Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 1 Episode 4

Tournament 1 Game 4

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 23, 2003 on Bravo
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Tournament 1 Game 4
Coolio, Shannon Elizabeth, Ron Livingston, Paul Rudd, and Sarah Silverman play in tonight's game.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Match Results:
        1st Place - Paul Rudd
        2nd Place - Ron Livingston
        3rd Place - Sarah Silverman
        4th Place - Shannon Elizabeth
        5th Place - Coolio

      • Celebrity Charity List:
        Paul Rudd - Project ALS
        Coolio - Heritage Begins Within
        Ron Livingston - Accion International
        Shannon Elizabeth - Animal Avengers
        Sarah Silverman - Habitat for Humanity

      • On the second hand, Coolio only hand a 4% chance of not getting eliminated. He got the card he needed and stayed in game, avoiding the distinction of being the fastest player to get eliminated in the history of the show.

      • Sarah brings a lucky black pen which she later throws after a bad fold.

      • Sarah and Paul are old Poker buddies. Paul was the one who eliminated Sarah in the game.

    • QUOTES (19)

      • Kevin: Meanwhile, Coolio's still getting booty calls. I think that's important to point out.
        Shannon: He's hooking it up for later.

      • Sarah: You know what? I might need a new catheter.

      • Sarah: (after realizing there are two more cards after the flop for which she got a ace-high straight) Oh [bleep]! There's more. [bleep]. [bleep].

      • (in taped interview)
        Sarah: I liked all the characters. Queens are bitches. Kings are cowboys. And, you know, sevens are... well, they're just sevens.

      • (in taped interview)
        Sarah: My dad plays poker every Tuesday before I was born. So I think I really learned through osmosis.

      • Kevin: (on Sarah) Throwing away her lucky pen could be the first move of her comeback.

      • (after a hand which Sarah should have won if she had not folded)
        Kevin: I can't imagine if Sarah's gonna like to see what she's about to see.
        Phil: Oh, definitely not.
        Kevin: Now, she can't believe it.
        Sarah: Both of you...
        Phil: (speaking Sarah's thoughts) What are you guys doing? I had the best hand and I folded.
        Kevin: That's the way it goes. You gotta be in it to win it!

      • (as Ron decides on betting against Sarah and Paul)
        Sarah: Don't be a dick, Ron.

      • Kevin: Welcome to the Lounge, Darling.
        Shannon: Thank you very much.
        Kevin: Join us, would you? It's happy hour down here, with cocktails-a-plenty.

      • (in taped interview)
        Shannon: I'm pretty competitive. But I'm in therapy for that. No, just kidding!

      • (after a split pot for Shannon and Paul)
        Ron: You wished they could both win. You got your wish.
        Sarah: Why didn't I wish for something great?

      • (after Paul catches another good hand)
        Coolio: I think he's got something going on with the dealer, man. I think they got some kind of hookup.

      • (after Ron went all-in)
        Coolio: (from the Losers' Lounge) That's what I'm talking about! That's what I'm talking about!
        Paul: Just the words. Just hearing the words. Just... oooh!

      • Paul: (after Coolio got the nine he needed to avoid elimination) Coolio kicked me in the nines.

      • (in taped interview)
        Paul: My superstitions with Poker, you know, the basic... rubbing my tittie rings. You can say tittie rings on Bravo, right?

      • (in taped interview)
        Paul: You know my style is about playing cards. Have fun unless you lose. Remember the pain and the awful feeling you have so you don't make a mistake of ever playing again.

      • Kevin: We've got five celebrities out there who are all trying to stay out of the area affectionately called "The Losers' Lounge".
        Phil: Kevin, that's kinda harsh. Do you think we can call it something else?
        Kevin: No, we can't. They're losers.

      • (after his introduction)
        Kevin: Sarah, by the way, you can also flop the nuts.

      • Kevin: Good evening and welcome to Celebrity Poker Showdown, the only show on television where you have a chance to say "Coolio just flopped the nuts".

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