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Celebrity Paranormal Project

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Celebreality meets the Boogeyman. The Celebrity Paranormal Project sends celebrities to haunted sites in order to investigate paranormal activities. In each episode, a team of five celebrities must track down the ghosts that are haunting a spooky location. With the help of modern technology, and their B-list status, these celebrities document their terrifying fight against fear.

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    • celebrity paranormal project, best show ever

      Loved this show.. fake or not,it was great. Really wish it was still on.. Hint, hint.. tht would be awesome!
    • "It's all fake" Too many people taking this way too serious Once again people it is entertainment not education.Who cares

      I've already posted my views on the show but the more reviews I read the more I laugh. I just have to comment. People please! Even though we are all entitled to our opinion (And this is mine) Stop and think. Do feel the need to rip the show apart for some reason? For instance, To prove, To whom? That you're not gullible? I for one don't think or hope anyone else thinks you are gullible. You don't have to like the show you know that's your right as well. However; it doesn't have to and can't stand up for itself because its not a news magazine or a cutting edge "True report" Besides the fact, Who the heck cares what any one thinks of us? Please don't care what other people think its a waste of our time and precious personal resources. This post is also, As is the show - For entertainment. NOT SERIOUS! Are some of you looking for the evening news caliber of a silly so called "Reality show? If so, Why? Watch the news not "Celebrity Paranormal Project" For Pete's sake. Holy cow! Even the the news is usually so spun out of shape one has to sift through slag and try to figure out what is edited out of context and in to oblivion to spin it in to a seemingly interesting story or to covertly :) reflect some political party affiliation. NOT! You know it I know it. I said you are not gullible. I meant it. Has anyone ever seen an interview on the news of someone you know only to have the interviewee tell you later the news hacked it up to make it seem more interesting or whatever it is they try to accomplish with their spinning wheel. It's all too oblivios usually. Like it or not.

      Pretty please ease up, Chill out and enjoy the entertainment. If its fake and mellow dramatic then laugh. Its good for you. If you believe it then love it. If you hate it switch it. A feeling of control reduces stress. Above all enjoy your self There is way too much stress and drama in our lives as it is. I do know some who thrive on drama so more power to em' If I apply all this drama to my life I'll end up a statistic and my recreation will have detrimental effects on my health. The opposite I believe of its purpose. More and more of us will be dropping from heart attacks and strokes. Even just hypertension that needs medication sucks. Guys, Blood pressure meds can make us impotent. MORE STRESS we do not need. Take my unsolicited advice or not. Hey, Tell me to "F off" (Also you're choice.) I don't mind either way. Isn't America great? To all of you who see it for what it is I commend you. Hear, Hear!

      With all due respect. Enjoy your entertainment. That's what it's for. :)moreless
    • This show was hilarious! I loved watching the celebrities get scared to death. It was so funny. Not saying I could have been any braver, but some of them were out of their minds.moreless

      VH-1 took several celebrities and put them into situations in places that were purported to be haunted. They were left alone overnight and had to go on missions 2 at a time; usually 1 male and one female. They usually got the crap scared out of them. There were only a few times a celebrity didn't complete a task. Sometimes the women were braver than the men. I really wish this show had been kept on the air. It was very entertaining. My family and I looked forward to watching it on Sunday evenings. I guess there just aren't enough celebrities willing to be vulnerable on TV.moreless
    • An ok show.

      I loved this show! It kinda creeped me out because they saw so much crap. But the major thing that the show is lacking is realistic proof of paranormal activity. Unlike ghost hunters they have no technical equiptment to prove anything. I used to get caught up in the action and never looked deep into the show, but now that it's over I find that the show has a certain fake quality. I mean the experience fit in a little too perfectly with the stories being told. But one thing is for sure the show was definatly not boring. I see celebrities as people now not mindless robots! It's amazing!moreless
    • It's all fake.

      I watched all the episodes and they go to the same area more than once. But they try to make it sound like a different place and "story". You can totally tell it's the same place if you watch several episodes. Everything is absolutely fake. The directors need to do a better job. At least make the show look "real." I mean going to the same place? Come on, that is so obvious. Everyone had to notice they went to the same place more than once. If you didn't you really need it watch to episodes again and take a closer look. It makes it proven that the show is totally fake. This show is so unprofessional.moreless

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