Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 2 Episode 1

Tournament 2 Game 1

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 27, 2004 on Bravo
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Tournament 2 Game 1
Jerome Bettis, Rosario Dawson, Mena Suvari , Wanda Sykes, and Travis Tritt play in tonight's tournament.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Match Results:
        1st Place - Rosario Dawson
        2nd Place - Wanda Sykes
        3rd Place - Travis Tritt
        4th Place - Mena Suvari
        5th Place - Jerome Bettis

      • Celebrity Charity List:
        Mena Suvari - Starlight Children's Foundation
        Jerome Bettis - The Bus Stops Here Foundation
        Rosario Dawson - Scenarios USA
        Travis Tritt - St. Jude's Children Research Center
        Wanda Sykes - Habitat for Humanity

      • It's the first time in the show's history that two women go into heads up action for the silver chip.

      • Jerome brought out his miniature bus on the table when his chips were down to 2,000.

      • Jerome started bowling when he was seven years old.

      • Jerome started out playing poker with his football teammates two years prior to his appearance in CPS.

      • Rosario Dawson is the first player of the tourney to win a silver chip and a donation for her charity, Scenarios USA, an organization that tries to inspire the youth of America to understand how to make healthier and safer sexual decisions. Check it out at http://www.scenariosusa.com/.

    • QUOTES (32)

      • Dave: Travis, my first thought about you is country music. To me, the very essence and the soul of country music is telling the truth.
        Travis: Absolutely.
        Dave: So you are screwed here.

      • Dave: Mena, very lovely.
        Mena: Thank you.
        Dave: I think we look a little bit alike. That might be because I'm delusional.

      • Dave: The majority of our players are women. Lovely women.
        Phil: Lovely. And Jerome's not bad either.
        Dave: Push comes to shove on a desert island or doing a long prison term... I wouldn't kick him out of bed.

      • (on taped interview)
        Mena: I've been trying to watch people a little bit more before I look at my cards.

      • (on taped interview)
        Jerome: I like to be deceptive and keep 'em guessing.

      • Rosario: (referring to Mena) She trying to do her stare thing. She's trying to read my mind.

      • (on taped interview)
        Rosario: I don't have the fear factor that other people have. Or when I'm sort of motivated by my fears.

      • (on taped interview)
        Rosario: I'm just going to continue to be the underdog so when I do win with my big pimp hat, it's a big nice surprise.

      • Robert: The bus wins the pot.
        Dave: (off-stage) The bus is picking up some more passengers.

      • (on taped interview)
        Travis: I'm competitive with everything I do. I think you'll find most people in this field of work are pretty competitive. That's how they've gotten to be successful.

      • (on taped interview)
        Travis: I sort of feel I'm carrying all of the country music's weight on my shoulders on this show. The pressure is definitely on.

      • (on taped interview)
        Travis: Everybody obviously wants to play well. You wanna win but even if you don't win, you wanna play well and you wanna play smart.

      • Wanda: Why are you trying to look at my cards?
        Jerome: I'm not thinking about your cards.
        Wanda: whether it's my cards or my breasts, you were looking at something.
        Jerome: Both of 'em are small.
        Wanda: (staring at Jerome, looking offended)
        Jerome: I'm just joking! I'm just joking! I was talking about your cards. Both your cards are small. That's all.

      • (on taped interview)
        Wanda: I'm hoping we can get a round of knuckles in tonight. Because I wanna smack Jerome Bettis with a deck of cards.

      • (on taped interview)
        Wanda: I've been playing Texas Hold 'Em since uh... what time is it?

      • (on taped interview)
        Wanda: The skill that I have is I can smell fear. When I get them in that zone, I know I have them.

      • (after Mena and Wanda both checked on the flop and the turn)
        Dave: We are now traveling in the beautiful Czechoslovakia.

      • Phil: Unless Mena wants the nickname "The Checker", she better put a bet in here and try to steal the pot.

      • (after Jerome folds the best hand)
        Phil: Poor Jerome.
        Dave: You have to feel for him here.

      • (after Jerome bets all-in)
        Dave: This could save his testicular integrity.

      • (on taped interview)
        Jerome: I'm probably the biggest guy on the table. So there's already room to take shots at me because the biggest guy always goes down and everybody's really looking forward to knocking the big guy down.

      • (after Mena sizes up Jerome's remaining chips)
        Wanda: Oh, look at this. Another white woman taking the brother down. Rosario: That's just wrong! That's just wrong. You're the one who stole all his chips and you're gonna put it on her so you don't feel guilty.
        Travis: That's transference of guilt.
        Rosario: That's absolutely transference of guilt. She don't wanna be any part of it.

      • Rosario: Mena, he's just asking you to stare at him.
        Travis: (to Mena) I like it when you stare at me, baby.

      • (on taped interview)
        Travis: Mena is sneaky. She's one of those people that's going to be very very hard to read. She's a little quiet.

      • (after Jerome slides the bus into the middle of the table)
        Travis: Every time you roll that thing across the table, it looks like Nick Nolte's driving. (rolling the bus) Look at that! Look at that! It's like my God! My God!

      • Mena: I like you. I wanna be your friend.
        Wanda: Yeah, we can be friends. Like go shopping. Just hang out. Spend your money. I like you.

      • Rosario: I love all the eyebrow action that's going on in this table. There's a lot a (moves her eyebrows in different ways)
        Rosario: (pointing at Mena) Did you see? She's got some eyebrow action going on.
        Wanda: I didn't see that. I missed all that.
        Rosario: You've got some eyebrow action that you've been workin'.
        Wanda: No. These aren't even my eyebrows.

      • Dave: The good news is the Starlight Children's Foundation is still getting $5,000.00.
        Mena: I tried.
        Dave: You got them five.
        Mena: Yeah, that's good.
        Dave: They should stop whining over at the Starlight Children's Foundation. They should just accept the five and be grateful.

      • Travis: (to Wanda) Don't underestimate the white boy from down South. Just because I'm country music, doesn't mean I don't have a little bit of soul down there somewhere.
        Wanda: I hear you. Well said.

      • Travis: It's brutal out there brother.
        Jerome: The worst part is the experienced poker players are here. The inexperienced poker players are still there.

      • Wanda: Now, I wanna raise!
        Robert: Wanda is raising.
        Wanda: I wanna raise!
        Robert: Okay. Here's what you can do. You can raise...
        Wanda: Just save your breath. (pushes all her chips into the middle of the table)

      • Wanda: (to Rosario) Don't count. Just push it. Push it.
        Audience Member: Push it real good.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Wanda: Mena's just looking at you like I wish you would.
        Travis: She's hungry like the wolf, I know.

        "Hungry Like the Wolf" is a single by Duran Duran off their 1982 album Rio.

      • Wanda: We can go on the road. Get a big-ass bus. Make Jerome drive it.
        Jerome: going from the Loser's Lounge to the table Give me my damn bus! Give my bus! I ain't drivin' no Miss Daisy!

        Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 film starring Morgan Freeman, Dan Aykroyd, and Jessica Tandy as Miss Daisy Werthan.