Celebrity Poker Showdown

Season 3 Episode 4

Tournament 3 Game 4

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 2004 on Bravo



  • Trivia

    • Match Results:
      1st Place - Steve Harris
      2nd Place - Mimi Rogers
      3rd Place - Kathy Najimy
      4th Place - Michael Badalucco
      5th Place - Bobby Flay

    • Celebrity Charity List:
      Michael Badalucco - Heartshare
      Bobby Flay - City Meals on Wheels
      Kathy Najimy - Feminist Majority Foundation
      Mimi Rogers - Dream Foundation
      Steve Harris - Kids First

    • How Would You Play It: The viewers played with Bobby Flay's King-six off-suit.

    • Lounge Girl: Jenny

    • Mimi Rogers is the pre-tournament favorite and has won money in World Poker Tour events.

    • Mimi Rogers started playing blackjack when she was about 12 years old.

    • Dave suggested a nickname for Kathy, Queen of the River, for her tendency to pick up a great card on the river.

    • Michael Badalucco grew up in a part of Brooklyn where Woody Allen grew up. Steve Harris grew up in the west side of Chicago, Illinois.

    • On the first head-to-head hand between The Practice stars Steve Harris and Michael Badalucco, Michael put on his sunglasses.

    • On one hand, Robert sat on Kathy's lap upon her request. It was the first time in the show's history that Robert sat on anyone during the tournament while commentating. He soon stood up as soon as it was Kathy's turn.

    • Three celebrities were still at the table with the blinds up to 1,000 and 2,000. The blinds went up to as much as 3,000 and 5,000 during the heads-up play between Steve Harris and Mimi Rogers.

    • It was the second time Mimi Rogers appeared on the show. She placed second both times, once against David Cross and in this episode, against Steve Harris.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: Welcome to Celebrity Poker Showdown or as we call it in Canada, Celebrity Poker Showdown. See, we're not so different. Why can't we live in peace?

    • Dave: I know all of you wants to win tonight but that's not gonna happen. 'Cause this isn't communist China. This is not some kabootz. It's not a commune. This is America. And only one of you will win. And will win by defeating the other four.

    • Kathy: I'll raise.
      Mimi: Say it before you put the money out.
      Kathy: Alright, bossy. Jesus.

    • Steve: Booyah! What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you?

    • (on taped interview)
      Michael: Texas Hold 'Em is a new game for me. (holding a glass of beer) My strategy is to make sure I'm well lubri... hydrated.

    • Dave: Bobby's strategy seems to be to hope they'll be intimidated by the fact that he's dressed like a 1970's English gangster.

    • Michael: I'll call.
      Kathy: You better call the doctor. 'Cause you'll best be killed.

    • (after Bobby calls Kathy's bet)
      Kathy: You wanna play, baby? Let's play.
      Bobby: I know you gonna murder me, that's OK.
      Kathy: As long as you can cook me up some tasty.

    • Phil: It's OK to play tight here in the early rounds.
      Dave: Ten-four of hearts for Bobby Flay.
      Phil: Who obviously doesn't know how to play tight.

    • Phil: I like aggressive players. The key to this game, Dave, is selective aggression. You need to be very selective about the hands that you play before the flop.

    • (on taped interview)
      Bobby: I'm looking forward to using my school yard poker skills in this high-stakes game.

    • Phil: Can you buy Bobby Flay frozen foods at Walmart?
      Dave: You can actually buy Bobbly Flay frozen.

    • Kathy: What happened? Did I win? Is it over? Is it time for sex?

    • (on taped interview)
      Kathy: I didn't know so much about the game but I would be sitting, watching television. All of a sudden, a man in overalls would take the television away. So I knew my dad was playing poker somewhere. And then they'd take the lazy-boy chair I was sitting on. And then my brother would go.

    • Steve: Can't a brother get a drink in here? Damn!

    • Kathy: (turns to Robert) Now why do you say treys? Is it just a thing?
      Robert: That's it. In poker, you call twos deuces and threes treys.
      Steve: (to Kathy) You're making him nervous.
      Robert: I don't know why.
      Kathy: Then call me Louise. (checks)
      Robert: Louise checked.

    • (on taped interview)
      Mimi: Wonderful woman. Smart. Funny. So ignorant about poker that she has no shot.

    • (on Mimi's taped interview)
      Kathy: I'm gonna kick her ass. Look how beautiful she is. OK, that's all I'm gonna say. Loser but beautiful. Huge loser. Not tiny loser.

    • (going into commercial break)
      Dave: Will Steve ever get his drink? Will he ever win a hand? Both remain to be seen. One thing's for sure. We'll be delivering something we like to call the "How Would You Play It" hand right after our sponsors serve up this little round.

    • Dave: Remember folks, there is no "I" in poker, I think. No, there is no "I" in poker. These guys are not playing for themselves. This is all for charity and for free drinks.

    • Steve: OK, check this out. I won. Can I have my drink now? When I was a loser, I was going to the Lounge. You know what, never mind. Check this out. I'm at the desert right now. I'm a camel. I don't need nothin'.

    • (on taped interview)
      Steve: The sweet thing about Hold 'Em and how to bet is if you know how to bet, you got 90% upperhand. Then you're just hoping for the cards.

    • Mimi: Pair of arses.
      Kathy: That is what we call 'em in poker.

    • (after Bobby goes all-in with a hand that is beat if Michael calls)
      Phil: All-in. Those are the words we've been looking for. But not the hand we've been looking for.

    • Kathy: This is so exciting! This is exciting. My nipples are hard.

    • Dave: And you're a very laconic player. Very seldom spoke during the game, I noticed.
      Bobby: Well because Kathy was taking up all the air time.
      Dave: I know. Yeah. Miss Najimy is not shy. She's an entertainer, first and foremost.

    • (on taped interview)
      Kathy: I want to beat Mimi Rogers. Only because she has better hair than I do.

    • (on taped interview)
      Kathy: Mimi's name is Debra. And she needed to sound flashier, more Vegas-y. So Mimi. It sounds like a whore on the strip.

    • Dave: You know what would be great, if we can get Ben Folds to play. 'Cause then we could have Ben Folds folds. That would be delightful.
      Phil: I like his music too.

    • (after Steve calls Michael's all-in bet)
      Mimi: (to Kathy) Hold my hand
      Kathy: Can't you two just talk it out? Work it out?

    • Phil: Let's go topless.
      Dave: No, I'm saying we should have topless waitresses as well. Oh, you and I should never go topless.
      Phil: I totally agree with you.

    • (after a topless waiter served her drinks)
      Kathy: Wow, that was the little breather I needed to wake me up. I'm back!

    • Michael: (to Steve who didn't bet much) Thank you for being so gentle with me. You see, that's what friendship does. Isn't that nice? Isn't that what poker should be all about?

    • (on taped interview)
      Steve: I think Kathy's a ringer. I think she knows how to play. She actually understands the game.

    • (after Kathy went all-in and won the pot)
      Kathy: I went all-in. That was scary.
      Phil: Every time she's gone all-in, she's had the virtual nuts. And yet, he called her with second pair. And that's just grim.

    • Kathy: He's talking to me like I'm a four year-old. "Two purples and two oranges. And go peepee and wipe your face."

    • Phil: Five of hearts. Nine of hearts. Eight of hearts. No one has a heart.
      Dave: Are you talking about Vegas in general?
      Phil: Exactly.

    • (after the flop showed six of clubs, two of diamonds, and nine of spades)
      Phil: Yet another rainbow flop.
      Dave: Because this is a pro-gay network. We're gay-friendly.
      Phil: A rainbow flop is a flop of three different suits.

    • (going into commercial break)
      Dave: Steve Harris tries to prove that The Practice makes perfect. Will the poker judges sustain Kathy Najimy's objections or will she be sentenced to life in the Losers' Lounge.

    • (on taped interview)
      Kathy: When I win as a winner should be, you gloat, you have a huge ego, you scream, you do a victory dance, you slap people around, you lift up your shirt, and you shame the big fat losers.

    • Kathy: Don't be all flaunting your purples. It's embarrassing.
      Dave: (off-stage) I find the phrase flaunting your purples" quite titillating.
      Kathy: You should be ashamed.
      Mimi: I have to.
      Kathy: Oh, I have to. You don't have to do anything.

    • (on taped interview)
      Mimi: I don't want to lose. I'm gonna try not to cry. I think crying on camera after you lose, that's probably bad.

    • Mimi: Hi, camera. Could I have my shawl? I have my shawl back there. It's gotten a bit chilly.
      Robert: Mimi needs her shawl.
      Dave: She wants her shawl. This goes on much longer, she's gonna want her walker.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kathy: Does anybody want to form an alliance? I just wanna ask now.

      The CBS reality show Survivor was known for the participants trying to form alliances in the duration of the contest to get as far as they can in the competition.

    • Dave: If you want, we could just blow off the rest of the poker and you guys could just wrestle for it. Come on.
      Mimi: Throw it down.
      Dave: Alright, let's complete this death match. Robert, please take it away!

      Dave was alluding to an MTV show, Celebrity Deathmatch where animated celebrities are pit against each other inside a wrestling ring.

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