Celebrity Fit Club - Season 3

VH1 (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The Finale
    The Finale
    Episode 8
    Things come full circle as the celebrities find themselves at the field where they had their first Fit Camp and fitness assessment with Harvey ninety nine days prior. Everyone is put to the test again to compare their fitness levels from the beginning of the series to their new, improved fitness levels now... and the team that shows the most improvement will receive a ten-pound credit on the Giant Scale. The process is thrown for a loop when Captain Kelly LeBrock shows up too sick to compete, which prompts the rest of Kelly's Bellies to push themselves that much harder to keep their team in the running.moreless
  • Jeff's Tearful Return
    Seventy-three days after his dramatic meltdown and visit to drug rehab, Jeff Conaway makes a tearful return to Fit Club. Jeff starts out by apologizing for his wild behavior, and breaks down in tears when he tells a story of praying to God about being worthy. Then suddenly, his return takes on a different tone...Jeff pulls out a bottle of Benadryl and reads the instructions to Dr. Ian, especially the part where it says "can cause drowsiness". The mood in the room changes. Chastity Bono is the most upset at what appears to be Jeff's sense of denial...and the saga of Jeff Conaway picks up where it left off.moreless
  • The Team Vote Off
    The Team Vote Off
    Episode 6
    At the Weigh In Ceremony, ANT informs the teams that the time has come to vote a member off to join the other team. The votes are cast, and two of the more controversial celebrities are traded off to the other teams. Everyone said it wasn't personal, just about the weight loss numbers, but the expressions on their faces certainly indicated otherwise... and some rivalries were opened bare!

    Gunnar once again exceeds his weight loss target, and asks Harvey to put him through a Marine Corps boot camp. But when Harvey pulls out the clippers to give Gunnar a hair cut like the rest of his recruits, Gunnar begins having second thoughts.moreless
  • Chastity's Workout Ambush
    After a frustrating month during which she only lost one pound, team captain Chastity Bono gets ambushed at 7:00 am four days in a row by various fitness experts -- sent by her girlfriend Jennifer -- in a desperate attempt to put Chastity's metabolism into high gear. The wake up calls range from martial arts masters to a junior high school jump rope team.

    With the individuals all weighed in, ANT invites them all to the giant scales for the team weigh in.moreless
  • Why Countess is Crying
    At Countess Vaughn's tearful weigh in, Fit Club learns that she is going through a painful divorce and that she can't focus on her diet and exercise plans. Bizarre is caught on tape binging on fattening foods while filming a new music video in his hometown of Detroit. Harvey asks Biz to prove his commitment to the show, but Biz feels that what Harvey is asking him to do is more of a mockery than a challenge.

    With Kelly LeBrock as the new team Captain, a new team name is needed and the team decides on changing the name from "Greased Lightning" to "Kelly's Bellies." And Tempestt Bledsoe meets with a casting agent who talks to her about why she doesn't 'play the Hollywood game' and try to look more glamorous.moreless
  • Jeff Goes Into Rehab
    At this week's Fit Club, things take a tragic turn when an out of control night of drinking and pills sends Jeff Conaway to the emergency room. The panel arranges an intervention with Dr. Drew Pinsky who has an eye-opening conversation with Jeff where he admits to being severely depressed and over-using several powerful prescription medications. Jeff then decides to check himself into a drug rehab center.

    Meanwhile, this week's Fit Camp proves to be the most demanding challenge in Fit Club history, and three celebrities drop out even before the event begins. Dr. Ian decides that the challenge may be too demanding for Bruce, who is away taking a heart stress test. Countess has an anxiety attack and a work out warm up with Harvey gives Biz an asthma attack - leaving only four celebrities to face a muddy obstacle course sponsored by the United States Marine Corps called The Volkslauf.moreless
  • The Meltdown
    The Meltdown
    Episode 2
    The most dramatic episode with the biggest meltdown in Celebrity Fit Club history starts as the Celebrities arrive at their second Fit Camp only to discover Bizarre A.W.O.L and Jeff Conaway in a drug induced haze. Although Jeff says that he simply took two Benedryl, his slurred speech and inability to walk in a straight-line forces Dr. Ian to step in and evaluate Jeff to see if he is capable of participating in the events of the day. Already down one member with Bizarre missing, Kelly LeBrock and Tempestt Bledsoe are forced to deicide if Jeff should participate in the Fit Camp Challenge or if they should use only two members to compete against Chastity's' team in a Hawaiian style outrigger race.moreless
  • Introduction
    Episode 1
    The eight celebrities arrive at their first weigh-in ceremony, where they meet the host, ANT and the panel of experts: Dr. Ian Smith, Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadapoulos, and Drill Sergeant Harvey Walden, IV.

    The battle for the grand prize begins as Jeff and Chastity are determined to lead their teams to victory as they will go head to head at future Fit Camp competitions and also put their fat-burning skills to the test - because the team which loses the most combined weight over the course of 100 days will take home the grand prize.moreless