Celebrity Fit Club - Season 1

VH1 (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The Final Weigh In
    The Final Weigh In
    Episode 8
    The final episode of Celebrity Fit Club begins with a trip to an exclusive Hollywood salon, Prive, courtesy of Star Magazine. The makeover and the new clothes will help show off the celebs new and improved bodies. But when they arrive at Fit Camp for the final weigh in, they all fly into a rage when they realize that Daniel Baldwin has failed to show, quitting the show. His teammates are devasted; their chance of winning the competition now severely undermined.

    As the weigh-ins begin and we track their final week, we follow Kim on a blind date timed to celebrate her sexy new appearance. She is ecstatic and nearly collapses when she sees whom she's been paired up with.

    Later, the cast is given an eye-opening look at just how much fat they've shed when Dr. Katz brings in some slightly grotesque visual aids. Harvey makes them run while carrying weights representing their weight loss to demonstrate how far they've all come.

    Everyone is also put to the test in a final fitness assessment where they all see a marked improvement from their results before starting Fit Club just three months earlier.

    But what's going on with Daniel? Over the final few weeks his behavior was erratic - he barely made it to an earlier weigh in, arriving at the end of the day looking like a complete wreck. And now this, a no show for the final episode. Well, the Celebrity Fit Club producers finally caught up with Daniel and got the real story; a story both shocking and devastating.

    Before and after shots of each celebrity are shown, revealing their astonishing weight loss throughout the course of the show.

    And finally, the two teams weigh in and the final figures are announced, and the team who lost the most wins the grand prizes. We'll also see which celebrity brought in the biggest weight loss numbers for their team.

    For that winning team, it not only means looking better and being healthy, it also means walking away with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.moreless
  • Cells Phones, Spas, and A Tug of War
    After missing last week's "Fit Club," Daniel Baldwin decides to show up for this week's weigh in. He's welcomed back by some of his castmates but many others seethe silently at his lack of dedication and loyalty. With the end of "Fit Club" fast approaching, Ralphie's team, the Fat Bastards, decides to get a leg up on their competition by heading off to a Utah spa. They hope their stay will help them pull ahead in their weight loss battle. But the plan goes awry when Ralphie misses his flight and Joe G spends the bulk of his time getting pampered. Later, Tae Bo inventor Billy Blanks pays a visit to Fit Club and puts our celebrites through a vigorous work-out. Once again, Joe pulls out to answer phone calls. His teammates, feeling frustrated and resentful, decide to hold an intervention and confront him about his bad attitude In the team tug of war challenge, the teams battle for pride and some fly gym equimpent. And during the weigh ins, one cast member comes up big with an 11 pound loss.moreless
  • Elementary Olympics
    Daniel Baldwin is M.I.A. and the rest of the celebrities are furious at his lack of commitment to Fit Club. The ceremony starts without him and everyone wonders if he'll ever show up or if it's all become too much for him and he's quit the show. Later, one celebrity is completely devastated by a 5-pound weight gain. Ralphie pops the big question to his girlfriend Lahna and hopes that since he's making an effort to lose weight, she'll finally agree to marry him. Joe Gannascoli gambles his progress on a trip to Las Vegas where he falls off the weight loss wagon. Kim Coles takes stripper lessons to learn how to show off her sexy slimmer body. Biz Markie gets called out by Dr. Katz for cheating by taking colonics to lose weight. And an Elementary Olympics team challenge has the celebrities racing in potato sacks, running with eggs and spoons, hopping through hoops and handing off batons as they argue with each other and fight it out to win prizes.moreless
  • Celeb. Sleepover
    Celeb. Sleepover
    Episode 5
    With Judge and Joe traded to the opposition, friendships collapse when fallout from the team trade leads to a confrontation between Judge and Kim. Ralphie's team serves their punishment for losing the team weigh-in the week before, as our panel of experts checks up on them and spends the night as houseguests. Ant and Kim Coles spend the night spooning; meanwhile Dr. Katz and Joe G spend their night re-enacting a scene from the Odd Couple. Mia takes her fighting with Harvey to a whole new level when she tells him what she really thinks of him, and then storms off the scales. Ralphie makes tremendous strides toward his fitness goals when he runs over a mile for the first time in 15 years. But Ralphie gets completely stumped by his numbers at the weigh in. Judge finally starts seeing big results but the rest of the celebrities are less pleased with their weight loss. And a speed talking challenge tests both teams' knowledge of Dr. Katz's nutrition plan.moreless
  • The Weakest Link
    The Weakest Link
    Episode 4
    A mutiny arises when the celebrities are asked to vote off their weakest member to the opposing team -- and Judge Mablean is sent over to Daniel's Eastsiders. Judge then goes head to head with our panel of experts when she weighs in and sees that she's not getting the results that she would like. Joe Gannascoli begins taking his diet seriously and gets some serious gas as a result. The team challenge this week involves mental stamina instead of physical ability - with laptop computers as the prize. Will Ralphie's Angels have an advantage and finally win their first challenge? Finally, will the team member trade off give Daniel's Eastsiders an advantage, allowing his team to win their first team weigh in?moreless
  • The Boxing Workout
    The Boxing Workout
    Episode 3
    Daniel's Team resorts to dirty tricks and sends baskets of chocolates to Kim Coles. At the weigh in, we see if their efforts of sabotage pay off. While Joe Gannascoli undergoes hypnosis in an effort to finally give up smoking after 30 years. But at the weigh in we discover that in this case, stopping smoking comes with a devastating consequence. Tensions increase for Ralphie's Angels as the celebrities grow tired of how the Judge is leading her team. And things get worse when Judge Mablean's team loses the second challenge in a row and is accused of having poor communication skills. At Fit Camp, the celebrities undergo a boxing work out in which Harvey asks the celebrities to imagine the boxing dummy is someone they despise. While Biz Markie chooses George W. Bush as his opponent and Ralphie May pretends the dummy is the cancer that took his father from him, Mia Tyler decides that the boxing dummy represents Harvey.moreless
  • The Pool Challenge
    The Pool Challenge
    Episode 2
    Having divided into two teams, the celebrities face the panelists to find out who worked hard, who slacked off and which team takes the lead in the team weight loss competition. The celebrities face their worst fear: a pool challenge, where they have to strip down to bathing suits and bare all as they compete for $15,000 in prizes. Fitness training becomes too much for Joe Gannascoli, who can't even get up off the ground after exercising without Harvey Walden's help. A hypnosis session with Marisa Peer leads to tears for Wendy Kaufman, The Snapple Lady when she discovers that her weight gain is connected to an incident in her childhood. Romance blooms and sparks fly at Fit Camp when Kim Coles admits to having a crush on Harvey, while Mia threatens to punch Harvey out.moreless
  • The Weigh In
    The Weigh In
    Episode 1
    In this first episode we are introduced to our cast of eight overweight celebrities; Daniel Baldwin, Kim Coles (Living Single), Joe Gannascoli (The Sopranos), Judge Mablean Ephriam (Divorce Court), Biz Markie, Ralphie May (Last Comic Standing), Mia Tyler and Wendy Kauffman (The Snapple Lady.)

    The celebrities meet our panel of experts: Dr. David Katz, hypnotherapist Marisa Peer and fitness trainer Harvey Walden IV. The panel chooses two team captains and the captains pick teams as we put the celebrities through a grueling workout and learn the back-story of each celebrity and their reasons for coming on the show.

    The celebrities are weighed in individually, and at the end of the show, both teams weigh in on the giant scales. The scales are then calibrated so we can compare the two teams cumulative weight loss over the course of the show.moreless