Celebrity Fit Club

Season 3 Episode 7

Jeff's Tearful Return

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on VH1

Episode Recap

Seventy-three days after his dramatic meltdown and visit to drug rehab, Jeff Conaway makes a tearful return to Fit Club. Jeff starts out by apologizing for his wild behavior, and breaks down in tears when he tells a story of praying to God about being worthy. Then suddenly, his return takes on a different tone...Jeff pulls out a bottle of Benadryl and reads the instructions to Dr. Ian, especially the part where it says "can cause drowsiness". The mood in the room changes. Chastity Bono is the most upset at what appears to be Jeff's sense of denial...and the saga of Jeff Conaway picks up where it left off.

Instead of the usual competition for a prize at Fit Camp, the Celebrities try to bond as they face obstacles designed to strengthen communication skills and build trust. The biggest challenge of the day is a climb up a harrowing three-story cargo net tower, which Countess Vaughn finds to be the most challenging task of her life. because she is terrified of heights. With the loving help of Team Captain Kelly LeBrock, Countess conquers her personal Mount Everest in a tear stained, exhausting climb to the top.

Things aren't any easier on the tower of tears for Chastity Bono, as she stares down vertigo and bad memories from the toughest physical challenge she has ever faced: the climb over the cargo net at the Volkslauf Fit Camp, where she was paralyzed with fear and fatigue.

Everyone is a bundle of nerves at the Ceremony the following day as only one pound separates the teams for the grand prize. Then, eyes widen and jaws drop when Countess steps up to the scale and Dr. Ian reveals that she has gained another two pounds. Fortunately, Gunnar Nelson and Team Captain Kelly are there to pick up her slack by exceeding their weight loss targets, Gunnar doing so for the fourth time in a row.

Consistently exceeding his weight loss targets isn't enough for Gunnar, as he asks Harvey to take him to Camp Pendleton for the most intense, grueling and exhausting Marine Corps workout Celebrity Fit Club has ever seen. Harvey kicks his butt, and Gunnar says "Thank you."

Things don't fare much better in the weight loss department for Ebony Flame, as both Chastity and Young MC hit another plateau, losing no weight. But Tempestt Bledsoe rises to the occasion and keeps her team in the running by losing double her weight loss target - and then surprises Harvey with a new attitude. thanks to a very unconventional yoga class.

Bruce Vilanch goes on tour; first stopping in Atlanta to see Bizarre who introduces him into the hip-hop lifestyles by taking him on a 'new look' shopping spree. Then, Bruce checks in with his one-of-a-kind mother in Florida, who hasn't seen him since he started the show.

With all the celebrities weighed in, ANT leads the teams outside to see how they fare on the Giant Scale.