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  • celebrity paranormal project, best show ever

    Loved this show.. fake or not,it was great. Really wish it was still on.. Hint, hint.. tht would be awesome!
  • "It's all fake" Too many people taking this way too serious Once again people it is entertainment not education.Who cares

    I've already posted my views on the show but the more reviews I read the more I laugh. I just have to comment. People please! Even though we are all entitled to our opinion (And this is mine) Stop and think. Do feel the need to rip the show apart for some reason? For instance, To prove, To whom? That you're not gullible? I for one don't think or hope anyone else thinks you are gullible. You don't have to like the show you know that's your right as well. However; it doesn't have to and can't stand up for itself because its not a news magazine or a cutting edge "True report" Besides the fact, Who the heck cares what any one thinks of us? Please don't care what other people think its a waste of our time and precious personal resources. This post is also, As is the show - For entertainment. NOT SERIOUS! Are some of you looking for the evening news caliber of a silly so called "Reality show? If so, Why? Watch the news not "Celebrity Paranormal Project" For Pete's sake. Holy cow! Even the the news is usually so spun out of shape one has to sift through slag and try to figure out what is edited out of context and in to oblivion to spin it in to a seemingly interesting story or to covertly :) reflect some political party affiliation. NOT! You know it I know it. I said you are not gullible. I meant it. Has anyone ever seen an interview on the news of someone you know only to have the interviewee tell you later the news hacked it up to make it seem more interesting or whatever it is they try to accomplish with their spinning wheel. It's all too oblivios usually. Like it or not.

    Pretty please ease up, Chill out and enjoy the entertainment. If its fake and mellow dramatic then laugh. Its good for you. If you believe it then love it. If you hate it switch it. A feeling of control reduces stress. Above all enjoy your self There is way too much stress and drama in our lives as it is. I do know some who thrive on drama so more power to em' If I apply all this drama to my life I'll end up a statistic and my recreation will have detrimental effects on my health. The opposite I believe of its purpose. More and more of us will be dropping from heart attacks and strokes. Even just hypertension that needs medication sucks. Guys, Blood pressure meds can make us impotent. MORE STRESS we do not need. Take my unsolicited advice or not. Hey, Tell me to "F off" (Also you're choice.) I don't mind either way. Isn't America great? To all of you who see it for what it is I commend you. Hear, Hear!

    With all due respect. Enjoy your entertainment. That's what it's for. :)
  • This show was hilarious! I loved watching the celebrities get scared to death. It was so funny. Not saying I could have been any braver, but some of them were out of their minds.

    VH-1 took several celebrities and put them into situations in places that were purported to be haunted. They were left alone overnight and had to go on missions 2 at a time; usually 1 male and one female. They usually got the crap scared out of them. There were only a few times a celebrity didn't complete a task. Sometimes the women were braver than the men. I really wish this show had been kept on the air. It was very entertaining. My family and I looked forward to watching it on Sunday evenings. I guess there just aren't enough celebrities willing to be vulnerable on TV.
  • An ok show.

    I loved this show! It kinda creeped me out because they saw so much crap. But the major thing that the show is lacking is realistic proof of paranormal activity. Unlike ghost hunters they have no technical equiptment to prove anything. I used to get caught up in the action and never looked deep into the show, but now that it's over I find that the show has a certain fake quality. I mean the experience fit in a little too perfectly with the stories being told. But one thing is for sure the show was definatly not boring. I see celebrities as people now not mindless robots! It's amazing!
  • It's all fake.

    I watched all the episodes and they go to the same area more than once. But they try to make it sound like a different place and "story". You can totally tell it's the same place if you watch several episodes. Everything is absolutely fake. The directors need to do a better job. At least make the show look "real." I mean going to the same place? Come on, that is so obvious. Everyone had to notice they went to the same place more than once. If you didn't you really need it watch to episodes again and take a closer look. It makes it proven that the show is totally fake. This show is so unprofessional.
  • Added special effects makes it seem fake!

    My criticism about this show is that they shouldn't
    add all those special effects because it just lessens the credibility when 'something' does 'happen'. It just makes it seem like they add everything in via special effects and at the same time it also distracts the viewer when something does happen with too much busy visualization. That's why Most Haunted is still a more believable
    and better show in my opinion. Yes, they are probably trying to be different than Most Haunted, but when you
    make it too 'Hollywood' you can't expect the viewers
    to think of it as anything but staged and fake.
  • I kinda liked this show.

    I wonder what happened to it. I would watch every week on VH1 and would get totally creeped out. Some of those things you cant fake or edit. And I know some of the people were just acting, but still it was scary. I wish a new season would start because I became very fond of crying my self to sleep every Sunday night. So all and all a pretty good show. Average, sure, but sometimes it could blow your mind. ANd yes I do believe in ghosts and that is one of the reasons why I liked this show. It opened my eyes to many things, and I wish it would come back.
  • Wow this show was very interesting at first but now its meh.

    I've only seen the first episode and it reminds me of the Scariest Places on Earth which I loved. The idea of having the Celebrities search for the paranormal was a good choice. Toccara and Gary fighting in the first episode was such a good reminder of Celebrity Fit Club 2 where Gary used to get into arguements with everyone. Even though I'm not scared from the show it's quite funny seeing the celebrities featured going crazy from things I can't even see. I hope I can finally see some of this "paranormal" and more hilarious freak outs in the future which is why I will continue to watch the show til it ends and now as it closes I see its gotten meh. Totally not cool.
  • I seriously can't sit threw one episode of this.

    They most of came up with the idea along time ago cause most of them are obvously faking it. They just offer celebs a couple grand to go run threw a skrewed up building and do stuff in there and act like the are freaked and if anyone is wondering how they do the stuff with the heat sensors. All it is is they poor hot water all over certain places. I know cause they have a site where they show you how to make it look like a place is haunted to skrew with the TAPS. You can even see that somebody set those place up like they did. Cause the only way a place would get like that is if bum lived in it and they aren't going to get in a place like that.
  • It's all been done before.

    Wow. I feel like I just saw this show four years ago. Oh wait! I did!

    First of all, they're celebrities (albeit I've never heard of most of them but maybe I just live under a rock) who are obviously being played. Their scenarios aren't half as creepy/successful as MTV's FEAR (nor half as well done) and to be honest, scared people will see and hear what they want. In adition, genuine ghost sightings are so rare that it's impossible to see ghosts on every episode. Even so, it's a nice attempt at a horror show, but it's far from a reality show.
  • Fake, setup, obvious.

    These kind of shows are known for generating reactions for the sake of ratings. ALL the sounds and stuff are pre setup in these locations designed to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"go off\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" at just the right time. I would love to see a second 3rd. party professional investigation look behind the scenes but I know that will never happen. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s amazing how easy it is to fool some people. I guess the fun part about this show for me is not a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Haunting\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" but how setting up a production of Illusion of a haunting effects \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"believers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
  • Finally A Decent Reality Show I Want to Watch!

    There's three ways to make a show about the paranormal. You do it with recreations like "Haunted Lives" or "Unsolved Mysteries," you follow the ghosthunters for video examinations like "Ghost Hunters" or "Sightings" or you create a slipshod reality show and exaggerate the locations like "Scariest Places on Earth." "Celebrity Paranomal" follows the last decision, but in the most interesting and daring way by teaming up obscure and popular celebrities to examine real haunted locations whose names are often changed and their histories exaggerated for shock value. It's basically a would-be horror movie in the making. Each show has one serious guy like Gary Busey or Tony Little taking charge, a guy cracking jokes like Hal Sparks or Gilbert Godfrey and a babe like Kimberly Caldwell or Nicole Eggert who would be first to get possessed and ripping apart her co-stars in the Hollywood movie version of this show. The series really needs a results show to examine the footage the celebs are collecting. With its combination of legitimate and faked scares for show atmosphere, this is the series I want to see over and over again. It is fairly obvious that some scares must be jerry-rigged and some hidden cameras placed in advance at the same time the series creators are filming the recreations. I trully hope VH1 renews this series for a regular run after its trial run.
  • it was good lil scary!

    it was so scary

    first i thought kimberly was gonna have a breakdown

    or was it traci lords

    gilbert and evan jermiah provided most of the funny stuff

    evan totally out right freeking out the other cpp memebers
    of the cast
    but then was he joking or was he just doing it in fun

    evan farmer tv person of the year
    in my case wywo he was good!
    2gether was great till mike c died!

    evan farmer the wywo host bride vs bride rock roll fantasy camp

    this was the utimate test of these celebrity wits and weekness strengh and cunning brains
    what to know bout ray gollina aka mad ray !!

    so my review so good i watch it again
  • Oh why did I watch this? Oh yeah, it had Jeremiah Trotter in one of the episodes that's why.

    Oh why did I watch this? Oh yeah, it had Jeremiah Trotter in one of the episodes that's why and it about the paranormal.

    I took a shot to watch this show, and boy did a screw big time watching this show, it basically a redone of MTV FEAR which aired a couple of years ago, which in my option was way better then this, because of the fact that it regular old people off the street that goes into voluntary with the entice that they would get a sum of money if they compete their investigation of a place that is claimed to haunted. Also what made FEAR better then this show was the fact that if a player quit a dare then they would be kicked out and that the reminding players would get that player share of the money.

    What I don’t like about the show is the fact that they are using somewhat famous people that to the regular viewer seem to have a distance feeling with them. With all of these guys “experiences” , I feel that a good majority of the stuff is staged when compared to the experiences that I have seen on A&E’s “Dead Famous” and SF Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”, which seems to me legit investigations that don’t have people that are crawling around the site and staging paranormal events. Plus the people in these shows don't freak out at every little noise that they think they might of heard.

    If you want to see good shows that involved investigations in the paranormal go check out either A&E’s “Dead Famous”, even if I still don't like the fact that they used a senstive person as one of their investgaters, or SF Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”.

    This show is scary, creepy, sick, wrong and good, addictive, suspenful at the same time. Thats all there is to it, nothing else but that. "Pearl" I dont think that I could stand being there. How could they stab an Ice pick up someones brain!?!?!?!? I could hardly watch. That was Horrifying when they were in the Hydrotherapy Room and that figure appeared on the heat sensing camera!! That one lady was Freaking out!!!! :LOL: The prison cell one was so creepy that I just said I can't watch this and I changed the channel. That Was Very Creepy!!! ByRyan!!
  • Creeptastic!

    I'm the world's biggest nerd. I like shows about haunted houses, haunted castles, well, pretty much haunted anything. Any "World's Scariest" countdown and I'm there. Watching. In the dark.

    That said, this is one show I'd rather not watch in the dark. In some places graphic in their descriptions and re-enactments, this show scares the pants off me, and I don't scare easily. A group of five celebrities are left in a haunted location to seek out the "heart of the haunting," the place where the most paranormal activity occurs. No producers, no sound guy, no camera people, just five celebrities, survelience cameras, and pure nerve.

    Though the editors go a litte over-the-top with added effects done in post-production, some parts of the experience can't be explained. A door slamming shut or a ball rolling across a room when the only person in the room is sitting still, their partner five doors down and the rest of the team at base camp. Yup, I believe in the paranormal without a doubt after this.

    I'm looking foreward to more episodes, to see if each one get progressively creepier.
  • Seems fake, but....

    This show seems fake, but it's still pretty interesting. Watching Celebs freak out over spirits, is priceless!! I think that Donna's freak out was pricless in the Waverly Hills Sanitorium, seeing the ghost of a doctor whould scare you, but she said that she wasn't going to freak, HA! Look at her freak out!
    All in all, it's still a pretty interesting show