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  • When folks like Jason Lee try to stay in the Earl character, things go downhill quickly. When they actually try to play the game, it's much better.

    I have seen every episode since it started, often to my dismay.

    I used to love the old Family Feud from the beginning and all its itterations through Richard Karn, which is still showing on GSN.

    But Al Roker isn't the right host, although he tries, and some of the celebrities try to stay in their TV personna, which makes the game one stupid mess. The first contestant included a high-level curse word that had to be bleeped.

    Since they took the game from one set of families per show to two celebrities and their families (real or stage families), they shortened it so it has two single-point value rounds followed by a triple-point value round and a sudden death question, since it's difficult for any team to get to 300 points in these rounds. In the old game, there were single, double and triple-point rounds.

    In this version, i lose interest easily. Also, they give $50K to the winner's charity and $10K to runner up's charity. Shouldn't it be $50K, $25K to runner up and $10K to 3rd & 4th place family for their charity. I'm sure they give them something, but they don't say. It;s now in reruns and i hope it won't come back.