Celebrity Paranormal Project

Season 1 Episode 5

Tanner's Ghost

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2006 on VH1



  • Trivia

    • Bridget Marquardt was the celebrity to have the strongest connection.

    • Though called "Gobi Island" and reportedly in Bangor in the episode, the actual location is "Ayers Island" several miles northeast of Bangor in Orono, Maine.

  • Quotes

    • Andrew: Being on The Bachelor, the scariest thing that I went through was whether or not the hot tub was the right temperature. My greatest fear about tonight could be finding myself where I don't have my bearings, if I hear something or I see something that I can't quite compute- that would be my biggest fear.

    • Coolio: (as he and Andrew get ready for their mission) See, I don't think Andrew really wants to go with me, you guys.
      Andrew: Me? I want to go with you! I'd much rather have a boy down there.
      Mia and Bridget: What?!
      Andrew: I'd rather pee my pants in front of a boy than a girl.

    • David Carradine: I'm probably a great guy to have around here tonight, 'cause I'm not scared of anything. Fear doesn't work if you treat it as fear.

    • Andrew: (navigating for Coolio and Bridget) Can't believe I'm here with Coolio! Coolio was like the biggest rapper when I was in high school. (holding up the walkie talkie) I could tell Coolio to take his pants off right now, and he'd probably have to!
      David: He wouldn't have to.
      Andrew: No, he wouldn't have to.
      David: But he might not mind.

    • Coolio: (upon entering the abandoned Mill) Thank God for hip hop!
      Mia: Why?
      Coolio: 'Cause I could have been working in some **** place like this!

  • Notes

    • Another team of celebrities will investigate this same location in the next episode "Wooden Lucy", though they will be attempting to contact a different ghost who is said to haunt the mill and its environs.

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