Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 1 Episode 5

Tournament 1 Game 5

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2004 on Bravo
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Tournament 1 Game 5
David Cross, Carrie Fisher, Tom Green, Mimi Rogers, and Scott Stapp play in tonight's game.

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      • David: I'm not gonna make out with you. My girlfriend's there. (pointing at the audience)
        Mimi: I don't care.

      • Phil: (on Mimi) She's first on the pot. She comes in with the raise.
        Kevin: And she wore that blouse. It's all good.

      • Tom: (on the audience) They're gonna get mad at me again.
        Carrie: Yes, they are. They want blood.
        Tom: I don't want them to get mad at me. I feel like I'm being forced into playing.
        Phil: (recognizing Tom's bad hand) The crowd may want him to play but he really shouldn't.

      • Kevin: Those of you at home who aren't familiar with Tom Green, just be happy he's not stripping down naked yet.

      • Carrie: My stepfather was a compulsive gambler. He was in a very famous game where he lost three million dollars.

      • Carrie: I don't have the kind of brain that cares about the losing part.

      • (after failing to eliminate David Cross as he gets a flush on the river)
        Scott: Oh, he got all the spades. That was some good luck, man.
        Mimi: America wanted it.

      • (in taped interview)
        David: Who taught me to play cards? Well, in a sense, Jesus. Besides Jesus, I'd say Rabbi Sugarman.

      • (in taped interview)
        David: I think cards are morally wrong. I think they are the devil's work.

      • (after he calls Mimi's all-in)
        Scott: I'm sorry, Mimi.
        Phil: (off-stage) You don't have to be sorry, Scott 'cos she's got you completely dominated.

      • (in a hand which David obviously has to fold)
        David: (holding his hand to his ear pretending to talk to Phil) What's that, Phil?
        Phil: (off-stage) David Cross, fold.
        (David then goes all-in)

      • Mimi: (looking at an eight-two) Monster cards! (folds) I'm out.

      • Scott: What do I have to do?
        Kevin: (off-stage) "What Do I Have To Do?" is the name of Scott's second book.

      • (after the cards are laid down)
        Phil: Well, Tom's out and Scott is still...
        Kevin: Confused.
        Phil: Yeah, Confused.

      • Scott: Mimi scares the hell out of me. She's intimidating.
        Kevin: Is it the blouse?
        Scott: No, it's just the look. It makes you wanna crawl under the table.

      • Carrie: It's the two...
        Mimi: It's four tits in the table.
        Carrie: ...middle-aged mothers...
        Mimi: That's right. The two elderly mothers with young children. Head-to-head.

      • Mimi: (to Carrie) Fold.
        Carrie: I don't wanna fold.
        Mimi: Alright, you little whore. And I mean that in the kindest way.
        Carrie: I may be perimenopausal but I'm not a whore.

      • (in the Losers' Lounge)
        Carrie: (to Scott) You know what? But you're the youngest. You have that over all of us.
        Scott: No, No, No, No.
        Carrie: We will be long dead. And you can say you won the game. And we won't be there to say "Bullshit!".

      • (in the Losers' Lounge)
        Carrie: Don't they say something about luck?
        Kevin: Unlucky at cards, lucky at love.
        Carrie: (to Tom) And God knows you're lucky at love 'cos I've been following your career.
        Tom: It's incredible (smirks)
        Carrie: And I'm lucky at it because, God knows, I've been married for years.
        Kevin: You've been lucky several times.
        Carrie: I'm lucky over and over again. I must be happily married now because I was so bad in there. (pointing to the table)

      • (in taped interview)
        Mimi: Texas Hold 'Em is a lot about psychology. It's about learning who you're up against, how they play, and capitalizing on that.

      • (on the last hand)
        Mimi: The threes beating the twos. This is the wimpiest horrible thing I've ever seen.
        David: Let's do this Las Vegas!

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Phil: And in third place we have Carrie Fisher with 4200. I think she needs a little help from Obi-wan Kenobi.

        Obi-wan Kenobi is a Jedi Master in Star Wars where Carrie played Princess Leia.

      • Kevin: We started with five players. We're down to Mimi versus David. David versus the voluptuous Goliath.

        The story of David and Goliath is a popular passage from the Book of Samuel in the Bible. David is the Israelite who goes up against and beats the behemoth Philistine champion Goliath using a stone and a sling.

      • Mimi: (to David) Be afraid. Be very afraid.

        The line spoken by Mimi Rogers originated from the 1986 horror flick The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum, who co-starred with her in the 1992 movie Shooting Elizabeth.

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