress. The show in whole, though, is really good. I enjoy sitting down for an hour at night and listening to new artists sing. There is one more thing I'd like to say. Celebirty Duets is a great idea, but next year instead they need to have a show called American Idol Duets. It needs to have the same American Idol judges, it needs to last for weeks on end, and instead of celebirty's singing there will be everyday people - just like American Idol only with people singing togther. In the beginning of the year you'd have American Idol season six to watch and then a few weeks after the shows over when people are really starting to miss the show, you put on American Idol Duets or American Idol Groups and have it be a competition for two or more people. I think it would work out great.
  • Yet more reality junk we don't need to see.

    So we have celebrities, already famous, who think they can sing. Add them up with singers, past their prime, and forgotten by the mainstream. Put them together and what do you have? A show designed for people stuck in 1990.

    Why must this be aired? All it does is piggyback American Idol. More reality trash that no one needs to see. It is so bad in fact that they are beginning to kick off more than one celebrity a week because the ratings are falling so fast.

    It just goes to show what is a prevailing trend in the industry. Reality television is dying. Please put it to death instead of trying to keep it on life support.
  • What makes this show so bad?

    I believe that this show has a great concept. Watching B-list stars sing is quite entertaining. Even Wayne Brady, as the host adds a bit of panache. But where the show really faulters is in the direction. Who ever is in charge of running this show is doing a horrible job!
  • This show is about seeing great songs sung by great artists and watching people we've seen in other venues get a chance to try their hand at it.

    This show is just fun. You've gotta love little Richard, but Wayne Brady is the real star of this show. He infuses this whole "American Idol" genre with some humor that's been lacking. I would have liked to have seen another judge more like Simon Cowell. David Foster just isn't very verbose or opinionated. I think you need that. Marie Osmand could go to, but Little Richard is just plain funny. You either wind up thinking, "Wow, they just make a complete fool of themselves", or "Hey! Not bad, kinda like it." It's fun, it's fast, it's good music! (most of the time)
  • This idea of this show, is very dull and boring

    During the years of television, we've seen many pointless television shows. Sometimes in later episodes they are make worth watching like Prison Break, but this is not. Director Simon Cowel from American Idol, who was the Judge of that show who received alot of critism through the weeks of American Idol, plan this idea to make a tv show, that includes famous singers along with famous stars that think they could be the one, such shows like American Idol and Canadian Idol, which is called Celebrity Duets...

    Like I said before, this show is about famous singers along with celebrity stars trying to impress the 3-panel judges by performing selected songs chosen by them..

    Its really pointless with it comes to the singing, when they are singing, I can only hear the professional singer part not when the celebrity is singing.. The reason the annoying audidence is booing the judges for the improvements is because 1. all of these celebrity stars are famous and part of their fanbase and 2. they are really idiots to boo at the judges because those stars are famous even if they have no talent in singing..

    At the end of the show, the viewer or a fan of it can go their website and vote one of their favourite celebrity star and tally the votes elimating the person who has the least votes.

    Overall, this show really sucks when it comes to the dumb audience members. Avoid this show at all cost, trust me don't waste your time watching this piece of crap.
  • yeah its a pretty good show

    celebrity duets is a pretty good show which i kind of think of as dancing with the stars for singing...i guess. celebrities who arent singers pair up with celebrities who are professional singers and they do a duet. some actually work out well but others dont. its pretty interesting to watch, but if theres something else on, i might watch that instead.
  • Up in the air!

    The Judges suck. the show was good but why make a joke out of the judging? Come on Little Richard he did what? and what year? how can he judge anything he can not even speak. and some one needs to let the other judge know he is not Simmon. The show could be great if they just judged them and droped the smartass stuff.... i enjoy the music and the singing. it won't last if it keeps this up.
  • Why waste your time on this?

    The show is trying to copy off the success of
    Dancing with the Stars and other shows trying to copy
    Off of stars. As former stars of yesterday want to again
    Reclaim their former star status. They really can't sing at all. Makes me want to both puke and both laugh at the same time. Why would I watch! LOL!
  • A complete waste.

    This has to be the worst idea for a television reality/game show ever thought of. The idiot who approved this show for Fox needs to lose his job. They take has-been celebrities and put them on the stage, let them sing about two lines of the song on their own and then they bring on a real singer like Randy Travis and let them sing the lead, then they get judged by 3 judges including Little Richard who will take any job for money since he signed away 90% of his estate and they get cheered by the very small studio audience. This show is for celebrities who have far surpassed the high peak of their career and you didn't even know were still alive that want to have a second chance at getting back in the spotlight. There's no wonder why they never made it as a singer the first time around. If they were going to throw away all the money and time spent on this show, it could have gone to a much better cause like another television show. Fox has lost its luster. It's like watching the auditions for American Idol but there's no chance in Hell that a half decent singer will come out of nowhere and save what's left of your eardrums. Anyone who has time to watch this sad excuse for a series, has an obscene and unhealthy amount of time on their hands.
  • This has to have been the most television fun I've had since "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

    With Alfonso Ribeiro, Jai Rodriguez, and Hal Sparks in the lineup, it's hot, hotter, and oh my effing god is it hot in here.

    Of the singers, I knew Alfonso and Jai would sound great -- they both have professional singing in their backgrounds, so when they had the crowd on their feet, it wasn't a surprise. But I didn't expect Hal and Lucy Lawless to have chops; they may not have had it quite as together as Alfonso and Jai's performances, but I was impressed. Pity Lucy went blonde, she looks much better with dark brown or black hair. But no matter, she Xena'd her songs fairly well into submission.

    Carly Patterson and Chris Jericho get passing grades, but it's easy to pick them out as the jocks of the bunch. Don't misunderstand -- I'm not saying athletes can't sing, but actor/singer is a far more common combination than wrestler/singer.

    Lea Thompson, eh. Whatever.

    Weakest, I thought, was Cheech Marin. I've heard him do great singing funny bits in the past, but this was no comedy show. To his credit, he gave it his all and definitely took it seriously, but he just didn't have the spirit or the confidence.

    In the end, I had to watch the Jai and Hal songs twice (thanks TiVo). Oh, mama mama. The only thing hotter would be them together. And, yes, I do mean together.