Celebrity Fit Club

Season 3 Episode 6

The Team Vote Off

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on VH1

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  • The Best Episode So Far.

    This episode really redeemed this season for me.

    First of all I loved showing the challenge before the team trade-off and using it to ask if they're captains were okay with their teams.

    Also I Loved:
    -Biz coming back to finish the challenge (what the show is about)
    -The Team Trade Off (for once it wasn't based on feelings, it was on numbers and it was how it should've gone , plus no hard feelings, i feel that its like the whole cast is united)
    -Harvey's Quote on Sex (I almost died laughing. )
    - Ant's face after Gunnar's haircut (priceless...)

    I Was Iffy On:
    - The Haircut Thing (It wasn't shown well, and makes Gunnar look like a suck-up)
    - Bruce Vilanch's Marine Wife Comments (I just don't see the funny)

    I HATED:
    - Can't Name Anything

  • Young MCs real name is Marvin or Martin!

    The episode starts out with the contestants coming in for their weekly weigh-ins. The show reveals for this weeks activity the fit clubbers raced in a 10 mile bikeathon. Gunnar and Chastity took off against each other and of course Gunnar pulls ahead. Ebony Flames remains in 2nd for the most part and rarely catches up with Kelly's Bellies. This being said, Kelly's Bellies come out victorious. Just before the annual weigh-ins begin, ANT informs each team that its time for a voting off of one member of each team. Countess and Tempestt trade teams after recieving the most votes but dont seem too surprised. Lets see if this switch up turns the tables...

    Weigh-in results:

    Kelly's Bellies-

    Countess- -2lbs (130lbs)
    Bizzare- -4lbs (297lbs)
    Gunnar- -4lbs (160lbs)
    Kelly- -4lbs (155lbs)

    Ebony Flames-

    Young MC- -4lbs (247lbs)
    Chastity- -3lbs (196lbs)
    Tempestt- -3lbs (166lbs)
    Bruce- -0lbs (296lbs)


    ANT escorts both teams over to the giant scale once again and makes a note that Tempestt's and Countess's lost weight will count for their new teams combined total weight loss. The celebrities then hop onto either side of the scale as usual and discover that not only has Kelly's Bellies prevailed in this weeks total weight loss (14lbs) but also overall (73lbs). Ebony Flames slacked off with only 10lbs this time and is just 1lb behind overall (72lbs).

    * Biz comes back to the bike race after an asma attack to finish the 25th (last) lap.
    * Gunnar gets his hair chopped off thanks to Harvey.
    * Countess finally loses weight!
    * Kellies Bellies finally come in 1st overall with weight loss.

    Next week on CFC3...
    *Tempestt finds a fun way to excersize.
    *Countess has a hard time completing her task for the week but finds comfort in her teammates.
    *Gunnar and Harvey begin the marine course.
    *Jeff Conaway returns and the fit clubbers share mixed reactions as to whether or not he's changed.


    P.S. This is my 1st review for CFC3! =)

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