Celebrity Fit Club

Season 3 Episode 5

Chastity's Workout Ambush

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2006 on VH1

Episode Recap

After a frustrating month during which she only lost one pound, team captain Chastity Bono gets ambushed at 7:00 am four days in a row by various fitness experts -- sent by her girlfriend Jennifer -- in a desperate attempt to put Chastity's metabolism into high gear. The wake up calls range from martial arts masters to a junior high school jump rope team.

The celebrities are treated a lifeguard Fit Camp, but the experience is nothing like "Baywatch." First the celebrities are given a series of intensive exercises by the Seal Beach lifeguards to help whip them into shape. While Gunnar Nelson gives it his all, Tempestt Bledsoe looks like she is phoning it in, saying she doesn't want to tire herself out before the Fit Camp Challenge. Chas, who does put out her best effort, is fed up with Gunnar's perfect attitude and performance, coming up with a tongue-in-cheek "He must die!" announcement before the challenge begins.

The challenge consists of performing a lifeguard style rescue by swimming 40 yards into the ocean with a rescue buoy attached to a rope, out to a waiting lifeguard. The remaining team members then pull the swimmer and lifeguard back to shore. Gunnar and Chas volunteer to swim, while the remaining celebrities are on rope duty. Tempestt does as little work as possible, much to the ire of her fellow teammates and Harvey.

The Weigh In Ceremony has mixed results. While Gunnar exceeds his weight loss target for the second time in a row, Countess Vaughn has another disappointing result, even after gong on a retreat with Dr Linda to help her work through the emotional issues involving her divorce.

Young MC encounters temptation when he meets up at a fried food restaurant with his old friend Tone Loc. Despite his efforts to stay on his diet, the scale gives Young a harsh dose of reality.

For Tempestt, a red carpet event is more stressful than glamorous, as she has to agonize over which sexy dress to buy that won't alert the fashion police among the paparazzi.

Bizarre's excessive snoring leads to him getting tested for Sleep Apenia, a disorder that effects more than 10 million Americans and if left unchecked, can prove fatal.

With the individuals all weighed in, ANT invites them all to the giant scales for the team weigh in.
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